The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Gathering Of Heroes

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The white robed figure flew backwards, his chest in a huge amount of pain. His eyes were filled with the flames of anger and shame. He had lost against a wandering cultivator!

And, judging from her tone, that silver haired lad was more powerful than this beautiful lady! At this moment, an aura enveloped him, stabilizing him after his fall.

Zheng Zhijing’s calm expression had been replaced with a sinister one. “Miss, what is the meaning of your injuring a disciple from the Yufeng faction? If you do not explain yourself, I am afraid I cannot let the two of you leave.”

He observed Xia Jingyu, as though trying to appreciate the beauty that was under the veil of water. He also quietly observed the Feather Needle of Darkness in her hands. To be able to raise her abilities forcefully, its power was not to be underestimated.

His junior was one of the top ten disciples of the outer sanctum disciples in the Yufeng faction. It was rare for him to experience defeat at the hands of a Human King. The reason for this defeat was that half-manufactured spiritual artifact, the Feather Needle of Darkness!

“Are you going to be unreasonable? You did not stop him, when he attacked us just now. Instead, you blame me for not holding back, when he was too weak and injured by me.” Xia Jingyu replied boldly.

Zheng Zhijing squinted. “Miss, you injured the disciple of the Yufeng faction, so I’m afraid you cannot be absolved of the blame.”

He clearly wanted both Xia Jingyu and her treasure. To have a woman as beautiful as a fairy, plus a rare half-manufactured spiritual artifact, only a fool would miss such a great opportunity!

“I understand your intentions, so you may attack.” Xia Jingyu had a calm gaze.

Zheng Zhijing let out a grunt. “Looks like you prefer punishment. Do you think a half-manufactured spiritual artifact can stop me?”

“First Changing Wind Figure!” Zheng Zhijing let out a low grunt, as a green pair of wings suddenly emerged from his back. It looked as though he was a green bird.

His figure blurred, before suddenly vanishing. Xia Jingyu remained expressionless. She waved her sleeves. The water vapor within a three-mile radius became thicker, forming a layer of white fog.

The fog rapidly billowed to the right of Xia Jingyu, as if something was charging toward her at a high speed. It left a visible trail in the fog.

“Cloud Prison!” Xia Jingyu gripped down with her fingers. The large piece of fog came together, squeezing toward the center, trapping the exposed green figure. The assaulting green figure had no choice but to change its direction, charging out of the entanglement, before taking off into the air.

Zheng Zhijing showed himself, his expression filled with a merciless aura. Her water-based techniques were troublesome. It did not allow him to close in on her.

“Second Changing Wind Figure! It’s over!” Zheng Zhijing let out a cold grunt. The vital energy in her body welled out, forming a large green bird on the top of his head. It was lifelike, unlike an illusion.

With Zheng Zhijing’s orders, the green bird soared across the horizon, charging downward. The Cloud Prison creaked, as it was torn apart by the green bird’s sharp talons. Its body pierced through the clouds, then charged toward Xia Jingyu.

Xia Jingyu’s expression sunk, as she once again waved her hands. A long bow, formed by water vapor, appeared in her palm. The large amounts of fog in the air quickly compressed, forming a tight arrow of water. Because of the compression, the water pressure within the arrow was enough to make anyone’s skin crawl.

Whoosh —

Xia Jingyu casually shot out the arrow, without hesitation.

Boom —

It left an after image in the air, as it collided with the charging green bird. At the moment of collision, the compressed arrow immediately shattered, releasing the powerful water pressure.

The giant green bird also scattered, when it was hit with the water pressure. The remaining water pressure was shot toward Zheng Zhijing.

His expression turned grave, his figure retreating rapidly. He looked at Xia Jingyu with a little more caution. That attack was the highest stage of an immortal level technique!

His gaze flickered. Zheng Zhijing had an arrogant light in his eyes. “Alright, I remember you! We will meet again at the Divine Sparrow Stage!”

After saying this, he turned to escape into the fog, not caring about his juniors. The white robed junior’s heart thumped, as he also fled into the fog.

Xia Jingyu quickly flicked her fingers, forming two chains with the water, restraining him. After that, Xia Jingyu twirled her fingers, creating a water seal. She pushed it into his brain.

This was a water-based seal, similar in properties to Su Yu’s Great Thunder Heart Technique. It could control the life and death of her enemies.

The battle had only lasted a few seconds, but Xia Jingyu had used more than five different techniques! These five techniques were merely the tip of the iceberg in her repertoire of water-based techniques!

Coupled with the Feather Needle of Darkness in her hands, which boosted her water-based techniques to the limits of a Half Fairy, her abilities awed Su Yu. If Xia Jingyu was going to fight him seriously, the victor might not be too easily determined!

“Brother Yu, I’ll hand him over to you. What do you want to do with him?” Xia Jingyu returned to Su Yu’s side with a smile. Her innocent aura was laced with a gentleness and shyness.

Su Yu looked at the white robed youth, coldly saying, “Do you know anything about this stone statue forest? And, what is the Divine Sparrow Stage?” Su Yu had a glint in his eyes, when he talked about the Divine Sparrow Stage.

Even though the junior was humiliated, a seal had been placed into him. The life and death of the white robed youth was now to be dictated by others. As such, he had no choice but to unwillingly answer, “The stone statue forest is the defensive spell that guards the legacy of materials. There are bugs that the guards nurture here that can release petrifying energy, turning all living things into stone! If you wish to enter the grounds of the legacy of materials, the only way is to walk past the spell. But, throughout the course of history, only the female demon genius of the previous generation has successfully done that. The rest have all turned into stone statues.”

He continued his explanation under duress. “As for the Divine Sparrow Stage, it was a place to rest, created by the forefathers, who had tried to make it to the legacy of materials. It is now used to train disciples from all over the land.”

Su Yu nodded. He remembered Yu Chan telling him that the disciples of the Mysterious Heavenly Palace would gather somewhere after they completed their trials in order to attend a small scale exchange event.

The location of the event this time around was apparently this place called the Divine Sparrow Stage. Su Yu was hoping to obtain the Blood of a True Dragon there.

“Do you know if there is any cure to reverse the petrification, if one were to accidentally be petrified by the bugs?” Su Yu asked.

The other party shook his head. “We have no way to do that. Only the female bug, which is reared by the guards, can secrete a unique spiritual serum that could reverse the petrification. But, those guards are all out to kill us. There’s no way that they would hand over the spiritual serum to us! Thus, there is no other way, unless you can get the help of a Divine Master.”

Su Yu knew that this was going to be troublesome. If that was the case, it might be a hassle to revert Sheng Ge back to her original state.

“Alright, I understand.” Su Yu nodded.

The white robed youth’s heart thumped wildly, “What are you going to do with me?”

It was clear that Su Yu had no reason to free him.

“Help me do something”

A mysterious glow flashed past Su Yu’s eyes.