The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Destroying The Dragon With One Finger

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“Bring the score to an end? By just you?” Ming Fei did not respond. Instead, Shi Jie took a step forward and examined Su Yu casually. “A genius of Jiuzhou?”

Shi Jie’s chin was raised slightly, and he looked extremely arrogant. He looked as if he were interrogating Su Yu.

Su Yu’s eyes only paid close attention to Ming Fei. With his Soul Eyes, he realized Sheng Ge’s virtual shadow was attached to Ming Fei’s body. As for Shi Jie’s interrogation, Su Yu turned a completely deaf ear to him.

“I have asked you a question. Do you need me to repeat it?” Shi Jie crossed his hands in front of his chest with extreme confidence. “Do you really think that with the reputation of Jiuzhou’s Returning Principal Palace, you can look down on others?”

Hearing this, Su Yu cast a sidelong glance at him and said indifferently, “Don’t you know my background? Why is there a need for you to ask again?”

Within the stone forest, Su Yu had displayed his powers. Since Shi Jie was by the side, how could he not recognize who Su Yu was? His intentional questioning was simply meant to take the initiative to occupy the right of speech.

Having gotten such an answer, Shi Jie glowed with a ferocious light and said sternly, “Seems like you have really treated yourself as someone very powerful!”

Su Yu looked at Sheng Ge again, his eyes ignoring Shi Jie. As for Sheng Ge, she gave a true yet fake laughter and did not stop him.

“Humph! If you wish to settle the score with my master, I need to first test whether you have the right to do so!” Shi Jie’s green hair was glowing with a green fluorescent light, and a cool breeze was revolving around his whole body. After that, his body turned blurry and disappeared.

The Shi Clan, one of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, was proficient in movement techniques, and they had a style of their own.

However, the moment he flew over, Xia Jingyu took light, graceful steps and said apathetically, “Let me take care of you again.”

At the Mysterious Heavenly Stage, there was a match between Shi Jie and Xia Jingyu before. He was defeated by Xia Jingyu within three moves.

The sky whistled, and Shi Jie’s figure appeared.

His eyes were filled with disdain: “Lord Yi Yu? I have always remembered the shame from the defeat that day, and I have already wanted to have another match with you to get rid of the humiliation! Since you are willing to fight me, then I shall accept it deferentially! However, the victory and defeat between us this time is probably going to switch over! After being advised by my master, I am no longer the Shi Jie of the past!” Shi Jie’s whole body emitted great confidence.

Xia Jingyu’s expression was nonchalant like before, and she only felt slightly overwhelmed deep inside her pupils.

For the match with Shi Jie that day, she could say without standing on the ceremony that Shi Jie was suppressed easily, and it was not difficult in the slightest bit. However, after not seeing him for two months, he had become so confident. Some changes must have occurred!

“Prepare to eat my attack!” Shi Jie’s whole body was imposing to the extent that a tiny bit of vital energy could be faintly seen flowing within his body!

When Su Yu’s eyes swept past his Dantian, he could not help but be slightly shocked. Vital Crystal Energy!

At the Mysterious Heavenly Stage, Shi Jie was merely a normal Human King. Even though only a short time had passed, not only did he make a breakthrough to Half God, he had also successfully coagulated a Vital Energy Crystal to become a Half Fairy. With that, his abilities increased greatly!

However, after thinking, Su Yu understood. Su Yu’s abilities had also increased unimaginably as if he had been reborn. Surely Shi Jie’s had as well; he was following someone of the Fairy Realm.

From his aura, Xia Jingyu had also realized the situation was not good.

Her wonderful eyes then brightened, and she attacked immediately! Her whole body was filled with water vapor, which changed into 12 water dragons.

In the past, it was such a move that had attacked Shi Jie to the point that he could not retaliate, and the curtain fell with him in dire straits.

Now, as he was facing the same move again, he revealed a satirized expression. “Still the same old water-based technique like before? No matter! I shall let you see the gap between us now!”

“Whirlwind!” Shi Jie’s figure revolved at his position. With him as the core, a green tornado suddenly appeared. The wind was filled with shocking power that had already exceeded that of the normal Wind Origin!

As the 12 water dragons attacked with a roar, Shi Jie wore a disdainful smile and raised his finger to tap lightly. The green tornado moved over.

As for the 12 water dragons, they tried to bypass the tornado. However, when they were within 1,000 feet of it, they encountered an unimaginably large power that sucked them toward the tornado.

After withstanding the attack for some time, the 12 water dragons were sucked into the tornado like fallen leaves. After that, at a speed that could not be perceived by the naked eye, they were torn into pieces by the tornado!

After not meeting one another for two months, Shi Jie had a complete victory over Xia Jingyu!

“Too weak.” Shi Jie shook his head coldly and wore a mocking expression. “If this is the power of the Seven Lords of Darkness, then it is really too disappointing.”

Xia Jingyu had a calm expression, and she weaved signs with both her hands at the same time. This time, it was not 12 water dragons. Instead, it was 30 water-based cultivation techniques that were exhibited at the same time. There were many kinds with different powers, and all of them struck Shi Jie at the same time.

Looking at the combined power of the 30 water-based cultivation techniques, how was it only ten times more powerful than the water dragon?

“Oh? Seems like you have progressed a bit as well. However” Shi Jie commented casually, “it is still too weak!”

“Extinguish!” Shi Jie’s cold eyes brightened, and his five fingers pressed downward. With a rumbling sound, nine more tornados appeared around the first one!

The ten tornados then fused into one body and became a 10,000-foot giant tornado that shook the whole dense forest and created endless wind waves. With a furious roar, the wind dragon moved.

The fusion of many cultivation techniques that came did not even penetrate the wind dragon in the slightest bit. It was dispersed with the wind dragon’s absolutely strong bearing!

Shi Jie, whose abilities had soared abruptly, had become as frightening as this.

“Too weak!” Shi Jie’s face could not conceal the madness within him; he had gotten rid of all his humiliation. He laughed sardonically. “Do you dare to exhibit more powerful attacks?”

Xia Jingyu retreated slowly and kept exhibiting cultivation techniques in quick succession.

Shi Jie, who was standing high up in the sky, looked elegant and brilliant. With any action of his, he could command the wind dragon to suppress everything.

“Weak! Too weak! Is that all you’ve got?” After ten rounds, Shi Jie laughed wildly with a bearing of complete suppression. Nothing was more exciting than stepping above the head of a former strong opponent.

Xia Jingyu’s expression was slightly discolored, and she kept retreating. She had already retreated to the side of Su Yu.

A ferocious light flashed past Shi Jie’s eyes. “This is the end, and it is really disappointing. In the end, the geniuses of the Empire of Darkness are nothing much more than this. You have not even made me use my full power yet.”

Both his hands tapped in succession. The wind dragon then descended from the sky with a bearing that conquered the mountains and rivers, enshrouded Xia Jingyu completely and swallowed her up.

With the ripping power the wind dragon contained, the only path left for Xia Jingyu was to be torn into pieces on the spot.

The wind dragon descended with a rumbling sound. Right when it was about to swallow up Xia Jingyu, Su Yu, who had stood with his hands clasped behind his back all the while to observe quietly, finally moved.

He extended one finger and tapped toward the sky.

The wind dragon, which was descending crazily and roaring furiously, was actually stopped in the sky by the finger. Although its giant body was swinging madly in the sky, its head was unable to break through the finger at all.

“Illusory Thunder!” Su Yu had a dull expression as those two words came out of his mouth. At once, an unusually shocking scene appeared.

Thunder mist appeared from Su Yu’s body and changed into a 10,000-foot-long giant thunder dragon, which was released from his finger. When the thunder dragon advanced toward the sky, it swallowed the 10,000-foot wind dragon.

The giant wind dragon then continuously struggled within the thunder dragon’s body. However, when the thunder dragon gave a cold hum, tens of thousands of thunderbolts appeared in its body.

With that, the roaring of the struggling wind dragon abruptly ceased.

The thunder dragon also dispersed by changing into a lump of thunder mist and returned to Su Yu’s body. The whole process only took a breath’s time, and the wind dragon was completely exterminated!

Su Yu had extinguished the wind dragon with one finger!

The pupils of Shi Jie, who was high up in the sky, shrank to their smallest. He was astonished!