The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 493

Chapter 493 The Sea Of Blood Attacks

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When her sleeves shook, her delicate body disappeared from the sky. When she appeared again, she was ten thousand Chinese feet within the Divine Flying Ship. Moreover, she was closing in on the Divine Flying Ship extremely quickly.

From afar, the scene appeared as two fragmentary shadows pursuing and escaping from one another respectively, and loud sounds could be heard.

10,000 feet!

1,000 feet!

100 feet!

In just half a cup of tea’s time, she had caught up! She clenched her fine, snow-like into a fist and swung it toward Su Yu’s Divine Flying Ship ruthlessly from the sky. At once, with a creaking sound, the Divine Flying Ship shook vigorously, and sounds of destruction could be heard from inside it!

At the tail-end of the flying ship, there was an extremely big fist-print that had flattened it! With just a swing of her fist, this semi-manufactured spiritual artifact was slightly damaged! Su Yu felt pain, and his eyes burned with raging fire. He had been pursued by this woman continuously. Enough was enough.

“Stupid woman!” he said furiously. “There are no ill feelings between us, yet you refuse to let me go!”

L Chuyi laughed sardonically. “Even though you have snatched my magical treasure away from me, you still dare to say that there are no ill feelings between us!”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu laughed as well. “What a joke! Previously, I had warned you to proceed with caution. I told you that you would regret it if you did. Who was the one who insisted on attacking? Stupid woman! It is still not too late to withdraw. By the time you feel remorseful, it will be too late!”

After listening to these threatening words, L Chuyi became even more furious. “You still dare to threaten me? After what you have done, how can I let you go?”

With a furious hum, L Chuyi threw a punch again! With this woman’s frightening body, she would probably break the Divine Flying Ship with about three punches.

Seeing that L Chuyi had no intentions of letting him off, Su Yu’s eyes glowed with a ferocious light. “Stupid woman! You asked for it!”

With a whooshing sound, a green-colored lion appeared on Su Yu’s palm. Strong vital energy was stored within the lion’s body, and the lion contained an attack of the Fairy Realm! This item was a life-saving charm that Su Yu obtained from Bi Yu. It was a treasure that contained an attack of the Fairy Realm.

L Chuyi, who was about to attack, sensed a change. She was first stunned, then revealed a fearful expression. Under a situation where her cultivation base was restricted, it would be difficult to block an attack of the Fairy Realm with her body alone.

However, as she looked at the silver-haired kid in front of her, she felt that he was especially detestable. She gritted her teeth, advanced instead of retreating, and attacked vigorously. “Bastard! Even if I am injured, I must teach you a great lesson!”

The blue veins on Su Yu’s forehead twitched. Although this woman looked as if she were indifferent to fame or gain on the surface, her character was extremely stubborn!

“All right, you asked for it!” Su Yu gave a cold hum, and the Light Green Jade Spiritual Lion on his palm emitted a great amount of green light.

A palmprint with glittering green light appeared magically. It was holding an extraordinary power which descended from the sky!

L Chuyi gritted her teeth. Her stubbornness from the bottom of her heart had caused her to receive the attack outrageously, and her punch, which was used to attack the flying ship, was changed into an attack used to meet the incoming palm.She had already prepared to be heavily injured!

However, the strange thing was that when the palm print was about to land on her, it changed direction abruptly. It moved to the side, circled away from L Chuyi, and struck the ground below her feet!

L Chuyi was stunned. Her face filled with vigilance. “Humph! Playing tricks again! Eat my attack!”

After her speech, another palm shot out. As for Su Yu, he gestured with his right hand, stored his Divine Flying Ship, and used his body to take the palm forcefully.

Clang, clang

A palm-print appeared on the Eternal Stone King Armor again. As for Su Yu, he was forced to retreat by hundreds of feet. The blood energy within his body was shaking vigorously, and under a situation where he was unable to suppress it, he could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood.


The attack of the Fairy Realm struck the ground!

Seeing that the attack had struck the ground, L Chuyi was suspicious, and she became even more vigilant. “What kind of trick are you playing?”

Before the words left her mouth, a horrible groan could be heard from the ground where the attack of the Fairy Realm struck. When she lowered her head to take a look, there were hundreds of bloody threads on the ground directly below her, winding around one another and wriggling. They looked like a bloody python!

That attack of the Fairy Realm had cut the bloody python in half from its center. Its head still maintained a posture indicated that it had been about to leap up. It had been preparing to attack L Chuyi!

In other words, if not for the attack of the Fairy Realm, L Chuyi would have been attacked by the creature!

“It’s that evil being!” L Chuyi’s beautiful face froze instantly.

She had seen how ferocious those bloody threads were. Their speed was extremely fast. Without the proper precautions, her body would have been pierced through instantly, and her flesh and blood would have been sucked dry!

Moments ago, she had been extremely furious. Her sole concentrated had been to pursue Su Yu. Hence, she had taken no precautions against the big patch of bloody threads on the ground beneath her feet preparing to attack her!

If not for Su Yu’s attack at the very moment, she would have probably died!

When she recalled that the attack of the Fairy Realm which was supposed to attack her had changed its direction strangely, she looked at Su Yu with mixed feelings. The murderous energy in her beautiful eyes weakened.

When she looked at the palm print on Su Yu’s chest as well as the bloody fog which was left behind at the corners of his mouth, her heart shook. An apologetic expression appeared on her face.

Su Yu had been trying to save her, and she had taken advantage of the opportunity to injure him!

After taking a look at her, Su Yu remained silent and did not say anything. He cared for himself and quickly flew high into the sky. If he had neglected to act, there was a high possibility that L Chuyi would have been killed by the bloody threads. However, if she died, the next target would have been Su Yu.

Standing high up in the sky, Su Yu looked down on the ground like a king. With his Transparent Eyes, his face gradually became serious, and he faintly revealed an astonished expression. Under his gaze, the vast ground looked like a mighty torrent where a sea of blood flowed with a whistling sound!

There were countless bloody threads. Were its numbers in the hundreds of millions? For the places where the bloody threads passed by, all living things were completely swallowed, including small beings like insects, fish, birds, and beasts. Larger beings, including beast tides, fled wildly, but none were able to escape from the sea of blood!

From up here, Su Yu could see that the sea of blood stretched across at least a million miles. It looked as if it wanted to destroy the whole seventh level of the Divine Pavilion completely!

Su Yu was shocked. It was simply too much! The sea of blood was engulfing the remaining ground with shocking speed. It was swallowing whole mountains and rivers.

As for Su Yu and L Chuyi, as luck would have it, they were directly in front of the sea of blood! The lump of bloody threads they had encountered just now was simply a tentacle that had extended from the sea of blood to grope for living things in front of it!

In less than a cup of tea’s time, they would meet the sea of blood face-to-face! What caused Su Yu to be even more shocked was that the destruction of the tentacle had drawn the full attention of the sea of blood. It sped up.

Su Yu’s heart went cold. If he had really fallen into the sea of blood, even exceptional abilities wouldn’t have been enough!

Not far from him, L Chuyi gasped. “It has already grown in strength to this extent?” A ray of purple light flashed past her beautiful eyes. It looked like some kind of pupil technique which could see through the situation of the sea of blood.

Without hesitation, Su Yu turned his body around and fled wildly in the opposite direction. As luck would have it, that was the direction of the stone forest!

However, the sea of blood was much faster than Su Yu!


Suddenly, a sweet-smelling wind blew over. A jade shadow approached, lifted its palm, and grabbed Su Yu. Su Yu was taken by surprise. His shoulders were caught. He was shocked and was about to attack. However, he heard a pretentious cold voice from L Chuyi.

“If you do not wish to become the nutrients of the evil being, stay still and don’t move!”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu hesitated slightly and stayed his hand. When he moved his eyes to the side to take a look, he saw that although L Chuyi was cold, her fair and clear cheeks were slightly red. He smiled. She may have been rude and unreasonable like her niece Wu Aoyue, but she was still sensible. She knew how to repay a debt.

After thinking for some time, Su Yu took out the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, released the Golden Leaf that had been sealed, and threw it to L Chuyi. She took back the Golden Leaf with a slightly unnatural expression and whispered softly and shyly, “Who told you to return the Golden Leaf to me?”

Su Yu could not help laughing, but he did not respond. L Chuyi stared at Su Yu in frustrated embarrassment, her face turning red, like a young lady whose thoughts had been seen through. Having trained up until this moment, she who was favored by the gods had never encountered such an embarrassing situation. Nevermind the fact she had been rescued from danger by someone she had been pursuing continuously, but her treasure had also been given back to her. In the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, this was something that unimaginable. But this was the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!

“Humph!” With a graceful hum, she glared at Su Yu ruthlessly again and activated the Golden Leaf with her full strength. At once, the ground below their feet retreated thousands of miles again. It was as if the positions of the stars had changed.

The sea of blood seemed to have realized the strange states of Su Yu and L Chuyi. An inhuman, furious roar could be heard from deep inside the sea of blood. After that, the sea of blood rose, and a 100-foot tall palm print was formed. The palm print was slightly different from the bloody threads, as it glowed with silver light.


A shocking scene appeared. The giant palm print disappeared in thin air!

When it appeared again, it was 10,000 miles away from Su Yu and L Chuyi.

Having felt the change behind her, L Chuyi’s brows furrowed. “So fast!” Her expression turned serious, and she inserted even more vital energy into the Golden Leaf. The ground below their feet retreated at a shocking speed.

This happened three times, and in ten breaths’ time, they covered close to a million miles, managing to successfully return to the stone forest.

At the moment, Chou Zeming and two other people were waiting by the side of the spell obediently. They did not dare leave.

Seeing that Su Yu was captured as well, they revealed a slightly shocked expression. They had expected Su Yu to be caught but not for it to take such a long time.

As soon as they landed, L Chuyi looked at the spell and said quickly, “How much more blood is needed?”

Chou Zeming’s heart grew cold. “We still lack the blood of a Half Fairy. Then the spell can be completely activated successfully.”

After hearing what was said, the three Half Fairies felt anxious and fearful in succession. The three of them were the only Half Fairies left!

However, L Chuyi walked up to the spell and pinched her fingertip. A drop of blood fell into the spell. Her blood was filled with extremely strong spiritual pressure.

Spiritual qualities were emitted from the blood, as if the drop of blood were alive. When it landed on the spell, a whooshing sound could be heard, and the spell released a great amount of bloody light. The spell had been activated!

Su Yu was shocked. A single drop of blood from a Divine Master was equivalent to all the blood of a strong martial artist of the Half Fairy level! It was no wonder that even though she did not reveal her cultivation base, she was still able to suppress three Half Fairies easily!

This woman was so frightening that it was unimaginable.

“Due to the spell on the other side being destroyed, the spell still requires about half a cup of tea’s time to activate successfully,” Chou Zeming said with a relaxed expression.

Half a cup of tea’s time? L Chuyi and Su Yu frowned. That giant, blood-colored palm print did not need half a cup of tea’s time to catch up to them!