The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 532

Chapter 532 A Hundred Year Old Divine Herb

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The lightning on the herb seemed extraordinary.

Wu Aoyue froze, then asked, “What are those?”

After staring at it for a moment, she slowly reacted, gasping. “Could that be the Thunder Herb? It takes ten years for a Thunder Herb to reach maturity, reaching one inch in height. Those that have been growing for longer would reach about three inches. Those would have been growing for thirty years or more, and cannot be found in the outside world. Plus, many spiritual beasts would devour Thunder Herbs, once they are mature enough. Also, there have only been two inch-tall Thunder Herbs appearing in the market, and then only once in a blue moon, so they can fetch a high price.”

“These are all three times longer than the current record of three inches!”

Wu Aoyue was all smiles, her shock written all over her face. “The Supreme Growing Soil lives up to its name. No one has been able to grow the seeds of the Thunder Herb, but the soil has managed to grow it in such a short amount of time. It is ungodly indeed! If you release these one of these tall Thunder Herbs, everyone would be in disbelief!”

An armor made with Thunder Herbs could effectively counter the disastrous thunder. It was an item that Su Yu needed to obtain soon.

With a thought, three harvested Thunder Herbs appeared in the space. One was an inch long, and the other two were only sprouts.

Comparing them, Su Yu realized that the thunder that was harbored by the one-inch Thunder Herb was ten times weaker than the longer Thunder Herb! Furthermore, the longer Thunder Herb was more resilient, as if it was a piece of transparent jade. In comparison, the one-inch long Thunder Herb was dull and colourless.

“Master, your Thunder Herb is at least a hundred years old. Its effect are more than nine times greater than an herb that is ten years old! Thus, just one of these stalks is equivalent to nine ordinary stalks!” Wu Aoyue exclaimed.

Su Yu had a satisfied expression on his face. The Supreme Growing Soil had surprised him indeed.

“Please tend to it carefully. I can give you a stalk, when you break through to the Fairy Realm in the future,” Su Yu said.

Hearing this, Wu Aoyue’s cold expression turned into one of joy. “Really?”

She had just said these words, when she blushed, cupping her mouth with her hands, blaming herself, “How useless, to lose your composure, with just a slight benefit!” Even though she thought that, she still could not mask the happiness that she felt.

The Heavenly Disaster was a blade, which was hanging over everyone who hoped to break through to the Fairy Realm. There were many who lacked the defensive capabilities and failed to break through to the Fairy Realm because of the Heavenly Disaster. There were even those that were killed by the Heavenly Disaster.

As an outer sanctum disciple, especially a disciple that had limited support from the faction, it couldn’t be that hard to get an absolute guarantee!

But Su Yu’s promising to give her a Thunder Herb would completely nullify her worries! So, how could she not be happy?!

Su Yu smiled. It was not as though the armor that had been made by the Thunder Herb could only be used once, so what trouble would it be for him to let her try on the armor?

“Do you know how to create an armor from the herb?” Su Yu asked.

Wu Aoyue was excited, taking in a deep breath. She suppressed her excitement, then replied calmly, “I have prepared for this back at the Moon Glowing Clear Ship! I did this by reading up on many materials regarding the Thunder Herb. So, there should be no problem.”

“Then you will be responsible for the task of creating the armor.” Su Yu thought for a moment.

“Yes, master! I will complete the mission as soon as possible!” Wu Aoyue could not quell her excitement. She used her hand to conjure up a jade sword, harvesting ten of the Thunder Herbs. She kept nine of them, while she handed the last one over, saying, “I only need nine.”

Su Yu nodded, keeping the last one in his robes. After which, he waved his sleeves, separating the entire nursery into a hundred portions.

The growing Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate took one portion, and the growing Thunder Herbs took another. There were still many vacant portions.

Suddenly, Su Yu raised his brows. “I nearly forgot this!”

With a thought, two golden seeds appeared in his hands. Those were the seeds for the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo! He had gotten these items from L Chuyi, and they were extremely valuable.

But, in order for these seeds to germinate, it would require old monsters at the level of All Creations, spending hundreds of years of their time, as well as their blood essence. Other than that, there was no way of ensuring the survival of the bamboo.

But to Su Yu, who possessed the Supreme Growing Soil, that might not be the case…

“The seeds of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo? Am I mistaken, master?” Wu Aoyue gasped, the jade sword falling from her hands.

Su Yu was surprised. “Oh? You seem to know a lot?”

These were the seeds of the extinct Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, yet she could recognize them. It showed her extraordinary knowledge. Even though she had been under L Chuyi for some time, L Chuyi had clearly not shown this to her.

“I have been responsible for the library in the faction for some time, so I had the chance to flip through some books. Hence, I do know some things about Jiuzhou.” Wu Aoyue’s pride was brimming in her heart.

She was superior to her all-powerful master in some way, hng hng! So, that was the case. Su Yu flicked his finger, burying the seeds into the Supreme Growing Soil.

But, the seeds showed no change, even after some time had passed. Back then, the Thunder Herbs had germinated the moment they touched the soul.

He waited for an hour more, but there were still no changes. Su Yu was suspicious.

Could the seeds be dead?

“Master, let me tend to it. I will notify you the moment it germinates.” Wu Aoyue was also filled with anticipation. The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was the greatest divine bamboo of Jiuzhou. If Su Yu were to give her just one or two of its leaves, it would be a privilege that she would never have expected.

Su Yu could only do as she said. He could not stay here for too long.

But, before he left, Su Yu had a thought, while he was entering the other half of the mountain valley. This was the inner region of the mountain valley. Wu Aoyue did not have the authority to enter here.

Entering the space, he could see two figures sitting under a large tree. They were Long Wuxin and Qin Xianer.

Su Yu was shocked to find out that the two were in the critical moments of their cultivation. They were cultivating vital energy crystals! This shocked Su Yu a great deal!

It was not weird for Long Wuxin to be cultivating the crystals. After all, she was a top notch Half God before this. It would not be long, before she cultivated a vital energy crystal.

But Xianer was only a Heaven Master, before she entered the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Palace. She had caught up with Long Wuxin during this time, and was cultivating the vital energy crystal along with her.

What kind of luck did that lass have? The improvement of her cultivation level was incredible!

But, her constitution was a Death Phoenix Constitution, which even Yun Yazi wanted as a disciple. It was not hard to accept the oddities in her cultivation.

Staring at Xianer’s adorable figure, Su Yu was satisfied. His soul returned to his body.

He had just opened his eyes, when he saw a passionate gaze. Xia Jingyu had woken up long ago. She could not help but observe Su Yu’s face, taking in his every feature, seeing as how Su Yu was still in his meditation.

She had a silly grin. Suddenly, Su Yu’s eyeballs moved. It was a sign of him waking up. Shocked, Xia Jingyu’s heart thumped wildly, as she turned away anxiously.

Her face was red, as if it had been covered by a bridal veil.