The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 502

Chapter 502 White Eyed Fire Glass Frog

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Even though the red flash of light that took the full-bearded man was fast, how could it escape the eyes of the Almighty Divine Master?

L Chuyi grabbed the two of them just in time, activating the Golden Leaf as they fled for their lives. But, the red light flashed as a faint afterimage crashed toward L Chuyi’s back.

If this had been the L Chuyi of the past, a normal attack from a Fairy Realm fighter would not have been able to do anything to her physical body of a Divine Master.

But, she was nursing a serious injury and had been engaged in combat with the full-bearded man. How could she take an attack from something of the Fairy Realm? She could only temporarily give up on the idea of traversing a thousand miles with a step, instead shifting her shoulders to her side, sliding two zhang to her left.

A bright, blazing red flash jumped past L Chuyi’s shoulders, the burning temperature igniting her robes.

L Chuyi released a layer of vital energy, extinguishing the flames. But, her robes had been slightly burnt, revealing her somewhat red skin. The burning pain caused L Chuyi to gasp.

“Hehehe, to think an Almighty Divine Master would come personally to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.” An inhuman laugh came out from within the black lava as if mocking the limited cultivation level of the Almighty Divine Master and her being at a disadvantage against a Fairy Realm beast.

The black lava rolled under the witness of the three people as a ten-zhang-large black thing came out from within.

Su Yu had thought a giant rock had emerged. Observing it closer, however, he saw a pair of giant, white eyeballs about the size of a human head under the black lava. It was tiny compared to its ten-zhang-large body.

“A frog?” Su Yu was shocked. The stone-like monster before them was a frog!

“It’s not any ordinary frog; it is the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog, the Ferocious Beast King at the early stages of the Fairy Realm!” L Chuyi had a certain gravity in her voice. This beast was clearly trouble. “It has the bloodline of an immortal and was born with powerful flames. It is a spiritual pet that master craftsmen have taken a fancy of and is long lost in the outside world. To think there would be one here!”

The eyes of White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog had a crafty light. “Hehe, to think you would recognize me! Better than those nine thieving guards!”

Nine So, there were guards other than full-bearded man and fair youth stationed here? It looks like they have all become a satisfying meal for the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog.

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog then extended a long tongue, flicking at the stone tablet in the middle of the flames. The stone tablet let out a black glow as it revealed its true appearance. It was a petite, palm-sized green frog!

“The nymph of a White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog?” L Chuyi’s expression sunk. “It disguised itself as the secret scroll of the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Technique? So, this place isn’t the place of the Legacy of Craftsmanship?”

Before he died, the full-bearded man had said this wasn’t the place of legacy, but of blood sacrifice!

“Hehe, that’s right. Are you disappointed?” The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog had a mocking smile.

Hearing this, L Chuyi knew she had wasted all her effort. She slowly closed her eyes, opening them again after a deep breath. There was a cold glow within them. “You wish to keep us here?”

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog had a faint smile. “Even though I can complete the blood sacrifice using the flesh and blood of those nine idiots, I might be able to break through the hurdle and enter the middle stage of the Fairy Realm if I consume an Almighty Divine Master of the human race.”

L Chuyi’s face turned cold. “Hng, you must be dreaming!”

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog did not reply, instead letting out several cold laughs before it suddenly opened its mouth and shot out its long, red tongue. The tongue swept across the space with the intention of devouring the three of them in one attack.

“Attack!” L Chuyi let out a low grunt. They had no chance of escaping given the abilities of this frog. The could only risk it and engage in battle.

Su Yu’s heart froze. This was a real being of the Fairy Realm!

Facing this monster head-on, Su Yu could not afford to be careless. He took in a light breath as he immediately activated the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, enveloping all three of them.

Su Yu relaxed a little when he was in the formation. The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation had never been broken when Su Yu was activating it with all of his powers. The most it had suffered was an intense trembling.

At the side, Wei Kang also heaved a sigh of relief. He had personally witnessed the power of this formation and felt safe.

Only L Chuyi had a serious expression. “Attack with all you have; don’t hold back!” With a creak, a golden bamboo dropped from her sleeve. It was the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo.

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog froze, suddenly looking surprised. “Could that be? The Greatest Divine Bamboo of Jiuzhou, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo? Wasn’t this item destroyed many years ago? To think you would still have one of thoseit truly is incredible!”

L Chuyi disregarded it, concentrating as she infused vital energy, forcefully activating the treasure. Su Yu looked worried. She had already forcefully used the bamboo multiple times. If she continued to do that, her injuries would definitely worsen.

But, it was a matter of life and death. She was risking it all, and Su Yu would naturally not hold back.

With a thought, Su Yu sat down cross-legged. A spiritual glow flashed on the top of his skull as his soul left his physical body.

Wei Kang did not realize this, not understanding why Su Yu would sit down and close his eyes in the midst of a crisis. But, L Chuyi glanced over, her eyelids twitching. Soul leaving the body!

She remained expressionless but was incredibly shocked; only Almighty Divine Masters could achieve that! Because the technique involved the soul, Almighty Divine Masters could only do it under multiple layers of protection. They also could not maintain it for too long.

But, Su Yu had accomplished it so casually. It looked like he was adept at utilizing the technique.

She could not recover from the shock. She had never heard of a technique that could allow for the soul of anyone under the level of Divine Master to leave their body. Suddenly, L Chuyi felt that Su Yu was incredibly foreign. He was more powerful than she thought he was.

This was ridiculous. She was an Almighty Divine Master, multiple levels above Su Yu. In the past, she would not even look at juniors like Su Yu directly, but now she was having such a revelation.

Collecting herself, she emptied the vital energy in her body, finally activating the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. She then flicked her wrist, and a ray of golden light sliced across the air.

The devastating power seemed to obliterate everything.

Su Yu’s soul had entered three zhang within the frog. He delivered a merciless attack on the soul of his opponent!

But, the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog laughed mockingly. “Under the limits on your abilities, your attacks are futile!”