The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 496

Chapter 496 Dream Spell

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With joy on his face, Su Yu immediately ignited the firewood. The warm flames pushed back the chill in the house. Soon after, the house was nice and warm.

L Chuyi, who was unconscious, had regained some of her color. Her expression slowly becoming more relaxed. She lay in Su Yu’s arms like a silent kitten.

Su Yu let out a sigh. He did not know where he was, and there was an unconscious woman beside him. Deep in thought, Su Yu felt the fatigue of multiple, continuous battles setting in. He fell asleep soon after.

Sometime later, Su Yu was jolted awake. He had felt a hint of killing intent!

What entered his vision was a pair of eyes sparkling like a gem and filled with flames of fury!

L Chuyi clenched her teeth as she said, “Release me!”

Coming to his senses, Su Yu released her in a fluster, embarrassed. But he had just removed his hands when he felt a chill on his chest.

L Chuyi, after leaving the embrace, also shivered because of the cold. The firewood in the pit had burned out. The cold from outside was seeping into the house. Surveying his surroundings, Su Yu realized the firewood had all been used!

“Hmph! The Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell, what a technique!” L Chuyi’s face was still a little red. She looked at the snow outside the house, then let out a cold grunt.

“Dream spell?” said Su Yu.

L Chuyi stared at him. “What else? Our cultivation levels and treasures have vanished, and even our physical bodies have returned to their mortal states. What else could it be other than dream spells?”

She grew angry. If her body had not weakened, how could she not fight back against a man who had her in his arms?

This was the first time Su Yu had witnessed a dream spell. He exclaimed in amazement, “Even if I know that this is a dream spell, for it to have such a realistic effect is truly incredible.”

L Chuyi looked outside. “The Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell is one of the top five spells in the Eighteen Blessed and Fortune Lands. It would be weird if you could see through it.”

Su Yu stroked his chin. He knew that this lady was fuming, but he did not have the energy to quarrel with her. His expression turned serious as he said, “Then how should we exit this spell?”

Half the time allowed in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion had already passed, but he had not been able to find the ingredients necessary to cultivate the Evil Destroying Silver eyes.

“Simple,” L Chuyi said. “As long as we can find a loophole, we will not be fooled by the dream spell anymore.”

It sounded simple, but where did they begin searching for such a loophole?

“The so-called loophole will be the place where you think is the least realistic!” she said. “An inconsistency in the illusion.”

Hearing this, Su Yu understood. But he had been here for an entire day. Other than the fact that he had lost his cultivation level and physical strength, he could not find anything else out of the ordinary. The sky full of snow was realistically cold. Su Yu thought hard about the small hut in the snowfield but could not find anything unrealistic about it.

At that moment, the snowstorm stopped. It became sunny outside, the sunlight illuminating the snow.

“Let’s go search outside,” said L Chuyi. “Observe closely. If you feel anything abnormal, that must be the loophole.”

L Chuyi opened the door. A gale of cold air blasted her, making her shiver and exhale.

Su Yu rose, walking out of the house alongside her. Outside the house, the scenery of mountain ranges was as beautiful as a painting. It was as though this idyllic scenery was frozen in time.

“It is peaceful here, but looking back, an entire lifetime has passed.” Su Yu looked gravely at the scenery before him, letting out a sigh of melancholy.

L Chuyi looked at him, her pretty eyes blinking. “To think that you can spout such wisdom.”

Su Yu let out a faint laugh. “I think I found the loophole.”

“Huh?” L Chuyi raised her brows. “Where is it? Why don’t I see it?”

Su Yu smiled, his gaze falling on L Chuyi’s figure. Her beautiful frame was reflected in Su Yu’s eyes.

“It is before our eyes.”

L Chuyi froze, saying in disappointment, “You mean to say that I am made up? Continue searching.” Clearly, L Chuyi was a real body. She was not an illusion.

Su Yu lightly shook his head, letting out a sigh. “Not before my eyes. Before yours!”

L Chuyi squinted, “You mean to say that you are the illusion?” There was only Su Yu before her eyes!

“Not me, but” There was a sharp glint in Su Yu’s eyes. “My eyes! I am a blind man. How could I see this vast world?”

Su Yu had long been blind. He could only see the world due to his Soul Eyes. In this snowy wonderland, he was but a normal human being. His Soul Eyes had vanished, yet he could see clearly in this beautiful place. His blind eyes were not blind here! That was the inconsistency!

“What? You are blind?” L Chuyi was shocked. Despite their previous interactions, she had not realized that Su Yu was blind.

Su Yu smiled. “The loophole has been found. So, what’s next?”

L Chuyi let out a sigh of relief. “We wait quietly for a moment.”

She had just said those words when the scenery contorted like a crumpled piece of paper folding in on itself. Su Yu and L Chuyi were like figures in the painting, also being contorted.

The world before them turned into darkness. Suddenly, a warmth spread on Su Yu’s chest. He slowly opened his eyes to see a lady lying on him. She was also slowly opening her eyes. There were still traces of blood on the sides of her lips. It was surely the real L Chuyi, who had been injured by the silver puppet?

At this moment, they were standing side by side on a spell at the peak of a mountain! Beside them was a youth who had his eyes closed. It was L Chuyi’s disciple. His facial features were contorted, as if he was unable to free himself from an illusion.

L Chuyi slowly opened her eyes. What entered her field of vision was Su Yu’s face. She blushed as she freed herself from his arms. Checking herself and confirming that her cultivation level and abilities have recovered, she heaved a long sigh of relief.

Su Yu cautiously scanned the surroundings with his Soul Eyes to check for enemies. But other than them and Wei Kang, even Chou Zeming, Sheng Xuelian, and the other two were missing! Had they not been transported here?

Su Yu was doubtful. He was about to retract his Soul Eyes when he suddenly glanced to the earth beneath his feet. There was a circular plate buried there!

Su Yu prodded with his toes. A circulate plate covered with seals flew out from the ground beneath the spell. The circular plate was cold to the touch, releasing waves of chilly energy. The quality of this item seemed to be extraordinary.

“This is the spell plate of the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell,” L Chuyi said. “It is used to trap enemies. It looks like it can still be used twice. But let’s not talk about how many times it can still be used. Based on its power alone, it can be considered as a middle-grade spiritual artifact.”

Middle-grade divine artifact? Su Yu’s heart shook.

At that moment, after the spell plate was retrieved, Wei Kang woke up from his illusion. He looked at the scene before him, his pupils dilating.

“Teacher, how are your injuries?” Wei Kang asked in concern.

L Chuyi waved her hand. “I am fine, this is”

Surveying the surroundings, L Chuyi seemed to find something off about this place. It didn’t seem like the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion. After a moment, she secretly gasped. The look she gave Su Yu was one of shock. This Human King had surprised her time and time again.

Wei Kang noticed this and felt dejected. He was also by her side, but L Chuyi had immediately disregarded Wei Kang for Su Yu. Why did his teacher hold this silver-haired lad in such high regard?

“I think we should be more concerned with where the four Half Gods went? Could they have been trapped by the silver puppet at the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion?”

L Chuyi turned serious. She closed her eyes and sensed something. Her expression changed. “I think we’re in trouble! The four Half Gods are all in the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion!”

In other words, if they could enter, there was no reason for the silver puppet to not enter the eighth level as well!

Thinking back to the later stage of the Fairy Realm, without any limit on cultivation level, Su Yu’s expression sunk. If they met the puppet again, there might not be any hope of survival.

“They seemed to have been scattered by the transportation spell and are now rushing toward the center of the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion,” L Chuyi said thoughtfully. “That is where the Mysterious Heavenly Palace is!” Suddenly, a look of worry filled her face. “But I do not know where Yu Chan is. I did not leave a seal within her and do not know if she made it to this level or not.”

Su Yu suddenly remembered that Yu Chan was the first to follow him into the tunnel of space. He concentrated, but he was shocked when he realized that there seemed to be space power interfering with his connection with Yu Chan. He could not sense her precise location but could confirm that she was within the spell.

“No matter what, we should head to the Mysterious Heavenly Palace first,” Su Yu said.

L Chuyi nodded, deep in thought, clenched her fair fist. She had a look of decisiveness as she said, “All right!”

After saying this, Su Yu tossed the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell into his space ring.

“Wait!” Wei Kang was staring at Su Yu, noticing that he had disregarded them and claimed the spell for himself. He was unhappy. “Teacher, that spell was discovered by all of us, but he is claiming it for himself. Isn’t he thinking too highly of himself?”

Su Yu paused. He looked at him as he asked, “Discovered by all of us? Huh? It was discovered by your teacher and me, but I do not think it has anything to do with you.”

If Su Yu had not taken out the spell plate, who knows how long Wei Kang would still be in a coma?

“We still have to seek my teacher’s opinion,” said Wei Kang. “She has not even spoken. What right do you have to keep it for yourself?”

He was a disciple of the Purple Cloud Palace, as well as a disciple L Chuyi had personally brought in. If L Chuyi was to make the decision on the spell plate, she would most likely give it to him for his defense. Why would she give it to a mere disciple from an affiliate faction?

In terms of status, L Chuyi was an outer sanctum elder from the Purple Cloud Palace, as well as the owner of the Moon Glowing Clear Ship. The Returning Principal Palace was merely an organization equal in status as the Moon Glowing Clear Ship. Furthermore, Su Yu was only a lower disciple from the Returning Principal Palace. The disparity between their statuses would mean that it would never be Su Yu’s turn to obtain the spell plate.

Su Yu shrugged as he laughed. “Your teacher would give it to me. Wouldn’t you, Elder L?”

L Chuyi’s brows twitched. She did not care for the spell plate, but she was annoyed with Su Yu’s cockiness. Glaring at him as a warning, she said, “It’s all right to give him the spell plate. Let’s set off.”

Wei Kang was speechless. He was furious over L Chuyi’s favoritism. A weird look flashed past his eyes.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

The three figures flickered as they disappeared from where they stood.


Four hours later, a breeze blew. A lively 15-year-old girl suddenly descended. Her large eyes scanned the area, studying it in detail with a little disappointment. “The unique constitution that teacher spoke off didn’t appear.”

It was the lady who had tempered with the spell!

With no choice, she took out her compass again. The needle swiveled, immediately pointing to the central region of the eighth level.

“Oh, she already entered the Mysterious Heavenly Palace! How did she make it in?” The youth opened her eyes wide, revealing an incredulous look, then smiled. “Haha! I finally found her!”

After saying this, her petite figure flickered as she flew in the direction of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace.


On the other side, a silver figure descended out of thin air. It was the silver puppet who had also entered the tunnel of space!

Surveying the surroundings, the silver puppet licked his lips in excitement. “The eighth level. The resources here are rich. It looks like there shall be quite a lot of sacrifices here!’

“But” A fierce glow filled his eyes. “But, I have to find that human kid first! To take my items and foil my plans! No one can save you!”

After saying this, his bloody eyes flickered. He turned to look in the direction of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace. A ferocious smile crept across his face. His white teeth produced a cold glow.

“Ha! I found you! You are dead, lad!”