The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 533

Chapter 533 Great Progress In The Legendary Level Cultivation Technique

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Su Yu was embarrassed for a while. His eyes were blind, but his Soul Eyes had already opened. He could see what was happening in the outside world.

Hence, he had seen each and every action of Xia Jingyu.

Ever since that question onward, there were mutual feelings between them. Xia Jingyu had feelings for him, and Su Yu had gradually realized this fact.

However, he already had Xianer, whom he could not let down. Next, it was Xia Jingyu. However, he was unable to be thick-skinned and accept her feelings. Moreover, if Xianer knew her fiance had a secret relationship with Xia Jingyu, who was once her best friend, wouldn’t she be upset?

“Well, let me continue to help you comprehend.” Xia Jingyu’s face was red, and she changed the subject hurriedly.

Su Yu also felt that the atmosphere was embarrassing. He then nodded his head and immediately fused his Divine Decree with Xia Jingyu.

As he interlocked his hands with hers tightly, he shivered a little; he was nervous. This caused Su Yu to feel even more serious. How should he respond to Xia Jingyu’s feelings?

Filled with seriousness, Su Yu entered his form quickly and borrowed her level of comprehension to continue comprehending his cultivation techniques. With that, the comprehension went on for half a day.

Halfway through, Xia Jingyu had to stop to rest twice as it was extremely strenuous. However, her face did not have any complaints in the slightest bit. Instead, what was present was happiness that she could not conceal.

After one day, Su Yu stretched himself and stood up. The air around him was shaking continuously, and tiny bits of furtive aura were released from Su Yu’s body.

Xia Jingyu’s heart felt the situation was really not good. With a flash of her figure, she retreated immediately and looked at the surroundings with surprise.

“The spiritual energy of the universe is in such disorder!” Xia Jingyu’s snow-like eyes were filled with craftiness. “When Brother Yu still had the identity of Yin Yu, it was said you possessed a legendary-level cultivation technique. I can’t believe it is actually true!”

The space around Su Yu vibrated even faster. Black cracks appeared on the space as if it were colored glazes that had cracked. From the sky, a lump of space energy descended and enshrouded Su Yu as if it wanted to transport him out.

The remaining power from the breakthrough has achieved the level of the Fairy Realm. So, Su Yu is going to be transported out? Xia Jingyu’s expression changed.

Fortunately, Su Yu was shocked by the unusual circumstances of the universe and woke up in time. The Mysterious Heavenly Map then appeared at once and forced the space energy to retreat. With that, he stopped himself from being transported out.

“Congratulations, Brother Yi! Your legendary-level cultivation technique has achieved Upper Class!” Xia Jingyu’s whole face was filled with happiness as if she were even more delighted than herself making a breakthrough to the next level of cultivation technique.

Su Yu was also very excited. After stagnating for so long, he had finally honed Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters to Upper Class where he learned how to create the word “Dou.” The power of this formula was another level above the “Bing” character, and it was not a small matter.

As he looked at Xia Jingyu, who was delighted from the bottom of her heart for him, he thought to himself and said, “How do I repay you, Jingyu?” Xia Jingyu had helped him a lot. She had helped him to the extent that Su Yu was unable to repay her.

It had always been people owing favors to Su Yu. However, it was difficult to count how many favors he owed Xia Jingyu.

“I do not need you to repay me. It will be fine as long as Brother Yu remembers me.” Xia Jingyu smiled charmingly, and her face was bright red.

Remember you? Having felt Xia Jingyu’s feelings, which were getting even more intense, Su Yu’s heart felt heavy.

“Jingyu, I” Su Yu wanted to speak, but he stopped straight away. Even though he wanted to reject her openly, when the words were about to leave his mouth, he could not say them when he looked at her clear eyes.

As if she had realized Su Yu’s complicated mood, Xia Jingyu’s smile turned stiff, and she became quiet. There was still an unconquerable obstacle between both of them. As she thought of that, her eyes turned dark.

After a long time, she forced a smile. “Brother Yu, let’s go to the Divine Sparrow Stage quickly. Since everyone is gathering there, there might be someone who is attempting to get through the stone statue forest. If there is someone who has succeeded, we can draw on his experience.”

“All right. However, we need to make some preparations.” Su Yu felt as if he had been relieved of a heavy load. He then took out a set of clothes. It was the clothes of the Returning Principal Palace.

“The people of Jiuzhou seem to not know that people of the Zhenlong Continent have come this time around. Hence, they have regarded us as wandering martial artists of Jiuzhou. In Jiuzhou, wandering martial artists have a low status. In order to prevent any trouble, we had better continue to pretend we are disciples of the Returning Principal Palace.” Su Yu quickly put on the clothes, which had the symbol of the Returning Principal Palace, making him look even more heroic.

Xia Jingyu nodded her head. “I shall listen to everything Brother Su says.” In her mind, she was examining Su Yu secretly. No matter what Su Yu was dressed in, he still had a style of his own.

Su Yu, Yin Yu, Black Snow Devil King. Which identity was not an existence that shook a part of the world? As she thought about that, she could not help but feel proud of him.

The Divine Sparrow Stage was not too far away. They followed the direction Zheng Zhijing had escaped to and arrived at the Divine Sparrow Stage after an hour.

When they were hundreds of miles away, they discovered traces of human beings. They were surveying the surroundings as they travelled along the edge of the stone statue forest, and it seemed like they were looking for a crack.

As they went deeper and deeper, more and more figures were gathered. There was a time where they met a group of 20, which was the largest group of people they had seen.

When they arrived at a massive, flat arena about 100,000 feet large, they were instantly shocked by the big crowd of people.

Looking at it, there only 300-400 people walking around the flat stage. All of them wore different accessories. Moreover, they also had different cultivation bases, and they were dispersed in a disorderly fashion atop the stage.

In no time, a hubbub of voices could be heard; it was like a market with heavy traffic.

When Su Yu entered such a place after he was used to environments with very few people, he had a feeling things had changed greatly.

However, what shocked Su Yu even more was that there were so many people in the first place. Could they have appeared in the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion from the very start?

At the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion, Su Yu and his group of people only managed to enter the spell with difficulty and were transported to the eighth level after experiencing a great amount of dangers. And, they had almost died in the hands of the silver puppet.

So, why were there still so many people?

“So many people? Seems like when the King of Darkness rescued a wandering martial artist that year, he obtained the information regarding a route between the seventh and eighth level of the Divine Pavilion,” Xia Jingyu said. “Among the wandering martial artists of Jiuzhou, the route is not considered a secret. Hence, many people took the shortcut and entered the eighth level.”

As expected, there was another route!

The only transportation spell L Chuyi and her group of people knew about was probably already outdated. As for the information that wandering martial artists possessed, when compared to the big factions, it was undoubtedly a lot more updated.

There were also a few factions that knew about the information, like the Yufeng Faction. Su Yu did not remember encountering them at the seventh level of the Divine Pavilion. However, they were able to come to the current location as well.

“I have heard that every time, on the last day right before the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion ends, according to usual practices, an Exchange Festival will be held; everyone will take whatever he needs. That year, it was a pity the King of Darkness did not have the right to come to the eighth level. It is said that precious items would appear at the Exchange Festival, and this might attract the attention of the Elders of Jiuzhou, who are atop the Mysterious Heavenly Stage. They will think of a way to open up a rift and come over from another world to exchange items. As elders, their deals have not been stingy; the exchanger would normally get items worth more than the items exchanged.”

What? There was also a possibility of Elders of Jiuzhou coming over from another world to exchange items? Yu Chan had never mentioned this point before.

With that, if no one among the people within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion were able to find the Blood of the Real Dragon, Su Yu could still ask the Elders of Jiuzhou about it if they were to appear. There might be a higher possibility of them possessing the Blood of the Real Dragon. Su Yu could definitely not miss the Exchange Festival this time around.

When Su Yu examined his surroundings, he quickly discovered a few familiar figures.

The Ghost King, Bai Qi! In fact, the moment Su Yu arrived, Bai Qi discovered him and had been observing him ever since.

As for the other person, it was Sheng Xuelian! It seemed like she had managed to avoid the silver puppet, and she entered the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion successfully.

As for the people who were with him back then, Yu Chan had gone missing, L Chuyi had left the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Sheng Ge had been petrified, and Chou Zeming died straight away. Only the three of them were left.

In a greeting to Su Yu, the two nodded their heads toward him from afar.

Suddenly, Su Yu faintly felt an inconspicuous gaze, and he could not help but abruptly turn his head to take a look.

Behind the crowd of people, there was a 14-year-old girl wearing a plaited bamboo hat. Her whole face was completely covered by it, and only the exquisite curves of her body allowed Su Yu to identity her as a girl.

Her cultivation base was only at Human King, which was not very different from Su Yu and his group of people.

However, for some reason, the moment Su Yu saw the girl, his heart shook vigorously, and he felt oddly frightened. But, when he used his Soul Eyes to take a look, he realized the girl did not have anything special about her. A ray of suspicion flashed past Su Yu’s eyes.

“Humph, the both of you still dare to come. Where is my Junior Brother?” An unpleasant gaze was shot over coldly.

Zheng Zhijing looked over while laughing grimly. Beside him, there was a bald young man with both of his hands inside his sleeves. He carried a big black knife and had fierce facial muscles. His gaze was ferocious, and he was filled with murderous energy. His body reeked of blood.

Under Su Yu’s gaze, he saw that a thin layer of blood-colored air current was revolving around the bald young man’s body. That was the bloody energy left behind due to him killing too many people!

Su Yu thought he had killed quite a number of people as well. However, not even a tiny bit of blood energy was able to form around his body. Hence, the bald man with fierce facial muscles clearly had great killing intents!