The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 525

Chapter 525 Making Her A Slave

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A slave? Not only was Sheng Ge stunned, Xia Jingyu was stunned as well.

In the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, they had a deep understanding of Sheng Ge’s abilities. That overwhelming gap had caused people to feel hopeless.

So, where did Su Yu get his courage to get her to submit to him and become his slave? Such words were so arrogant it was shocking. Even if it were the sloppy old man who kept watch over the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, would he dare to talk big like Su Yu?

After hearing what was said, Sheng Ge could not help but laugh sardonically. “Yin Yu, Black Snow Devil King, do you really think I am not very different from a Half Fairy with three Vital Energy Crystals since my cultivation base has been restricted?”

Her abilities were superior to Chou Zeming. As such, under a situation where her cultivation base was similar to Chou Zeming, her powerful tactics and secret techniques were naturally incomparable to that of a normal Half Fairy.

However, Su Yu was calm and composed. “Why don’t you find out by testing me?”

Su Yu’s eyes glowed brilliantly. His whole body was then covered by thunder mist, and he changed into various kinds of agile states. In the end, he became a 100-foot-long chain.

Sheng Ge’s sardonic laughter gradually disappeared. It was replaced by tiny bits of murderous energy, and she said coldly, “Lightning techniques are indeed quite effective against ghosts like me. However, your lightning techniques are far from enough to suppress me!”


A breath’s time ago, Sheng Ge was still talking at her original position. But, in an instant, she had mysteriously disappeared. When she appeared again beside Su Yu.

Xia Jingyu’s heart tightened. “Teleportation!” That was already something that could not be explained using speed.

Sheng Ge’s face was cold, and she extended two fingers expressionlessly. Her fingertips were filled with vital energy. They pierced through Su Yu’s heart from the side of his ribs.

How sudden was the finger? It was to the extent that it did not give people any time to react.

Similarly, Su Yu was unable to react. The thunder mist he had formed was broken through by the finger in an instant. Su Yu, who was inside, was pierced through heartlessly as well. The fact that Su Yu was taken care of so easily had exceeded all their expectations!


The thunder mist dissipated. However, no one was inside.

Xia Jingyu heaved a sigh of relief. She could not help but speak admiringly and secretively. “Could it be an illusion? If that is the case, how strong is the thunder mist in getting people to fall into its illusion? Even a Heavenly Ghost was unable to break through it.”

Sheng Ge had a calm, unsurprised expression. She then said softly, “This is indeed an illusion. Although this lightning-based cultivation technique is immortal-level, it is not ordinary. When you master it completely, it will faintly achieve the level of a legendary-level cultivation technique.”

After her speech, Sheng Ge’s cold eyes, which were filled with black mist, swept past the void like electricity. Suddenly, she threw herself toward the void beside her in the sky.


At that moment, a tiny bit of a glowing thunderbolt descended. It was Su Yu, who had exhibited Thunder Escape.

Sheng Ge was actually able to accurately figure out the location that Su Yu was about to appear in next, and she attacked that location in advance.

However, Su Yu was prepared for that as well. Before he showed himself, a small golden sword changed into a golden fragmentary thread and spun. As such, Sheng Ge involuntarily withdrew her palm, with which she had intended to strike Su Yu temporarily. She grabbed toward the small golden sword instead.

With a slithering sound, the small golden sword, which had changed into a fragmentary thread, was firmly caught by a long and slender palm.

“A semi-manufactured spiritual artifact. It also seems to contain some commendable materials.” Sheng Ge was slightly shocked and revealed a satisfied expression. “This sword shall belong to me now.”

Her hand held the sword, and she was about to toss it inside a space artifact, which was used to store items. Although she looked like she was holding the sword casually such that it could struggle all that it wanted, it could not move in the slightest bit.

“No need to waste your energy. I shall accept your magical treasure without standing in ceremony.” Sheng Ge felt delighted that she had managed to take revenge on Su Yu.

However, at that moment, her expression changed, and her hand grabbed the air abruptly. The small golden sword had disappeared into thin air by teleporting away from her hand.

“Space-based!” Sheng Ge was a bit surprised and shocked. She was also shamed into anger as her hand had grabbed the air.

“A semi-manufactured spiritual artifact. This is the backing you are so proud of?” Sheng Ge gave a cold hum. “If that is the case, the score between both of us can indeed come to an end.” As Sheng Ge spoke, her whole body turned blurry, and she teleported again. The thunder mist had finally dissipated completely as well.

However, it was not completely empty within the thunder mist. Instead, there was a small sword that was emitting a golden, cold light and floating quietly.

The moment Sheng Ge teleported and her attention diverted elsewhere, the small golden sword shot toward her unexpectedly. It then created a series of fragmentary threads and cunningly headed toward Sheng Ge like a poisonous snake.

As she was teleporting, Sheng Ge’s expression finally changed having realized what was happening beside her. Without time to think too much, Sheng Ge spat out a mouthful of dark and gruesome ghost energy that magically changed into a ghost face as big as a section.


When the golden fragmentary thread collided with the ghost face, it was as if it had collided with a shockingly elastic, soft object, and it bounced out. Her reaction was extremely fast!

The small golden sword was very hard and sharp. It also contained space qualities. Hence, if Sheng Ge were to use a hard shield to block the attack, there was a high chance her hard shield would be ripped open by the golden sword.

However, by using a soft shield with the belief that softness could overcome the hardness, she cleverly countered the strong point of the golden sword. In such a short instant where danger descended upon her, Sheng Ge was able to rely on her instinct and adopt the best defensive measure. It was clear how experienced she was in fighting.

“Humph, I have already experienced this kind of trick so many times; it is useless against me!” With a flash of the abundant ghost energy around Sheng Ge, it changed into three ghost faces and surrounded her body; that way, they could deal with the golden sword at any moment.

Su Yu’s expression changed slightly, and he felt that it was going to be a bit troublesome. The gap between the enemy right in front of him and normal Half Fairies was huge.

However, Su Yu’s reaction had always been fast as well. After the golden sword bounced off, he weaved signs with one hand almost without any hesitation. His palm then retrieved a small golden sword, and after the space glowed for some time, he appeared behind the other small golden sword.

“Two semi-manufactured spiritual artifacts in the hands of one person. Seems like they are a pair of magical treasures! For you to be bestowed with such gifts, your luck is really not ordinary. You are actually able to obtain two semi-manufactured spiritual artifacts from the historical remains!”

Su Yu did not respond. He weaved signs with one hand to control the two golden swords. The two swords then changed tactics. Instead of attacking by themselves, they connected into one thread where their heads and tails were linked up together, and they headed toward Sheng Ge.

Sheng Ge tapped her fingertip, and one of the ghost faces blocked the path of the golden sword.


Just like what had happened before, when the golden sword pierced the soft ghost face, it bounced off immediately.

However, at that moment, the tip of the second golden sword closely tapped the tail of the first one, which was about to bounce off without hesitation. Instead, it pierced a deep part of the ghost face.


The ghost face became distorted for some time and dissipated on the spot. Sheng Ge then raised her eyebrows and raised her soft, white hands. With that, the second ghost face headed over very naturally.


However, the two golden swords followed their previous pattern and broke through the second ghost face.

Finally, Sheng Ge’s expression changed slightly, and she sent the third ghost face over.

The two golden swords had rotated continuously, and their force had depleted gradually over time. Hence, they were unable to break through the third ghost face for a moment, and they refused to budge at their location. Sheng Ge heaved a sigh of relief. Her eyes then turned cold, and she was about to spit out a mouthful of ghost energy again.

However, at that moment, something suddenly changed.

A third golden sword light had appeared at Sheng Ge’s back at some point in time. That sword was the real sword, which laid in ambush!