The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 514

Chapter 514 Encountering Poisonous Bees

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Multiple lights flashed at the back of the mountain peak, followed by roars of anger. Bai Luo, Yi Yu, and Qing Zhu of the Seven Lords of Darkness were all present!

They had unknowingly stumbled into a secluded area on the fourth peak and were now surrounded by black bees. The bees were each about the size of a fist. The black hooks that were attached to their tails released a nasty stench. These bees were clearly extremely poisonous creatures.

There were only about ten bees, but each of them was at the level of Human King. Of the ten bees, there was one that was more special than the rest. It was purple in color and was at the level of a Half God!

Of the Seven Lords of Darkness, Bai Luo was at Half God cultivation level, Yi Yu and Qing Zhu were at Human King level, and the rest were Heaven Masters. At this moment, the ten black bees were manically launching attacks on them.

Observing closely, one would realize that there was a blood red color in the black bees’ eyes, a hue similar to those of the beasts that had attacked Su Yu and his group earlier. This indicated that they were being controlled and were very violent.

Under the combined attacks, the Seven Lords of Darkness were in considerable danger. They were relying on Bai Luo, Yi Yu, and Qing Zhu to defend the group. However, attacks from Heaven Masters could only make the black bees retreat, but could not damage them in any way.

The black bees still attacked, without the fear of death. Each of their attacks could make the blood and energy of the Heaven Masters boil. In just half a cup of tea’s time, the Heaven Masters were already pale as sheets.

At this moment, a black bee seized an opportunity to slip past the defense and land on the neck of a Heaven Master. It raised its black hook in the air, then fiercely pierced it down.

Ah —

The Lord of Darkness who pierced felt intense pain, exclaiming as he lost his voice. A black plum blossom mark appeared immediately on his neck. Quickly, the black plum blossom spread all over his body.

Yi Yu’s expression changed upon seeing the situation. She shot out a ball of water vapor from her palm, shocking away the black bee. She then flew over as a water vortex circled on her palm. She immediately placed the water vortex onto his wound.

The spiraling water vapor had a powerful absorption ability. It sucked out a black needle from the wound.

At the same time, a large amount of smelly black blood was also being sucked out. The wound gradually turned from black to a more normal flesh color.

The lord that was saved had a look of gratitude on his face. “Thank you, Yi Yu.”

Qing Zhu also let out a sigh of relief. The look he gave Yi Yu was one of admiration and longing. He said with a gentle voice, “It has been hard on you, Yi Yu.”

This was the third person that Yi Yu had saved. Otherwise, with their overall abilities, there was no way that they could have lasted this long, without any casualties. It was all because Yi Yu was so adept in water-based techniques and specialized in healing and extracting poison.

But, after doing this three times, there was a black air aura circling around Yi Yu’s palm. This was a sign of her being poisoned! After saving people multiple times, she was the one being affected now.

She was pale under the veil of water that was hiding her face. She had sweat dripping down her forehead.

She had to deal with the black bees, and at the same time, she also needed to save people. The toll that this had all taken on her had been huge. This, coupled with the fact that she had now been poisoned, made it hard for her to continue any longer.

“Careful!” Suddenly, a black bee struck Yi Yu’s back.

Qing Zhu let out a low grunt, sending it flying with a palm. He had a look of anxiety. “Bai Luo, Yi Yu can’t hold on any longer. We should retreat. If we continue this attack, we will only suffer casualties.”

Bai Luo was in an alright state. He was fine, other than the toll this had all taken on his spiritual energy, as well as a few several shallow wounds on his body.

Hearing this, he glanced at the others, his expression sinking. He let out a low grunt, then said, “Let’s hold on for a little longer. We have finally found one of the Five Great Legacies, the legacy of perception, so we cannot give up like this!”

Qing Zhu was a little unhappy, but clenched his teeth and persisted. Bai Luo had already been in battle with the purple bee for ten rounds. He now had a glint in his eyes, seeing that the purple bee was finally showing signs of fatigue.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh —

The purple bee was caught off guard. Nine space vortexes suddenly appeared, surrounding the purple bee. At the same time, Bai Luo took out three daggers of different sizes from his palm, tossing them into the space vortexes. At that moment, three daggers shot out from the nine space vortexes, heading right toward the purple bee.

Whoosh —

A dull thud could be heard. Two of the daggers were immediately repelled as they struck the bee’s body. The other one pierced through the soft area under its wings. But the wound wasn’t deep, certainly not deep enough to kill the bee.

Suddenly experiencing pain, the purple bee became even more violent, manically crashing into the nine space vortexes, as if it was a trapped beast, fighting for its life.

Under the fierce attacks, the space vortexes shook considerably. Bai Luo was let out a grunt, then spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Hmmph! You still dare to retaliate!” Bai Luo struck out with his palms furiously. His palms eerily shot out from the nine vortexes at unpredictable angles. His attacks made the purple bee shriek, its retaliation becoming even more intense.

Finally, the purple bee could no longer hold out under the continuous attacks. Bai Luo found its weak spot, then thrust a dagger into it, ending its life.

The purple bee let out a violent roar, its body shrinking, before it exploded like a balloon! A stench filled the air, as a poisonous liquid splattered around.

After the explosion, the giant needle on its tail was shot outward, finding its target on one of the space vortexes. At that moment, the space vortex shook uncontrollably, then collapsed.

Bai Luo’s face turned red, as he spat out a mouthful of blood. But he did not have time to be surprised, as the needle shot past the space, making its way toward him.


Bai Luo let out a cold grunt. The remaining eight space vortexes fused to form a giant space vortex in front of him. The vortex then released a force of attraction, sucking the needle within it.

The giant vortex then shook for a while before it slowly stopped. That needle had finally been suppressed! Moreover, the Half God level purple bee had finally been killed!

Bai Luo wiped the blood off of his mouth, his expression revealing his frustration and anger. “If it hadn’t been for that Black Snow Demon King’s taking away my Nine Yin Yang Formation, we wouldn’t be in such a situation!”

Witnessing the entire situation, Yi Yu was nonchalant. Even if Bai Luo had not lost his set of iron needles, it would not be so easy for him to deal with the purple bee.

“Bai Luo, help us, quick!”

Qing Zhu was being attacked by three black bees! Hearing this, the fury in Bai Luo’s eyes burned, as he released nine vortexes.

With Bai Luo around, the pressure on the others was relieved. With their complementary attacks, they were able to launch a counterattack on the bees, making quick work of them. The group felt as though they had just escaped death, happily claiming the corpses of the black bees as their spoils of war.

“Huuu” Qing Zhu wiped the sweat off of his forehead. He took several deep breaths. The continuous battles had depleted the spirit energy in his body by nearly ninety percent.

“I never imagined that the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was such a dangerous place, where even mere black bees could reach the level of Half God! This would be unimaginable in the Zhenlong Continent.” As Qing Zhu thought about it, his expression turned a little fearful.

They had followed the directions given by the King of Darkness and had escaped any dangers along the way, reaching the five peaks unscathed. Furthermore, they had also completed the mission given by the King of Darkness, setting up the heavenly offering.

With everything having been spoon fed to them, they had not met with any dangers within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Them meeting the black bees here was the first grave danger that they had encountered at all, in fact.

Yi Yu creased her brows. “I would suggest that we retreat from this place. According to the king, the Eighth Level of the Divine Pavilion is no place for us to be. These bunch of black bees might be close rivals for us, but also might be the most common of dangers here in the Eighth Level! Furthermore, many people will be fighting for the legacies here at the five peaks. We were lucky to not have met anyone from Jiuzhou. We should leave before we are noticed.”

Hearing this, Qing Zhu slipped into deep thought. He had complete trust in Lord Yi Yu. But they had found a legacy after much effort, so just giving up now seemed to be too much of a pity.

“You undermine your own power by overestimating the opponent!” Bai Luo let out a grunt. “We are both cultivators. Even if we do not have comparable resources, our levels of perception, hard work, and talents are no worse than theirs. How great could the difference between us be?”

These words comforted the rest of the lords. After all, they had been handpicked by the King of Darkness. Each one of them stood among the top of the geniuses in the Zhenlong Continent. Thus, they could not accept the reality that they might be weaker than the geniuses of Jiuzhou.

Yi Yu did not rebut this, only sighed to herself. “A person will only believe what he chooses to believe…”