The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Battling Sheng Ge

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To destroy his most powerful wind dragon, with just a finger, it was a nearly impossible feat! That dominating stance, coupled with that undefeatable posture, caused Shi Jie’s heart to thump wildly.

But, what really made his pupils dilate was that Su Yu scattered like the wind. It was an afterimage! At this moment, a human figure had appeared behind him, his back facing him!

Following that, Shi Jie felt a pain near his abdomen. Looking down, he found that a finger-sized hole had appeared on his chest, leaving behind streaks of lightning that slowly scattered away!

The human figure behind him had a lightning sword, which was formed by a lightning fog. He held it confidently in his hands.

Shi Jie did not even realize that he had been hurt! The pain now pulsed through his body. Then, Shi Jie’s vision darkened, just before he fell down.

As he was falling, the vision of the sky was getting farther and farther away. Imprinted in his eyes, was the figure of a silver haired figure, standing in the air, not even looking at him. It was an inhuman, terrifying figure, an image that was burning into his eyes.

One move was all it took to destroy his wind dragon and heavily injure him. In fact, Su Yu could kill him at his whim! This Su Yu was too terrifying!

Su Yu looked down coldly at the falling figure, shaking his head in disappointment. “He was just too weak.”

Shi Jie, who had shouted at Xia Jingyu for being too weak, was now given the same comments by Su Yu. Su Yu floated down, landing beside Xia Jingyu. He grabbed her fair hand, injecting his spirit energy to heal her wounds.

He then scolded, “With the Feather Needle of Darkness in your hands, he would not last more than three moves against you, so why did you not use it?”

Hearing the harshness in his voice, Xia Jingyu felt more than a little pressured. Her calm expression was now gone. She looked down, her face red, as if she was a little girl being scolded. “With Sheng Ge around, how would I dare harm him?”

That scene just now was not a battle against Shi Jie, but a show of force against Sheng Ge. If she had harmed Shi Jie, and invited the attacks from the Fairy Realm Sheng Ge, things would have become much more complicated.

Understanding her thought process, Su Yu sighed. “Alright, but no next times. With me around, you should not ever find yourself at a disadvantage.”

Such an overbearing order, one that was not to be disputed, gave Xia Jingyu no choice but to obediently nod. Su Yu looked at Xia Jingyu for a moment. She was always sacrificing herself.

Su Yu was always a little worried about that. There would come a day, where she would do something that Su Yu could never repay…

Pat Pat Pat —

Ming Fei waved her sleeves. A bolt of wind gripped Shi Jie, then landed on the ground. Her gaze fell onto Su Yu, unusually interested.

She could not help but clap and smile. “You have used a complete immortal level technique, and a unique lightning based technique at that. If I am not wrong, your lightning based techniques even contain a shred of disastrous thunder!”

Su Yu patted Xia Jingyu’s shoulder, prompting her to fall back.

“Do you have anything else to say?” Su Yu calmly said.

Ming Fei licked her lips and smiled. “I’ll give you a chance. Follow me, while we are still in the Mysterious Heavenly Palace. Even an average person like Shi Jie would have such massive improvements under me, much less a person filled with potential, like you! Follow me, and you will have advantages that you have never dreamed of.”

Hearing this, Su Yu was calm, shaking his head immediately. “There’s no need, as I do not think that you would want me by your side.”

Ming Fei had a faint smile. “Is that so? I would think that you would be very willing!”

Suddenly, a black glow flashed in Ming Fei’s eyes. She shot out a rather unique ripple, one which targeted the soul and cannot be defended against. It slipped directly into Su Yu’s soul.

Ming Fei then revealed a smug smile. “No one that I fancy can escape my hands!”

Su Yu, after having his soul infiltrated, had a calm expression. He let out a faint smile. “Hehe, after not meeting you for a long time, I see that you are still using the Heavenly Ghost Mind Planting Technique?”

Ming Fei was shocked. “It’s ineffective against you? Impossible! How do you do it? Also, how do you know that this is the Heavenly Ghost Mind Planting Technique? What do you mean by not meeting for a long time?”

Su Yu had a faint smile, a faint blood-red mist coating the surface of his body. Even his silver hair was dyed blood red. Other than the mask, he had already became the Black Snow Demon King!

“Hehe, Sheng Ge, are you not going to call me Brother Black Snow?” Su Yu joked. In the past, she had disguised herself as a five-year-old child, happily calling them brother and sister.

Blood red hair Blood red hair!

A figure suddenly overlapped with Su Yu’s in Ming Fei’s brain!! Back at the stone forest, she had already felt a sense of familiarity, when she saw the silver haired Yin Yu. But, she could not find a connection between the handsome silver haired lad and the ferocious, blood-red haired Black Snow Demon King now before her!

Now, she finally understood why she had found Yin Yu to be so familiar. That figure was incredibly similar!

“Black! Snow! Demon! King!” Ming Fei clenched her teeth, her face blurring. The Sheng Ge within was trying to pop out of the body, after the agitation!

Thud Thud Thud —

Xia Jingyu was shocked, her eyes bulging in disbelief.

That Black Snow Demon King, who was doing battle with her, and who had spent that much time together with her back in the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds, was Su Yu! Come to think of it now, there was once a moment that the Black Snow Demon King gave her the feeling that she was spending time together with Su Yu…

That was also when she blamed herself for developing feelings for someone other than Su Yu. To think that she had developed feelings because the other party was indeed Su Yu!

The previous shred of regret and self-blame in her heart now immediately vanished! It turned out that the person she had pined for had already appeared before her eyes, all through the invisible hand of fate!

Su Yu seemed to have noticed her change in expression. He turned around and smiled. He had already felt that Lord Yi Yu seemed to be very similar to his best friend Xia Jingyu, who he had known back at the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds.

To think that it was remarkably true! That wonderful shared realization caused them to look at each other, both letting out a laugh at the same time.

“Enough! You bastards!” Ming Fei grinded her teeth!

Yi Yu and Black Snow were the two people that had destroyed her reputation! Especially Su Yu, who had pretended to be under the influence of the Heavenly Ghost Mind Planting Technique, thus deceiving her.

Yet, she still helped Su Yu to improve his body and snatch the Cosmos Thunder Sword. More importantly, she had prepared two vital energy crystals, with the intention of him breaking the seal and releasing her.

But, at the most critical moment, this lad had used the body that she had improved, the Cosmos Thunder Sword that she had snatched, and the vital energy crystals that she had prepared to attack her! Because of him, she had been injured heinously!

How could she forget such humiliation?

“Ahhh!!! You two bastards, I’ll never forgive you!” Sheng Ge became more furious.

Su Yu smiled playfully. “Is that so? I have no intention of forgiving you, either.”

Sheng Ge clenched her teeth, then said, “You can’t even save yourself, yet you still dare to try and harm me?”

Su Yu nodded, pointing his finger at Sheng Ge. “That’s right! From today on, you will become my slave! No matter who you were in the past, from now on, you will only have one identity, and that is as my slave!”

“In fact, I will finish you off today!”