The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 501

Chapter 501 Ferocious Beast King

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With a swing of his big sleeves, an air current started to revolve around Wei Kang’s body. It dispersed the great amount of poisonous mist.

At the same time, a layer of protective spiritual energy appeared around his body. He summoned a wooden bat, which was completely filled with rings, on his palm. It emitted a great amount of spiritual pressure and quite a good high-grade divine artifact!

He swung his palm vigorously, and the great number of rings on the wooden bat gave off melodious crashing sounds that were pleasant and unusually splendid to the ear.

Suddenly, Su Yu became stunned and absent-minded for a moment.

If he were already this affected, what would become of the fair-skinned youth, who was facing the divine artifact head-on at the middle of the battlefield?

The eyes of the fair youth could be seen becoming dull, and he stood absolutely still on his position. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Wei Kang went over and attacked his head ruthlessly with a sneer.

“A Half Fairy like you is nothing much more than this!” Wei Kang laughed disdainfully. He was holding a high-grade divine artifact, which he was completely in control of. When he unleashed the powers of the divine artifact, he could compete with a Half Fairy.

However, while under the effects of the wooden bat, the fair youth’s figure dispersed inch by inch with a whoosh and changed into jade green-colored mist.

It enshrouded Wei Kang in an instant. Not only was the protective spiritual energy on his body surface unable to block the mist, it also fused with the green mist to become one! Moreover, in Wei Kang’s flurried eyes, the dark green air current formed by the fusion of spiritual energy and green mist entered his body directly!

At once, Wei Kang’s expression turned ashen and was soon replaced by a pale expression. After that, his expression turned dark purple, accompanied by continuous, painful and horrible shrieks.

His hands that were carrying the wooden bat involuntarily relaxed. The wooden bat slipped out of them, only to be casually caught by a palm that was so fair it looked pale.

The figure of a fair youth could then be seen walking out from a lump of invisible undulation. Previously, they had also depended on such concealment techniques to secretly kill others.

“No matter how useless a Half Fairy is, he is still stronger than a piece of trash like you. Even though you possessed a high-grade divine artifact, a very valuable treasure, your fighting experiences had stopped at the level of duels. Do you treat this place as your faction?” The fair youth laughed disdainfully and stepped on Wei Kang’s face once, leaving a pitch-black footprint.

Wei Kang’s face was extremely red, and his furious eyes were wide open. He was especially enraged and humiliated. However, the poisonous gas within his body had taken effect, so he was unable to resist in the slightest bit.

At that moment, a thunderbolt abruptly descended from the sky three inches in front of the fair youth. Two fists came out from it.

The fair youth was not surprised. Instead, he revealed a disdainful expression as if he had already known the fists would come. “Same old tricks!”

As he had already made preparations for the attack, he opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of red liquid. The red liquid contained extremely strong and violent poison such that layers of weak, black cracks on the void appeared on the surrounding air.

The poison was so strong it could easily corrode the air, let alone Su Yu.

“Enjoy it to your fullest. The Bloodbath Jade Dew Liquid is a sure-kill poison, and I have specially left it for you!” The fair youth laughed. If he wanted to escape successfully, his biggest obstacle was not that mysterious woman. Instead, it was the little kid in front of him who possessed strong spells!

Hence, he set a trap a long time ago. He deliberately revealed his weakness when he defeated Wei Kang, so he could lure Su Yu out to attack him. After that, he would spit out the Bloodbath Jade Dew Liquid he had prepared long before and use it to kill Su Yu before Su Yu could exhibit his spell.

The full-bearded man, who had been watching from afar, could not help but laugh loudly. “Nicely done!” However, their expressions abruptly became serious.

The two fists that came out from the thunderbolt were prepared as well, and they suddenly grabbed forward. Two lumps of five-colored thunderbolts were actually hidden within the two palms!

With a whoosh, the red liquid was caught by the palm and enshrouded by the thunderbolts and could be heard whooshing around under their binding. It emitted blood-red mist continuously.

The full-bearded man was shocked as he watched.

Su Yu had exhibited Disastrous Thunder!

Thunderbolts were naturally effective against evil and poisonous items. A tiny bit of thunderbolt contained the will of the universe! Hence, how could the poisonous liquid free itself from the thunderbolt?

The fair youth was shocked, and his heart felt cold. Without hesitation, he retreated.

However, just as he was about to retreat, five balls flew out from the thunderbolts in front of him. With a whistling sound in the sky, the five balls covered the fair youth’s body.

The fair youth’s expression changed greatly. Without thinking, he tossed a charm toward the sky. The charm exploded on the spot, and an attack of a strong martial artist with three Vital Energy Crystals was released!

A layer of dark blue light then changed into a sharp arrow, which shot straight up into the sky. It seemed like he wanted to use the sharp arrow to stop the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, so he could buy some time to escape.

However, the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation ignored the so-called sharp arrow and headed downward directly. It then destroyed the sharp arrow and firmly trapped the fair youth.

At the same time, the five light beams shrank and trapped the fair youth to the point where he could not move at all.

At the very moment, Su Yu’s figure came out from the five light beams with a whoosh. After that, he took a step forward and pressed his palm against the head of the fair youth.

The Bloodbath Jade Dew Liquid on his palm, which was surrounded by the thunderbolt, was then thrust into the fair youth’s mouth.


With a sad, shrill and horrible shriek, blood abruptly shot out from the pores of the fair youth’s body. After that, his body festered and melted, leaving a lump of black bloodstain on the ground.

A Half Fairy was poisoned until he became mincemeat, just like that.

“Even though you are a Half Fairy, it seems like you are not much.” Su Yu weaved signs with one hand, and the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation flew back to his body. When he passed by Wei Kang’s body, he pulled him up expressionlessly.

Wei Kang’s eyes were glowing vigorously. When he was pulled up by Su Yu, his body shook violently.

Su Yu was unimaginably strong! From attacking until poisoning his opponent to death, he had only taken a few breaths’ time. It was as if he had killed his opponent as easily as pushing something horizontally!

His strong and fierce way of attacking, which was like a heavy rainstorm and strong gale, had dealt an extremely huge blow to Wei Kang. In Wei Kang’s mind, Su Yu was merely a Human King. He was unable to understand why L Chuyi requested for Su Yu’s assistance previously.

Looking at it in that very moment, he finally understood L Chuyi’s intention!

How was Su Yu a Human King? He was clearly a monster who was extraordinarily strong!

After finishing up on his side, Su Yu’s cold eyes looked toward the full-bearded, big man. Having been seen by Su Yu, the full-bearded man’s back felt chilly, and he revealed a fearful expression.

L Chuyi, who was fighting with him, gave a cold hum. “You dare to be distracted while fighting with someone? You are just looking to die!”

With a thrust of her palm, a lump of spiritual energy landed on the chest of the full-bearded man and exploded. At once, the armor that had already cracked open fell apart, and the shocking, bloody wound on his chest became even clearer.

“Wait! Don’t kill me!” The full-bearded, big man talked quickly and stared at the lava lake persistently. He then revealed an anxious expression. “Listen to me. For now, don’t worry about anything! Escape immediately! This place is not a place where the Legacy of the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Technique is. Instead, it is a blood sacrifice”

His words ceased abruptly as his figure disappeared into thin air!

All they heard was the sound of the lava moving about. When everyone looked over, they just managed to see a leg of the full-bearded man, who had been hurled into the lava pool!

Su Yu’s pupils shrank vigorously. He had only seen a scarlet light, and the full-bearded, big man disappeared after that! What kind of frightening speed was that?

As for everyone on site, L Chuyi was probably the only person who could see what had happened clearly. Her expression had already turned extremely unpleasant. Without thinking, she grabbed Wei Kang and Su Yu with one hand each, activated the Golden Leaf on her palm and escaped a thousand miles away with a step.

Her expression was extremely ghastly. “It’s a Fairy Realm Ferocious Beast King! He was hiding within the lava! We have to escape quickly!”