The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 500

Chapter 500 Mysterious Half Fairy

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It was the first time Su Yu had seen such a elated look on her face. Wei Kang was also elated. Congratulations, Teacher! you finally found the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Technique!

Suddenly, the space behind them rippled. An air current suddenly shot toward them. It contained a strong killing intent!

L Chuyi and Wei Kang were in the midst of their excitement and did not notice anything strange. Only Su Yu, who was not as surprised as them, immediately noticed the change in air current.

Turning back his head abruptly, Su Yus expression turned cold. The air current changed its course the moment it was noticed, charging in the direction of the tunnel.

You wish to leave! Su Yu let out a low grunt, tossing out the Nine Yin Yang Formation.

Whoosh! Whoosh

The air crackled multiple times as the Nine Yin Yang Formation activated, enveloping the faint figure.

Scram! A cold grunt could be heard as a massive vital energy welled out, sweeping away the Nine Yin Yang Formation!

A hand prodded out from thin air, grabbing the iron needle shooting toward him. Exerting a little force, he snapped the middle-grade divine artifact iron needle!

The invisible person also revealed himself.

It was not one, but two people! They were both wearing a black armor, their robes similar. They had a stoic expression filled with killing intent. One of them had a full beard, and the other had fair skin, almost like a lady.

The cultivation of the full-bearded man was scary. From his aura, it looked like he did not pale in comparison to Chou Zeming. He was a Half Fairy with three Vital Energy Crystals!

The fair youth was a little weaker, but he was also a Half Fairy with one Vital Energy Crystal.

The two of them had different degrees of fatigue. The fair youth was in a better condition, his aura a little weak. The armor on his body seemed to be melted in some places. The full-bearded man had a shocking gash on his armor as if it had been scratched by a ferocious, demonic beast. A large piece of his flesh was torn away, leaving a bloody wound. If the claw had struck him deeper, the full-bearded man might have been torn in half.

It was the full-bearded man who shattered Su Yus iron needle!

The two of them had expressions of shock and anxiety. They did not stop after they revealed themselves, immediately escaping through the tunnel.

Su Yu glanced at the destroyed iron needle, feeling pity in his heart. That was his only divine artifact that came in a set. They had helped him in many occasions but had been destroyed, just like that!

A cold glow swept past his eyes, lightning flickering around him. The two people were escaping toward the place above the tunnel.

The expression of the full-bearded man suddenly changed, and he shifted his direction of escape sideways by half a zhang.

Just as he was shifting, a golden dagger prodded out of thin air without warning, swiveling as it sliced toward his neck. The big man released vital energy without thinking, forming a protective layer.

The golden dagger missed its mark, merely slicing past his shoulder, unable to break the layer of protective vital energy. Seizing the opportunity, the full-bearded man let out a cold grunt as he struck at where the dagger appeared.

But, a blue orb suddenly appeared where the dagger was, releasing a blue beam of light. His fist hit the beam of light and was repelled.

With whoosh and a flicker of lightning, a figure appeared on the blue orb. It was Su Yu. He had blocked the narrow tunnel, looking down on the two of them from high above.

The full-bearded man looked at the blue orb a little surprised. A passionate glow flashed in his eyes before it was replaced by looks of anxiety. He let out a furious grunt, yelling Scram! Dont block the way!

But, at this moment, five orbs revolved around Su Yu. The five-colored beams of light rose and blocked the entirety of the narrow tunnel.

The expression of the full-bearded man sank. A layer of gold scales appeared on his muscular arm as he punched.


The five-colored beams of light quaked gently with a dull thud!

The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation was supposed to be able to defend against an attack from a Divine Master when activated fully. Even though Su Yu only had spiritual energy and could only activate less than ten percent of its power, this was the first time a fighter below the level of Fairy Realm could shake it.

But, it only shook.

The full-bearded man was shocked, a glint flashing in his eyes. Why are you blocking us?

Su Yu grabbed the destroyed needle, a cold glow surfacing in his eyes. You failed to kill us and destroyed my treasure; why do you think I am blocking you?

The fair youths expression turned sinister. It looks like you have come from the outside world. If you know any better, you will free up a passage immediately. Otherwise, you would not be able to stand in the Mysterious Heavenly Palace!

Su Yu laughed at the threat. Now that it has come to this, do you think Ill let you go alive? Not even considering why they were in the Grounds of the Legacy, Su Yu had no reason to spare them based on their killing intent alone.

The full-bearded man shifted a little, trying to suppress his fury. Lad, we had to attack just now because of the circumstance. It is a misunderstanding. I hope you can look past this and free a path for us.

Without waiting for Su Yus reply, a fragrant wind approached them. It was L Chuyi with a Golden Leaf in hand, blocking their path of escape. She had a doubtful look on her face. Oh? Guards of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace? You are not guarding the place outside, but you entered the Grounds of the Legacy to steal the Legacy of Craftsmanship?

If I did not remember wrongly, other than the legacies of elixirs and materials of the Five Great Legacies that can be used by the guards, you are not supposed to touch the rest of the Three Great Legacies. How much guts does it take for you to steal the Legacy of Craftsmanship?

Hearing this, a startled look appeared on the calm face of the full-bearded man. A sinister expression flashed past his eyes. You need not care about what we are doing. Since you have discovered the scroll to the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Technique, we have no intention of fighting you for it. Release the beam of light, and well be on our way!

But, he had just said this when Su Yu let out a cold laugh. What a joke! Do you think we are fools? The Mysterious Heavenly Technique has been shown to the world, but it has not been taken by the two of you. Instead, you chose to hide in the dark. That means the scroll has some problems. To think you would try to fool us into risking our lives to retrieve the scroll.

Being exposed, the full-bearded man had a fierce look. His figure flickered as he turned and attacked L Chuyi. He let out a low grunt. Capture the other one; use them to test for traps!

The fair youth looked at Wei Kang with a sinister glow in his eyes!

Wei Kang was a fighter at Xue Lings level. The vital energy in his body had not formed a crystal yet. On the other hand, the fair youth was already a Half Fairy with one Vital Energy Crystal!

With a merciless expression, the figure of the fair youth flickered. Two black lights pulsed in his hands as a dizzying stench filled the air. There was poison!

Wei Kang noticed this, but his expression remained calm. Hng! Poison technique? It can be considered as strange as demon-based techniques at higher levels, but it seems that you have not fully mastered it!