The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 529

Chapter 529 The Mysterious Stone Statues

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Right when Su Yu flew high into the sky and saw through the dense fog, he discovered Sheng Ge’s figure! She had actually become a stone statue as well!

A surprised and frightened expression still remained on her face. Moreover, she had a posture where she wanted to turn around and leave the strange stone statue forest.

However, what was unexpected was that she did not manage to escape and instead became one of the countless stone statues within the stone statue forest. Su Yu was terrified. It was true that Sheng Ge’s abilities had decreased greatly. However, it was also true that she had the body of the Fairy Realm. For the gray mist the worms spat out to turn even her directly into stone, it was clear how dangerous the gray mist was.

Fortunately, Su Yu was vigilant. As the worms were attracted to his clone, they did not notice Su Yu and Xia Jingyu. However, before they left, Su Yu lifted his hands and grabbed. Sheng Ge’s stone statue was lifted into the sky.

As Su Yu looked at the surprised and frightened expression of Sheng Ge’s statue, he could not help but shake his head. “Why must you do this? If you had listened to me earlier on, you would not have landed yourself in such a state.”

After his speech, Su Yu threw her into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Sheng Ge was considered subdued. The next thing Su Yu had to do was find a way to turn her back to normal.

After safely leaving the stone statue forest, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu then discovered how vast it really was. They had merely entered the stone statue forest from a small corner by accident. The real stone statue forest actually stretched as far as their eyes could see.

“Eh? There are still people who have charged into the stone statue forest. They indeed have no idea of death or danger.” A soft, doubtful sound could suddenly be heard from the cloud and mist from afar.

Three blurry figures had discovered that something had happened at the location and rushed over. They happened to see Su Yu and Xia Jingyu leaving the dense forest. Su Yu and Xia Jingyu then became vigilant and looked over with serious expressions.

Bringing a lump of mist with them, two young men who wore white robes and had an elegant, smart carriage stepped out from the mist.

One of them stood in front of the other. The young man who stood behind was dressed smartly and neatly, looking extraordinarily impressive and dignified. Moreover, his abilities had achieved the level of a Half Fairy with one Vital Energy Crystal. Hence, he was unusually powerful.

As for the young man who stood in front, he looked handsome and was glowing with a glittering, divine light. He also had a confident expression. His bright, beautiful eyes glowed brilliantly with a light that could captivate young ladies. As for his abilities, he had achieved the level of a Half Fairy with two Vital Energy Crystals! When his looks, abilities and temperament combined together into one, he was indeed a very handsome man that young ladies could not resist.

As Su Yu and Xia Jingyu examined them, they also examined Su Yu. His silver hair had indeed caused the two of them to be slightly surprised. When they realized Su Yu only had a cultivation base of Human King, they lost their interest.

When their gazes passed by Su Yu and landed on Xia Jingyu, both of them revealed a stunned expression and became absent-minded at once. They were staring at Xia Jingyu’s beautiful face without blinking at all.

Xia Jingyu frowned slightly. She was quite sick of such gazes. When she was still a student in the training institute of the Xianyu Prefecture, she already could not stand such gazes harassing her. When she entered Zhenlong Continent and hid her real face, she felt at ease for many years.

As she was careless for a moment, she forgot to conceal her face. Hence, she attracted gazes that would make her feel vexed. With a thought, she emitted water vapor and covered her face again.

When her eyes swept past the calm and composed back right in front of her, her irritation disappeared. It was just like the special calmness she felt back when she stayed by Su Yu’s side.

After concealing her face, the two elegant Misters could not help but frown. It was as if they had been shocked while they were appreciating beautiful scenery. However, when they realized they had lost control of themselves, they quickly hid their tiny bit of unhappiness.

“I am Zheng Zhijing, an outside sanctum disciple of the Yufeng Faction. May I know the name of this Junior Sister? Why have I not seen you before at the Mysterious Heavenly Stage?” Zheng Zhijing’s eyes only looked at Xia Jingyu and not at Su Yu. It was not because he was arrogant. Instead, to a Half Fairy like him, a Human King like Su Yu did not have many chances to talk to him.

Xia Jingyu did not respond. She retreated behind Su Yu silently as if she were a neighborhood girl who allowed Su Yu to protect her.

Zheng Zhijing was a bit annoyed, and he only then started to examine Su Yu. When he realized Su Yu’s looks and temperament were extremely abnormal as well, he felt unhappy and secretly guessed the relationship between Su Yu and Xia Jingyu.

Having realized the indistinct hostility, Su Yu forced a smile. He could no longer remember how many times he had gotten into trouble for no reason due to Xia Jingyu. What was depressing was that there was nothing going on between them; they were merely friends.

However, Zheng Zhijing clearly had plans of making Xia Jingyu his. Naturally, Su Yu could not look on unconcerned. “Do you have something for us? If not, we shall take our leave.” Su Yu extended his hand, held Xia Jingyu’s pure white wrist and pulled her to get her to leave.

“Hold it right there! Why are you talking like this? Do you know who is standing in front of you?” the white-clothed Mister, who was leaning back slightly, shouted coldly.

Su Yu swept his eyes past him nonchalantly. “Yufeng Faction, Zheng Zhijing. Didn’t he already say? Are you deaf, or did I hear it wrong?”

The white-clothed young man was clearly trying to earn the favor of Zheng Zhijing, and he berated deliberately.

Having been talked back to by Su Yu, the white-clothed young man accidentally revealed a layer of murderous energy on his forehead. “I really don’t know if you are pretending to be stupid or if you really are! Even if you are a wandering martial artist, you should also understand that outside sanctum disciples like us are not people who wandering martial artists can compare to. If I were to say it in a mean way, speaking to both of you means we have a good opinion of both of you. Hence, talking back to us is the same as being ignorant and disrespectful!”

Su Yu was too lazy to deal with such a disciple. He was simply a disciple who had enjoyed a high position and lived in comfort in the faction. Moreover, he was also used to being flattered by wandering martial artists. Su Yu then lifted his leg and assumed a posture indicating he was about to leave!

“Hold it right there!” The white-clothed young man was obviously really angry at Su Yu’s attitude. When he normally encountered martial artists, how many of them dared to be so arrogant in front of him?

“If you wish to fight, please go ahead quickly. Also, please stop talking nonsense as it only makes you seem noisy!” Su Yu’s expression turned cold, and he was too lazy to continue talking nonsense with someone so full of himself.

The white-clothed young man was stunned, and he laughed sardonically as if he could not help it. It was the first time he had met such an arrogant wandering martial artist. From the corner of his eyes, he noticed Zheng Zhijing had a dull expression and did not react at all.

The white-clothed young man understood his intentions, and his face had a ferocious expression. “I shall let a person like you, who has no idea of death or danger, remember this well!” Vital energy surged from the white-clothed young man and covered both his fists, which he then threw toward Su Yu’s face. He did not hold back at all.

Su Yu’s gaze turned cold. However, Xia Jingyu said in a gentle voice, “Brother Yu, you have already gone through a great battle. Please take a rest, and let me take care of this.”

As she spoke, a black light glowed from her palm, and a Feather Needle of Darkness appeared. When spiritual energy was inserted into the Feather Needle of Darkness, it glowed with a black light. Xia Jingyu then weaved signs with one hand, and the water-based cultivation techniques within her body became more than five times stronger.

With a whistling sound, a 100-foot-thick water dragon appeared from the ground and rushed toward the white-clothed young man, staring at him abnormally and roaring to block his fist.

As the fist was covered in vital energy, it was naturally powerful. However, the fist only withstood the water dragon for some time and was broken through. The white-clothed young man was forced to retreat a few steps away. Some green marks could faintly be seen on his fist; it looked like he had been injured.

Suppressing his anger, the white-clothed young man summoned a knife-shaped magical treasure. It was a high-grade divine artifact that emitted the piercingly cold edge of a knife.

Just then, nine water dragons appeared in succession, each one more than two times stronger than the previous one! The white-clothed young man was furious yet astonished. What had happened? Why did her abilities grow so much in such a short amount of time? Those were not fighting capabilities Human Kings could exhibit!

While shocked, the white-clothed young man swung his knife hurriedly. The knife energy marched through unhindered. After a few swings, he finally tore a few water dragons into pieces. However, for the next three water dragons, they attacked him like powerful currents.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

After having been attacked by the three water dragons, the long knife slipped out of his hands. As for his body, his blood energy surged, and he spat out three mouthfuls of blood in succession. Bright red blood covered half of his miserable face, and he looked to be in dire straits.

Xia Jingyu then lifted her hands and gestured. After she had kept her water dragons, she said indifferently, “Even though you are inferior to me, you still have the face to express dissatisfaction toward Brother Yu?” In her mind, Brother Su Yu had always been so strong it caused people to lose their determination to surpass him. It always had been and would always be like that.

She only hoped she could always look up to his back.