The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Combining Yin And Yang Energies

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Su Yu could not help but smile bitterly, thinking of something else. A moment later, he noticed that L Chuyi’s cultivation level was decreasing massively. The cultivation level was welling into Su Yu’s body!

In that instant, Su Yu realized the principle of the Yin-Yang Secret Technique. The cultivation level of an Almighty Divine Master would be split and shared between L Chuyi and Su Yu. The formation under their feet was used to mask this and prevent detection by the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. But how could a mere Human King handle the cultivation level of an Almighty Divine Master? Based on the current situation, his cultivation level would definitely reverse once the cultivation of an Almighty Divine Master entered his body!

Anxiety gripped his heart. Sensing the danger descending, Su Yu had a flash of inspiration. This was not the first time he had accepted the cultivation level of another person. Wasn’t the first time during the incident with Sheng Ge?

The Bloodline of the Evil Ghost!

Su Yu had found a way to save himself.

Coincidentally, the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost immediately activated when the other party’s cultivation level entered his body, devouring the cultivation level that was entering his body.


The appearance of the Bloodline of the Evil Ghost disrupted the Yin-Yang Secret Technique, causing the formation below their feet to crack! L Chuyi, who was releasing her cultivation level, suddenly turned pale as she spat out a mouthful of blood. She was being affected by the formation!

Her eyes bulged as she said in surprise, “My cultivation level, what have you done?”

But she had not even finished her sentence when her face turned red, and she once again spat out a mouthful of blood. At the same time, the assault of the formation made her thoughts and consciousness hazy.

“Not good!” she said. “The Yin-Yang Secret Technique has been interrupted. The Yin and Yang energies are being mixed up!”

Su Yu did not have the time to digest this information. His thoughts were growing dull.

A powerful, evil desire spread like wildfire through his brain. At this moment, he suddenly understood what the Yin and Yang energies were. The two of them were slipping into a state of loss at the same time. The mix-up of Yin and Yang energies would need to be balanced!

A few moments later, they were in each other’s embrace.


When the Yin and Yang energies had been balanced again, L Chuyi could only stare at the blue sky expressionlessly. Slowly, her beautiful eyes became laced with tears, her body twitching in sadness. Her lips were closed tight. She trembled, unable to suppress the sorrow in her heart. She could not suppress the agony of losing her first time.

A moment later, she let out a pitiful cry, exclaiming, “I’m sorry, Brother Taixu!”

Only now did Su Yu wake up. L Chuyi was crying for another man!

Su Yu’s expression grew bitter. It seemed that, faced with the necessity of rebalancing the Yin and Yang energies, he had unintentionally taken the precious virginity of another lady. Furthermore, this lady’s heart belonged to someone else. This “Brother Taixu” should have been the man she gave her first time to, but Su Yu had heartlessly taken it away.

Su Yu could only apologize. “I’m sorry” he muttered.

Even though this was, to a large degree, her fault, it was still a fact that Su Yu had claimed her precious virginity.

Hearing Su Yu’s apology, L Chuyi’s body stopped quivering. Her crying slowly ceased, and a killing intent crept into her hazy eyestrue, unrestrained murderous intent! Perhaps she did not like to kill. Perhaps she had been benevolent in the past. But at this moment, so soon after losing her first time, she wanted to kill!

“I! Hate! You!” L Chuyi clenched her teeth and enunciated every word with a hatred welling from deep within her heart.

That unbridled hostility pierced Su Yu’s soul, and Su Yu felt a heavy wave of loss. He thought back to that determined figure who had come to terms with death before the sea of blood. He thought about the night they had spent in each other’s embrace, back in the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell.

He sighed. These memories now meant nothing. He could only see a foreign glow in L Chuyi spiteful eyes.


A spiritual glow surrounded L Chuyi. It covered her beautiful body and face, but what it couldn’t cover was her undeniable hatred. On the brink of insanity, L Chuyi struck!


Her aura exploded, surpassing that of Half Fairy and reaching into the early-stage Fairy Realm. It crept up to mid-stage Fairy Realm, then even surpassing a late-stage Fairy Realm!

This powerful aura not belonging to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion rose into the air. The earth shook. The five peaks trembled. It looked as if doomsday had come!

A hazy, ten-zhang tall figure suddenly formed L Chuyi. Its silhouette was not dissimilar from her own. Her cold gaze seemed to pierce through everything, radiating a destructive, divine glow that released the aura of an Almighty Divine Master into the surroundings.

Su Yu felt the blood in his body boil. His breathing came to a halt. He could not move an inch.

“Is this an Almighty Divine Master?” Su Yu said, in awe.

He let out a sigh as he mocked himself. The difference between him and L Chuyi we like heaven and earth. Seeing the madness that had taken L Chuyi, Su Yu let out a bitter laugh. He slowly closed his eyes. He did not even attempt to retaliate, for before a Divine Master, any retaliation would only be wasted effort.

The wind generated by L Chuyi’s palm assaulted him. He was three zhang away, but his body cracked from the peripheral energy alone. It felt as though he would break into pieces. If the full force of that palm connected, he would die.

His robes flapped wildly beneath the howling winds. A black book dropped from within. It was the Mysterious Heavenly Crafting Secret Technique.

L Chuyi glanced at the book, then froze. The palm aimed at Su Yu shifted. It formed a claw as she took the book into her hands.

L Chuyi had an expression of loss and confusion. She suddenly remembered Su Yu trying to take something out of his robes after coming out of the lava pool. She froze!