The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 504

Chapter 504 Fighting A Fairy Realm Alone

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The black flames were more horrifying than expected!

With the five-colored light beams dispelled, the spreading black flames surrounded Su Yu and the group, no longer having any obstructions. The horrifying temperature that suddenly descended made Su Yu feel the threat of death.

Black vapor billowed out of the Eternal Stone King Armor on Su Yu’s body. It was the ghost energy left within the armor. The ghost energy had billowed out on its own accord as the armor was suffering an indefensible attack.

Wei Kang could not react in time. The spiritual energy shield he hastily formed instantly melted! His body was ignited by the high temperatures. He was coated in flames and releasing spirit energy in an attempt to extinguish the flames in the midst of his startled roars.

But, the spirit energy instantly turned into harsher flames the moment it was released. Wei Kang was about to be turned into ash. At the most critical moment, the Golden Leaf in L Chuyi’s palm swiveled, turning into a leaf-shaped shield three zhang large.

The black flames were repelled when they touched the shield, which could not be burned. A moment later, the black flames were extinguished, having run out of fuel to burn.

Seizing the opportunity, L Chuyi waved her sleeves, creating a big gust of wind to extinguish the flames on Wei Kang’s body. His robes had been completely incinerated, and his flesh was burnt in multiple areas. He gasped continually, clenching his teeth in pain. If he was saved a moment later, he might have been burnt to death due to the high temperature of the black flames. If they had directly landed on him, he would have instantly been reduced to ash.

With the crisis averted, Su Yu secretly heaved a sigh of relief. While he was shocked by the horrifying power of the black flames, he was even more surprised when he looked at the Golden Leaf. The Greatest Divine Bamboo of Jiuzhou was extraordinary indeed. Wouldn’t an armor or weapon forged by this treasure be unbreakable?

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog let out a look of caution. The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo could clearly counter its flames. But then, a mocking look flashed past its eyes. “Hehe, it should activate soon!”

Su Yu felt uneasy when he heard this.

Suddenly, L Chuyi let out a moan, her figure shuddering as the Golden Leaf in her hand flickered with gold light. She could not maintain this any longer. Her beautiful face had turned completely red. She was incredibly hot, her eyes laced with pain. It was as though she was being burnt from the inside out. The injury left on her right arm by the tongue was now a dark red. Shreds of dark red light were flowing throughout her body, burning her from within!

“Fire poison!” L Chuyi clenched her teeth and shivered. A burning flame shot out of her mouth the moment she opened it.

The flowing, dark red glow was the fire poison.

There were many toxins that even flames could not burn within the black lava. The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog had been cultivating for the longest time in the lava. Its body was carrying this fire poison.

The black flames were powerful. But, the fire poison can kill without a sign, making it even more terrifying.

That was the case for this fire poison. L Chuyi’s organs were burning, her pain unbearable. The fire poison was spreading rapidly when it came into contact with the spirit energy in her body. Only vital energy could suppress the fire poison, but with the multiple battles, her vital energy reserves had been depleted. She could only barely stop the spread of the fire poison.

Without the sustenance of vital energy, the Golden Leaf fell with a clank. L Chuyi was shaky, falling to the ground with a thud.

Su Yu extended his hand and grabbed her, placing her down softly on the ground. “Leave the rest to me.”

The fire poison was extremely overbearing. It did not only burn her body; it seemed as though it was also affecting her soul, causing L Chuyi to slip into a coma.

With Su Yu’s Soul Eyes, he noticed the fire poison was gathering toward her heart. Once her heart had been invaded by the fire poison, her life might be in danger. The fire poison must be expelled quickly!

But first, he must quickly deal with this Fairy Realm Ferocious Beast King. A look of decisiveness crept up in his eyes. It was time to use that item.

With a thought, a spiritual glow surrounded Su Yu’s finger. A destructive sword aura billowed out!

Lightning roared and illuminated the surroundings. The roars of the lightning were deafening, spreading over thousands of miles. The lava on the ground boiled, shooting up a hundred zhang in the air. The underground space shook. Heated stones fell continually. It was as though the earth was about to collapse.

The entire peak violently shook. The earth-shocking roars of lightning charged out from the peak and into the surroundingsat the peak of another mountain.

The purple-robed Bai Qi seemed to be thinking about something. The shocking roar of lightning suddenly descended. He shuddered as he let out a look of caution. “Is thisthat Disastrous Thunder?”

There was a mysterious Disastrous Thunder that existed in the Five Peaks. As a ghost, the thunder countered him. Could this be that same Disastrous Thunder? His gaze flickering, Bai Qi followed the direction of the sound and flew over.

At another peak, Ming Fei was bringing along a group of people, searching in the land of legacy. But, this place of legacy was empty. It had been taken by someone else long ago.

“Someone had already came into the secret chamber of the Legacy of Techniques?” Ming Fei raised her brows. “These ruins are ancient. It looks like it has been taken away by someone else long ago. But, that is fine; I need not waste any effort to open another blood sacrifice.”

Muttering to herself, Ming Fei ordered the members of the Three Great Ancient Clans. “There are still Four Great Legacies of elixirs, perception, materials and craftsmanship in the other peaks. Go and investigate it. Tell me if there are other legacies that have not been opened yet.”

Shi Jie and the rest obeyed. Their abilities were ordinary, just enough for scouting purposes.

They had just left when the roars of lightning descended. Ming Fei’s expression changed. The powerful lightning was causing the ghost energy in her body to tremble.

“The Cosmos Thunder Sword? How could it be here Could that darned blood haired have made it into the Five Peaks too?” As the Heavenly Ghost of the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds, she was more familiar with the Cosmos Thunder Sword than anyone else. It was a lightning sword of extreme energies. The counter-effect to ghosts was hard to imagine.

Even though she was largely recovered, Sheng Ge was not confident that she could fully defend herself against that sword. She had a sinister look in her eyes. Sheng Ge let out a grunt. “Lad, I’ll get my revenge on you when you finish using the Vital Energy Crystal in your body!”

At the other three peaks, the Seven Lords of Darkness were in a mysterious land. Their surroundings were pitch black.

In Lord Yi Yu’s hand was a glowing scroll. The other six, including Bai Luo, were all casting spells around Lord Yi Yu as if they were preparing for some ritual.

Suddenly, a heavenly lightning descended. The six of them opened their eyes at the same time, filled with shock.

Bai Luo had a glint in his eyes with a look of caution. “Could this be the legendary Disastrous Thunder?”

To this, Lord Yi Yu was doubtful. She shook her head. “Perhaps. We should not waste time, and start setting up the Heavenly Offering!”

Hearing this, Bai Luo looked at Lord Yi Yu in the dark, silently casting his spells.

Outside the Five Peaks, the Silver Puppet was quickly flying over. He was tens of thousands of miles away when he heard the roar of lightning.

The Silver Puppet froze for a moment, then let out a cold smile. “Is that the Disastrous Thunder left behind by the Thunder Emperor? That’s good; I’ll take it together with the Five Great Legacies!”

In the underground space of lava…

The deafening roar of the heavenly lightning spread out with destructive power. Wei Kang could not guard against it, letting out a pathetic cry. His ears bled even though he was almost at the level of Half Fairy. The soundwave shocked him into a coma.

Within the black lava, the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s mocking gaze turned rigid.


A three-inch-long lightning sword had appeared in Su Yu’s hands. It was surrounded with lightning, radiating a massive aura. The Cosmos Thunder Sword was Su Yu’s trump card!

It was to be used to guard against Sheng Ge, thus he had not used it despite all the times he had faced danger. But, he had no choice now.

With the shattering of the last Vital Energy Crystal in Su Yu’s body, the massive vital energy reserves welled out of his body, manically entering the Cosmos Thunder Sword.

In that moment, the Cosmos Thunder Sword in Su Yu’s hands grew continually, instantly turning 100 zhang long.

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog had a look of fear. It let out a strange cry. “Wait, human! Don’t attack first!”

This sword had let it feel the threat of death!

Su Yu remained unmoved. He infused the last of his vital energy into the sword, activating the Cosmos Thunder Sword to its most powerful state! The fearsome lightning with its destructive aura had long surpassed the level of a Fairy Realm.

“Don’t you want the Legacy of Craftsmanship? I know where it is!” The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog said in a hurry as it saw that Su Yu had no intention of compromise.

The only reply was Su Yu’s ice cold gaze. “There’s no need!”

With the flick of his wrist, the 100-zhang sword of lightning only left an afterimage in the air as it sliced down with a deafening roar. The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog felt a mixture of shock and fear, its eyes bulging as it dug into the lava pool.

But, just as it was digging down, the lightning struck!