The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 506

Chapter 506 Realizing His Wishes

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L Chuyi had witnessed the scene just now. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought about whether or not Su Yu would attack her!

Turning her gaze, L Chuyi said, “Do you have any wishes that I can help you fulfil?”Her tone was strange, revealing her complicated feelings.

Su Yu noticed the strange atmosphere, silently keeping the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Secret Technique. Su Yu then thought about what she had just said. His wish was to heal Ling Xiaotian, but he had left Ling Xiaotian and the dragon-shaped coffin at the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds, as it was inconvenient for him to bring them around.

Seeing Su Yu retract his hand, L Chuyi was shocked. Had she thought wrongly of Su Yu?

With a little doubt in her voice, she patiently said, “For example, do you have any enemies? You can request anything now, and I can help you fulfil your wishes!”

Su Yu felt weird now. What was L Chuyi saying?

Thinking for a moment, a light flashed on Su Yu’s finger, as he brought out the Nine Yin Yang Formation. “I hope that you can fix this for me. It would be best if you could upgrade it.”

L Chuyi had a complicated look, but nodded. “Alright!”

She grabbed the destroyed Nine Yin Yang Formation. At the same time, she flicked a finger to conjure up a small pocket around her waist. It was L Chuyi’s storage space. There must be an astronomical amount of treasures within it!

At this moment, a golden light flickered. Fragments of gold floated in the air.

The fragments varied in size. The smallest of them were about the size of typed text, while the biggest were about the size of a thumb. There were about ten of them altogether.

“Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo?” Su Yu was shocked. Those were fragments of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo!

It was technically called the Greatest Divine Bamboo of Jiuzhou. Not even black flames could penetrate it!

Furthermore, there were space-like qualities within the bamboo. For example, its gold leaf allowed her to traverse a thousand miles per step, as well as to teleport utilized space powers.

Even Almighty Divine Masters would not have too many of these precious treasures. But, this lady was going to use this item to help him?!

He had taken the Nine Yin Yang Formation out as a test, but he did not expect that this lady would agree, much less at the expense of such a precious treasure!

“Wait elder! I cannot accept such a precious material.” Su Yu had a stern look on his face, his heart slowly turning serious.

L Chuyi ignored him, muttering to herself, “The material of these nine iron needles is but average, and it is hard to improve. I’ll have to reforge it.”

After saying this, she took out a ball of light from her pocket. It was a small oven, surrounded by harsh flames. When it touched the ground, it instantly expanded.

L Chuyi formed seals with her hands. The flames increased in size, covering the entirety of the oven. At the same time, L Chuyi clasped her hands together, breaking all of Su Yu’s Nine Yin Yang Formation!!

She mixed this together with the fragments of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, then placed it into the scorching oven. These fragments melted at a visible rate, turning into a puddle of liquid.

After this, L Chuyi spun one of her hands. She then used her vital energy to keep the flames in the oven going, while she recited incantations.

The puddle of liquid turned from grey to silver, then from silver to gold, releasing an alarming spiritual pressure! This spiritual pressure had exited the level of a divine artifact!

Su Yu’s mouth felt dry. As he looked on, he wondered to himself

Could this be a half-manufactured spiritual artifact?

From what Wei Kang had said, L Chuyi was a master craftsman in the Eighteen Blessed and Fortune Lands. Although he did not understand what the term “master craftsman” truly meant, he was still reeling from the shock of it. He was witnessing the birth of a half-manufactured spiritual artifact!

At this moment, L Chuyi stopped her incantations. “I have refined the material. Now, the next step is the most critical one: giving it shape. I have never tried forging a set of iron needles, so there might be some risks of failure. If it fails, the iron needles, as well as the materials that I inject within it, will all be destroyed.”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s expression changed. He began contemplating what failure would feel like…

While he was considering, L Chuyi continued, “If you change it to a sword-shaped artifact, I am fairly confident that it would succeed. But, there are too many impurities in your iron needles, and not enough materials. The most I can forge is three swords. If you are willing, I can help you forge it into swords.”

Su Yu was happy with this second option, but hesitated for a moment. The Nine Yin Yang Formation was born from the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation. It was precisely because there were nine iron needles that the formation was so effective.

In theory, changing from needles to swords should make its power greater. But, the fact that there were not enough materials, only allowing for three swords to be forged, meant that the Nine Yin Yang Formation would not be completed. Thus, it actually would make it less effective.

Weighing the pros and cons, Su Yu could not decide whether the former or latter was the better choice. Thinking for a moment, Su Yu clenched his teeth. “I’ll pick the latter!”

Even if the power of the formation was compromised, it was better than risking the loss of the nine iron needles.

L Chuyi nodded. “Alright!”

She infused the vital energy in her body into the oven, which then surrounded the golden liquid. The liquid absorbed the large amounts of vital energy, suddenly releasing a powerful spiritual quality. It then split, forming three palm-sized swords.

The flames of the oven cooled down rhythmically. When the flames had died down, the three sword embryos also cooled and solidified, turning into three palm-sized, exquisite golden swords.

The swords’ surfaces were smooth as mirrors, without any blemishes. They were like a woman’s skin.

The edge of the swords released a cold, white glow. Su Yu felt a slight pain in his soul just by looking at them.

The three small swords were releasing the spiritual pressure that was only present in half-manufactured spiritual artifacts! Su Yu was elated. He lifted his hands, beckoning for the three swords. The swords then landed in his hands, as an icy chill spread across his palm. Then, a strange pressure made Su Yu take in multiple deep breaths.

“The material of your iron needles before this was too normal, which affected the grade of the needles. It should have improved from a divine artifact to a spiritual artifact, especially with the addition of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. But, because there were limited materials, I could only make it a half-manufactured spiritual artifact.”

Su Yu’s lips twitched. The iron needles were merely middle grade divine artifacts. Compared to the Greatest Divine Bamboo of Jiuzhou, that material was not only normal, it was inferior!

While he was feeling a little sorry for himself, he was also still relatively satisfied.

“I’ve completed your first wish. Do you have any more?” L Chuyi had a complicated look in her eyes.

Now that Su Yu had tasted the benefits of one wish granted, how could he miss such an opportunity? With a flicker in his eyes, he asked, “Do you have any more Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo?”

He was shamelessly asking for the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. L Chuyi’s forehead twitched, but she took out two golden seeds from her storage space, despite hesitating for a moment. “These are the seeds of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. This is all I have.”

Seeds? Su Yu’s pupils dilated. He had meant to ask for some materials, but the other party had directly given the seeds to him instead!

If he could grow new Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboos, then

Su Yu was excited just thinking about it. As if understanding what Su Yu was thinking, L Chuyi dampened his spirits by saying, “You think too much. The seeds of Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboos cannot survive, unless they are grown by the old monsters above the level of the Divine Master, who must be the ones watering it with their blood, for at least a hundred years! Hence, a normal person, who obtains these seeds, can only use it as material.”

Hearing this, Su Yu secretly laughed, but kept the seeds without expression.

“Any other wishes?” L Chuyi patiently asked.

Su Yu’s gaze flickered. He waved his hands to fill the ground with treasures! These treasures included the Golden Scale Dagger, armor, the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella, the Mountain River Dragon Bow, the Eternal Mask

“Help me refine all of this.” Su Yu smiled.

L Chuyi froze, a fury burning in her eyes. “Lad, don’t go too far!!”

How was this a wish? This was turning into manual labor!

She had used thirty percent of her vital energy in reforging the Nine Yin Yang Formation. How could she reforge all of these treasures before her now?

“But, this is my wish, so it’s alright for you to fulfil it,” Su Yu said in disappointment.

L Chuyi clenched her teeth, angrily looking at Su Yu. “Alright! I promise!”

After saying this, she looked over at the treasures. She scanned past the Golden Scale Dagger and the Eternal Mask, saying in disdain, “One is low level, the other is shattered, so there is no value in reforging them. You should discard them.”

She discarded the Golden Scale Dagger, without hesitation! After that, she looked at the Eternal Stone King Armor, her tone becoming serious.

“A broken high grade spiritual artifact? It uses the skeleton of a Divine Master as its material. Regrettably, I do not have such a material, unless you break my bones.” She glanced fiercely at Su Yu as she spoke.

After this, she looked at the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella, hesitating for a moment, before nodding. “There might be value in reforging this high grade divine artifact. If I can replace the Purple Sun Flames with the flames from my oven, it should become a half-manufactured spiritual artifact.”

Su Yu was excited at the thought of another half-manufactured spiritual artifact! L Chuyi looked at the last treasure, the Mountain River Dragon Bow.

Her expression turned grave. She grabbed the treasure in her hands, then rubbed it. “This is weird. This is clearly an ordinary middle grade divine artifact, so why is it giving me such a feeling of unease?”

Observing it for a moment, L Chuyi’s expression suddenly changed. She immediately tossed away the silver bow, as it had just shocked her. She had a surprised look on her face. “Could that divine arrow be sealed in this silver bow?”

Su Yu’s heart shook. He suddenly remembered Yun Yazi mentioning that the Mountain River Dragon Bow was not exactly valuable. But, that its value came from an arrow that was sealed within it! Now that L Chuyi was revealing such an expression, Su Yu became even more curious.

“Where did you find this arrow? It’s impossible to be true…I thought that it had vanished from human history a long time ago, so why would it appear now?” L Chuyi looked at the silver bow with fear.

Su Yu’s gaze flickered. “I found this accidentally in an underground relic. Can you unseal this bow for me?”

“An underground relic?” L Chuyi had a deep suspicion. She collected herself a moment later, her gaze locking onto the silver bow. She took a deep breath, then said, “I’m afraid I cannot accomplish that!”