The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 517

Chapter 517 A Small Misunderstanding

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After some time, Su Yu’s gaze landed on Bai Luo, and his eyes were glowing with coldness. “Originally, I had planned to treat Palace Master Ling first, and then I would take care of you right in front of him! However, since you have already recognized me, there is no need for me to wait anymore.”

His words, which were filled with murderous intents, burst forth abruptly.

After hearing this, Bai Luo regained his senses from the shock, and his expression became ghastly pale. He had only just realized he had a deep hatred between Yin Yu that concerned life and death!

The oath filled with hatred that Yin Yu had left behind the day he escaped from the headquarters of the Empire of Darkness was resounding within his ears at that very moment. Originally, he had only treated the oath as a joke, and he did not care about it in the slightest bit.

However, that oath filled with murderous intents that echoed throughout the sky became like an extremely powerful thunderbolt reverberating within his mind. He was shocked and finally felt a bit remorseful.

He seemed to have provoked someone who he should not have provoked!


The silver-haired, dark-clothed figure attacked like electricity, catching Bai Luo off guard. He combined his nine vortexes into one and created a giant vortex in front of him to swallow the energy of the incoming attack.

Su Yu’s figure flashed, and he showed himself abruptly. Red light glowed on his palm, and a red dagger that emitted bloody energy ripped out a bright red fragmentary thread in the sky. With a groan, the vortex Bai Luo was so proud of merely withstood the attack for some time and then split apart on the spot.

The red fragmentary thread no longer had any obstructions, and it slashed Bai Luo’s chest.

With a sad, shrill and horrible shriek, a bloody groove that was five feet long was left behind on Bai Luo’s chest. It was so deep his bones could be seen.

Everyone was shocked. With a casual attack, Bai Luo’s innate space abilities were split apart. How frightening was that?

“A high-grade divine artifact. So that is it. So that is it!” As Bai Luo stared at the high-grade divine artifact on Su Yu’s palm, his eyes glowed with anger. He finally understood why Su Yu was so strong that he had managed to kill so many purple bees so easily. Su Yu actually possessed such a frightening divine artifact!

In the Zhenlong continent, there were only very few high-grade divine artifacts. As long as one possessed it, his abilities would rise by one level out of thin air. Hence, it was not really something big.

Su Yu shook the dagger, which was stained with Bai Luo’s blood, and said indifferently, “It is still more than enough to kill you.”

However, Bai Luo sneered, “Humph, this divine artifact shall belong to me!” Bai Luo then opened his mouth and spit out a grayish-white-colored ball that contained extremely strong space energy.

“Take it in!” Bai Luo shouted. At once, Bai Luo’s blood that was on the blood-colored dagger in Su Yu’s palm emitted space energy, which enshrouded the dagger. After that, the grayish-white ball glowed, and the dagger was moved into the ball out of thin air.

“The price you have to pay for making me see my own blood is your treasure!” Bai Luo laughed wildly. His face revealed thick murderous intents. “Now, without your high-grade divine artifact, let me see how you can continue to be arrogant toward me!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed, and he headed toward Su Yu with anger. He then said ferociously, “I will kill you first. After that, I will kill Ling Xiaotian, that old bastard. I shall send both of you to the other world together!”

Su Yu’s eyes were glowing with coldness, and his murderous intents became even thicker. Bai Luo had to die!

As for the blood-colored dagger, Bai Luo probably did not know it was the lowest level of treasure Su Yu possessed! By snatching the dagger away, he would die even faster.

However, three figures suddenly flew over with great speed.

They were Senior Brother Zhang and two other people who had just left. They had realized that the Crystal Bee and black bees guarding the legacy had left. Hence, they came to do an investigation, and they happened to see Su Yu and Bai Luo fighting.

As soon as the three of them flew over, the Junior Brother on the right swept his eyes past them coldly. “What happened here? Why did the Crystal Bee leave? Speak!”

Senior Brother Zhang and the other Junior Brother descended slowly. They then examined the surrounding with a frown to find out the reason why those black bees retreated. As for Su Yu and his group of people, they were neglected by them.

The sudden appearance of the three people had caused the hearts of Bai Luo and his group of people to shake vigorously!

They had returned! The real geniuses of Jiuzhou!

Bai Luo’s figure abruptly stopped moving. His heart was racing.

“I have asked you a question. Are you mute?” The Junior Brother’s expression turned cold and reprimanding. Suddenly, his eyes saw the grayish-white ball on the centre of Bai Luo’s palm. Looking at it, there was a dagger inside the ball.

It was originally a random glance. However, when he looked carefully, his eyes shrank, and he revealed an astonished expression.

Rub, rub, rub

He then subconsciously retreated about seven to eight steps. His face had become distorted due to fear. He looked like he had been scared out of his wits.

“Junior Brother Wu, what’s wrong with you?” the Junior Brother on the left could not help but ask while stupefied.

The disciple named Junior Brother Wu looked terrified, and his finger was pointing toward the grayish-white ball on Bai Luo’s hand. “Bloodthirsty Dagger It’s that person’s Bloodthirsty Dagger!”

Senior Brother Zhang frowned and looked over. He then berated softly, “Stop making a fuss about nothing. How can that be?” However, when he saw the dagger in the ball clearly, his strict face gradually turned serious. Tiny bits of fearfulness then appeared within his eyes, and an unnatural paleness appeared on his face.

“Bloodthirsty Dagger There’s no doubt about it!” Senior Brother Zhang breathed in a mouthful of cold air. “Why is his dagger here?”

Senior Brother Zhang’s gaze landed onto Bai Luo, and his expression became a lot more polite for no reason. “May I ask this, brother; what is your relationship with the owner of this dagger?”

Bai Luo was stunned. The politeness of Senior Brother Zhang had indeed taken him by surprise. After taking a glance at Su Yu, he said uneasily, “For the moment, we are considered brothers. This brother here, what do you have for me?”

Su Yu and he were disciples nurtured by the Empire of Darkness at the same time. Hence, they could still be considered as fellow apprentices.

After hearing what was said, Senior Brother Zhang’s eyelid twitched a few times. Moreover, the expressions of the two Junior Brothers beside him, who were glaring in anger, also became a lot more relaxed.

“So, you are his fellow apprentice. Please excuse me for my lack of manners! I am Zhang Yue of the Giant Tattoo Faction. May I ask for your big name?” Zhang Yue was unusually polite.

Bai Luo was a bit overwhelmed by the unexpected favor. However, he did not dare to give him a cold shoulder. “I am Bai Luo. These few people are my Junior Brothers and Sisters.”

“So you are Brother Bai. No wonder your bearing is extraordinary. Your Junior Brothers and Sisters are also extremely capable. Even without relying on the Senior Brother, all of you are still able to strengthen yourself here freely. This really makes me feel shameful of myself,” Zhang Yue said as he smiled.

A big tree is a good shelter. Chou Zeming was quite renowned in the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands for being extremely frightening. Moreover, he was in the Mysterious Heavenly Palace. He was an unmatched, frightening existence.

Looking at how cruel and ruthless Chou Zeming was, if he were to get wind of the information that they had made things difficult for his Junior Brothers and Sisters, the consequences would be extremely bad.

Bai Luo laughed. All of a sudden, his chest felt pain. When he started to relax himself, the pain came.

Zhang Yue’s expression changed as his gaze travelled toward Su Yu. “Brother Bai, this is?”

Bai Luo forced a smile. “Due to my carelessness, I have been injured by this traitor.”

Zhang Yue looked toward Su Yu coldly with thick murderous intents: “Humph! You even dared to touch him! Forget it if I didn’t run into him unexpectedly. However, since I have run into him unexpectedly, I can only uphold justice for his Senior Brother!”

At once, a boundless amount of vital energy within his body appeared. He was a Half Fairy with one Vital Energy Crystal!

Su Yu remained calm and stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He then said with a true yet fake smile, “Do you know where the Bloodthirsty Dagger on his hands came from? Also, do you know who the brothers are that he was referring to?”