The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 513

Chapter 513 Emperor Based Saint Artifact

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When had he ever encountered Xue Di, an old monster at the level of All Creations?

“Although I don’t really understand, this time around there are many people within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion with the aura of Xue Di, which is extremely similar to the few brats a hundred years ago.”

A hundred years ago was when the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion had descended upon the Zhenlong continent for the first time. Did Tian Jizi mean that the people of the Zhenlong continent contained the aura of Xue Di?

After thinking for a long time, Su Yu said seriously, “May I ask, elder, how much time would I be given?”

“Oh? You seem to be very confident in yourself.” Tian Jizi was shocked. Su Yu did not have an expression which indicated that he was in a difficult position. Instead, he asked Tian Jizi for the time limit. Tian Jizi laughed gratifyingly. “Perhaps I made a wise judgment! From today onward, you have a time limit of 100 years!”

100 years. Again. Previously, he had promised the owner of the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, the nine-tailed fox, that he would head to the demonic fox clan. That time limit was 100 years as well.

Training to the realm of All Creations within a hundred years That level of difficulty was probably very high. However, Su Yu had absolutely no reason to miss out on the emperor-based saint artifact that was right in front of him.

“All right, I promise, elder!” said Su Yu. “Within 100 years, I will find Madam Zi Xiaxian and take revenge for elder.”

Tian Jizi nodded his head in gratitude. His body had started to disperse, and he sighed disappointedly. “With this, I am satisfied”

With a flash of Tian Jizi’s figure, which was formed by the Milky Way Star Sand, a tiny pinpoint of starlight glowed and entered Su Yu’s forehead. After that, a Milky Way-like light dot appeared within his soul.

“The heart oath is now within your soul,” spoke Tian Jizi’s voice. “You should understand what will happen if you are unable to fulfill the oath within 100 years.”

The heart oath had always been harsh. If Su Yu did not fulfill the oath within the next 100 years, he would die.

“Little kid, take care of yourself,” Tian Jizi said. “Before your abilities reach a certain level, you must avoid revealing the Milky Way Star Sand. If not, you will end up like me!”

“My wishes have been granted, and I have no more worries Little kid, please remember this promise you have made with me”

His Milky Way figure glowed vigorously and changed into an infinite amount of Milky Way Star Sand with a thump. All the sand then gathered on Su Yu’s right palm and silently entered his flesh. However, Su Yu did not feel anything strange. After that, a picture depicting the Milky Way glowed on his palm like a tattoo.

At the same time, Su Yu’s head had another familiar feeling. With a jolt in his mind, the tattoo disappeared. With another jolt, the tattoo appeared again. The tattoo could be controlled easily, and Su Yu was skillful in doing it.

“Elder, don’t worry,” said Su Yu. “I will definitely fulfill your wishes.”

Su Yu turned his body in the direction where Tian Jizi had disappeared and bowed down in salute.

Su Yu had met the Master of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion unexpectedly and obtained a great legacy. Hence, he felt as if he were in a dream. It was all a bit surreal.

After a long time, he stopped being emotional and he lowered his head to take a look at the Milky Way tattoo on the center of his palm.

“Purification,” he said. “What do I use it on?”

Su Yu did not understand. After looking left and right around his surroundings, he still did not manage to find any suitable items that he could test the artifact on. Hence, he could only give up on the idea temporarily. After making up his mind, he put the tattoo away. If even a bit of news of the emperor-based saint artifact were to spread, it would put Su Yu in an extremely dangerous situation. If that happened, he might only escape by the skin of his teeth.

“There is not much time left. I had better rush over to the other places where the legacies are stored.”

Su Yu exerted force on the tips of his toes and disappeared from his current location.

A short while after he left, tiny bits of black blood abruptly began to seep out of the stone walls of the whole secret room which contained the legacy.

When Su Yu arrived at the entrance of the passageway, he did not charge outside recklessly. Instead, he surveyed his surroundings quietly by using his Transparent Eyes. When he looked through the thick white fog, his pupils shrank. He discovered that someone was leaning against a giant rock! An ambush?

However, looking at it more closely, he realized that the other party showed no signs of life. It was a dead body!

Suspicious, Su Yu walked over quietly. When he approached the giant rock, his expression could not help but darken.

“Chou Zeming!”

But hadn’t Chou Zeming left to pursue Su Yu? Why would he suddenly die at his current location? His clothes were neat, and the surrounding area showed no obvious signs of a struggle. It could be surmised that he had been killed by someone else in an extremely short amount of time.

His abilities were at the level of a Half Fairy with three Vital Energy Crystals. Only someone of the Fairy Realm could have possibly killed him so easily.

Filled with surprise, Su Yu examined the body carefully and realized to his horror that while Chou Zeming’s body appeared complete, the flesh and blood beneath his skin had been completely sucked dry. Beneath the skin, his body was petrified like a mummy.

His cultivation base had also been sucked dry.

“It’s the silver puppet!” Su Yu gasped coldly.

The only person capable of such a thing was the silver puppet! He was nearby!

Su Yu could not help but feel a chill of terror. He quickly grabbed Chou Zeming’s body, flew back into the passageway, and carefully hid his aura. If he were to encounter that silver puppet, it would be impossible for him to survive!

After waiting for a long time, the figure of the silver puppet did not appear. Su Yu started to relax a bit. He then lowered his head to take a look at Chou Zeming’s body. After a closer examination, he realized his body had been searched before; all his valuable items had been plundered.

“I hope that the old ring is not discovered by the puppet.”

Su Yu thrust his palm at Chou Zeming’s chest. With a whooshing sound, a notch was created on his chest by Su Yu. The notch glowed with a spiritual light, and a ring that had been deliberately hidden there appeared! It was the ring that contained an attack of the Middle Stage of the Fairy Realm!

That was Chou Zeming’s protective ring. If it was unleashed within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, apart from the silver puppet who could block it, the remaining people would probably die and turn into ashes in an instant.

Su Yu revealed a delighted expression. “Haha! My luck is not too bad!”

When Su Yu had previously confronted Chou Zeming, he had used his Soul Eyes and discovered that although Chou Zeming looked as if he had placed the ring into his chest, he had actually placed it in a hidden space within his body. As a result, even though the silver puppet had plundered everything, he did not discover this important ancient ring!

Su Yu took the ring and stored it properly. As he took a glance at Chou Zeming’s wizened body, he could not help but sigh with mixed feelings. Half a month ago, Chou Zeming had an extremely good reputation, and his abilities frightened everyone. Now, he had been reduced to a corpse for reasons unknown.

It was an overwhelming thought. On the Martial Path, one could only choose to advance or be left behind. Falling behind or becoming careless meant ending up like Chou Zeming. But Su Yu’s devotion for the Martial Path only intensified. After leaving the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, he would definitely need to think of every possible way to make a breakthrough in his cultivation base!

Su Yu buried Chou Zeming’s body and left alone. He set his mind on the first mountain peak, and an hour later, he landed within the cloud and mist. It was unknown what kind of legacy was contained on this mountain peak.

At that moment, Su Yu’s Transparent Eyes spotted a figure moving about sneakily through the mist. The figure had green hair, and although its cultivation base was only at the Human King level, its movements were swift. It had avoided groups of ferocious beasts, and it appeared to be heading toward the fourth mountain peak.

Shi Jie, perhaps? thought Su Yu. Wasn’t he following that Heavenly Ghost Sheng Ge? Why did he appear here? Could it be that something has happened?

Suddenly, the cloud and mist in the direction dispersed. The sounds of fighting could be faintly heardscuffling noises, a few furious roars of men, and a woman’s shout that sounded oddly familiar and almost charming.

Su Yu hesitated.

“Lord Yi Yu?”

Su Yu rushed toward the noises.