The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Reuniting After A Long Parting

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Two first-rate Half Gods like Long Wuxin and a frightening existence that surpassed the Half God were casually killed, just like that!

“How? How strong is he?” This question had appeared in the mind of every Lord.

Bai Luo’s face was ghastly pale and extremely unpleasant. Su Yu’s abilities were so strong they had exceeded his expectations. After thinking for some time, ruthlessness flashed past his mind. His figure then leaped behind Lord Yi Yu like the wind, and he held the Bloodthirsty Dagger in his palm.

After hearing the noises, Lord Yi Yu realized the situation was not good, and her figure headed toward the front with the intention of avoiding Bai Luo.

However, Bai Luo had made preparations a long time ago. He weaved signs with one hand. Countless Space Vortexes enshrouded the area surrounding Lord Yi Yu.

After that, he extended the Bloodthirsty Dagger forward, and it arrived at the back of Lord Yi Yu. He then shouted with a low voice, “Do not move!”

Everything happened too abruptly, taking everyone by surprise.

How would the Lords of Darkness foresee that Bai Luo, their leader, would take action against his own people?

“Bai Luo, what are you doing? Are you crazy?” Qing Zhu asked, shocked.

Bai Luo gave a heavy hum. “All of you are to keep your mouths shut!” His prestige was still present. Hence, the remaining Lords only dared to be furious and not say anything.

Su Yu was a bit surprised. After looking at Lord Yi Yu, who had been held under duress, he could not help but be slightly suspicious. Logically, his identity of the Black Snow Devil King had a bit of connection with Lord Yi Yu. Hence, holding Lord Yi Yu under duress would indeed cause the hands and legs of the Black Snow Devil King to be bounded.

However, at the moment, his identity was Yin Yu, who was not related to Lord Yi Yu in the slightest bit. So, was there any meaning in the threat?

“Yin Yu, you don’t wish for her to die, right? Spare my life. If not, I will kill her immediately!” Bai Luo said coldly. “I have already found out about the relationship between you two. Your real name is Su Yu, and you are closely related to our Lord Yi Yu, right?”

Oh? They had already found out about Yin Yu’s real identity? Su Yu was not surprised. With the power of the Empire of Darkness, finding out about his roots were not considered difficult considering how much time had passed.

Qing Zhu’s expression changed. He had heard the name Su Yu many times. Lord Yi Yu had described Su Yu exhaustively, mentioning and repeating his name again and again.

Su Yu, the blossom friend of hers from Shenyue Island. Su Yu, the person who could make Yi Yu see all the prosperity in the world on his behalf. Yin Yu, the only person who could make Yi Yu, who was impervious to desires and passions, reveal complicated feelings. Yin Yu, the name that Qing Zhu detested most within his heart.

Su Yu, Yin Yu!

“So what? I do not remember having once involved myself with your Lord Yi Yu,” Su Yu said coldly. He would indeed not watch Lord Yi Yu helplessly get murdered. However, he would definitely not compromise for a woman he had only met once.

Hearing this, Qing Zhu’s face filled with anger. He had even forgotten Su Yu could kill him in the time he needed to raise his hands. “Shut up! Everyone in the world can say they are not related to her. However, you are the only person who cannot say that!” His eyes were filled with dissatisfaction and overflowing with great disdain.

Su Yu frowned. He absolutely could not recall what he owed Lord Yi Yu such that Lord Qing Zhu would be so agitated.

Bai Luo laughed ferociously, and his laughter was unusually brutal. “Haha! Looks like you seem to not know the real face of Yi Yu.”

Among the Seven Lords of Darkness, the only person who had seen Lord Yi Yu’s real face before was Lord Qing Zhu. Apart from him, her face had always been covered by water vapor, and no one knew how she really looked.

Her real face? At that moment, Su Yu quickly recalled the experience where he fought side by side with her in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. There was that instant where he thought Lord Yi Yu was extremely similar to one person.

Unconsciously, Su Yu’s heart started to beat extremely fast!

“Haha, she is” Bai Luo said jokingly.

However, his voice ceased abruptly! His expression became serious, and his skin suddenly turned bright red. A great amount of blood was flowing out from his pores.

His body was continuously getting drier at a speed that could not be perceived by the naked eye. It looked as if all the water within his body had been drawn out.

A pitch-black, icy cold jade needle had appeared in Lord Yi Yu’s hands at some point in time. With a turn of her hands, the needle pierced into Bai Luo’s body.

“Feather Needle of Darkness. It’s the magical treasure the King of Darkness always carried on him!” Bai Luo said, astonished, as his soul almost came out of his body.

Qing Zhu was shocked as well. “How can this be? The Feather Needle of Darkness is a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact-class magical treasure that is passed on to the King of Darkness throughout the generations. So, why does Yi Yu have it? Could it be that the King of Darkness has passed on the position to Yi Yu?”

Su Yu’s pupils were slightly serious. Feather Needle of Darkness? What a strong semi-manufactured spiritual artifact! Its use seemed to be strengthening the power of its owner in certain areas.

As Lord Yi Yu was proficient in water-based techniques, she had strengthened her water-based techniques by more than ten times. She was able to easily and severely injure Bai Luo, who was a Half God!

“Impossible! The Empire of Darkness is mine. It belongs to me, Bai Luo!” Bai Luo gave a furious roar. With the magical treasure in Yi Yu’s hands, that was more than enough to prove the King of Darkness was still alive. Moreover, he had also passed on the position of King of Darkness to her!

The next King of Darkness was not Bai Luo. Instead, it was Yi Yu!

As Bai Luo was unable to accept such a reality, the Bloodthirsty Dagger in his hands revolved and slashed Lord Yi Yu’s beautiful jade neck.

Su Yu’s pupils shrank, and Lord Qing Zhu roared loudly. It was already too late.

Lord Yi Yu’s head was sent flying into the sky with a whoosh. Her body then suddenly turned into a lump of water vapor.

It was a water substitute!

Bai Luo’s expression changed, and he wanted to get away. However, all of a sudden, a water light glowed behind him and changed into Lord Yi Yu. The water vapor on her face had already dispersed, revealing her real faceher beautiful, graceful face that was like a celestial beauty!

Her skin was fair and as light as water. It was stained pink, and it was as flawless as jades, perfectly smooth and soft. Under her long eyelashes was a pair of crystal clear, peaceful eyes. They were pure and did not any contain any of the dirtiness of the world.

Looking at her clearly, she looked like a lotus that had just appeared above the water. She was so beautiful she made people suffocate as she descended upon the world.

In no time, a hundred flowers were pale in comparison to her. There was no prettiness in the world that could be compared with the face of the woman in front of them. In front of her, all beautiful things could only feel inferior.

Countless men of the Seven Lords of Darkness were all stunned by her beauty. They were once curious of the face that was covered by the water vapor. However, they had never thought it would be so gorgeous.

Su Yu was stunned. His eyes had changed from being unfamiliar to familiar to dumbfounded. And, finally, to great shock.

That face was Xia Jingyu. It was Xia Jingyu, from whom he had been separated for three years.

That time, although the 14-year-old Xia Jingyu was beautiful and graceful, she was still a bit immature. However, the Xia Jingyu of that very moment, who was 17 years old, looked as if she had been reborn. She was even more beautifulso beautiful she was dazzling, so beautiful she was stunning, and so beautiful she looked as if she came from a dream. If she were only a celestial beauty last time, this Xia Jingyu was a real fairy.

It was to the extent that Su Yu felt a bit inferior. He did not dare to reunite with her.