The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 526

Chapter 526 Long Arduous Battle

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Sheng Ge had kept her guard up against Su Yu, but she could not have expected the existence of a third golden sword! Su Yu had three of the same half-manufactured spiritual artifacts!

Sheng Ge’s heart skipped a beat! But, as she was ultimately a fighter from the Fairy Realm, her adaptability was shocking!

She grabbed the ghost face with both of her hands, while she was in the air. The ghost face that was supposed to be guarding against the two other golden swords swivelled, now appearing at her back.

Su Yu knew that this was not good! Indeed, the sword that was supposed to kill her was extremely fast, created as such in order to ensure maximum damage.

In the end, it was repelled by the ghost face upon collision. Su Yu’s expression sunk, but he immediately regained control of the other two golden swords.

Without obstruction from the ghost face, they shot toward Sheng Ge. But, they were too far away.

Sheng Ge had a spiritual glow in her eyes. She grabbed the air with her hands, as she shifted her body away. One of the golden swords landed in Sheng Ge’s hands. The other was aimed toward her heart, but only slid past her arm. As she shifted her body away just intime, it only left behind a bright red mark.

With Su Yu’s multiple calculations, a normal Half Fairy with three vital energy crystals would have already been defeated. But, Sheng Ge was very experienced, managing to avert the attacks again and again.

Creak —

The golden sword in Sheng Ge’s hand rippled the space, escaping her grasp. Her expression gradually turned cold. Even though she could avoid the multiple attacks, they were clearly taking a toll on her.

Sheng Ge could not remember many times where she had been put in such a situation. And, each of those situations involved battles that were against enemies of higher cultivation levels than her.

But, not this time, as Su Yu was merely a Human King. And yet, he had managed to suppress her!

Even though there was a restriction on her cultivation level, this lad’s battle abilities were shocking. Those three half-manufactured spiritual artifacts had given her much trouble.

“Are you done yet? If so, it’s my turn!” Sheng Ge had a cold glow on her face. She let out a cold grunt, sending a formless aura spreading across the surroundings.

It was like a tsunami, crashing down in all directions. Dust and debris shot into the sky. The forest shook, its trees about to fall. Facing this horrifying aura, Xia Jingyu had to take several steps back, looking on with shock.

Compared to that time at the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds, Sheng Ge’s abilities were clearly restricted. But, this aura was incredibly close to the Fairy Realm. It was something a Half Fairy couldn’t reproduce.

Sheng Ge’s hair was dancing in the wind, her eyes filled with a spiritual black glow. Ghost energy enveloped her body. Faint figures of ghosts could even be seen.

At this moment, a black beam of light shot out from Sheng Ge’s left eye! Su Yu’s heart turned cold, a deep feeling of dread welling up within him. Without thinking, Su Yu turned his shoulders sideways, teleporting a few dozen feet away. The black beam of light pierced through the thin air, narrowly missing Su Yu.

Rumble —

An earth shaking rumble could be heard from the forest below. Looking down, several thousand square meters of the forest had been leveled by the black beam of light! A bottomless pit, spanning five miles in radius, could clearly be seen. That attack had pierced through the earth!

Su Yu’s scalp crawled. If he had been struck by that attack, he would have been completely disintegrated. There was no doubt about it!

The power of that attack was no weaker than L Chuyi’s, while using the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo! But, just as Su Yu was catching his breath, a warning sign rang out in his heart. He conjured the Eternal Stone King Armor, without hesitation.

At that exact moment, a black beam of light shot out suddenly from that bottomless hole. It was the beam of light that Sheng Ge had shot out!

Su Yu’s heart chilled. The attack had narrowly missed him once again! It looked like he had averted the crisis, but only at this moment. The black beam of light that had clearly missed Su Yu now turned around! Its long tail was aimed directly at Su Yu!

Su Yu was caught off guard, swiped by the beam of light. In that instant, a huge pressure crashed down onto his body!

Boom —

Su Yu took several steps back, the armor on his body flickering. A small gash could faintly be seen on the armor!

The Eternal Stone King Armor was an armor with alarming defensive capabilities. For it to develop a gash, was almost unheard of! It was because of this armor that Su Yu was still safe, his energy and blood merely flipping in his body.

“Hmph, I really wish to see how much longer that armor can last!” Sheng Ge shot a cold gaze, sending the black beam of light to once again assault Su Yu.

Su Yu evaded it, time and time again. Half a cup of tea’s time later, the ghost energy in that beam of light gradually dulled. It finally faded away, after a few more misses.

“Don’t you still have that defensive treasure, the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation? Why don’t you take it out?” Sheng Ge was suspicious.

In her memory, Su Yu did have a blue orb. Moreover, its defensive ability was no weaker than the broken Eternal Stone King Armor’s.

But, Su Yu had not taken it out yet. She felt that something was off about this.

“You wish to know?” Su Yu had a faint smile.

Sheng Ge felt a feeling of unease.

At this moment, Xia Jingyu, who was hiding, watching the battle from far away, suddenly said, “Alright Brother Yu, I have already made it out, and am now ten miles away!”

Xia Jingyu had been constantly retreating, already making it ten miles away. She was now merely a small speck on the horizon.

Su Yu nodded, “Alright, we can start now!”

Sheng Ge felt that something was off, her figure flickering, as she teleported toward where Xia Jingyu was at. She needed merely a breath to cover ten miles of distance.

In the blink of an eye, she had already arrived in front of Xia Jingyu. “I’ll capture you first!” No matter what the scheme, since Xia Jingyu had already retreated, that would mean that Su Yu was considering her safety above all.

Suddenly, a boom could be heard, as Sheng Ge’s body came into contact with a gentle wave of water. Her teleporting figure was forcefully shot back! The great reflective power made her blood flip, a metallic taste making its way up her throat.

“Not good! It’s an ambush!!” Sheng Ge recognized the situation immediately. She looked up to find that there was a blue beam of light separating her and Xia Jingyu. There were ripples on the beam of light, made by her collision with the beam.

“The formation orb of the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation?” Sheng Ge was shocked.

Her expression then changed, as she immediately flew in the other direction. But, suddenly, the blue beam of light expanded outward, as if it was a scroll, before turning into a veil of light, reaching into the heavens.

The warning bells in Sheng Ge’s heart rang out now. She immediately tried some other ways to break the formation. But, the creaks sounded out continuously. Veils of light, of all different colors, appeared within the ten mile radius. The five colored light veils then combined to form one, covering the entirety of the ten mile radius!

“The complete Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation!” Sheng Ge’s expression finally turned serious. One formation orb was nothing to her, nor two, even five was no match for her.

But, with the five formation orbs combining to form a single formation, its power was not as simple as the five veils of light overlapping separately. The power of the formation had been magnified multiple times!

She tried to fly upward, toward the high heavens, but the five veils of light formed a conical seal on the top.

Following this, she blasted a palm toward the earth, but her expression sunk, when she realized that the ground had also been covered with the veil of light. She was already within the enclosed formation…