The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 505

Chapter 505 Fairy Level Cultivation Technique

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With a whoosh, as if the Heaven and Earth were being created, an unmatched sword light suddenly glowed.

The lava pool that had settled down for a hundred years was split open by a sword! The lava erupted, and the raging flames spread vigorously. The mark of a sword had directly penetrated the bottom. The whole pool was destroyed.

With a mournful and horrible shriek amidst the unmatched sword light, the big body of the Fairy Realm Ferocious Beast King was split into two, as well!

Just like that, a Fairy Realm had fallen.

The power of the sword had already exceeded the Fairy Realm, which was the critical point in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Su Yu breathed as though he had expected it already. Suddenly, a lump of space energy surged. It then enshrouded Su Yu and was about to transport him out.

Su Yu laughed at himself. “Looks like this is the end of the line for me.” As he looked at L Chuyi, who had fainted, he sighed helplessly. “Seems like I did not let you down. I hope you are able to obtain the legacy you wanted.”

L Chuyi’s perseverance had remained clear and distinct in Su Yu’s mind. She would even go to the extent of giving up her life just to come to their current location. Hopefully, her wish would be granted. Su Yu closed his eyes slowly; he had already accepted his fate.

However, at that moment, a scroll that was glowing with a fluorescent light came out from his space ring.

Realizing that something was strange, Su Yu opened his eyes to take a look. He could not help but be stunned on the spot, and he only remembered the background of the scroll after being stupefied for some time.

That day, he had been swallowed into the body of Bai Qi, the Ghost King, and he had luckily managed to escape after a few days. When he was about to leave, he had unexpectedly found a scroll that emitted a fluorescent light. It seemed to be a map.

After keeping the scroll, he forgot about its existence. If not for the scroll suddenly appearing at that very moment, Su Yu would have almost completely forgotten about it.

As soon as the scroll appeared, a glittering light was emitted. The light was extremely gentle, and it also contained an aura that was very similar to that of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. As for the space energy that enshrouded Su Yu, after struggling and hesitating for some time, it retreated slowly!

Su Yu, who was about to be transported out, then stood in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion steadily again.

Such an unexpected and magical scene had surprised Su Yu. At the same time, he could not conceal his happiness. At the moment he exhibited the Cosmos Thunder Sword, he had already prepared for himself to be transported out.

He did not expect that with the scroll with him, he would be able to ignore the space transportation in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!

Su Yu’s eyes brightened with excitement. He opened the scroll again. Like before, the scroll was an incomplete map, and the regions it displayed were extremely unfamiliar. However, the regions were definitely not part of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

Mysterious Heavenly Map? At that very moment, Su Yu noticed a line of extremely small words within the map that he had previously missed. They were three words that had been carefully carved on the map.

What is this? Su Yu was at a loss. However, without a doubt, the map was extremely valuable.

Thinking about it, when the Ghost King was still alive, he was probably an existence that was unimaginable. Hence, could the Mysterious Heavenly Map that was stored within his body be a normal item?

After thinking it over for a while, Su Yu carefully stowed the Mysterious Heavenly Map away again.

With that over, Su Yu finally had time to examine the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog he had killed. Its body had been split in half, and it was floating atop the lava.

Moreover, after the lava was slashed by the Cosmos Thunder Sword, its temperature decreased quickly for some reason. The layer of black flames had disappeared slowly as if it had been swallowed by something.

After confirming that the high temperature within the lava was no longer present, Su Yu leaped onto the stone tablet. By moving his two hands with a great force, he caught the two halves of the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s body and brought it up to the shore.

No matter what was said, the body of the Fairy Realm was still a treasure. Hence, Su Yu would naturally not leave it alone. With a flash of green light on his arm, the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s body was transferred into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Right when he did that, Su Yu took a glance from the corner of his eyes and realized something atop the lava seemed to have shaken slightly.

His eyes darted over like electricity. By chance, he discovered a completely emerald green frog that was exerting force on both its legs with great effort. It jumped into the lava. Its movements were clumsy, and it gave off an air of charming naivet.

The child of the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog? Su Yu was surprised and flew over. By sucking the air, he brought the frog to his hands.

Realizing it was in danger, the frog croaked and shook its small legs like its life depended on it. Its mouth was also still spitting out raging flames, which were not weak. Its power was absolutely not below that of the flames of the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella.

Su Yu clicked his tongue in wonder. As expected of the spiritual species of the universe, its child contained flames that surpassed the origin. Hence, when it grew up, it would be as difficult to deal with as the giant White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog.

The frog was struggling wildly. As Su Yu was about to throw it into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, it suddenly spit out a little finger-sized golden key from its mouth.

“Eh?” Su Yu was slightly shocked, and he caught the golden key efficiently.

The key was extremely nimble. It was like a small snake that was struggling continuously, and it seemed as if it wanted to fly into the lava.

Su Yu’s eyes brightened up, and he threw the small White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. After that, he held the golden key, followed the direction the key was going and jumped into the lava.

As the lava was cooling down quickly, it had started to change from a liquid state to a solid state. Hence, going downward was quite difficult, and Su Yu had no choice but to use the Nine Yin-Yang Formation to open up a path. By slashing along the way, he managed to open up a path with a loud crack.

After a few breaths’ time following the direction the key was heading, Su Yu entered the bottom of the pool. There was a black box inlaid on the ground deep inside the pond.

Su Yu revealed a delighted expression. How frightening was the black box? He had experienced first-hand the power of the black flames the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog had cultivated with the help of the place.

Yet, under that kind of flames, the black box still looked brand new, but it definitely did not look like a normal item. Hence, the treasures sealed within the black box were definitely not ordinary items!

Su Yu relaxed his hands. The small golden key then flew over like a small fish with a whizzing sound and entered the keyhole outside the box.

With a crack, the black box opened by itself. As for Su Yu, he retreated slightly with vigilance.

Right when the black box opened, a tiny bit of black flames spit out, causing the temperature of the surrounding area to rise abruptly. Fortunately, those were only black flames that had been left behind in the black box. Hence, they were extremely weak and quickly disappeared.

Su Yu was overjoyed at his own vigilance. If he were careless and had been killed by the black flames, that would be too depressing. If he had died in front of the treasure even though he had managed to pull through the great calamity and danger, what kind of joke would that be?

After the flames dispersed, the black box was completely opened. A black book and a black picture scroll laid inside it quietly.

Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Technique? Atop the black book, a few big words were printed on it. Wasn’t that the crafting technique that L Chuyi had gone through innumerable hardships to look for?

Su Yu’s eyes burnt with fire, and he grabbed the black book on his palm. How nature-defying was that secret technique that it could arouse the interest of an Almighty Divine Master? He absolutely could not leave the black book alone.

At the same time, Su Yu grabbed the picture scroll in his palm. It appeared that vital energy was required to open it. Su Yu was inserting spiritual energy forcefully, but there was not the slightest reaction.

However, the tiny bit of raging flames that leaked out from the picture scroll caused Su Yu’s eyelids to twitch, and he almost threw the picture scroll away! Why would there be black raging flames in the picture scroll?

When Su Yu recalled that the flames within the black lava had completely disappeared, he more or less confirmed that the black flames had leaked out from the picture scroll.

As for the sword attack just now, it had probably affected some kind of seal that caused all the black flames to return to the picture scroll.

At once, Su Yu’s heart was burning with fire. If he could use those frightening flames for himself, how strong would he be? However, the only pitiful thing was that the picture scroll required vital energy to be activated.

As Su Yu’s heart was filled with regret, he turned the scroll around and suddenly discovered a row of words on the back.

“Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture, a fairy-level cultivation technique. Predestined person, please use it with care.”

Fairy-level cultivation technique Su Yu looked as if he had been struck by lightning and became absent-minded on the spot. Fairy level. A fairy-level cultivation technique that was above legendary-level cultivation techniques!

Su Yu gasped coldly. The picture scroll was actually a fairy-level cultivation technique! It was a cultivation technique that did not exist in the whole Zhenlong continent!

Even after a long time, Su Yu was unable to quell the feelings within his heart. The shock that the cultivation technique had given him was too great. A legendary-level cultivation technique already had shocking power, let alone a fairy-level cultivation technique.

It was only after a long time that Su Yu gradually returned back to being calm. His heart felt chilly, and he placed the picture scroll into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. That cultivation technique must absolutely not be made known!

Su Yu forcefully suppressed the feelings within his heart. After calming down, he looked once around the area. Confirming he did not miss anything, he stood up and left.

However, before leaving, he took the black box with him after thinking about it for some time. For the black box to stay within the black lava for so long, it must not be an ordinary item.

What Su Yu did not know was that after he had left, tiny bits of black liquid slowly flowed out of the concave area where the black box had originally been.

After leaping onto the shore, Su Yu stuck the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Secret Technique into his chest and did not hide it. L Chuyi had been persistently looking for the secret technique for a long time. Hence, it was fine for her to look through it once.

However, Su Yu discovered that L Chuyi had already woken up. At the moment, she was sitting down with her legs crossed. Her previously red face had returned to normal at some point in time. Her skin was rosy, smooth and soft. Her aura was well-proportioned, and her breathing was extremely smooth. As such, signs of her being severely injured could not be seen at all.

With Su Yu’s Transparent Eyes, he realized the fire poison within her body had surprisingly been trapped by a cage formed by nine Golden Leaves. That was why she could breathe easier. However, the fire poison was unusually ferocious, and the Golden Leaf Cage showed signs of unsteadiness under its attacks.

So, L Chuyi did not have just one Golden Leaf! Su Yu was shocked but quickly understood. After all, L Chuyi was an Almighty Divine Master. It would be unimaginable for her to die in the hands of a Fairy Realm frog so easily.

At that moment, she had lowered her head to examine the injuries of Wei Kang. When she realized Wei Kang was unconscious, her arched eyebrows frowned slightly, making her expression somewhat anxious.

Suddenly, when she realized what was going on behind her, her cold eyes looked over. She was stunned, but her eyes moved and her expression relaxed. “Come over here,” she said.

Su Yu acted in accordance to her words and walked over. He looked concerned. “How are your injuries?”

L Chuyi’s long and slender fingers raised her beautiful hair, which was hanging by her ears, and she forced a smile. “Before fainting, I used my secret technique to the seal the fire poison temporarily. Right now, I do not have any big problems I am all right. However, as for you, you have really hidden your abilities deeply. Up to the very moment, you still had something up your sleeves. Looking at the power of that sword attack, it would be impossible for the people of the Early Stage of the Fairy Realm to block it. Moreover, after unleashing a move that exceeded the abilities of the Fairy Realm, you are actually still able to stay within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion safely and soundly. The Returning Principal Palace really put in a lot of effort into nurturing you.”

Up until then, she still thought Su Yu was from the Returning Principal Palace. Against that, Su Yu naturally feigned ignorance.

After thinking for some time, he stuck his hands inside his chest and prepared to take out the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Secret Technique.