The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 512

Chapter 512 Milky Way Star Sand

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The galaxy like figure smiled. “It looks like you already know.”

Su Yu glanced at him with his Soul Eyes, noticing, to his surprise, that there were no soul ripples within the galaxy. There was only a weak consciousness!

“I am Tian Jizi,” the figure said. “I failed in my attack on the Entrance of All Creation back in my day, destroying my body and soul as a result. The fairy artifact that I created, the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, was also damaged in the heavenly disastrous thunders. Before I died, I left the last of my consciousness within the destroyed fairy artifact, also leaving behind these five legaciesto wait for someone fated to claim them.”

Hearing this, Su Yu’s heart pounded. The entire Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, all nine levels of its mysterious relics was a fairy artifact?

This revelation unsettled Su Yu. Who was this so-called Tian Jizi? And what was the “All Creation” level? How powerful were people at that level?

Su Yu would not be so easily convinced. “Elder,” he said, “since you wished to leave your legacies behind for fated individuals, why set so many dangerous traps?”

The Fairy Realm fire frog at the legacy of craftsmanship. The Fairy Realm bug at the legacy of elixirs. In an area that placed limits on all who enteredrestricting them to below the level of the Fairy Realmthese encounters could be death sentences. Passing on legacies in such a manner was no different from claiming their lives.

Furthermore, scheming to bury the legacy of elixirs so deep within To think that no one had discovered this space despite all the years of searching! Su Yu found Tian Jizi’s words difficult to believe.

“These were all done by my disciples!” Tian Jizi said. He let out a sigh. “Back when I was about to die, I instructed my two disciples to guard the five legacies. They were unable to inherit my legacies because of their bloodline. Thus, I ordered them, as well as their descendants, to guard this place over the generations. They could only use one of the legacies and were not permitted to steal them. An oath resided in their bloodline, and these descendants could not rebel against it! Until all five legacies were claimed, they would be forever bound to these mountains, guarding them for eternity!”

“What I did not expect,” continued Tian Jizi, “was that my two disciples would follow my instructions till death, while their descendants had other thoughts. Their descendants wished to claim the legacies for themselves! The oath resided in their bloodline, rendering them unable to rebel, but the binding power of this oath depleted with the passage of time!”

“The descendants do not dare touch the legacies for the time being,” said Tian Jizi. “Thus, as they wait for the oath in the bloodline to vanish, they have endeavored to obstruct any who enter the Mysterious Heavenly Palace by massacring them. They even changed the layout I had set before I died, setting deadly traps in these five legacies, blocking any who attempt to inherit these legacies, all in the hopes of claiming them for themselves someday.”

Su Yu considered. Were these descendants of Tian Jizi’s disciples the self-proclaimed “defenders” of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace? No wonder they guarded the legacies and massacred any who did not belong to the mountains. It seemed they had already decided to claim these legacies for themselves. But Su Yu was doubtful.

“Elder,” he said, “if they are eyeing your legacies, why have you placed so much emphasis on the legacy of elixirs? After all, you said this is the most important land of the legacy!”

Hearing this, Tian Jizi calmly smiled. “The oath of the bloodline is more powerful the closer it is to me. How could they come anywhere near my consciousness? They are also to blame for me being sealed deep in the stone wall.”

So, that was why this legacy had been sealed deep within the stone walls. The guards feared him.

At that moment, Tian Jizi’s figure flickered. It seemed like he was about to crumble.

“Lad, I do not have much time left,” he said. “I shall allow you to inherit the legacy I used to lord over Jiuzhou. After you inherit my legacy, I hope that you can accomplish two things for me!”

Su Yu’s eyes flashed. “If I am suitable of your legacy, I will definitely complete your wishes. If I am not suitable, I am afraid that you can only pass on your legacy to someone more suitable.”

Hearing this, Tian Jizi laughed. “You sure are cautious. Don’t worry, what I want to pass on is a treasure. Any cultivator can use it to an ungodly extent.”

What a bold statement, thought Su Yu. Just what treasure is it?

The same treasure might not be suitable for everyone.

“My treasure is called the Milky Way Star Sand,” said Tian Jizi. “It is ranked 21 on the Ancient Divine Treasures Ranking Chart!”

What kind of ranking chart was the Ancient Divine Treasures Ranking Chart? To only rank 21st, this treasure must have been average.

“It is a supportive treasure,” said Tian Jizi, “used to purify objects.”

Su Yu was dazed. It seemed rather inconsequential. “Elder, I am afraid that I am not suitable for this treasure,” he said in embarrassment.

Tian Jizi was not surprised, sighing as he said, “All right. Since you do not want this emperor-based saint artifact, I would have to ask you to take this out and hand it to someone more suitable”

“Emperor-based saint artifact?” Su Yu said.

He nearly bit his tongue off. Above divine artifacts were spiritual artifacts, above those were fairy artifacts, and above those were the incredibly rare emperor-based saint artifacts! Su Yu had read rumors of emperor-based saint artifacts in the Thunder Emperor’s books. Even an Almighty Divine Master like the Thunder Emperor had never had the luck to so much as see an emperor-based saint artifact with his own eyes; everything the Thunder Emperor knew about them came from books he had read!

It was said that emperor-based saint artifacts had been born in ancient times, each of them capable of alarming feats. They had ungodly powers not limited by the rules of this universe. In fact, Su Yu had suspected that the Nine-Dragon Cauldron was an emperor-based saint artifact. How could Su Yu not be shocked? The Milky Way Star Sand before his eyes was also an emperor-based saint artifact!

Su Yu immediately changed his mind. “I do want it!” he said.

It was an emperor-based saint artifacta resource even more terrifying than the Nine-Dragon Cauldron!

Tian Jizi let out a faint smile but did not nitpick. He laughed heartily, “If that is the case, then my mission is fulfilled. Since you accept my legacy, I would have you listen closely to my instructions. I need you to help me do two things. The first is to find an old friend of mine, Madam Zi Xiaxian, and tell her of my passing!”

The first instruction was a verbal message.

“The second I was killed by a villain. You need to avenge me!”

The second instruction was revenge!

Su Yu did not immediately acquiesce. “I can help you find this person,” he said. “But might I ask, what’s the name of your enemy? And what is his cultivation level?”

Hearing this, Tian Jizi’s voice became deep with hatred. “The person is called Xue Di. He was my senior of the same master. His cultivation level was the same as mine back them. By now, he must have long broken through to the level of All Creation.”

All Creation! This Xue Di was indeed a formidable presence!

Su Yu let out a bitter laugh. “Elder, you seem to have high hopes for me, asking me to avenge you by dealing with such a monster.”

Tian Jizi said, “I can feel a faint trace of Xue Di on you already. Even though it’s weak, I think that he will find you someday, anyway. Even if you do not actively search for him, he shall come soon to you.”

What? Xue Di is looking for Su Yu?