The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Silver Colored Puppet

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As the pupils of the Su Yu and his group of people were shrinking, a figure of a human being riding the bloody fog walked out slowly!

It was a young man in silver clothes. He had long, scarlet hair that fluttered about. His eyes, nose, mouth, and ears looked as if they had been carved by a knife peeling back his face. His figure was unusually tall, and his body emitted a dangerous aura.

The most shocking thing was that no signs of life could be felt in him! His blood red-colored eyes were unusually sharp.

L Chuyi was surprised and bewildered. “A puppet?”

The silver-colored figure in front of them was a puppet?

The realistic, silver puppet wore a sarcastic smile as it examined everyone present. He then said amusingly, “Interesting. Two people from the Gui clan, a Divine Master and a Haha. We meet again, little boy.”

His gaze had landed on Su Yu!

Su Yu was shocked. When had they met one another?

“What’s the matter? Have you already forgotten escaping from my stomach?” The silver figure laughed mockingly.

Su Yu’s body trembled. “You are Corpse Grassland”

Could the puppet in front of him really be the monster within the Corpse Grassland?

“You remember after all,” said the silver figure indifferently, his hands clasped behind his back. “This will make things easier for me. Since you have taken my item, you shall return it to me now.”

His item? The Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl!

At that moment, the spell rumbled. It was completely activated. By leaping into the spell, they would be transported to the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion immediately.

“Yu Chan, Wei Kang, both of you shall go first!” L Chuyi instructed. She held the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, glaring daggers at the silver puppet. After pausing for some time, her voice became a bit gentler. “Young man, you will go in as well. I will keep him busy for some time.”

Those final words were said to Su Yu, as she still did not know his name.

Su Yu hesitated for some time before retreating slowly toward the spell. “You must be careful. Don’t overextend yourself.”

Bai Qi and the two others stood behind L Chuyi persistently.

“Haha!” said the silver puppet. “You think you can leave without my permission?”

The silver puppet gestured with his palm. At once, the sea of blood that stretched across a million miles became like rivers. The rivers wildly entered the body of the silver puppet. His body was like a bottomless pit. Within three breaths’ time, the sea of blood, which stretched across a million miles, was completely sucked into his body.

All at once, the sky and ground were back to normal. As for the places where the sea of blood had passed by, however, they were in a devastated state and had been reduced to ruins. Every life form in range had been exterminated.

The silver puppet revealed a satisfied expression. “I have finally regained part of my abilities. Although the qualities of these tonics are normal, the good thing is that there are many of them.”

His body gradually emitted an unfathomable aura. It was the Later Stage of the Fairy Realm!

L Chuyi’s expression turned grave, but she swung her hand without hesitation. At once, a golden light glowed in the sky and struck the silver puppet. However, he still wore a nonchalant smile. His hands remained clasped behind his back.

Clang, clang

When the golden light struck his body, the silver clothes on his body rippled slightly, and the golden light bounced off!

“Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo?” said the silver puppet. “This bamboo went extinct during my generation. I’m surprised any still exists. However, it is a pity. If you had used this First Divine Bamboo when you were in tip-top condition, I might need to be slightly fearful of it. However, at the moment”

L Chuyi’s heart sank. Not even a mark was left on his clothing! The silver puppet’s silver clothes were extremely strange for the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo to be unable to destroy them! That attack just now was the strongest attack she could unleash while within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, yet it hadn’t harmed him at all. The silver puppet was too strong for her to deal with at the moment.

“Everyone! Leave quickly!” she commanded.

Everyone, including L Chuyi, flew to the transportation spell. At once, the bloody light of the transportation spell glowed and enshrouded all of them.

The other side of the transportation spell had been destroyed; it now depended solely on the blood to maintain the Five Ghosts Great Transportation Technique so that it could transport them over.

The silver puppet laughed disdainfully. “As I said before, if you wish to leave, you will have to go through me first!”

All of a sudden, millions of bloody threads appeared from his body and formed a long snake that crashed into the spell with a whistling sound.

L Chuyi’s eyes went wide. She had activated her secret technique consecutively for four times and was about to reach her limit, but she had no choice but to exhibit her secret technique forcefully one more time!

L Chuyi let loose a mighty emission of golden light, so strong that she staggered. Her body had finally reached her limit!

The golden light struck the body of the long snake!


The long snake was split open in an instant. Layers of bloody threads were destroyed, reduced to nothingness. But only halfway through the snake, the golden light bounced off, unable to continue. A silver light was glowing below the bloody threads, reinforcing the snake with multitudes of silvery silk threads!

The bloody threads only made up the surface of the long snake. Its interior was made up of powerful silver threads! The silver snake whistled in surprise, but it kept coming!


L Chuyi was the first to be affected. Her graceful body was sent flying, and she spat out mouthfuls of blood wildly.

As she had exhibited the secret technique five times forcefully, her body was already weak. Against such an attack, her vision turned black, and she plunged into a half-conscious state!

Su Yu frowned. He exerted force from the tips of his toes and flew up into the sky to catch L Chuyi’s body. However, at the moment he took action, one more person took action as well. It was L Chuyi’s nephew, Wei Kang.

Due to the angle, Su Yu managed to catch L Chuyi first, while Wei Kang ended up empty-handed. When he saw that Su Yu was carrying L Chuyi in his arms, Wei Kang grew slightly furious. But at that moment, the silver snake attacked!

Everyone inside the spell was sent flying, and the spell was broken in half with a violent rumbling sound!

After stabilizing their figures, everyone looked at the destroyed spell. Their only hope of escape was gone!

When L Chuyi, who was about to faint, saw this, her eye sockets almost split open. “No!” she shouted. It was as if she had experienced a huge blow, and she fainted on the spot.

In order to activate the spell, she had not hesitated to pay the price of injuring her own body. She had been on the verge of success, but in the end, she had still failed!

The area became deathly silent. Without the spell, what awaited them was being killed by the puppet of the Later Stage of the Fairy Realm. Hopelessness filled their hearts.

The silver puppet laughed leisurely. “For all of you to become tributes to me What an honor. You can die free of regrets”

But suddenly, the silver puppet raised his eyebrows and looked toward Su Yu. “What are you doing?” it demanded.

A layer of blood red color could be seen appearing on Su Yu’s body surface, and an evil aura was being slowly emitted. It was Su Yu’s Bloodline of the Evil Ghost!

Moreover, below their feet, at an area nearby the destroyed spell, a lump of the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost had appeared. It was revolving continuously, transforming into a small vortex. Moreover, tiny bits of space energy leaked out from the center. Without hesitation, Su Yu carried L Chuyi with him and leaped into the vortex.

His figure flashed, and his aura disappeared from the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion!

That tiny bit of weak Bloodline of the Evil Ghost had been secretly mixed into the blood of the dead people when Su Yu first noticed the black chains. His original intention had been to take precautions against future trouble by destroying the spell if he needed to. He had not expected the situation to turn out like this. During the critical moment, he transferred that tiny bit of weak Bloodline of the Evil Ghost!

Although the spell was destroyed, it had already been activated successfully, and the space passageway had been successfully opened. As for the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost mixed in with the space passageway, under Su Yu’s control, he revealed the location of the space passageway. The Space Vortex had appeared as a result.

After regaining their senses, Chou Zeming and his group were delighted and escaped into the vortex in succession.

By the time the silver puppet finally reacted, all of them had already leaped into the vortex. Murderous energy appeared on its face as its expression morphed into one of unbridled rage.

“Damn it,” said the silver puppet. “You have foiled my great plan!”

He had not expected Su Yu to actually have such a technique hidden up his sleeve! Seeing that the space passageway was about to close, the silver puppet leaped in without hesitation as well.


The sky and earth spun and, Su Yu felt as if there were nothing below his feet.

He revolved his spiritual energy hurriedly, but all the spiritual energy within his body had completely disappeared. Not even a tiny bit of it was left! When he opened his eyes, he realized surprisingly that he was actually in the sky. White snow was flying about, and he was falling downward. He was more than 100,000 feet above the ground!

Such a drop would definitely turn him to mincemeat on the spot. But the real problem was that he was also carrying an unconscious woman! Due to their combined weight, they were falling at an even faster speed!

Su Yu wanted to take out the magical treasures in his space ring but suddenly realized that his space ring had disappeared! When he looked at his arm, he realized to his surprise that the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl had disappeared, too!

His expression became unpleasant. What exactly had happened? Undoubtedly, it was just transportation. So why had all his spiritual energy and items disappeared? He was in a dangerous situation!

Seeing that the ground was getting closer, Su Yu forced a smile. Could it be that after facing so many dangers, this was how it all ended? Falling to his death for no reason?

However, when he was about to hit the ground, his rapid speed slowed abruptly. An invisible, supporting energy eased both of them down and placed them gently on the ground.

Su Yu had just recovered from the fright, and he immediately looked around at his surroundings. However, what appeared before his eyes was a vast snowfield! There were large snowflakes and cold, whistling wind. Moreover, it was so cold that it was piercing to the bones.

As soon as Su Yu calmed down, his body began shivering. He discovered, to his surprise, that even his own body had changed to that of an ordinary person! He had become so weak that it was exhausting just to carry L Chuyi.

It was tolerable that his cultivation base and magical treasures had disappeared, but even his body had turned back to that of an ordinary person. He found this unimaginable. L Chuyi, who was in his arms, also shivered. Her lips were turning blue, and she unconsciously grabbed the upper front of Su Yu’s clothes. Her body had changed to that of an ordinary person as well! Exactly what kind of place were they at such that such things happened to them?

But at that moment, there was no time to wonder about this. The bone-chilling cold was decreasing their body temperatures. In about a cup of tea’s time, they would freeze to death in this snow and ice.

After looking around, Su Yu managed to spot a thatched hut amidst the snowstorm. He rushed over, carrying L Chuyi in his arms. The hut appeared to be long abandoned, but it would still provide some shelter from the blizzard.

With a delighted expression, Su Yu entered the hut and closed the door against the bone-piercing wind. After looking around, he realized that the hut contained a stone table as well as some firewood. Nearby were two carved stonesthey were flints!