The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Underground Lava

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According to the records, although there were many ferocious beasts within the mist, there was still a limit to them. For the teams that had entered the lofty mountain in the past, they would normally encounter about 20 to 30 ferocious beasts.

However, throughout their journey so far, they had encountered about 50 ferocious beasts.

“It is indeed strange,” said L Chuyi. “Could it be that we have entered at an inopportune time?”

She was baffled. Comparing the normal circumstances to the green giant tiger which had leaped from the mist to attack them, it was obvious that some unusual change had occurred.

Su Yu was uneasy. After thinking for some time, he exhibited his Transparent Eyes to examine the body of the ferocious beast they had just killed. From the surface, there was nothing unusual about its body. The only difference was that the bloodthirsty expression in its eyes had remained all the way until the moment of death. Throughout their journey, the observation was the same for the other 50 ferocious beasts.

Su Yu narrowed his eyes. His Transparent Eyes looked deep into the body. His gaze passed through its fur, flesh, and blood, into the deepest part of its body.

After looking, Su Yu discovered an item abruptly, and his heart could not help but quake. Within the demonic beast’s head, there was an inconspicuous charm which was emitting subtle, dark energy. It was this energy that had caused the demonic beasts to be so unusually brutal.

When he looked at the remaining demonic beasts, he discovered that it was the same for all of them. They had been controlled by someone!

“Something might have happened at the place where the legacy is stored. Let’s move quickly.” L Chuyi’s grew serious, and she continued moving hurriedly.

The good thing was that they had walked continuously for half a day and were not too far from where the legacy was stored. Hence, in no time, they managed to reach the place that stored the legacy.

Amidst the dense fog, a lofty, black shadow which appeared and vanished continuously. It was a house-sized adobe kang!

The magnificent adobe kang had four sides, with its length and breath being 1,000 feet. The light from the fire within it was reflected toward the sky. Looking at it from afar, the whole adobe kang looked like a volcano.

“Be careful,” said L Chuyi. “This is the place where the Legacy of Craftsmanship is stored. According to past experiences, there are at least nine Half Fairies guarding it. Moreover, there is also a Half Fairy leader with three Vital Energy Crystals!”

Three Vital Energy Crystals made this leader equivalent to Chou Zeming. Within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, they were considered the strongest forces. With the current state of the three of them, it would be extremely difficult to deal with nine Half Fairies as well as a Half Fairy with three Vital Energy Crystals.

That was also a situation in which they did not want to risk alerting the four other mountains, causing enemy reinforcements to come as a result.

“Yin Yu, if you are willing to help us after the work is done, I can promise you one thing.”

She who had fought with Su Yu before understood his fighting capabilities well. Su Yu was so strong that he could even compete with people like Chou Zeming. Wei Kang, who was at one side was stunned. His auntie had actually requested for the assistance of a junior who was a Human King!

Comparing abilities, he was a lot stronger than a brat like Su Yu!

Su Yu forced a smile. “Senior has overestimated me. With my abilities, do I have the right to help senior?”

Those words caused L Chuyi to be surprised. It was clear that within the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell, Su Yu had stayed by her side persistently. However, even though she now asked him for help, he rejected her without hesitation.

A dull look appeared in L Chuyi’s eyes, but she did not blame him too much. With Su Yu’s abilities, if he were to fight them, he would definitely pose a considerable threat to them.

“However,” added Su Yu with a smile, “since it was senior who invited me, I shall give my all.”

L Chuyi’s state of disappointment changed into happiness, and her face revealed a delighted expression. When she realized that she had lost control of herself, she could not help but be embarrassed. An Almighty Divine Master had actually requested the assistance of a Human King junior. Worse still, she had allowed her feeling to show!

As she thought about that, she stared at Su Yu, grumbling. She found it difficult to maintain the air of an Almighty Divine Master in front of Su Yu.

Su Yu only shrugged his shoulders and laughed. Why would he miss an opportunity to get a promise from an Almighty Divine Master?

After making up his mind, the three of them approached the adobe kang carefully.


When the three of them approached, they discovered while stupefied that there were actually no guards at all!

Filled with suspicions, the group flew high up into the sky, stood atop the adobe kang, and looked down into it.

Shockingly high flames could be seen burning inside, emitting an extremely high temperature. Among the raging flames, those with the lowest temperature were only slightly inferior to the Fire Origin. And that was only the outermost ring of raging flames. Those within the adobe kang were even more frightening.

“Let’s go in and take a look,” L Chuyi said. Her beautiful eyebrows had become twisted with worry.

L Chuyi was naturally unafraid of flames of such a level. Without even protecting her body with vital energy, she jumped into the adobe kang. Vital energy covered the body of Wei Kang, and he jumped in without any concerns. As Su Yu had cultivated even stronger flames from his training, he was not fearful of these. He jumped directly into the adobe kang.

The three of them entered the bottom of the adobe kang. At once, a shocking heatwave assaulted them. Layers of purplish red flames burned vigorously, and everything within the adobe kang had been burned to ashes. Even the air had been burned away, creating a sort of vacuum. The flames were so strong that it could be compared to the flames of the Origin.

Su Yu was shocked. How rare were the flames of the Origin on the Zhenlong continent? Su Yu only had the chance to achieve the Origin by relying on an Origin Crystal. However, at his current location, the bottom of the whole adobe kang was filled with them!

Moreover, due to the bottom of the adobe kang being continuously roasted by the flames of the Origin, it had become scarlet in color. Some of those flames were fearsome enough that even Su Yu feared them. They were even more frightening than the Origin.

However, that crimson-colored bottom of the adobe kang actually marked the entrance to an open stone door. The surface of the stone door was badly damaged, as if multiple people had attacked it forcefully.

L Chuyi’s expression grew serious at once. “As expected, something has happened here. This door has never been opened by anyone before! Yet it stands open now!”

That meant the legacy might have been stolen already!

With the flash of her jade figure, L Chuyi leaped into the stone door anxiously and entered an extremely hot lava passageway. Su Yu and Wei Kang followed close behind.

After half a cup of tea’s time, Su Yu did not know how deep he had gone into the passageway. It was as if he were already 100,000 feet underground.

The temperature of the flames also became higher, to the point that Su Yu frowned a bit as he struggled to maintain his composure against the pain. Wei Kang was not much different. He was already gritting his teeth. Fortunately, the passageway had finally reached its end.

It was an underground space that had been created by human hands, and it was extremely wide. When they swept their eyes past the area, they discovered that in the middle of the area, there was a pond with extremely high black flames. Within that pond, lava flowed about continuously. Moreover, an acrid gas filled the cavern. The fumes stung the nostrils.

Even at a distance of 1,000 feet away, Su Yu’s whole body stung with the alarming heat, making him very uneasy.

He could not help but feel shocked. What kind of flames were those? They were far more powerful than the flames of the Origin! Even more shocking was the fact that in the middle of the black lava pond, there was actually a yellowish-brown stone tablet. The stone tablet was stuck in the lava, somehow unaffected by it. Atop the stone tablet was a depression. Within it was a pitch-black scroll!

Su Yu’s eyes widened. What kind of impressive treasure must that scroll be, that it did not melt amid such powerful, raging flames?

L Chuyi looked ecstatic. “It’s the Legacy of Craftsmanship! The Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Technique!”