The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 522

Chapter 522 Sheng Ge Appears Again

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His brain started to understand his multiple techniques. The previously dry and difficult barriers that he had faced were now smooth and unobstructed!

He had not been able to advance, after reaching the Stage Two Peak of the Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder. But now, the understanding came to him like a fountain, propelling him directly into Stage Three, rising to its peak.

A purple mist appeared on the surface of Su Yu’s body. It was like an ethereal fog. But looking closer, the mist harbored an alarming power of lightning. This fog felt dreamlike, making it hard to determine if it was real or not.

At this moment, Su Yu, who was in the midst of his understanding, slowly lifted his finger. The mist of lightning gathered at the tip of his finger, sometimes turning into a lifelike bird, sometimes into a worm, and other times into other objects.

It changed continuously into ten different objects. At the side, Xia Jingyu was shocked. The items that were conjured up were incredibly lifelike. She could not tell if they were real or illusions. This was the last stage of the Thousand Thunder Finger, the Illusory Thunder Finger!

Conjuring any object, using the lightning, would have an illusory effect, but would still maintain its killing potential, as it was still a lightning based technique.

A moment later, the fog around Su Yu’s body became even thicker. He had succeeded in reaching Stage Three Upper Class!

At this moment, the items conjured by the lightning fog became even more realistic. It would be hard to realize that they were illusions, unless a person was looking very closely.

Finally, the lightning fog transformed once again, now becoming filled with spiritual qualities! This was the sign of the technique reaching Stage Three Peak!

Suddenly, Su Yu stopped his cultivation. The lightning fog around his body gathered to form a human figure. It was Su Yu’s figure!

His appearance, clothing, cultivation level, aura, and even his vital signs were all copied, to a tee. The two sat beside each other. Xia Jingyu could not discern the difference between the illusion and the real body.

“I finally reached the highest level of the technique.” Su Yu let out a long breath. He had cultivated this Thousand Thunder Finger for the longest time, finally making it to the peak.

Stage Three of the technique, the Illusionary Thunder Finger, had illusory properties. This was something that Su Yu had not expected.

Now, he could conjure his lightning at anytime during battle. Su Yu was filled with anticipation, secretly hoping for someone to find trouble with him, just so he could test the overall strength of the ability.

Su Yu was immensely grateful for such an opportunity. Xia Jingyu was also satisfied, her heart joyful.

She smiled as she said, “Brother Yu, what other techniques do you have? Let’s learn together.”

Su Yu did not hold back, immediately closing his eyes. Conjuring up the Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air, the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, and the Second Grade Clone Technique, he practiced these three techniques at once.

A moment later, Su Yu’s spirit energy welled out from the top of his head, while he was in the middle of his cultivation, before turning into two clones. One clone was a crimson red, the other was transparent.

This was the second clone! One could conjure three clones when the Second Grade Clone Technique was cultivated to the extreme. But because the technique came as a fragment, he could only train it to the second stage, thus obtaining two clones.

But two was enough for now. At present, the relatively easy Second Grade Clone Technique had been completed.

Up next, was the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters and Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air. The Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters was a heavily damaged fragment. There were originally four stages, but only one remained, and it was split into the categories of Beginner, Lower Class, Upper Class and Peak.

Su Yu had cultivated it to Lower Class. The word ‘Bing’ that he released was like an entire army charging forward, its power impressive. But it was slowly phased out as Su Yu’s abilities increased. He had not used it for a long time.

This was the opportunity for him to achieve a breakthrough. Concentrating, Su Yu quickly entered his state of meditation.

Many of the places he did not understand became clearer to him. But, it was still hard to understand a legendary level technique, even under the thousand times magnification of his current level of perception.

He could understand the entirety of immortal level techniques, like the Thousand Thunder Finger and Second Grade Clone Technique, but it was hard to grasp the essence of this legendary level technique. This continued for an hour.

Xia Jingyu had used her Divine Decree for a long time. She could not keep up any longer, her head spinning. But Su Yu was at the critical moment of his breakthrough, so Xia Jingyu clenched her teeth and pressed on. Another hour passed, but Su Yu had still not reached the point of breakthrough.

Whoosh Whoosh —

At this moment, two figures flew out from the clouds. One of them was the green haired Shi Jie, the other was Ming Fei! In other words, it was Sheng Ge, the Heavenly Ghost with the abilities of the Fairy Realm!

“Lord, there it is!” Shi Jie said.

He had received orders to investigate the legacies of the five peaks, realizing that the Seven Lords of Darkness were engaged in battle with the geniuses of Jiuzhou at this location. He deduced that the legacy had not been discovered yet.

Ming Fei’s gaze flickered. She was looking at the shattered wall at the center of the location. Her expression sank. “This is the legacy you speak off? It has long been destroyed!”

Shi Jie shivered, immediately kneeling and begging for mercy. But Ming Fei disregarded him, her gaze quickly landing on the two meditating figures below them.

“Yin Yu?” Ming Fei froze. She remembered that Su Yu had used the best of his efforts to find a way out for them at the most critical moment in the stone forest.

Her gaze went past him, landing onto Xia Jingyu’s body. She was confused at first, feeling a sense of familiarity, when she saw the figure and the clothing. She observed her for a moment before a killing intent burned in her eyes.

“It’s you! My slave, Yi Yu!” Ming Fei raised her brows, a merciless aura surfacing between them.

She noticed that she was in a critical moment of her cultivation. She let out a cold laugh. “You didn’t think that you would meet me under these circumstances, did you? Oh, how much you and the Black Snow Demon King have harmed me!”

She had been heavily injured by the sloppy old man, because of their betrayal, and her injuries had not fully healed yet. So, she still had this grudge in her heart.

Looking down, she had stumbled upon one of them, Lord Yi Yu! Xia Jingyu gave a bitter laugh, to think that they would appear at such a critical time!

Su Yu was at the critical moment of his breakthrough, so she could not break free and escape! If Su Yu were to be awoken now, his understanding would be disrupted. Also, with Su Yu’s hot temperament, he would naturally fight Sheng Ge for her.

Xia Jingyu took in a light breath, collecting herself. “Sheng Ge, let’s speak of our animosity later. Yin Yu has nothing to do with this!”

Ming Fei smiled, observing Su Yu. “Hehe, that lad is fortunate indeed, for a lady as pretty as you to protect him! In fact, I still owe him a favor for letting me come into the Eighth Level of the Divine Pavilion! I had not intended to harm him. I occasionally repay my debts, you know.”

Hearing this, Xia Jingyu let out a sigh of relief. But suddenly, Sheng Ge let out a cold laugh. “But I have changed my mind! The more you care about him, the more I cannot spare him! This is the price of betraying me! Furthermore, he has several decent items that are suitable for me, so I cannot think of a reason to spare him!”

After all, the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and the Eternal Stone King Armor are items that she could never have too many of, considering that she was still injured. Xia Jingyu froze, her expression bitter. She looked at Su Yu apologetically.

Creak —

Xia Jingyu took out the Feather Needle of Darkness, calmly saying, “This half-manufactured spiritual artifact can push my cultivation level temporarily into the Fairy Realm. Once I have reached the limit of the Fairy Realm, I will be transported out. Thus, your revenge will have to wait!”

“Of course, I would strike you before I leave, forcing you out of that body. With your true body exposed, you would also be transported out!”

Ming Fei looked at the Feather Needle of Darkness, her expression turning serious. “Alright, to think you have such a treasure! I truly underestimated the Zhenlong Continent! But if you are trying to threaten me, you have wasted your efforts! Even if I were to give up this body, I would still kill both of you!” Ming Fei had a merciless aura on her face.

Xia Jingyu’s expression changed. Sheng Ge was a stubborn ghost. Threatening her might have had the opposite effect! Now, she might really have to activate the Feather Needle of Darkness, then perish alongside Sheng Ge.

But, at that moment, Sheng Ge suddenly said, “But killing you like that has no meaning. If you can take a blow from me, I can consider sparing the both of you.”

Take a blow?

Even if her cultivation level was limited to below the level of Fairy Realm, she could still use powers at the peak of the Immortal Realm. So, a blow from would still almost definitely kill her!

It seemed like a fair suggestion, but there was a killing intent hidden within it. There was no way she could live.

“Think about it carefully. You can either die together or let him survive. It is the most merciful choice that I can give the both of you.”

Xia Jingyu struggled for a moment, glancing at Su Yu, before clenching her teeth. “Alright, I agree!”

Utilizing the Feather Needle of Darkness, then strengthening all of her water-based techniques, she was hopeful that it would give her some chance against the blow. But the situation was still grim.

“Hehe, since you have already decided, stand there for me!” Ming Fei had a merciless smile on her face.

Having broken through to the Fairy Realm for many years, she was extremely confident that she was able to kill a Human King, who was wielding a treasure. In her eyes, the other party was merely hoping to get lucky, seeking her own death!

Once she killed her, Yin Yu’s fate would not be too much better. Xia Jingyu looked at Su Yu, drilling his face into her eyes. After committing his face into memory, Xia Jingyu prepared to turn around, when a powerful and gentle hand suddenly grabbed her.

Su Yu had opened his eyes, his vision filled with immeasurable gratitude. The only person that would die for him in this situation was Xia Jingyu.

“You gave up on your cultivation?” Xia Jingyu had an apologetic expression. “I’m sorry I involved you.”

Su Yu looked at her. He looked at this lady, who was as pure as a snow lotus. There was only gratitude in his heart concerning her. He let out a light laugh. “Techniques are important, but you are much more important.”

At that moment, Xia Jingyu’s heart thumped wildly, her face turning red. She could not describe the joy in her heart.

Pulling Xia Jingyu’s body back, Su Yu took a step forward, his calm gaze landing on Ming Fei’s body. He calmly said, “Let’s end our animosity here.”

From the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds to this place, it was finally time to put an end to all.