The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Yin Yang Secret Technique

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“Your silver bow is actually a seal. Once it is completely refined again, it would mean that the seal is broken as well! Once the arrow within the silver bow is released, I am also not sure whether I would survive. I’m sorry. I’m unable to refine your silver bow for you again, but let me give you a piece of advice. You had better not remove the remaining 20 percent of the seal within the bow. With your abilities as they are now, you would be unable to control the arrow!”

Su Yu was overwhelmed. Exactly what kind of arrow was sealed within the silver bow to cause L Chuyi to be so frightened?

Su Yu understood, and he put away the silver bow. He then looked at the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella. “Then I shall trouble elder again.”

L Chuyi refined the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella again unwillingly. After breaking the umbrella into pieces, it was melted until it was in the liquid state. By roasting the umbrella on a heating stove, the fire of the purple sun was completely squeezed out. The fire within the heating stove then replaced the fire of the purple sun by seeping into the umbrella.

After four hours, L Chuyi’s whole body was dripping with sweat, and less than 30 percent of her vital energy was left in her body. However, a completely new Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella was born as a result!

Previously, the umbrella was purple in color. Now, it was scarlet, and it gave off a warm feeling when touched. However, when a tiny bit of spiritual energy was inserted into it, a spine-tingling aura was released.

“The flames within my heating stove are known as the Red Lotus Furious Flames. Within the Divine Fire List, it is ranked 1,000. As for the power of the flames, unless you are at the Later Stage of the Fairy Realm, you would be unable to block it!”

Divine Fire List? Su Yu was shocked. If a flame ranked 1,000 had the power to kill everyone below the Later Stage of the Fairy Realm, how powerful were the flames with higher rankings?

“This umbrella, which had been refined again, it is at the level of a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact,” L Chuyi said. “Are you satisfied?”

Su Yu nodded his head. “Yes, I’m satisfied.”

“Humph! You no longer have any more magical treasures that need to be refined right?”

“Haha! No more,” Su Yu chuckled. As far as she was concerned, she had seen all the treasures Su Yu possessed. How could he take out prototype Fairy artifacts such as the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal or treasures such as the Cosmos Thunder Sword in front of L Chuyi?

“This means that you have no more wishes?” L Chuyi’s eyes glowed with a cold light.

“I do!” Su Yu had a respectful expression.

L Chuyi was growing increasingly furious. Her expression darkened.

“Last one,” Su Yu promised with a serious expression. “Not refining equipment. Instead, I wish to ask elder a question.”

Upon hearing this, L Chuyi’s cold expression eased a bit. “Hmm. Speak, then.”

Su Yu considered for a long time. He then carefully took out the three Origins from his body. Fire Origin, Thunder Origin, and Ice Origin.

“You’re honing three elements at the same time?” L Chuyi was shocked. “So, you were the one who tried to fuse the Origins together in front of the Thunder Emperor Mountain?”

Su Yu did not deny it. “Elder, I would like to ask, what should I do to fuse three different kinds of Origins together?”

The power of the fusion of Origins was even greater than the Cosmos Thunder Sword! That day, Su Yu had almost died from his move as well because it did not differentiate between him and the enemy. Hence, it was unusually dangerous, and he would never unleash it again unless he found a safe way to do it. And at that moment, there was a chance right in front of him.

“You are truly reckless!” L Chuyi said. She stared deeply at Su Yu. “Even strong martial artists of the Fairy Realm do not dare to thoughtlessly fuse the power of three different Origins. You are too bold! You are fortunate to have survived the fusion of the Origins. You still wish to kill yourself?”

“That is why I have asked elder for advice,” Su Yu said calmly.

L Chuyi hesitated for some time, then sighed and said, “Balance must be obtained. During the fusion of Origins, you must not allow the three different kinds of powers to become uneven. If that happens, it results in an explosion. What you need to do is think of a way to stabilize the three elements! This requires extremely strong control over all three of them. As such, it is very obvious that for youa cultivator who has not achieved Half God yetit would be difficult to control them accurately. The only way is to cultivate clone techniques. With two clones, each controlling one element, there is a possibility of stabilizing the three Origins.”

Clones? Su Yu stroked his chin. He had cultivated the remnant of a manual of the Second Grade Clone Technique. If he were to cultivate it fully, he would be able to create two clones. It was a pity he was unable to dedicate himself to the progress for a long time.

Su Yu looked at L Chuyi. He had sensed a degree of instability in her and knew this current situation was not good. She had, after all, not even hesitated to use the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, a nature-defying treasure, to grant Su Yu his wishes. He surmised that the price he would have to pay would not be low. Sure enough!

“I have satisfied all your wishes,” L Chuyi said. Then she took a breath and muttered, “Now, I have nothing to be ashamed of for what I am about to do to you!”

Having realized that his situation was dire, Su Yu had made preparations long before. With a flash of lightning, he disappeared instantly, without a traces.

L Chuyi was stunned. Rage filled her face immediately. The Golden Leaf fell from her sleeves. “Humph!” she said. “You wish to escape after taking advantage of my kindness?”

She had paid a huge price to grant Su Yu his wishes. How could she let him escape?

The Golden Leaf activated, which allowed her to cover a distance of 1,000 miles in an instant.

Su Yu had reached a place 100 miles away. After he showed himself, his figure flashed again. After he had left, L Chuyi arrived after taking a step and looked in the direction where Su Yu had disappeared.

After a few breaths’ time, Su Yu’s figure flashed, and he returned to the Mysterious Heavenly Palace. As he was about to leave with a flash, the space around him tightened. L Chuyi had exhibited Space Transportation to imprison him.

Realizing he was in trouble, Su Yu was about to activate the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, but a light glowed three inches in front of him. L Chuyi came over with a step. Her fair and slender finger then tapped Su Yu’s body and caused the space around the area to condense abruptly.

With that, not only were Su Yu’s limbs unable to move but even the spiritual energy within his body was completely frozen. As a result, he became like a puppet.

Su Yu forced a smile. He was still confused as to why did L Chuyi had recovered so abruptly. Why did she have this unusual attitude? This willingness to grant Su Yu his wishes?

“If I had a choice, I would not allow this to happen, either,” L Chuyi said.

She sighed softly, and her expression became gentle. Her face was filled with shame and remorse. With a light flick of her soft white finger, she brought Su Yu to a quiet, secluded place was on the surface.

Su Yu’s heart grew uneasy. “Elder, what exactly do you want to do to me?”

L Chuyi sighed apologetically. “Yin Yu, please don’t blame me. I really have no other alternative. I already expected that I would encounter accidents within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Hence, I brought a nephew and a niece along with me. When both of them exhibit a Yin-Yang secret technique, I will temporarily regain my cultivation base of Divine Master. Moreover, I will not be restricted by the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. In order to prevent accidents, this secret technique can only be performed with a boy and a girl.”

“However, the whereabouts of my niece Wu Aoyue is unknown. Hence, I used Yu Chan to replace her. However, to my surprise, after entering the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion, she was nowhere to be found! However, the fire poison within my body cannot be suppressed with the Golden Leaves alone. Hence, I need to regain my cultivation base as a Divine Master so I can remove the fire poison. However, without a boy and a girl, the secret technique cannot be performed!”

Having listened up until this part, Su Yu understood. “You mean that you wish to use yourself to replace Wu Aoyue and perform the secret technique?”

L Chuyi nodded. “If I perform it myself, the effects might be a bit weaker. Although it might be difficult for me to regain my cultivation base of Divine Master, at the minimum, I will be at the Later Stage of the Fairy Realm, which is more than enough for me to remove the fire poison.”

“This means you wish for me to replace Wei Kang and perform the secret technique with you?”

Su Yu drew back his lips. It was indeed not the best time for Wei Kang to be unconscious.

L Chuyi nodded apologetically. “I think the help I gave you just now is more than enough to compensate you.”

Su Yu could not help but feel dejected. It was because of L Chuyi that he was able to receive great benefits. If he could help her, he would naturally not mind. However

“There are drawbacks to it?” Su Yu asked, speaking without reservation.

L Chuyi was a bit embarrassed. She did not dare to look Su Yu in the eye. She then said in a low voice, “Performing this secret technique will require the blood of both sides. However, a huge amount of blood is required and your cultivation base will probably decrease.”

His cultivation base would decrease? Su Yu’s heart grew cold. Such a serious side effect was not a small matter!

Su Yu quickly changed his mind. For many people, after their cultivation bases had decreased, they were unable to raise it back again for their entire lives! It was no wonder L Chuyi had offered so many benefits as compensation. With such a serious side effect, what sane person would agree?

Su Yu sneered at L Chuyi. “I will not do it. You shall help me change back all my treasures.”

L Chuyi’s face reddened. Her eyes were filled with guilt. “I’m sorry. Only by using this secret technique can I regain my cultivation base as Divine Master and not be transported out! I still wish to stay here, and I absolutely need to find the Legacy of the Mysterious Heavenly Secret Technique so that I can save a person. Yin Yu, I’m sorry. Please forgive me!”

If L Chuyi wanted to remove the fire poison in her body. She only needed to regain her cultivation base of Divine Master. After that, she would be able to remove the poison easily. It was only by using the secret technique that she could remove the fire poison and stay in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion at the same time.

The Legacy of the Mysterious Heavenly Secret Technique? Su Yu heaved a deep sigh of relief. As long as he gave the book in his chest to her, she would not need to stay in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion anymore, and she would also not need to perform the Yin-Yang secret technique with Su Yu forcefully.

However, without waiting for Su Yu to open her mouth, L Chuyi tapped her fingertip. At once, the space of the surrounding area shrank, and this made Su Yu unable to even open his mouth.

Su Yu wanted to cry but had no tears. The Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Secret Technique was with him! This stupid woman!

Since Su Yu could not speak, he kept on looking at his chest like his life depended on it, hoping L Chuyi would understand.

Noticing that Su Yu’s eyeballs were staring at his own chest and that he looked anxious, L Chuyi could not help but question doubtfully, “Is there something you wish to let me see?”

Su Yu nodded his head hurriedly and heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Maybe this woman was not so stupid. However, L Chuyi’s next sentence almost caused Su Yu to spit out a mouthful of blood!

“Hmm,” she said sternly. “Even when it’s come to this, you still wish to play tricks. I have personally experienced your craftiness before. I’m sorry. I will not allow you to do as you wish.”

Su Yu was enraged! This woman was not foolishshe was extremely foolish!

“Please bear with this for a moment,” she said. “The process of exhibiting the secret technique requires the usage of incantation. Hence, I cannot allow you to speak temporarily.”

L Chuyi tossed something with her hands, and dense, numerous ingredients littered the ground. With her skillful hands, various ingredients were pieced together in accordance with different paths to become a ten-foot spell.

With a black segment and a white segment, a Tai Chi state appeared. After that, L Chuyi placed Su Yu at the white-colored region and sat at the opposite black region.

L Chuyi’s behavior seemed a bit unnatural. She was too ashamed to look Su Yu in the eye. She lowered her head, recited the incantation silently, and started to activate the Yin-Yang secret technique.