The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 509

Chapter 509 The Legacy Of Elixirs

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When she recalled that Su Yu was looking at his own chest continuously after he was confined, her body shook slightly.

As L Chuyi held the black book, she stood absolutely still, in her original position, until a lump of space energy enshrouded her and was about to transport her out.

“This book You had planned to give it to me?” Due to her hysterical shout just now, her voice had become hoarse.

Su Yu forced a smile and did not respond.

L Chuyi was speechless. As she lowered her head and looked at the black book on her hands, her heart was filled with mixed feelings. While she plotted against Su Yu, he thought about her.

A sudden sense of unworthiness halted L Chuyi from taking action against him. She recalled that initially, although she was pursuing him, Su Yu had still been determined to save her, even if it meant taking a palm attack from her. She also recalled the night within the dream spell, when Su Yu did not leave her side in the small, ice-cold house in the snowfield. Thinking back to that day, L Chuyi’s heart ached, seemingly for no reason.

The hatred in her eyes was quickly replaced by tears. She did not know when it had happened, but the figure of Su Yu had been unknowingly carved in her heart.

After struggling for some time, the hatred on her face disappeared, replaced in the end by agony. After all was said and done, she was the one who had committed a sin first. Hence, she was more responsible for the fact that her first time was stolen. Now, she was about to be transported out.

L Chuyi turned her body around and grabbed toward the lofty mountain. With that, Wei Kang, who was clearly at the bottom of the lofty mountain, was caught; he entered the transportation spell along with L Chuyi.

Up until the moment L Chuyi was transported out, she did not turn back again. She left without a single word. With that, she disappeared from the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion and left behind a lonely figure: Su Yu.

“L Chuyi,” said Su Yu.

As he looked at the back of L Chuyi, in the process of disappearing, his heart felt empty and desolate. He did not feel any happiness, not even from the fact that he had survived a disaster.

Whoosh, whoosh

Countless sounds broke the silence, and Su Yu’s expression changed slightly as a result. He then put on his clothes, turned his body around, and entered the dense fog.


After half a day, partway up the mountain.

Su Yu stood in front of a mostly collapsed cave. It appeared to be very old, having fallen in on itself many years ago.

“I wonder what kind of legacy this place has,” Su Yu whispered to himself.

After running away from L Chuyi, he was unable to tell which mountain peak he was on. As for the cave in front of him, it might contain the legacy of this mountain peak.

Suddenly, Su Yu heard a tiny noise from within the cave. His eyes brightened, and he entered the cave with a flash.

The cave was a perfectly straight tunnel that felt endless. The walls were brownish black in color. Both sides were filled with notches of different sizes. Empty bottles and jars had been left behind in a few of them. Su Yu grabbed one to smell it and could not help but be surprised. Some aura of elixirs was still left in the bottle.

“Could this be the elixir of the Five Great Legacies?”

Su Yu’s eyebrows twitched. Everyone agreed that the most valuable legacy of the Five Great Legacies was the Legacy of Elixirs. If he was lucky enough to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm in one go, he was fortunate, indeed!

Su Yu’s figure flashed continuously as he proceeded farther into the cave. Movements could then be heard frequently coming somewhere from within, growing more intense with each passing moment.

When Su Yu was deep inside the cave, he used his Transparent Eyes to take a look. At once, he saw clearly that ahead, a man was laboring excitedly to break the stone wall at the end of the cave. That tunnel marked the end of the cave, and although there was nothing there, Su Yu noted many marks on the walls, indicating that this man was not to only one to have spent time digging into these stone walls.

It seemed as if those who had entered in the past suspected that there might be elixirs deeper inside the stone walls. It appeared all of them had walked away empty-handed.

When Su Yu used his Transparent Eyes to take a look, he could not help but be slightly disappointed. There were no hidden spaces within the walls. It seemed that the Legacy of the Elixirs at this location had already been completely excavated.

As he was about to retreat quietly, a sudden rumbling sound could be heard. A big piece of the brownish-black stone wall had been dug out by that man, and a snow-white stone wall was revealed!

The snow-white stone wall looked like it had been inlaid within the stone. Strange symbols were carved on it. Impressively, it was a spell that had lain hidden inside two layers of stone!

Su Yu was shocked. He had only focused his attention on the hidden spaces inside the wall. He had expected the stone to contain other secrets.

The man laughed wildly. “Haha! Master is indeed right. The Legacy of Elixirs has yet to be claimed, as there is another cosmos within the stone wall!”

As the man laughed loudly, he inserted vital energy into the spell. After that, the spell activated quickly and transported him away.

Recognizing the man’s voice, Su Yu’s gaze sharpened. “It seems old enemies are destined to cross paths I have encountered Chou Zeming!”

Chou Zeming had attempted to kill Su Yu twice. However, he had been unable to get his way either time.

As Su Yu’s eyes glowed with coldness, he fed spiritual energy to the spell and he was transported as well. The ground below his feet revolved. When his legs stepped onto solid ground, a cold, fierce wind rose up abruptly, heading toward Su Yu’s chest, a vital point of his body. However, Su Yu was not surprised. His Eternal Stone King Armor appeared.

With a loud clang, an extremely sharp object struck Su Yu’s chest. A shower of sparks erupted.

When Su Yu opened his eyes, he saw that it was indeed Chou Zeming. His hands clutched a blood-red dagger which emitted shocking spiritual pressure. It was a high-grade divine artifact that was extremely powerful!

“Humph! It’s this armor again!” Chou Zeming growled in annoyance, his eyes burning with fury.

Without question, Chou Zeming, who was at the critical point of making a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm, had surely sensed’s Su Yu presence back in the cave. Hence, he had waited for Su Yu so he could strike him with an inescapable killing blow.

Su Yu laughed, flashing an icy smile. “Chou Zeming. Long time no see!”

Chou Zeming held the dagger with one hand. His other hand was clasped behind his back. He laughed arrogantly. “I really did not expect you to be so audacious as to try to take advantage of me.”

In his mind, Su Yu’s abilities were considered shocking among people of similar cultivation bases. To him, however, Su Yu was not even worthy of a glance.

“Take advantage of you?” Su Yu chuckled. “You have overestimated yourself. What I want is this place’s legacy. As for your life, I’ll take that as an added bonus.”

How rude and unreasonable were his words?

“Haha” Chou Zeming laughed sardonically. “Where did your confidence come from? Take my life”


While Chou Zeming was laughing grimly, a golden light began to glow.

“That Golden Scale Dagger again?” said Chou Zeming. “Insignificant moves!”

He had made preparations for this a long time ago. He casually turned his hand over and attacked with his blood-red dagger.


However, at the next moment, Chou Zeming’s expression changed wildly. The blood-colored dagger in his palma high-grade divine artifactwas split in two!

His expression darkened abruptly. His reaction time was extremely fast, and his figure hastily retreated 100 feet.

A golden light glowed from underground and erupted from where he had been standing. The light cut out a deep notch from the ground, slicing through the earth like a hot knife through butter. If Chou Zeming had hesitated for even a moment, he would have been cut in half!

Su Yu held a dagger in each. Chou Zeming was shocked.

“A semi-manufactured spiritual artifact,” he said. “And you have two of them?”

Su Yu wore a profound expression. “Two? Haha”

Chou Zeming’s heart then skipped his beat. There was an icy feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Suddenly, golden light shot from below him again! His feet had just touched down; he had no time to block the third beam golden light.