The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 534

Chapter 534 King Of Killing

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“The King of Killing from the Yufeng Faction!” An eighteen-year-old lady, who was some distance away from Su Yu, glanced over at the muscular youth, subconsciously letting out a squeal. She could not mask the fear in her voice.

Once the words were spouted out, the bustling Divine Sparrow Stage suddenly became quiet. In that moment, the crowd took several steps back, not daring to look the King of Killing in the eye.

That person was also known as Zhou Jin. He was a reputable outer sanctum disciple of the Yufeng Faction. It was rumored that he was one of the Three Great Outer Sanctum Disciples, who was likely to become an inner sanctum disciple. A Divine Master level elder had taken a fancy to him, and would take him under his wing the moment that he entered the inner sanctum.

Thus, he had a bright future ahead of him. He was also regarded as being Chou Zeming’s equal in the battle of the Mysterious Heavenly Stage, having bested all of the geniuses of Jiuzhou. In fact, they were called the Two Great Killing Gods.

But, in terms of killing, Chou Zeming was only famous for his methods. On the other hand, Zhou Jin was famous for his penchant for killing, as he would kill anyone who irritated him.

It was rumored that even the inner sanctum disciples of the Yufeng Faction had not killed as many people as him. He indeed lived up to his reputation as the King of Killing!

Many people held strong opinions about him. In fact, it was said that an inner disciple had once thought of him as wild and untamed, and had intended to teach him a lesson. But, in the end, the inner disciple, who had broken through to the Fairy Realm, had been severely injured by Zhou Jin, and could only escape!

The rumors of his abilities were also incredibly mysterious. Some said that he had broken through to the level of Fairy Realm long ago, but that he had, for some reason, intentionally suppressed it to the level of Half Fairy in order to help the elder, who was willing to take him under his wing, to accomplish a secret mission during his time in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

Creak —

Zhou Jin suddenly looked at the lady who had spoken. A line of blood suddenly extended from in between her brows, right down to her stomach.

The eyes of the lady dulled, her body splitting into two, following right down the line of blood. Her blood sprayed everywhere, dying the ground red.

This Half God level lady had been severed into two, causing her to die brutally. And, this was all because she had merely glanced at Zhou Jin!

This bloody scene caused the skins of many to crawl, each of them retracting their gazes quickly. They did not even dare look at her, much less stand up for her. Otherwise, they might end up with the same fate as the lady, weirdly split into two!

Su Yu was one of the rare people, who had clearly seen what had happened. The lady had not died because Zhou Jin looked at her. In fact, she had actually died from a blow from the black sword, which had been hidden behind Zhou Jin’s back!

In the eyes of an average person, Zhou Jin had merely looked at the lady. But, in Su Yu’s eyes, Zhou Jin had accomplished three actions in that one split second…Drawing his sword, striking, and then sheathing his sword. His actions were incredibly fluid.

His speed was like lightning. An ordinary person would not have detected his motions whatsoever. In fact, they would have also thought that the lady had mysteriously died.

Xia Jingyu stood behind Su Yu, shivering. “What a powerful sword technique! In terms of power, it is no weaker than a fighter in the Fairy Realm! I might not be his match, even with the Feather Needle of Darkness in my hands!”

“We might have offended a troublesome person.” Xia Jingyu continued, looking at the innocent, dead lady, her heart trembling.

This person was merciless, and more than deserving of his reputation as the King of Killing. Su Yu’s gaze was serious now. At the moment, he looked even a little more horrifying than Chou Zeming!

But, Su Yu was not amazed by how merciless Chou Zeming was. Even though he carried the name of the King of Killing, his victims should be those that were much weaker than him, judging from the lady he had just killed.

Any offending actions would make him furious. Such a situation made him look merely overbearing, but in reality, it was an act of cowardice!

A truly powerful person would not kill the weak, just to make a statement. Thus, this person was being suppressed by the disciples of the inner sanctum, and was taking it out on the weaker fighters! Su Yu determined that he did not have to pay any heed to such a person.

“Are you the one who injured the members of the Yufeng Faction? Yes or no? Answer me now.” Zhou Jin’s voice was loud and boorish, mixed with a little killing intent.

Su Yu did not answer, but merely flicked a small ball of fire with his finger, incinerating the corpse of the lady. He hope that would at least let her rest in peace.

Creak —

A ferocious gaze flashed past Zhou Jin’s eyes. He had not even been seen to move, yet had already struck with his sword! But, just as he was striking, an armor, which was surrounded by a black fog, appeared on Su Yu’s body.

A powerful recoil could be heard. The demonic mist swayed around the armor, then became calm again. Then, all that was left was the sword aura, scattering into the surroundings, making the crowd shiver.

There was a surprised look that was mixed into the merciless expression of Zhou Jin. He was shocked that the other party could so casually defend himself against his blade.

“A half-manufactured spiritual artifact armor is indeed a decent treasure. I want it.” Zhou Jin laughed, his tone sinister. His laugh reverberated around the silent Divine Sparrow Stage, inciting fear within the crowd.

But, the crowd remained silent, not daring to speak. Even if they also lusted over that armor, no one would utter a peep about it!

“I’ll give you a chance to live. Offer me the woman behind you, that armor, that needle, and then sever one of your hands. The, maybe I will let you live. Miss one of these stipulations, and you’re dead!” Zhou Jin offered a short and overbearing offer.

Behind him, Zheng Zhijing had a look of pity. Once Zhou Jin sees the true appearance of the lady in the veil, he might not be able to lay claim on her any more. After all, that lady was like a fairy from the heavens!

Su Yu looked over coldly, calmly saying, “What right do you have to demand such things? Based on how you only bully the weak, it just shows how much of a coward you are!”

These words were like lightning to the ears of the crowd! Many of their eyes were opened wide, observing Su Yu incredulously.

Did he think that he could fight against the King of Killing, with just his armor?

If that was the case, surely he was being too naive! In fact, such a thought was bordering on stupidity! But, when they noticed his robes, many of them then understood. Some even commented on it.

“Ah, I see, he is relying on the status of his faction, using the Returning Principal Palace as his trump card! He must be thinking that Zhou Jin would not dare do anything to him.”

“But, relying on his faction would also make him a weak coward, wouldn’t it?”

Zhou Jin laughed, sinisterly and ferociously. “Great, you are the only one who dares to speak like this. I have decided, I am retracting the choice that I gave you earlier. You only have one choice now, and that is death!”

“That person is correct, you truly are a coward.” Just as the two were about to engage in battle, a crisp, melodious voice came from within the crowd.

The crowd froze, stepping away quickly, as no one wanted to be falsely accused of being the speaker. When the crowd parted, a teenage girl, who was dressed in pink and wearing a bamboo hat, stood there proudly.

This was the very same girl, who Su Yu was cautious of! While the crowd was anxious, the girl had no fear. She silently stood at her original position, the clear eyes under her hat silently looking at Zhou Jin, while her lips formed a smile of disgust.

Zhou Jin froze, glancing toward her. “Who are you? Scram!”