The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 497

Chapter 497 The Legacy Of Craftsmanship

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After one day.

Three figures ran across a vast flatland. They were L Chuyi, Su Yu, and Wei Kang.

The 10,000-mile grassland was peculiar, as what should have been 10,000 miles of flat land was broken by a perilous mountain that had appeared abruptly. It was formed by five perfectly straight, precipitous peaks coming together, and it reached all the way into the clouds.

From the middle of the mountain to the top, layers of dark clouds surrounded the five peaks. The dark clouds were rolled about in a peculiar fashionlike ferocious monsters moving and shifting against one another.

Even from afar, it was a fearful sight. It gave Su Yu an ominous feeling, and his soul felt a bit constrained.

“This is the Mysterious Heavenly Palace, an important place of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion,” said L Chuyi. She heaved a sigh of relief, and her face wore an excited expression.

The so-called Mysterious Heavenly Palace was unlike any normal imperial palace. Instead, it was a mountain formed by five lofty peaks. Su Yu could not suppress the uneasiness within his heart. He did not dare let down his guard.

“Since the Mysterious Heavenly Palace is an important site in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, there will surely be dangers, right?” said Su Yu.

Thunder Emperor Mountain was extremely dangerous as a lightning spirit, which was close to that of the Divine Master in charge of guarding it. Hence, there was no reason to think the Mysterious Heavenly Palace would be any different.

His words caused L Chuyi, who had just heaved a sigh of relief, to frown slightly. “Dangers? Naturally, there are some dangers. Even if it were strong martial artists of the Fairy Realm, they also faced the danger of dying at any moment.”

The real meaning behind her words was that to her, the danger was probably not significant. However, that might not be the case for Su Yu and the others.

“Elder, please speak frankly,” Su Yu said sincerely.

L Chuyi glanced at Su Yu. “Seeing as you have helped me along the way, I shall tell you!”

The information regarding the Mysterious Heavenly Palace was probably not something that normal people could know easily. Wandering martial artists had no hopes of learning the exact details of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace. For her to be willing to divulge information truthfully to Su Yu was, indeed, a priceless favor.

“The Mysterious Heavenly Palace is extremely dangerous,” she said. “There is an unknown number of ferocious demonic beasts, including beasts at the level of Fairy Realm. Hence, many people who enter the Mysterious Heavenly Palace die as a result and become food for the ferocious beasts. However, when compared to the real danger of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace, this danger is hardly worth mentioning.”

After hearing what was said, Su Yu’s heart went cold. In this kind of restricted environment, where one could not exhibit power that exceeded the cultivation base of the Fairy Realm, ferocious beasts at the level of the Fairy Realm were an unmatched existence. If such ferocious beasts weren’t the real danger here, what was?

“There are two real dangers!” said L Chuyi. “Firstly, it is the disastrous thunder of the universe that this mountain contains!”

When L Chuyi spoke the two words “disastrous thunder,” her beautiful face grew deadly serious. She who had pulled through the disastrous thunder had a strong understanding of how frightening it was.

“The power of the disastrous thunder is hidden within the five peaks, and outsiders are unable to examine its existence in detail. However, once you encounter it, there is no such thing as surviving due to luck because that disastrous thunder can kill even Almighty Divine Masters! According to what I know, it was something left behind by a lightning technique-based Divine Master who was trapped within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. However, I do not know the details of his motives for doing so.”

A lightning technique-based Divine Master? Su Yu wondered, could she be referring to the Thunder Emperor who had left his legacy behind?

Thinking about it, in the secret room of the Thunder Emperor, Su Yu had seen only his item and his will. However, he had not seen any sign of his remains. Could it be that that the Thunder Emperor did not die, but left the disastrous thunder behind in the Mysterious Heavenly Palace instead?

“If I were to encounter the disastrous thunder,” L Chuyi said, “I could use fighting capabilities that exceeded the Fairy Realm to cause myself to be transported out. However, it is clear that both of you will be unable to do so.”

The hearts of Su Yu and Wei Kang shook slightly. How powerful was the disastrous thunder such that it could kill a Divine Master? If they were to encounter it at their current levels, there would indeed be no chance of survival?

“There are not many people who are able to survive an encounter with the disastrous thunder,” said L Chuyi. “Hence, your only hope is to not encounter this danger. However, there is a second danger within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. This one, both of you will have to face no matter what.”

Su Yu started to ponder. What else did the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion contain that was even more frightening than the disastrous thunder of a Divine Master?

“The one thing more dangerous than the disastrous thunder” said L Chuyi, “are human beings!”

Human beings? Su Yu was obviously surprised. His eyes brightened up. “Are you referring to the silver puppet that we are about to encounter and face?”

To his surprise, L Chuyi shook her head and said, “No. The silver puppet is indeed dangerous. However, the five mountains of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion are extremely huge. Hence, the possibility of encountering him is smaller than encountering the disastrous thunder!”

Su Yu did not understand. “Could it be that apart from us, there are still other people who entered the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion? Could it be that the spell on the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion that we saw is not the only one to enter the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion?”

L Chuyi nodded. “Amidst over 100 explorations, we had indeed discovered that only one transportation spell was present. However, there were one or two times when people bypassed the transportation spell and entered the eighth level. This proves there might indeed be another transportation point, and people other than us may have entered the Mysterious Heavenly Palace of the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion as well. However, the human beings who I am referring to are not them; I refer to the Masters who exist within the Mysterious Heavenly Palace.”

Masters of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace? There was still someone else in the Mysterious Heavenly Palace?

“They have called themselves the Masters of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace. They dwelled within the five mountains long before the Mysterious Heavenly Palace appeared, and their purpose was to protect the five lofty peaks. Their abilities are at the level of Half Fairy. If we were to come across one of them, we might barely be able to fight them by working together. However, there are a total of 100 of them. With such numbers, if I were to encounter them, in a situation where my cultivation base had been restricted, I can only choose to escape.”

After hearing this, Su Yu was astonished! 100 strong martial artists of Half Fairy? Although Su Yu speculated that he had the abilities to fight with any strong martial artists of Half Fairy, it would definitely still be difficult for him to deal with over 100 Half Fairies.

“However, there is something even more frightening in there,” L Chuyi went on. “There is a high possibility that strong martial artists of the Fairy Realm exist among them.”

Strong martial artists of the Fairy Realm? Su Yu pondered. Even if there were strong martial artists of the Fairy Realm, under a situation where they were restricted, it was impossible for their abilities to exceed that of the Fairy Realm.

Wait thought Su Yu.

His expression became grave, and he gasped coldly, “Do you mean that, as locals of the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion, their cultivation bases are not restricted? That they can unleash abilities exceeding the Fairy Realm at will?”

L Chuyi nodded. “That’s right! Although there is no concrete proof, according to my prediction, strong martial artists of the Fairy Realm definitely exist among the 100 guards! If people who entered the Mysterious Heavenly Palace were to encounter him, the only path waiting for them would be death.”

Su Yu adopted a neutral expression. For L Chuyi to say so much, it was obvious that she was advising Su Yu not to take risks. However, since things had come to this, there was a high possibility that the silver puppet was nearby and they could only enter the Mysterious Heavenly Palace to avoid him.

Su Yu took a breath so that he could maintain his calm expression. “Let’s go in to take a look,” he said.

In stark contrast, small droplets of sweat had appeared on Wei Kang’s forehead. Although he was doing his best to remain calm, it was easy to see the uneasiness in his eyes.

“Since you have already prepared yourself, let’s set off, then.” L Chuyi took a glance at Su Yu. “Follow behind me.”

After her speech, she focused on the third mountain peak and brought Su Yu and Wei Kang over. Apart from being careful, Wei Kang also could not conceal his excitement.

“Congratulations to Auntie,” said Wei Kang. “We will be able to find the Mysterious Heavenly Legacy of Craftsmanship soon.”