The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The Clash Of The Geniuses

"Since everyone has arrived, let's go." The Third Prince nodded his head. When he looked at Dong Lin, his eyes were filled with expectations and hope.

Having felt the Third Prince's attitude, Su Yu understood the Third Prince had not placed his hopes in him. However, Su Yu did not have any objections. The Third Prince had given Su Yu precious resources and had kept him safe, but he wished for Su Yu to repay him. But, Su Yu's gratitude was insufficient to repay the Third Prince. Why would he bear hatred towards the Third Prince?

The Royal Family's Dragon's Meeting was held in the Holy Arena. The Holy Arena was built by the empire solely for the Holy Meet. The construction cost hundreds of millions and it allowed 10,000 people to view the battle.

Normally, the Holy Arena would be closed to the public and there would be strict security. There would be a large number of soldiers stationed outside as guards, not allowing anyone to take a single step inside.

It was only that night, when the Royal Family held the Dragon's Meeting, that the Holy Arena would be open for a short while, allowing members of the Royal Family to enter so that the 16 representatives could duel and learn from one another. That day, the 16 demon students who had been recommended by the Royal Family met one another under the moonlight!

Of the 13 Dukes, Duke Jiuchuan's whole family had been beheaded and the Duke of Xianyu bad been thrown into Heaven's Prison, causing both of them to be absent from the meeting. Of the princes, the Second Prince had been killed by Su Yu. Other than that, everyone else was at the Holy Arena!

"Su Yu!" The First Prince's eyes shrunk; he did not expect Su Yu to be there!

The First Prince knew that Su Yu had slipped into the Imperial City quietly. He did not expect Su Yu to actually participate in the Holy Meet! Could it be that he wanted to use the Holy Meet as an opportunity to regain his former glory?

If Su Yu managed to get into the top 10 and become a Sanctuary disciple, he would make a name for himself. When he returned, destroying the First Prince would be as easy turning his over hand!

However, when the First Prince thought of Su Yu's abilities, he shook his head and laughed. There was no chance for Su Yu would get into the top 10!

The number of demon students at the Holy Meet was comparable to the clouds in the sky. Even though Su Yu was strong, it would be difficult for him to compete with them, unless it was in a few years! However, the First Prince would not give Su Yu that much time. When the Holy Meet ended, he would pay any price to exterminate Su Yu, who he believed was a great hazard!

Hearing the voice of the First Prince, Su Yu looked in his direction. Without hiding his murderous intentions, he said coldly, "First Prince, I have said before, if I don't kill you, I will never be a man! The Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon shall be the witness to my oath!"

The First Prince's eyelids started to twitch, and his deadly intent became stronger! If Su Yu did not die, he would continue to feel uneasy!

These words shook the hearts of the people who heard them. They had also caused the happy atmosphere to come to a standstill. The audience who knew about the hatred between Su Yu and the Royal Family watched with cold eyes.

"You overestimate yourself!" The First Prince tilted his body and looked at the young man. The young man held a sword, had short hair and looked at Su Yu coldly with his sharp eyes!

He gave off a very powerful vibe that could cause the mountains to rumble and create very powerful waves in the sea! Su Yu's whole body was under a very heavy pressure, as though he was being crushed by a mountain, causing him to breathe heavily.

"Hmph!" Su Yu hummed coldly. He jolted the vital energy in his body, emitting a powerful vibe to rival the young man's, causing them to cancel each other out in an instant.

"Watch your words!" The shorthaired young man hummed with disdain.

The First Prince gave a bitter expression. "Enough. Du Yuntian, why are you arguing with this kind of person, who do not know what he is saying?"

The indifferent eyes of Dong Lin were filled with a rare fear. "Level Six Upper Tier!"

The Third Prince's pupils shrunk; the First Prince had actually managed to nurture someone to Level Six Upper Tier like Du Yuntian.

"Dong Lin, if you were to fight him, what would your chances of winning be?" The Third Prince's heart was shaking as he felt a bad premonition.

One careless move and the whole game was lost. If Du Yuntian managed to defeat Dong Lin and the First Prince ascended the throne, there would be no more chances for the Third Prince to rise to the top.

Moreover, it is also possible that the Third Prince would suffer the same fate as the Duke of Xianyu, whereby he would be accused of treason, put in chains and thrown into the prison.

Dong Lin's eyes were full of fighting spirit. "He is very strong! However, if I display my full power, I might have a chance against him!"

Did that mean there was still a ray of hope for victory? The Third Prince's heart quietly felt at ease.

The whole group of spectators sat down. In the big Holy Arena, there were only a few of them, causing the arena to be very open and spacious. At the same time, it was filled with a very cold atmosphere.

"To all the geniuses recommended by the Royal Family, tomorrow all of you will represent the Royal Family and duel with the 13 martial arts training institutes, achieving glory for the Royal Family. Tonight, all of you will duel and learn from one another, and this will be your warm up for tomorrow's duel." The First Prince portrayed himself as a normal spectator. He did not feel in the slightest bit that under the moonlight, the hideous scar on the right side of his face would be so gruesome and frightening!

Du Yuntian carried a sword while he was standing. With sharp eyes, he glanced at the other 15 geniuses. When his eyes swept across Su Yu, he stopped for a moment. However, as though he was scratching the surface, his eyes swept pass him after a prolonged glance.

After looking at everyone, Du Yuntian shook his head coldly and withdrew from the arena. "I will not be participating."

The First Prince laughed, "Du Yuntian, why don't you have a friendly duel with them?"

"There is no one here that is worthy of my blade. I am not interested!"

His arrogant speech left the remaining 15 geniuses enraged.

However, the 15 geniuses could not be disappointed. As Du Yuntian was at Level Six Upper Tier, there were very few of them who were worthy to be his opponent.

The only person which could be his opponent was the young genius recommended by the Third Prince, Dong Lin! However, from Du Yuntian's tone, Dong Lin was also not worthy of being his opponent!

Dong Lin was full of pride. His eyes shone brilliantly, showing his desire to have a match with Du Yuntian! However, he got the hint from the Third Prince not to be forceful in trying to prove his abilities by defeating him, so that he could save his energy for the next day.

The Third Prince's plan was that since Du Yuntian was arrogant and paid no attention to the rest of them, he would allow him to continue with his attitude. In the meantime, Dong Lin would save his energy and give Du Yuntian a surprise during the Holy Meet the next day!

Unable to suppress his dissatisfaction and anger, Dong Lin picked a person to duel with. That person he picked was a strong martial artist of Level Five Peak who came from the Qingshan prefecture after he was selected by his Duke!

"I am Zhang Ling. May I ask for your name?" Zhang Ling was content and free of fear. He leaped into the arena delicately.

Dong Lin was arrogant and cold. "Cut the crap! I will let you make the first move, come at me!"

Zhang Ling's face became serious. "Aren't you a bit too arrogant?"

The Qingshan prefecture was vast and boundless. For Zhang Lin to be chosen from the millions of geniuses, how strong was he? However, when he came to the Royal Family's Dragon's Meeting, he was actually treated with disdain!

Dong Lin stood still for some time, with a cold and arrogant expression. He paid no attention to Zhang Ling, as though he had not realized Zhang Ling's existence!

"You look down on me too much!" Zhang Ling launched an attack furiously!

"City Demolishing Raging Flame!" Zhang Ling emitted a vital energy which surrounded his body, as though it was a layer of raging flames burning vigorously.

Waves of flames started to disperse in all directions. The spectators at the grandstand could feel the flames' heat from their seats.

"What an amazing cultivation technique. It should be a top medium level cultivation technique that has achieved Stage Two Top Class. Only a step away from Stage Three, the highest stage of the cultivation technique!"

The raging flames wrapped around his body, with a heat so strong that they could burn through Heaven.

A very strong power could be felt in all directions. With a raging flame that could demolish a city, Zhang Ling headed towards Dong Lin! Covered in majestic flames, it was as though Zhang Ling wanted to burn Dong Lin to ashes! However, Dong Lin stood absolutely still, with his eyes unchanged, and still paid no attention to him.

"Nothing special!" Dong Ling raised his hands and swung them violently!

The raging flames surrounding Zhang Ling were fully extinguished with one swing! The fierce City Demolishing Raging Flame was easily pulverized by Dong Lin!

Zhang Ling's expression changed abruptly. His strongest attack was actually pulverized so easily?

Dong Lin was absolutely still. His eyes were shining brilliantly and were full of coldness at the same time: "I have allowed you to make your move. It is now my turn!"

"Hibernation Destroying Finger!"

Dong Lin stretched out his index finger abruptly. It was as if the sun had just risen from the east, and as if the world had become one with it. Layers and layers of raging flames covered his finger. The finger had a powerful vibe that shook the air, and fragmentary shadows of the flames piled up layer upon layer.

Zhang Ling's expression turned pale as he was gradually filled with fear!

"City Demolishing Raging Flame!" In the dangerous situation, Zhang Ling used his unique skill again!

Zhang Ling gave a horrible shriek and was sent flying for 20 meters, causing him to fall below the arena and spit out a mouthful of blood!

"Medium level cultivation technique at Stage Three Top Class!" Su Yu's pupils shrunk.

The First Prince's expression turned grave. Dong Lin had actually honed his medium cultivation technique to Stage Three Top Class!

Only Du Yuntian paid no attention to it and he commented coldly. "Zhang Ling has very strong fundamentals, with very thick vital energy and powerful cultivation techniques. As for cons, his execution of techniques is not smooth, and he has slow reaction time and weak willpower. Hence, he has a lot of weak points!"

"Dong Lin has a very high cultivation base. His cultivation technique is at Stage Three Top Class and he executes it smoothly. As for cons, he is weak at controlling his vital energy, causing him to waste much of it. If he continues to fight for a prolonged period of time, he will be at a disadvantage!"

Du Yuntian's words had hit the mark, dealing psychological damage to Zhang Ling as a result.

As for Dong Lin, his eyes were cold. "Hmph! Did I ask for your comment?"

As he glanced at the remaining 13 geniuses, Dong Lin retired from the arena. "I will excuse myself as well. The rest of you are too weak and are of no interest to me!"

The remaining 13 geniuses' faces were burning with anger. In their prefectures, they were considered geniuses that could only be found once in 100 years. However, at the arena, they were continuously treated with disdain.

They were extremely disappointed. However, upon witnessing Zhang Ling's sorry state, they knew that they were below Du Yuntian and Dong Lin and could only contain the dissatisfaction within their hearts.

After the two of them retired from the arena, there was an awkward silence. The First Prince looked around and laughed. "Zhan Li, haven't you been yearning for a match with the Duke of Xianyu's son-in-law? Why not have a match against him now?"

The audience looked towards Zhan Li. He was a genius at Level Five Peak, and his abilities were about the same as Zhang Ling's. A few people felt strange. Zhan Li was a genius recommended by the Second Prince, however, the Second Prince was killed by Su Yu.

Zhan Li was 17 years old. He was thin and small, with a rough face and a violent personality. There was a cruel and ruthless vibe surrounding his body. He looked at Su Yu coldly, causing him to feel that he was being watched by a wild beast.

"Su Yu!" Zhan Li bit his teeth and blurted out Su Yu's name. His voice was full of hatred.

Zhan Li took big steps and went up to the arena. He looked down from the arena and pointed his fingers at Su Yu's nose. "Get down now!"

Originally, he should have been enjoying untold wealth and high honor while he was at the Second Prince's service. That would have allowed him to soar to the top with a flap of his wings, causing him to be standing above millions of people. However, the death of the Second Prince had caused the future that he had foreseen to be completely destroyed.

Among the spectators, he was known to have almost as much hatred towards Su Yu as the First Prince.

"I will grant you your wish!" Su Yu leapt onto the arena and confronted him coldly.

Zhan Li was full of hatred and he launched an attack angrily! "Iron Horse Kick!" It was a medium level cultivation technique that was at Stage Three Lower Class.

He raised his leg and as if there were thousands of men riding horses, the dust lifted off the ground continuously.

The spectators' inner strength was boiling with excitement, their hearts beating violently, as they could feel the strong pressure in the arena.

As Zhan Li came closer, Su Yu felt even more pressure!

Zhang Ling, who was beneath the arena, had a fearful expression, but he was amazed. "As expected of the genius recommended by the Second Prince. He actually managed to comprehend his medium level cultivation technique to Stage Three Lower Class!

When he put himself in Su Yu's shoes, he was filled with cold sweat and his air of arrogance was greatly reduced in an instant. He found out that if his opponent were Zhan Li, he would not be able to last against more than 10 moves of his!

It was difficult to comprehend a medium level cultivation technique. However, the increase in power between every class was huge.

At the Qingshan prefecture, Zhang Ling treated other geniuses with disdain. However, at the Dragon's Meeting, he felt that he was inferior to many others.

At the Holy Meet, the number of demon students was comparable to the number of clouds. Among the demon students, he was considered below average!

Zhan Li took vigorous strides. His leg technique was like millions of horses galloping, causing the spectators to shake with fear. There was a red light surrounding his leg. As he galloped, his legs were like a big volcano ready to erupt.

In primeval state, Zhan Li violently threw himself at Su Yu! "Kneel down now!" Zhan Li's big strides were like thunderbolts. He aimed for Su Yu's chest!

The wind blew away the black hair in front of Su Yu's forehead. The sand covered Su Yu's icy cold eyes.

Su Yu started to move!