The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 520

Chapter 520 Killing Bai Luo

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Even the furious Bai Luo was shocked by the remarkable beauty before him. He had not expected Lord Yi Yu’s hidden appearance to be this beautiful.

Multiple people were all overcome by that beautiful face. It was even more intoxicating, when coupled with her pure demeanor, making those who witnessed her forget themselves.

“Bai Luo, I had not wanted to attack you. I had not wanted to kill you, even though you wanted to kill me multiple times over. That is because you were someone that the king had fancied, and I am indebted to the king” Xia Jingyu’s lips quivered, her expression peaceful. But, soon after, those clear eyes were covered with a thin layer of frost. “But, then you did something unforgettable!”

Bai Luo looked over at the Feather Needle of Darkness with caution. He clenched his teeth, grabbing the Bloodthirsty Dagger as he retreated. At this moment, Xia Jingyu lifted her left hand, then slowly grabbed towards Bai Luo’s direction.

Creak —

The blood and water in Bai Luo’s body suddenly expanded. Bai Luo’s body was like a water balloon that was about to explode, expanding continually! Finally, it exploded with a bang, turning into mush, then scattering all around the surroundings!

The leader of the Seven Lords of Darkness, Bai Luo, had been killed so easily! It was justice, his dying by the judgment of the Feather Needle of Darkness.

Xia Jingyu let out a faint sigh. “You should not have threatened Brother Su Yu. You can threaten me all you want, but threatening him is unforgivable!”

Witnessing the execution of Bai Luo had made the rest of the Seven Lords of Darkness respectful. Thinking for a moment, Lord Qing Zhu looked at the other lords. All of them then knelt on one knee, paying their respects. After all, with the Feather Needle of Darkness now in her hands, Xia Jingyu had, in some sense, become the King of Darkness.

“You need not stand on ceremony,as I am merely temporarily safekeeping this.” Xia Jingyu waved her hands, propping them up.

She grabbed the air with her slender hand, recalling the Bloodthirsty Dagger. Her suffocatingly beautiful face blushed, and ripples flashed through her clear eyes.

She hung her head low, not daring to look at the figure in front of her. Even though she was pining to meet him when they were apart, she now felt a strange unease and fear. Xia Jingyu was confused by her unease and fear.

“Xia Jingyu!” Su Yu did not mask his excitement, taking large steps forward. He extended his arms, wishing to give Xia Jingyu a hug.

But, that beautiful appearance felt a little foreign, making Su Yu feel awkward. He put his arms down, softly calling out her name.

At this moment, Xia Jingyu’s body was strung taut, her hands tightly gripping the side of her robes. She was blushing, not unlike a shy child.

Witnessing this scene, Lord Qing Zhu’s eyes slowly widened. His heart felt a sudden pain. That expression, which he had never seen before on Xia Jingyu’s face, explained everything. Xia Jingyu had long ago given her heart to this man.

“Brother Su Yu.” At such a long awaited reunion, Xia Jingyu did not know what to do or say. The words that she could say so easily in the past, now took her much effort to utter. Su Yu also felt a little awkward, not knowing what to say in the moment.

“Brother Yu, your dagger” Xia Jingyu handed the Bloodthirsty Dagger over, still keeping her head low, not daring to look Su Yu in the eye.

Su Yu took it from her, unintentionally touching her palm. It was warm and soft.

Xia Jingyu’s palm shuddered, causing her to retract her hand, as if it had been struck by lightning. Her face slowly turned even redder, her heart thumping wildly. Looking at her shy reaction, Su Yu found a sense of familiarity. It was as though Xia Jingyu had always been this shy in front of him.

The foreign feeling gradually subsided. Su Yu relaxed considerably, as he let out a faint laugh. “After all these years, you’ve become so beautiful that I do not dare acknowledge you. Women really transform quickly!”

Hearing his familiar voice and tone, the unease in Xia Jingyu’s heart melted away. She finally lifted her head to observe Su Yu.

It was still that same handsome face, those deep black eyes. What was different, was that his once childish look was long gone. Furthermore, Su Yu had grown considerably taller.

Three years ago, Su Yu was about as tall as her. But now, he was easily a half a head taller than her!

“You have also changed a lot, Brother Yu,” Xia Jingyu said softly.

The two of them looked at each other, laughing at the same time.

“To think that we would meet here.” Xia Jingyu laughed. Her laugh was like a flower, bright and beautiful.

Su Yu froze, slipping into a daze for a moment. He then involuntarily bit his tongue. Xia Jingyu was too beautiful!

“Cough, cough Let’s talk as we walk. We can go and look at the legacy of perception.” Su Yu awkwardly shifted his gaze.

Noticing Su Yu’s daze, Xia Jingyu felt a strange feeling of joy, despite her blushing face. She gently nodded. “I’ll listen to you.”

Pausing for a moment, Xia Jingyu suddenly said, “What about them?” She looked at Lord Qing Zhu and the rest, hesitating.

Su Yu turned around and surveyed them. “Let them leave the five peaks as soon as possible. It’s best for them to find someplace to hide. The dangers of the five peaks are more powerful than they can imagine. The crystal bee and those geniuses from Jiuzhou are the most ordinary of threats here. They can’t even be classified as dangerous.”

Hearing this, the Seven Lords of Darkness shuddered.

Those beings are not the most dangerous ones?!

Lord Qing Zhu felt a sense of injustice, letting Xia Jingyu just leave with Su Yu like that. But, Xia Jingyu did not even respond, obediently following Su Yu.

She then turned and told Lord Qing Zhu and the rest, “Listen to Brother Yu, as I trust that his words are not false. I, in the name of the king, order you to leave the five peaks immediately. Go find a safe place to avoid conflict. I’ll meet up with you when the time comes!”

Lord Qing Zhu did not have the guts to follow, now that the name of the king had been invoked. He clenched his teeth and left unwillingly.

“Lord Qing Zhu seems to fancy you,” Su Yu said. He had noticed Lord Qing Zhu’s worry for Xia Jingyu during the multiple times that they had met.

Hearing this, Xia Jingyu was a little flustered. She nervously defended herself, “We are merely friends, Brother Yu, so don’t misunderstand”

“What do I have to misunderstand?” Su Yu froze. “I would think it was strange if Lord Qing Zhu wasn’t attracted to a beautiful woman like yourself. But, if you are searching for a husband in the future, you should aim higher. With your potential and beauty, there is bound to be a better choice.” Su Yu obviously did not think highly of Lord Qing Zhu.

Xia Jingyu’s heart shook. Su Yu’s words were those of concern, but they felt especially cold to her ears at the moment.