The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 531

Chapter 531 Changes In The Jade Pearl

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After a long time, Su Yu saw the white-clothed young man off and murmured softly, “I hoped I would not need to resort to that.”

Xia Jingyu was confused. She only saw that Su Yu instructed the white-clothed young man and handed a colorful object to him. After that, the young man’s expression turned cold, and he left.

Although she was curious, she did not probe any further. She said gently, “Let’s find a place to take a good rest. After that, I will help you to comprehend again, so you can make a breakthrough in your cultivation techniques.”

Su Yu nodded his head, chose a secluded place with her, and they recuperated on their own. After concurrently going through great battles, both of them were quite exhausted.

As Su Yu recuperated, a jade green light glowed on his arm, and a tiny bit of his soul entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. “Greetings to Master.” The moment he entered, Wu Aoyue welcomed him with respect.

Su Yu then examined her. Although she had a respectful expression, he could still see faintly that she had some murderous intents and hatred. That was normal. Who would be willing to be enslaved by someone else?

“How is the ravine?” Su Yu questioned expressionlessly.

Wu Aoyue pointed at one green hill. “I have followed Master’s instructions and built a thatched cottage at the bottom of the green hill. You can rest and train inside the thatched cottage. The nursery has also been moved to the side of the thatched cottage.”

Su Yu reacted and brought Wu Aoyue over in an instant. The thatched cottage was simple, quiet, beautiful, elegant and extremely refreshing.

Beside the thatched cottage was the nursery, which contained 100 grains of Supreme Growing Soil. A small tree, which was completely snow-white in color, was growing up strongly and sturdily in the nursery. It was the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate. The fruits the tree bore could purify one’s spiritual energy. Su Yu had tried it before; its effect was extremely good, except for the fact that it was only effective when one ate the fruit for the first time.

The Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate tree was now three times taller than when he moved it! It was as tall as two people, with luxurious branches and leaves. With the fresh, green color of the tree, three fruits were glittering with golden light.

“It grew so quickly?” Su Yu clicked his tongue secretly. The closer one object was to a spiritual object of the universe, the slower its growth. However, the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate tree looked 60 years older compared to before it was moved over. In reality, it was only moved over for a short amount of time, and three more fruits had grown!

“The Supreme Growing Soil is also known as the First Divine Soil. It has magical abilities that outsiders cannot imagine. In particular, in the aspect of making something mature early, it could be called a miracle.” Wu Aoyue looked at the three fruits secretly, and her eyes glowed with a light that indicated she yearned for them.

In her faction, such fruits were not something outside sanctum disciples like her could think about. Those fruits were items specially given to inner sanctum disciples. As for outside sanctum disciples, they needed to work hard for three years and render outstanding services to exchange for one fruit.

At that time, her cultivation base was stuck at the peak of Half God. Due to her spiritual energy not being pure enough, it was unable to change into vital energy, even after a long time. If she were to swallow one Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate, she could get the spiritual energy within her three Spiritual Energy Crystals to become its purest state and change into vital energy. After that, becoming a Half Fairy would come naturally when the conditions were right.

It was a pity. If Su Yu were to sell those previous fruits, he would definitely have extremely good gains. Moreover, as a servant, everything would belong to Su Yu. She had no chips to exchange for the fruits.

“You have done well.” Su Yu smiled, lifted his sleeves and gestured. A gust of wind then blew past and cut off the three fruits. They fell into three jade boxes respectively.

Hearing that, Wu Aoyue laughed sardonically and did not think anything else would happen.


A ray of green light was abruptly thrown over, and Wu Aoyue caught it subconsciously. When she looked at it, it was a sealed jade box containing an Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate. She was stunned and looked toward Su Yu, confused. He was placing the other two jade boxes into his chest and said indifferently, “This is what you deserve. Take it.”

Wu Aoyue’s pupils gradually opened wide as she absent-mindedly said, “Really?”

Su Yu looked to his side and laughed apathetically. “I know you are dissatisfied. However, since you have seen the Supreme Growing Soil, before I possess absolute powers, I cannot let you out. This is to prevent me from getting myself into trouble. Before that, you can stay here with ease and take care of the ravine for me. As long as you do your best, I will not deny you of the benefits you deserve.”

Having known it would indeed be impossible for her to leave, she instantly felt down. However, when she felt the coldness the jade box emitted, her bitter heart still felt slightly gratified. Although she was enslaved by someone else, the good fortune in the midst of bad was that Su Yu was not very picky. Although it was clear he could violate her that day, he forcefully held it in. At that time, he was also fair in meting out rewards and punishments. Hence, it could be said that he was not mean to her.

After struggling within her eyes, she sighed secretly. However, the resentment within her heart weakened a lot, and she could not help but accept her fate.

“Thank you, Master, for rewarding me. In the days to come, I shall act in accordance to Master’s instructions.” Wu Aoyue made obeisance sincerely, and she completely accepted her identity of being a slave.

After nodding his head, Su Yu said, “For the items I have brought in this period of time, how did you take care of them?”

Wu Aoyue pushed open the door of the thatched cottage. Within the house, she had specially created a row of neat cupboards, and they contained rows of neatly arranged divine artifacts. There were many kinds of divine artifacts, all obtained after Su Yu had killed his enemies.

Inside one of the biggest cupboards, Su Yu saw the petrified Sheng Ge.

“Haha, you also have today.” A charm created by the fusion of thunderbolt and soul flew out from Su Yu’s forehead and entered Sheng Ge’s forehead with a whizzing sound. However, the moment the charm entered, it was squeezed out forcefully.

That was expected. Although Sheng Ge’s body was turned into stone, her soul remained, and she resisted forcefully.

Su Yu smiled. “I will give you one more chance. Do you wish to become a stone statue forever or, become my slave girl? If you choose the first option, I shall grant you your wish, and you shall be sealed within the stone statue forever. If you choose the latter, as your Master, I will naturally find ways to get rid of the energy that turned you into a stone.”

After pausing for some time, Su Yu said nonchalantly, “This is looking at the fact that when you enslaved me that year, you did not harm me. If not, you would not have lived until this very moment! I will only give you one chance!” Su Yu’s expression became dull, and he was filled with coldness.

Wu Aoyue’s charming body shook slightly as she felt the murderous energy Su Yu was emitting. She also felt shocked within her heart. This stone statue that was dropped inside was actually alive? And, from Su Yu’s words, the other party had enslaved Su Yu before. However, she currently faced the fate of being enslaved by Su Yu!

What kind of divine being was this little girl who had been petrified?

Su Yu flicked his finger, and the prohibiting charm entered Sheng Ge’s forehead again. The charm struggled at her forehead, and only half of it had entered. However, it was unable to enter deep into her forehead. This was a sign that Sheng Ge was in deep thought while struggling.

It was only until murderous intents flashed past Su Yu’s eyes that Sheng Ge gave up resisting, and the charm entered her soul. From that moment onward, with a thought from Su Yu, he could decide the fate of Sheng Ge’s soul.

After finally getting Sheng Ge to submit to him, Su Yu’s expression became relaxed. “Wait for a period of time with ease, and I will let you regain your original body.”

After his speech, Su Yu stepped out of the thatched cottage. He thought for some time, and he lifted his hands and gestured. At once, the ground wriggled. The soil moved about, and something seemed to have risen.

Wu Aoyue observed vigilantly, her pupils abruptly shrinking as a nursery of a great patch of Supreme Growing Soil actually appeared from underground! It was about 100 times bigger than the nursery of the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate! Moreover, ten five-colored divine herbs, which were 1,000 feet tall, were growing inside.