The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 510

Chapter 510 The Mysterious Legacy

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Su Yu’s interest was piqued. After thinking for some time, he said, “I might allow it. However, before exchanging, shouldn’t you let me know what this elixir is, first?”

Chou Zeming was stunned. Although happiness was glowing deep in his pupils, he wore a shocked expression. “Could it be that you have never heard of the Fairy Elixir before? An elixir that could change Spirit Energy Crystals into Vital Energy Crystals!”

“Is that so?” Su Yu stroked his chin. After thinking for some time, he poured the elixir into his mouth.

“No!” Chou Zeming shouted, his eyes going wide.

But it was already too late. When he saw that Su Yu had swallowed the elixir, his expression became extremely unpleasant.

“You fool!” he scolded furiously. “This is a reckless waste of this resource! The Fairy Elixir is given to martial artists with three Vital Energy Crystals so they can make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm! This elixir can allow you to avoid the Heavenly Disaster directly, and you will make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm at a 100 percent success rate! But you are just a Human Kingnot even a Half God. What’s the use of you swallowing it? I got word from my Master that there is a hidden secret room here, and there might be Fairy Elixirs inside! As for you, you have really ruined the elixir!”

Chou Zeming was boiling with rage. He had gone through many hardships to come to the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion just for the Fairy Elixir. However, Su Yu had been a step quicker!

“Oh? So that is its use!” Su Yu said, greatly shocked to learn this.

When he opened his hand, the emerald green elixir was still in his palm! The swallowing of the elixir had only been an act. Chou Zeming was so concerned about the elixir that he hadn’t noticed Su Yu’s sleight of hand.

“You tricked me?” Chou Zeming’s expression darkened at once.

Su Yu sneered. “If I hadn’t tricked you, would you have told the truth? Hmm Changing Spiritual Energy Crystals. You didn’t even try to make up a good lie!”

Chou Zeming frowned and said in a low voice, “All right, I am in the wrong! The deal is already on. Since the Fairy Elixir is useless to you, give it to me now. I will give you a legendary-level cultivation technique. It is almost impossible for wandering martial artists like you to acquire legendary-level cultivation techniques. With a chance like that right in front of you now, why are you still hesitating?”

However, Su Yu stored the elixir and said casually, “I’m sorry. I have some other uses for this elixir.”

Legendary-level cultivation techniques were indeed precious. However, they were obviously not as important as making a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm! As Su Yu interacted with geniuses of Jiuzhou, he had managed to get some information regarding making a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm, and it seemed like the success rate was not high. For example, even Yang Yidao, who was quite strong, had failed to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm once, leaving him with no choice but to enter the Mysteriously Heavenly Divine Pavilion to find an opportunity to do so.

Hence, it was clear how valuable the Fairy Elixir was if it allowed one to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm at a 100 percent success rate!

“You had better think twice about that,” Chou Zeming said, a bit anxious. “If you reject me, it is the same as rejecting the Soul Seizing Palace!”

Su Yu laughed. His smile was icy cold. “If you threaten me, it is the same as threatening your own life!”

As Su Yu spoke, he used his Transparent Eyes to look around the area. When he confirmed that he had not missed anything, he entered the transportation spell of his own accord and left the sealed space.

Chou Zeming frantically pursued Su Yu outside. He hurried out into passageway outside, but where was Su Yu’s figure? The only sign of him was only a tiny remnant of a thunderbolt lingering in the sky.

“Damn it! He used the Thunder Escape to get away!” Chou Zeming gave a furious hum and pursued Su Yu!

However, a short time after he left, lightning flashed within the cave, and a figure appeared. It was Su Yu. He had left only to return! He wore a sly smile.

“Haha. He was so easily deceived by the fake legacy”

As he stared at the snow-white transportation spell, a blood-red dagger appeared in his hands. He slashed downward. With a cracking sound, the spell was split in half. At the same time, the surface of the wall where the snow-white spell was at broke open as well, revealing a secret room. There was another green spell, deep inside! That was the real transportation spell that led to the Legacy of Elixirs. The white spell was only meant to cover up the real legacy!

When people discovered a mysterious white spell hidden within two layers of stone walls, all their attention would be on that white spell. Who would think that there was still another spell beneath the white spell?

As Su Yu entered the secret room, he realized something was not right. Having once acquired the Legacy of the Crafting Secret Technique, he knew that the Five Great Legacies were not so easy to attain.

He took a step into the crack and activated the green spell. After the surroundings revolved, Su Yu appeared in a sealed space which was of similar size to the previous space.

However, the shelves built into the stone walls here did not contain as many bottles and jars as there had been in the previous area. Within the entire spacious room, there was only a stone table in the middle of the room covered with dust.

Two golden jade boxes sat unassumingly on the stone table.

Su Yu’s eyes narrowed. His experience with the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog had taught him not to underestimate the legacies. As expected, Su Yu discovered a purple beetle on the table. Its body emitted an extremely ferocious aura!

“Fairy Realm!” Su Yu realized, raising his guard!

However, Su Yu quickly discovered that the insect no longer had any life force within it; it was only an empty shell.

A quick once-over told Su Yu that this sealed, spacious room did not contain any other resources. Su Yu turned back to the beetle and heaved a sigh of relief. “Dead. Seems like not all the Fairy Realm ferocious beasts are like the White-Eyed Fire Glass Froglucky enough to live in environments that suit them.”

The White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog had lived in the underground lava pool, which was a suitable environment. This beetle, however, had not been so lucky and had died as a result.

Su Yu made up his mind and held the beetle in his palm. Looking at its dust-covered body, it was clear that it had died a long time ago. Yet it still emitted a ferocious aura, which had not decomposed in the slightest. That was enough to prove that the beetle had been an extremely impressive, ferocious being when it was still alive. Hence, the beetle was still considered a treasure. Su Yu threw it into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and placed it alongside the body of the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog.

Su Yu then had the inclination to look at the two golden jade boxes. Within one of the boxes, a Mysterious Heavenly Elixir Manufacturing Secret Technique was sealed within it.

“Elixir manufacturing technique?” Su Yu’s eyes glowed even more brilliantly.

The book was probably a secret technique that even Almighty Divine Masters would cast covetous eyes upon. Although Su Yu had never tried to manufacture elixirs before, it did not mean he would not try it in the future.

With a swing of his big sleeves, he carefully stored the box.

He looked in the second jade box, suspecting that it might contain some valuable elixirs! To his surprise, however, what was inside the jade box was an air current with glowing starlight!

When he saw it for the first time, the air current looked like a blue Milky Way formation. Many stars shone upon the air current, and generative forces of Heaven and Earth moved along it. It was unusually beautiful.

“What is this? A lump of mist?”

Su Yu grabbed the jade box. At that very moment, a chilly aura entered his mind from the center of his palm. A vast, mighty, ancient voice spoke inside his head.

“Congratulations!” the voice boomed thunderously. “You have acquired the greatest legacy of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace!”

At once, Su Yu felt a horrible pain in his head. He could not help but let out a groan.

“Who are you?” he asked coldly.


Suddenly, the Milky Way formation flew out of the jade box of its own accord, taking on the shape of a human being.

“Haha! You are in my domain, yet you still ask who I am?” laughed the silver-hued figure.

His domain? Su Yu was at a loss.

Suddenly, a spark flashed past his mind, and his pupils shrank abruptly. An answer came to him that he could not believe.