The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Poisonous Crystal Bee

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“Let’s go in!” Bai Luo stopped looking at Lord Yi Yu and led the team to enter the Dark Netherworld Forest.

The Netherworld Forest, which was thousands of square feet, was the legacy of the fourth mountainComprehension!

However, before they stepped into the Netherworld Forest, three figures escaped from the dense forest in a flurry. They were strong martial artists of the Half God level. Moreover, they were first-rate Half Gods. Their faces were filled with fear, and they seemed to be fleeing from something. When they flew out from the forest, they unexpectedly encountered Bai Luo and his group of people head-on straight away.

“Wandering martial artists?” one said.

The three of them frowned. They stopped in front of Bai Luo and his group. Their leader was a large, half-naked man with bronze-colored skin. His whole body was covered in tattoos of various sizes, including his face, which looked extremely strange. The two men on the left and right of him looked similar.

“Senior Brother Zhang, let me take care of them,” the Junior Brother on the left said with a grin. “A few wandering martial artists dare to lay their eyes on the legacy of our Giant Tattoo Faction!”

As for the man on the left, he was much calmer. He said coldly, “It would be better for me to capture them first and perform the soul searching technique. Looking at their abilities, they are clearly just like us, who bypassed the transportation in the stone forest and entered the five mountains from another shortcut. Hence, we need to capture them and question them closely! This kind of secret is better off not known by wandering martial artists.”

His speech caused half of Bai Luo’s heart to ice over. The Lords of Darkness had their hearts nearly jump out of their throats. The three of them looked unfamiliar. Hence, there was no doubt that they were geniuses of the world of Jiuzhou!

Just Senior Brother Zhang, who was the leader, was enough. Bai Luo was unable to sense how powerful he was.

As for the two Half Gods beside him, every one of them gave him an extremely dangerous feeling. They were first-rate Half Gods that were no weaker than Long Wuxin! For the first time, Bai Luo finally believed Lord Yi Yu’s words. Jiuzhou’s geniuses were frightening. No, they were horrifying! Especially that Senior Brother Zhang, whose power could not be sensed.

Moreover, Bai Luo had a hunch that if the other party wished to do so, he could kill him with one move.

In no time, the Seven Lords of Darkness became terrified. Their hearts were beating extremely fast.

Senior Brother Zhang took a look at their eyes. His gaze was dullextremely calm. However, his tranquil expression was enough to frighten multiple Lords.

“Forget it,” said Senior Brother Zhang. “The Crystal Bee is about to catch up with us, and we have no time to worry about them. Let’s leave quickly.”

After Senior Brother Zhang finished his speech, he and his two Junior Brothers vanished from their positions.

The Lords, who felt they had just narrowly escaped the gates of hell, heaved a collective sigh of relief. Their nervesstretched taut with terrorfinally relaxed. They felt like their bodies were about collapse.

Qing Zhu had a ghastly pale expression, and his words faltered. “Are are they the geniuses of Jiuzhou? So frightening!”

Bai Luo secretly pinched his palm to force himself to regain his calmness. However, his heart was still beating extremely fast. Qing Zhu was right. They were geniuses of Jiuzhou And they were indeed frightening. They were even more frightening than the geniuses of Jiuzhou that Lord Yi Yu had mentioned!

By contrast, Lord Yi Yu had remained the calmest. “We have to leave immediately,” she said. “This Crystal Bee, which can cause even the geniuses of Jiuzhou to flee, is probably not something we can deal with.”

This time around, no one rebutted her point.

“Also,” she continued, “I will recommend one last time, we should retreat to the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion immediately. The five mountains are definitely not places we should entangle ourselves.”

No one questioned those words either. Having personally experienced how frightening the geniuses of Jiuzhou were, they had no intentions of fighting them.

However, as they were about to leave, a sound like heavy raindrops beating against broken tiles was heard from the dark, dense forest. Looking toward it, a swarm of bees had flown out of the black forest!

There were just over 100 of them. However, the bees with the lowest cultivation base were black in color. They were 100 Human Kings! There were also ten purple-colored Half God bees!

A single purple bee alone had caused Bai Luo to be exhausted after dealing with it. Now, there were ten of them! Bai Luo was filled with grief at the sight.

However, the purple bees weren’t the leaders. Instead, it was a rabbit-sized Crystal Bee in front of the swarm. Its aura was even more frightening. From its body, Bai Luo could feel the aura of the Fairy Realm!

No one dared even breathe deeply at this shocking scene. Moreover, they hadn’t move quickly enough to escape. Their eyes were filled with hopelessness.

Lord Yi Yu was the first person to regain her senses from the shock. She shouted, “Run!”

She herself was the first person to escape. After that, Bai Luo came back to his senses and reacted. The next person was Qing Zhu, and finally, the remaining Lords. However, the bees did not pursue them all the way out of the dark, dense forest. Instead, they looked at Bai Luo and his group from afar and gave a sharp buzz. This simple buzz contained unimaginable sound waves!

With a horrible shriek, the last three Lords turned into mincemeat on the spot and were sent flying in succession. The group of purple bees flew over excitedly, greedily swallowing the flesh and blood right out of the sky. They were enjoying themselves to the fullest!

After that, it was Qing Zhu’s turn. He gave a groan, staggered about, and somersaulted a few times. He fell to the ground, his whole body paralyzed. A purple bee gave an excited buzz, zoomed forward, and landed on Qing Zhu’s body, preparing to enjoy a great meal while its food was still fresh and alive.

Bai Luo was also struck by the sound waves and almost staggered and fell. Luckily, he managed to stabilize his body in time. As he was about to escape again, he discovered, astonishingly, that a comprehension chain formed by sound waves had bound him. He could hardly move!

Although Lord Yi Yu’s reaction time was fast, her cultivation base was not high, and she did not manage to escape. Her body turned stiff, and she froze in place at once. The bloodthirsty purple bees sped over crazily.

Five of them landed on Bai Luo’s body. Two of them, reeking of blood, landed on Lord Yi Yu’s body. They then stuck out two forelegs with the intention of feasting upon the fresh flesh and blood of her body.

Lord Yi Yu’s heart sank. Her beautiful eyes were filled with despair. All she could do was close her eyes and endure the cruel and extreme pain that was about to come.

However, at that moment, whooshing sounds suddenly broke the silence in the sky. After that, several loud pops could be heard. The sky, filled with buzzing, went quiet!

Lord Yi Yu opened her eyes and discovered, gasping coldly, that the ground was covered in the mutilated bodies of the attacking bees. All of them, the purple ones included, had been cut cleanly in half, and their corpses littered the ground.

Moreover, she could see someone standing amid the bodies, currently with his back to Yi Yu. It was the back of a silver-haired, dark-clothed young man. He stood with his hands clasped behind his back, looking indifferently at the Crystal Bee.

A cool breeze blew, lifting his long silver hair a bit. In the sky, a brilliant silver light was reflected from the silver hair. This slim man with his chest puffed out was like a figure from a dreamhe could not personally be a person from the mortal world.

Yi Yu was stunned. She felt that she had been hammered ruthlessly by an iron hammer deep inside her heart.

That silhouette with the silver hair. Those traits she was so familiar withwhich she had dreamed of countless times. That aura she missed every time she thought about it.

“Yi Yu?” It was Xia Jingyu.

But at that moment, she had forgotten to think, forgotten to breathe, and even forgotten herself. She only had eyes for the silver-haired figure.