The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 521

Chapter 521 The Legacy Of Comprehension

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Her joyous heart when they reunited with one another was turned icy cold by those words.

That’s right. Su Yu was already a man with a wife. He had only treated her as a bosom friendeven though she looked more beautiful than Qin Xianer. Even though her heart only had him alone.

Xia Jingyu moved her lips, pinched the center of her palm and followed behind Su Yu. After hesitating for a long time, she said with a soft voice, as if only she could hear it, “What if the person who I wish to be with is you?”

Even though Xia Jingyu’s voice was extremely soft, it could still be heard clearly within the silence of the dense forest.

Su Yu, who was walking in front, was stunned. He stopped walking, and his heart started to beat extremely fast.

He was an experienced person; he understood the significance of her words. Although he had once shared a bed with Xia Jingyu for a short duration in Shenyue Island, the Xia Jingyu of that moment cried as her reputation was sullied.

That time, Su Yu knew Xia Jingyu had merely treated him as a friend, and she had no feelings for him. After that, Su Yu only respected Xia Jingyu, and he did not have any intentions of overstepping his bounds.

However, at that very moment, Su Yu did not foresee those words coming out of Xia Jingyu’s mouth.

Su Yu then turned back to look at Xia Jingyu while stupefied. Within his heart, he felt delighted. Xia Jingyu was the most perfect woman he had ever seen in his two lives.

She was suffocatingly beautiful. She was gentle like water and impervious to desires and passions. Every area of her was so perfect she could not be criticized. She was not like a real person of this world.

Su Yu had also hoped his future wife would be so perfect.

However, he had a fianc. She was not as beautiful as Xia Jingyu, not as gentle as Xia Jingyu and not as graceful as Xia Jingyu.

However, from time to time, she would be extremely lovable and unusually intelligent. Hence, there was no woman who had managed to occupy her position in Su Yu’s heart.

It was unknown where Xia Jingyu’s courage came from. Instead of lowering her head, she was staring at Su Yu’s eyeballs and waiting for him to answer. She was waiting for Su Yu to answer that very moment.

Su Yu muttered to himself for some time. He then looked at her beautiful face, shrugged his shoulders and laughed relaxingly. “I don’t think I am worthy of you.”

For such a perfect woman, there was probably no one in the world who was worthy of being with her.

Hearing that, Xia Jingyu’s gloomy heart loosened up gradually and became filled with light again. Su Yu did not dislike her. Instead, he felt he was unworthy of her. Such an answer had caused Xia Jingyu to heave a sigh of relief. Her face then regained her shocking bearing, which made no one dare to look straight at her when it was present.

“I am just joking around,” Xia Jingyu laughed. Even her voice was filled with joyous notes.

A joke? Su Yu also heaved a sigh of relief.

The two of them then entered the dense forest.

There were many signs of people entering the forest. It seemed like it had been broken into a long time ago. Su Yu sighed and did not have high expectations.

Sure enough, when he entered the center area of the dense forest, a very old, broken wall stood in the middle. The top of the wall was emitting residual fluorescent light, and blurry images glowed slightly.

As Su Yu stood near the wall, he could feel his soul rising to a higher level. His thinking entered some sort of smooth state.

Just then, he had a deeper level of comprehension of the cultivation techniques he had once found difficult to comprehend. All the cultivation techniques he had cultivated then flashed past his mind.

Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air, Thousand Thunder Finger, Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, and Second Grade Clone Technique. All these cultivation techniques were like light shadows that slowly flowed past his mind.

Su Yu was excited. He had realized faintly that under such a marvelous state, he would be able to comprehend a few of his cultivation techniques successfully and quickly.

However, the fluorescent light on the wall only glowed for a while and became dim after that. Su Yu exited from his comprehension quickly.

That tiny bit of smooth feeling became completely nonexistent at once, and Su Yu felt it was a pity. “We were late. Some kind of magical powers were once inserted into this wall. So, anyone who approached the wall would be able to strengthen their comprehension. However, this wall has been used by people continuously for many years. Now, its effects are extremely weak, and it is no longer like the past.”

Xia Jingyu, who was observing Su Yu at the moment, laughed. “Brother Yu also has times where he is beaten?” In her memories, nothing was impossible for Su Yu. He had never failed to do anything he wanted to do.

Su Yu laughed at himself: “I have suffered quite a lot while training in Zhenlong Continent.”

Xia Jingyu’s heart felt slight pain when she heard that. Her luck was extremely good. After coming to Zhenlong Continent, she trained directly under the King of Darkness, and she had never experienced any inconvenience or suffered at all. Not to mention, she had also never faced any danger.

As for Su Yu, he progressed step by step in life and death situations.

“Brother Yu, if you don’t mind, why not let me help you to comprehend your cultivation techniques?” Xia Jingyu gave a charming smile and extended her fair, slender palm.

Su Yu was stunned and did not understand what she meant.

“Have you forgotten that my Divine Decree came from you? Our bodies have the same origin, and if our Divine Decrees fuse together, you can borrow my comprehension.” Xia Jingyu’s beautiful face was slightly red. That was the one-of-a-kind connection between Su Yu and her.

In the world, only Su Yu alone could rely on such a method to borrow her comprehension and master his cultivation techniques.

Su Yu was stunned as he suddenly remembered the Evil Forest in the Sanctuary. In the past, he had fused his Divine Decree with her, and they comprehended cultivation techniques together. Under the fusion, the comprehension was smoother.

As for Xia Jingyu’s level of comprehension, that time, when Su Yu was under the effects of the space-time manipulation where the time moved 20 times slower, he only barely surpassed Xia Jingyu. Hence, it could be seen how nature-defying her level of comprehension was.

As Su Yu looked at her slender and white hands, he hesitated for a bit. After that, he extended his hands, and his ten fingers interlocked with her ten fingers tightly.

Xia Jingyu’s heart was restless, her face extremely red. She only felt that the center of her palm was enshrouded by a warm flame. It felt very comfortable.

Su Yu also felt strange. His face wore an embarrassed expression, and he said awkwardly, “Let’s start!”

Both of them then sat down with their legs crossed. With Su Yu’s Pure Divine Decree, he did not even need to put his heart into it, and he could exhibit the lowest level of natural Divine Decree.

Xia Jingyu’s Divine Decree had also achieved the shocking realm of divine-grade. With an action, she was able to exhibit a natural Divine Decree. When the two types of Divine Decree fused together, both of their souls also achieved some sort of resonance.

With that, Xia Jingyu’s extraordinary level of comprehension was borrowed by Su Yu.

The moment they fused, Su Yu’s soul rose to a higher level, and his mind was extremely clear! It was as if the world were never so clear and transparent before! Such smoothness, such enlightenment and such gracefulness were feelings Su Yu had never experienced.

Compared to the Xia Jingyu of three years ago, her current level of comprehension was more than a hundred times stronger! In other words, compared to a normal person, Xia Jingyu’s level of comprehension was a thousand times stronger!

That was not the level of comprehension of a human being. Even if it were Divine Masters, not to mention people of the Fairy Realm, it was absolutely impossible.

It was to the extent that even the comprehended legacy Tian Jizi had left behind could not be compared to the frightening state that Su Yu was in at that moment!

Su Yu was shocked. No matter how stupid he was, he also understood that was not a level of comprehension human beings possessed!

Was Xia Jingyu really a human being?

As Su Yu was filled with surprise, he was brought into the vast comprehension at once.