The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 528

Chapter 528 A Strange Tomb

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Her transportation had been stopped. Sheng Ge was shocked. “How could you have the Mysterious Heavenly Map? It’s impossible!”

But she did not have time to think. Now that she was severely weakened, how could she stand up against the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring?

Her petite figure flashed, quickly flying to the far end of the space as she attempted to escape the area that was covered by the map. By doing this, she hoped that, with her powers of the Fairy Realm, she could be sensed by the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion and get transported out.

Seeing this, Su Yu grabbed with his hands, recalling the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and the Ghost Suppressing Golden Ring, while flying quickly in pursuit. He had already put in so much effort, he couldn’t let her escape!

Now that she was weakened, it was the best opportunity for him to capture her. Once she escaped to the Zhenlong Continent and regained her Fairy Realm abilities, it would be much more troublesome for him to capture her.

Xia Jingyu came to her senses as she watched the battle, her heart shaking in awe. She flew over, proud and respectful of Su Yu.

Sheng Ge was charging forward manically, but her movement techniques were much weaker than they had been at her peak. Her speed was now slower, and she was unable to free herself from Su Yu and the influence of the map.

Thus, the three figures were in pursuit, flitting around the skies of the five peaks. Imagine the scene, as a Fairy Realm fighter was being chased around by a Human King!

What they did not know was, after they left, black blood welled out from within the bottomless pit that had blasted open by Sheng Ge. It released a thick stench.

Half a cup of tea’s time later, Sheng Ge’s vital energy had been depleted. She no longer had the ability to fly, so she had no choice but to land at the final peak, which was the center peak of the five peaks.

This peak was quaint, unlike the legacy of materials, which invited groups of people. This was the home of the legacy of techniques.

Su Yu’s focus was locked onto Sheng Ge. Sheng Ge landed on the peak, charging into a messy graveyard.

There were many crumbled gravestones scattered beside the road. Most of them had been completely destroyed, the headstones now sinking into the mud.

Many graves were flipped open, with corpses thrown all over the place. From the traces evident, it looked like they had been destroyed long ago. These were the graves of the disciples of Tian Jizi and their descendants.

There were three giant, ancient tombs, standing tall at the deepest part of the messy graveyard. These were the graves of the three disciples of Tian Jizi.

The tombs were opened wide and mostly ravaged. There was basically nothing left within them.

“What a sinister place. Sheng Ge might use this place to nourish her body and treat her wounds.” Xia Jingyu was worried.

As a final resting place, the ghost energy here was strong. It was very suitable for ghosts like Sheng Ge.

“But these three ancient tombs are really deep. If we unintentionally entered one of them, Sheng Ge might have the opportunity to escape.”

Su Yu had a calm smile. “She won’t have the chance today!”

A light flashed in Su Yu’s eyes. The layout of the three ancient tombs was suddenly made clear to him.

As the three ancient tombs were empty, Sheng Ge was obviously not in those!


Su Yu had a faint laugh. He swept past with his eyes, once again scanning the destroyed, normal graves. He found Sheng Ge crouching in one of the emptied graves!

She was smart. Even Xia Jingyu had thought that she would escape into the large tombs.

But she had thought outside the box, hiding in one of the normal graves. If it had not been for Su Yu’s soul eyes, she might have succeeded in hiding from them.

Without waiting for Su Yu to attack, the cautious Sheng Ge felt that she had already been found. Breaking open the grave without hesitation, she had absorbed some ghost energy, so was able to forcefully take to the skies!

Su Yu smiled, pointing with his toes, before also taking to the skies. He was hot in pursuit!

But, just as he flew upwards, Su Yu felt a little numb. A weak current flashed past him.

Sensing this weird phenomenon, Su Yu could not help but look down at the ground. Noticing something, his Soul Eyes dilated.

“This is”

A horrifying aura was in a deep sleep within the ground beneath him. The lightning in his body was in an uncontrollable mess, trying to leave his body.

The prototype fairy artifact, the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, which was in his space ring, also started to jump around! This shocked Su Yu.

What kind of horrifying presence was hiding under this graveyard?

Su Yu silently retracted his gaze, not daring to alert this creature. His intuition told him that this horrifying creature could kill him in an instant.

Su Yu did not think that any living creature in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion could face off against this slumbering horrifying creature, besides the Divine Masters. Carefully flying away from this place, Su Yu looked down at the gravestones.

It was weird. Since this was the resting place of the descendants, the corpses and graves should be of the utmost importance. There was no reason for the guards to disregard the fact that their forefathers’ graves were being ravaged and dug open, especially to the point where they would not set up any defenses or obstructions against it.

Could they have some reason for this, of which they could not speak of?

Etching this into their memories, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu set their sights on Sheng Ge once again, returning to their pursuit. In just ten seconds, Sheng Ge turned pale, her energy having been completely depleted. She clenched her teeth and landed at the last peak.

This was the shortest of the five peaks. It was also the thickest, about double the thickness of the normal peaks. This was also the most important of the five peaks, the peak that harbored the strongest legacy, the legacy of materials.

It was rumored that there were myriad materials from Jiuzhou here. In fact, there were also two extremely terrifying materials that were suppressed within the peak.

This peak was different from the others. Each of the four peaks had a group of guards looking over it. But this peak was the base for the guards. Thus, their main forces were stationed here.

Not many people dared to come here, because of the presence of these guards. But they could at least be sure that even these guards were not able to break the seals in the deepest parts of this peak! Moreover, the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl that Su Yu had been searching for also resided within this peak.

After Sheng Ge descended, she immediately stepped into the thick fog, her figure instantly disappearing. Su Yu’s gaze was like a torch, tracking Sheng Ge, no matter which turns she made. She could not escape Su Yu’s sights.

A moment later, even Su Yu did not know where the chase had led them to. All he knew was that there were petrified structures of varying sizes near them. They stood in the fog, their shadows overlapping, resulting in a sinister aura.

Sheng Ge, who was in the middle of running away, suddenly stopped upon nearing the petrified statues. Su Yu raised his brows, wondering what had happened.

With a thought, Su Yu stopped flying. He also stopped Xia Jingyu.

Forming seals with one hand, a crimson colored clone stepped forward. The first few steps were quite normal. But, after the ninth step, Su Yu’s pupils dilated, when he noticed that clusters of bugs were silently digging out of the ground, releasing a gray fog.

The fog billowed, enveloping the clone. At that moment, cracks could be heard on the surface of the clone’s skin. A stone skin was developing!

A moment later, the clone was completely petrified, turning into one of the stone statues around it!

“These stone statues are not stone statues! They are intruders of this place!” Su Yu had a sudden spark of inspiration, grabbing Xia Jingyu, before taking to the skies!