The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 503

Chapter 503 Void Raging Flames

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The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog shook its body slightly, also shaking the black lava beneath it. A black lava wall then appeared and blocked the golden light that had ripped open the horizon.

With a cracking sound, the lava wall was split into two. However, the frighteningly high temperature of the lava’s black flames caused the golden light to disperse by more than half.

When the golden light broke through the lava wall and struck the body of the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog, its power was weakened by 30 percent!

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog did not even dodge the attack. Its skin had been influenced by the flames for a long time, so the weak golden light only left behind a spark and disappeared.

The strongest attack L Chuyi could unleash in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was easily dispersed, just like that. However, although her attack had failed, there was still Su Yu’s soul attack!

L Chuyi looked at Su Yu, who was quickly and calmly approaching the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog. Her beautiful eyes were filled with a tiny bit of anticipation as she watched, and she gripped the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo in her palms more tightly.

The moment when the frog’s soul was injured would be the moment she could attack again and kill it!

At the same time, Su Yu’s Soul Body was not afraid of the lava wall. He attacked the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s soul! Since they were at soul level, the high temperature on the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s body was completely useless. It could not block the attack at all.

At that moment, Su Yu was about to succeed!

However, the eyes of the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog, which had clearly never discovered the existence of Su Yu’s soul, revealed a human-like joking expression. It glared at Su Yu’s Soul Body coldly. It had actually discovered him!

Although Su Yu was about to attack, he still observed the surrounding activities closely. When he detected the slight change in the frog’s expression, his heart clicked, telling him the situation was not good. Hence, he immediately gave up on attacking and wildly retreated.

But, before he could escape, the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog sneered, “It is too late for you to leave now!” At once, a layer of void gray flames emitted from the soul of the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog.

Yes, they were flames at the soul level!

It was similar to the Great Thunder Heart Technique that Su Yu had successfully cultivated where he could insert a tiny bit of thunderbolt into souls. However, that tiny bit of thunderbolt paled in comparison to the void raging flames in front of him, which numbered up to 10,000!

Looking at the power the raging flames contained, even souls in the Fairy Realm would be burnt to ashes on the spotnot to mention Su Yu, who was in the Immortal Realm!

“Eat the void raging flames! I have only cultivated it successfully after training for over a hundred years!” The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog gave a cold hum, and the gray flames emitting from its soul quickly headed for Su Yu.

Even though the void flames had just appeared, Su Yu’s soul felt an extremely strong burning pain and began to show signs of withering.

Upon seeing that, L Chuyi’s expression changed greatly. “Quick! Run away!” she shouted. “Your soul is not condensed enoughit will be burnt by the soul fire at any moment!” The pupils in her beautiful eyes had shrunk to the size of needle points, and her heart had sunk to the bottom of a valley.

“Die! My void raging flames have killed people of the Fairy Realm before. Even if you die, you can have no regrets!” The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog gave a ferocious shout and manipulated the void raging flames to surround Su Yu, who was still trying to retreat.

In its eyes, Su Yu’s soul being able to leave his body was obviously more dangerous than L Chuyi. It had to kill him quickly.

Even though Su Yu’s reaction was extremely fast, the White-Eyed Fire Glass frog was especially crafty. It had pretended to be ignorant and waited for Su Yu to fall into its trap. With such a sure-kill attack, how would Su Yu escape?

The great amount of void raging flames enshrouded Su Yu completely. In the blink of an eye, his Soul Body became the burning silhouette of a man.

L Chuyi’s pupils shrank further. She could not accept the fact that Su Yu’s soul had landed in a state where it was burning with raging flames! Her heart could not help but feel misery.

Although it was clear she had not known Su Yu for long, he had left behind an extremely deep impression in her heart at some point in time. Even after many years, she would definitely not forget she had once met a young man who rescued her in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

When she looked at the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog, which had a joking expression again, her beautiful eyes became filled with murderous energy.

However, at that very moment, the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s expression turned serious and its breathing rapid. “Impossible! How can this be?”

A great amount of gray flames were continuously coming out of the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s soul. It was the void raging flames! They were involuntarily drained from its body in great amount and were gathering at Su Yu’s body.

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog roared furiously. However, no matter what it did, it was still unable to stop the void raging flames from leaving its body.

With just a few breaths’ efforts, only a few tiny bits of void raging flames were left within its body. Looking at Su Yu, however, the void raging flames on his body were 30 feet tall!

Moreover, within the raging flames was an indistinct Soul Body that was not only safe and sound, but looking at the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog coldly.

If they had possessed the Transparent Eyes, they would definitely realize that within Su Yu’s soul, the Nine-Dragon Cauldron was continuously swallowing the void raging flames from the outside world, and they were revolving around the surrounding of the small cauldron.

Hence, those void raging flames did not harm Su Yu in the slightest bit.

In no time, there was a whistling sound at the soul level. The soul flames that the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog had cultivated for countless years had been completely taken away by Su Yu!

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog opened its furious eyes wide. It was unable to accept such a reality! By staying within the black lava for such a long time, its soul was able to take in the flames bit by bit. From there, it could create raging flames that were specially used to attack souls.

However, in just a few breaths’ time, the raging flames were stolen! The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog was especially furious, and its eyes were breathing black flames. “Die!” it screamed.

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog then opened its mouth and extended its long tongue again. However, this time its tongue was filled with black raging flames, the temperature of which was more frightening than the lava!

As soon as they appeared, the spiritual energy within a 1,000-foot vicinity started to burn, and the surrounding area became a sea of fire in an instant.

This was extremely similar to the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella. However, the power of the flames of the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella was less than one tenth that of the black raging flames! Although the two flames could be compared to the Origin, their difference was not just one level.

Su Yu’s Soul Body quickly returned to his body. Right when he opened his eyes, he weaved signs with one hand, and the Eternal Stone King Armor covered his body.

At that moment, the long tongue came, burning with black flames.


The five-colored light beam shook violently at once!

The attack of the long tongue was really an attack of the Fairy Realm. Hence, it did not manage to break through the five-colored light beam. Su Yu heaved a long sigh of relief.

However, a small portion of the raging flames on the tongue had landed on the light beam!

With a whoosh, the light beam was immediately burnt! The corresponding ball gave a whimpering sound and suddenly became dim. As for the other four light beams, they were burnt in succession. Without even withstanding the raging flames for a moment, they were melted by the black flames!

The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation had been broken through!