The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl

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Huh? Mysterious Heavenly Legacy of Craftsmanship? Su Yu was a bit doubtful. Had L Chuyi risked her life to enter the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion for a legacy of craftsmanship?

There was eager anticipation in L Chuyi’s eyes but also worry. “I hope so.” She suddenly glanced over at the confused Su Yu, asking, “Did your teacher not tell you about the legacy of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace?”

Su Yu was embarrassed, but his expression remained calm. “My teacher told me to come see the world with Senior Yu Chan and told me no more.”

L Chuyi seemed unconvinced. Su Yu was far more powerful than Yu Chan. Why would his teacher ask Yu Chan to take care of him? Yu Chan might be the one who needed protecting. Furthermore, Su Yu was in possession of many treasures, especially treasures of Divine Masters such as the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, which was refined for Su Yu. Surely his mission here was not simply to observe.

But she did not question him any further. Instead, she said, “These five peaks each represent a legacy of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace. They are the legacies of craftsmanship, elixirs, techniques, perception, and materials. Each legacy is powerful beyond comprehension, especially the legacies of craftsmanship and materials. Of the Five Great Legacies of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace, those two are the strongest. If you can obtain the legacy of craftsmanship, you can become the top-notch craftsman in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands.”

Craftsmanship and materials? Su Yu was interested.

“Teacher, aren’t you already a top-notch craftsman in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands?” asked Wei Yang. “This is a talent even Elder Ouyang Zi of the two palaces has praised.”

Wei Yang looked at L Chuyi with admiration. He had the utmost respect for her. She was the greatest female cultivator in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, yet she also had an exceptional talent in craftsmanship. Other than Elder Ouyang Zi, no one could stand up against L Chuyi in the entire Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

L Chuyi shook her head. “There will always be someone better than me. A so-called master craftsman might be rather famous in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, but in this vast world, they are merely at the beginner level. Those are Elder Ouyang Zi’s teachings. Even he has admitted this. It’s all the more true for me.”

Su Yu did not expect this lady to be a powerful master craftsman. It seemed her insistence on entering the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was for the legacy of craftsmanship. Thinking back to the foreign expression she gave Su Yu when he was trying to stop her from risking her life to enter the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion, Su Yu could not help but let out a sigh of admiration. The persistence this woman had toward cultivation was startling.

Su Yu was not as interested in the path of craftsmanship, but materials

“Might I ask, what is the legacy of materials?” Su Yu asked.

L Chuyi gave a slight smile. “Why? Do you want to obtain the legacy of materials? I would advise you to give up that thought. The legacy of materials is the most guarded legacy of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace. Even I cannot enter, much less you! Furthermore, over these last hundred years, a good portion of the materials within have been used by the guardians. I would think that the more precious treasures would be used by now.”

Su Yu was disappointed. If that was the case, the possibility of finding the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl and the Blood of a True Dragon in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was nearly zero.

“According to the rumors, there are precious treasures from the Ghost World that nearly destroyed the Mysterious Heavenly Palace. But a lightning-based treasure suppressed those ghost treasures.”

“What kind of ghost-based treasure could destroy the Mysterious Heavenly Palace?” Su Yu asked without thinking. “And what was that lightning-based treasure that could suppress them?”

L Chuyi looked at Su Yu meaningfully, then explained, “The historical annals I investigated back at the faction only had fragments of information, but if I am not mistaken, it was a powerful ghost-based treasure, powerful enough for Divine Master level fighters to fight over it. The treasure that could suppress it is the famous Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl! This pearl is used to fight back against the lightning of punishment. There only exists one or two in the hands of that old monster. To my knowledge, there aren’t any in the outside world.”

For someone to be called an “old monster” by the Almighty Divine Master L Chuyi, they must be a powerful fighter who exceeded the level of Divine Master.

But the words “Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl” excited Su Yu. His heart was thumping wildly. For the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl to really exist in the Mysterious Heavenly Palace! This news came as a welcome surprise! The treasure that could suppress the ultimate ghost-based treasure was the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl for which he had been searching high and low!

He needed three materials for the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes. The first was the Undead Herb of the Netherworld, which he had already obtained. The second was the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl!

Su Yu suppressed his excitement, remaining calm and impassive. L Chuyi creased her brows doubtfully but did not question him.

They had already flown to the midpoint of the third peak. They could not see what was above their heads, for it was covered by an impenetrable layer of fog. Amid the rolling fog, were signs of powerful beasts, including occasional auras of Half Fairies.


At that moment, a low roar resounded through the mountains. A giant, green tiger leaped out from the fog!

The fog was uncommonly thick; neither of them had realized that there was a giant, green tiger so close to them.

“Ah!” L Chuyi let out a low grunt, lifting her right palm as she pressed toward the giant green tiger.

The giant tiger was forcefully pinned to the ground, its bones shattering as it let out an angry roar. L Chuyi pressed down with her fingers. The skull of the giant tiger was crushed with a sharp snap. Its roaring ceased.

The situation worried Su Yu. To only be able to kill a beast at the level of Xue Ling with two moves. And while her injuries were still rather serious

Forcefully activating the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo and suffering a blow from the silver puppet at the stone forest had inflicted her with severe injuries. Her current battle abilities might only be ten percent of when she first showed herself. If they met Chou Zeming and his group again, she might be the one to suffer defeat this time around.

“This green tiger is rather weird. According to my knowledge, these beasts do not readily leave the fog. But it left the fog to try and kill us. That is unusually aggressive behavior.” L Chuyi looked at the corpse of the green tiger, her eyebrows raising slightly. She could not find an answer even after some thought. “Forget it, we should leave quickly. The commotion here might have attracted the attention of other beasts.”

L Chuyi took a step into the fog. Su Yu and Wei Kang followed behind her.

A moment later, another roar of a beast came from within the billowing white fog. The fog billowed unceasingly.


Half a day later, the three of them leaned against a large rock, their breathing heavy.

L Chuyi was exhausted, her condition was even worse than Su Yu. Yet her expression was still remarkably determined, showing no intention of backing down.

“Teacher, what should we do?” asked Wei Kang. “There are more beasts here than recorded in the books, and we are unable to see what is going on in the distance due to the fog. If we continue like this, our strength will be drained by the beasts’ continuous attacks.”