The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 516

Chapter 516 The Rebel Of The Past

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Xia Jingyu opened her mouth, but her throat seemed to have been stuffed by something, rendering her unable to speak. She knew that those were the longings that she had had all this time, as well as the anticipation that had always been in her heart, and the surprise of seeing all of this. It was all of this, mixed with the sudden feeling of bliss, that had rendered her unable to speak.

She was seeing Su Yu once again! After discovering that Yin Yu was actually Su Yu, she had slipped into unease and anticipation, especially after hearing that Yin Yu’s whereabouts were unknown.

She was worried about Su Yu’s fate and future. She was also worried that he would be like a wave in a river, never finding peace. Now that she had finally seen the face that had parted with her a long time ago, Xia Jingyu seemed to have found a newfound stability, having Su Yu by her side.

On the other hand, Bai Luo and his group were still shaken by the situation that they had just witnessed. Looking at the mysterious silver haired figure, their pupils dilated. That silver haired, black robed figure had killed nine purple bees in the blink of an eye!

What kind of shocking ability was that?

A tsunami-like pressure assaulted them! Even though the silver haired figure had his back facing them, he gave off a suffocating pressure, directed right at them. In terms of battle ability, he might not be any weaker than those geniuses from Jiuzhou!

The silver haired youth in front of them was very foreign, so he was most likely a genius from Jiuzhou! Bai Luo gasped, thinking about just how many horrifying geniuses there were in Jiuzhou! Also shocking, was the fact that the youth before them was only seventeen!

“Thank you for saving us!” Bai Luo cupped his hands and thanked him, his tone respectful. The rest of the lords also paid their respects.

This Jiuzhou genius had saved them. He was clearly a kind man, without any intentions of fighting them.

But, unexpectedly, the silver haired, dark robed youth paid no regards to them. Instead, he casually observed the crystal bee, muttering, “A Half Fairy beast with one vital energy crystal? The difficulty of the legacy here seems to be weaker than I had imagined.”

There were Fairy Realm beasts at the other legacies, but there was only a Half Fairy beast here. It was not hard for Su Yu to deal with this.

The crystal bee looked at Su Yu violently, then let out a light shriek. It took to the skies, carrying with it the large groups of black bees that were guarding the forest as it escaped! With its spiritual qualities, the crystal bee could feel the dangerous aura that Su Yu was giving off.

“It escaped, but whatever, that saves me some time.” Su Yu thought for a moment, before giving up on his pursuit. He then leisurely made his way into the forest.

“Friend, these bees are your spoils of war” Bai Luo had a greedy look in his eyes, but was conflicted. There might be some room for negotiation, which might allow them to get some of these materials.

But, Su Yu disregarded him, stepping into the pitch black forest. The Seven Lords of Darkness, including Bai Luo, were shocked by this.

What a cold Jiuzhou genius!

Bai Luo had a glint in his eyes. He quickly kept the nine corpses of the purple bees, then shot looks at the other lords. They hurried to catch up to Su Yu, following him into the forest.

Just as they were walking toward Su Yu, he suddenly stopped. His back was facing them, his tone cold, “Stop!”

Bai Luo and the rest immediately stopped, as if they had been struck by lightning, their hearts skipping a beat.

“Who said that you could follow me?” Su Yu slowly turned around, revealing the handsome face that had never been shown in the Zhenlong Continent. His handsome face had a unique aura, leaving a deep impression on the Lords of Darkness.

“What a handsome youth! He is like a fairy! No one from the Zhenlong Continent can compare to him.” A lord of darkness could not help but exclaim.

Even though the rest of them did not nod, they were in agreement with these words. In fact, his looks were something that no one from the entire Zhenlong Continent could compete with.

The looks of this Jiuzhou genius shocked them. That, coupled with his alarming abilities, brought the lords of darkness to a state of utter awe.

Bai Luo said respectfully, cupping his hands to express his apology, “Please forgive us, we shall retreat now.”

Su Yu coldly looked at them. “I saved you, because we were both from the Zhenlong Continent, so do not ask for too much.”

The rest of them nodded, but their expressions turned rigid. What followed that was pure shock…

“What? Friend, you were from the Zhenlong Continent?” Bai Luo could not mask his shock.

There were only those geniuses from the Zhenlong Continent back at the Mysterious Heavenly Stage. They had recognized all of the geniuses there! So, when did such a terrifying presence appear?

Su Yu realized only now that the Lords of Darkness had misunderstood the situation, thinking that he was a genius from Jiuzhou. After all, he had never once shown his face on the Zhenlong Continent.

“Hehe, you have forgotten me in such a short amount of time. A year ago, we were once from the same empire.” Su Yu had a faint smile.

This same empire that he had mentioned was naturally referring to the Empire of Darkness. But, these words shocked them even more.

Bai Luo’s pupils dilated, and he was losing his voice as he said, “You You came from the Empire of Darkness? That’s impossible! I am the leader of the Seven Lords of Darkness, so might I ask who you are?”

Multiple figures flashed past Bai Luo’s brain, but none of them overlapped with the youth before his eyes. Such a terrifying youth would naturally be a part of the most respected Seven Lords of Darkness within the Empire of Darkness.

Could he be a part of the Seven Lords of Darkness from the previous generation? But, if that was the case, he should be well over thirty years old by now, so the ages did not match up!

“My name Hehe, have you already forgotten, Bai Luo! I am the precious tenth deputy palace master of the Northern Sub Palace, Yin Yu! If I am not mistaken, I am still wanted by you guys.”

Could this really be the tenth deputy palace master of the Northern Sub Palace, Yin Yu?! They froze for a moment. It was clear that they had forgotten about the lad that Ling Xiaotian was protecting.

After all, Su Yu was too weak back then. He could only look up to the Seven Lords of Darkness. How would they remember such a minor character? But, after recalling for a moment, they finally remembered!

“Yin Yu it’s you!!” Bai Luo let out a long breath, his heart feeling as if it had been struck by a million volts of lightning. He looked at this scene in disbelief.

They had already begun to forget, as Yin Yu had disappeared long ago. But, now he was standing before them, and in such a dominating fashion!

The shock brought about by this large disparity felt as if they were witnessing the galaxy sail pass the sky. They had forgotten all of the animosity that they had with Su Yu. They had even forgotten that they were still in danger.

“It looks like you remembered,” Su Yu coldly said.

The Seven Lords of Darkness were deep in shock. It felt unrealistic, as if they were in a dream.

This figure that they had assumed was a handsome, powerful genius from Jiuzhou was actually a member of the Zhenlong Continent! Furthermore, he was once their subordinate! He was an average fighter, far weaker than them!

In this moment, the group had complicated feelings. The rebel of the Empire of Darkness, the wanted criminal, was now stepping all over their heads!