The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 518

Chapter 518 Waves Of Shock

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It was clear that Zhang Yue had mistaken Bai Luo and the rest as being Chou Zeming’s juniors, and also disciples of the Soul Snatching Palace. Thus, they were polite and ready to help, all for the sake of giving a great impression. They could not afford to offend them.

Zhang Yue froze, his eyes glancing over. He had immediately understood what Su Yu meant. There was suspicion in his heart.

These people do not seem to be disciples using demon-based techniques. From the looks of their attire, they seemed to be more like wandering cultivators.

But, it was better to believe them. They did not want to unintentionally offend a person like Chou Zeming.

“Lad, what are you talking about? I do not understand you!” Zhang Yue let out a grunt, taking a step forward, his killing intent increasing.

Seeing this, Su Yu let out a cold smile. “You are merely faking it. He took that sword away from me, and as for the relationship he spoke of, it naturally is between me and him. It has nothing to do with Chou Zeming.”

Hearing this, the two juniors shared a look of enlightenment. It was no wonder that this batch of people looked so foreign. They were also like them, wandering cultivators, who had come here without entering the Mysterious Heavenly Stage.

They did not seem to be disciples of the Soul Snatching Palace at all. They finally understood this, after hearing Su Yu’s words.

Even though Zhang Yue understood, he still had shock in his eyes. He said in a low voice, “This Bloodthirsty Dagger is yours? How did you get it?”

A look of confusion surfaced in Zhang Yue’s eyes. The youth before him was of average abilities, only at the level of Human King. It was hard to believe that he could snatch the Bloodthirsty Dagger away from Chou Zeming.

Could it be that Chou Zeming had met with misfortune, then this lad had taken advantage of it?

“I naturally took it from Chou Zeming’s hands,” Su Yu slowly said.

The two juniors scolded fiercely, “Are you looking for death? Answer honestly!”

It was clear that they could not believe that a Human King could snatch the Bloodthirsty Dagger from the hands of a Half Fairy with three vital energy crystals. But Yue Zhang put his hands together, instructing them to be silent.

There was a glint in his eyes, as he said, “Do you mean that Chou Zeming met with misfortune?”

To this, Su Yu nodded “Well, he is dead.”

“What?” Even Zhang Yue was shocked that the evil god-like Chou Zeming was dead!

Who would have such ungodly powers, to be able to kill him within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?

After some time, the three finally cleared their doubts with collective sighs of relief. They finally understood why the Bloodthirsty Dagger that followed Chou Zeming wherever he went would appear in the hands of a group of wandering cultivators. That silver haired youth had really been lucky to be able to obtain Chou Zeming’s treasure.

A look of joy circled in their eyes.

Does this mean that there is a good possibility that this lad had gotten Chou Zeming’s storage space?

Thinking about Chou Zeming and how many people he had killed, as well as how many treasures he had snatched, they could not imagine how generous his storage space would be!

“Hehehe, you thieves dare snatch the treasures that were left behind by Senior Chou Zeming. Take them out obediently, and let me take them back to the Soul Snatching Palace. Otherwise, hng hng!” Zhang Yue revealed his intentions with menacing hand gestures, calling in his recruits.

The two juniors took to the left and right, surrounding the group. The expressions of the Seven Lords of Darkness immediately changed. With this change in the situation, these people now wanted to kill all of them!

A thick despair spun in their hearts. They now understood that, even if Yin Yu would take those items out, it would be unlikely that they would be able to escape the fate of death. After all, Zhang Yue would not dare let the information about Chou Zeming’s treasures leak out.

“As for the belongings, there is indeed one more thing. If you want it, you can come here and get it.” Su Yu did not move, his expression peaceful.

Zhang Yue’s eyes turned cold. “You still keep up such a pretense in front of me? You’re looking for death!”

In his eyes, Su Yu, who was at the level of Human King, only had mediocre abilities. He could kill Su Yu with a mere flick of his finger. Su Yu was only faking his cool to scare them.

He gave a look to his two juniors. The two of them closed in on Su Yu, both on his left and right, while Zhang Yue took the center.

Bai Luo had a glint in his eyes, seizing the opportunity to retreat. He was preparing to escape this place!

“Capture him!” Zhang Yue let out a low grunt, the three of them blocking Su Yu’s path of escape, charging toward him at the same time.

Creak —

But, at this moment, a golden glow flashed behind Su Yu. Three identical gold swords appeared, their blades simple, without any blemishes. In fact, they looked incredibly normal. But, the aura they gave off caused the skins of many to crawl.

“Three half-manufactured spiritual artifacts?” The two juniors lost their voices in shock, unable to believe the scene before them, as half-manufactured spiritual artifacts are objects that only Fairy Realm fighters possessed!

Zhang Yue’s heart thumped wildly, a great feeling of unease descending upon him without warning. His expression changed wildly, as he shouted, “Run, quick! There is a problem with this kid!”

Whoosh Whoosh —

The two juniors did not even have time to react, before a golden glow flashed past their necks. Their heads fell, their faces still carrying their expressions of shock. It was as if they had not realized that they were already dead!

This had just been a killing of two top notch Half Gods, with just a flick of a finger! Zhang Yue gasped, now incredibly fearful. He turned into an afterimage, before fleeing for his life.

But, he had not even taken two steps, when a golden glow flashed near his neck. A golden ripple of space appeared, as the small golden sword appeared from within it, slicing around his neck. It was a half-manufactured spiritual artifact, carrying space properties!

Zhang Yue was feeling immense fear, squealing, “Friend, please spare me!”

But, the small golden sword coldly sliced in the air, tossing his neck mercilessly as it went. When the head landed, Su Yu’s words entered his ears, “Chou Zeming is indeed dead, but I was the one who had taken the Bloodthirsty Dagger from his hands during a battle.”

“The person that killed Chou Zeming is you.” These words were Zhang Yue’s last thoughts, which caused him to shudder.

Just what kind of a monster had he chosen to pick on?

Even Chou Zeming had died by his hands, yet he greedily chose to pick on him

His eyes closed shut, as the head rolled on the floor. The three golden swords then sliced through the air, before landing on Su Yu’s palm.

“Space properties! Looks like it’ll be convenient for us to use.” Su Yu was satisfied. This was the second time that he had activated the golden swords, which activated the space properties.

There were also space properties within the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo. In fact, L Chuyi was able to traverse a thousand miles with a single step because of it.

Even though there were only fragments of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo within the golden swords, limiting the power of the space properties, it was still enough to utilize with the three small swords.

“He He killed them all alone?” Lord Qing Zhu exclaimed, gasping.