The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Ancient Bloodline

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When the word “scram” came out of his mouth, an invisible knife energy pierced through the sky and struck the young lady. Su Yu told himself the situation was not good, and he wanted to take action. However, it was already too late.

But, at the next moment, Su Yu’s pupils shrank as he discovered that the young lady only extended two fingers and gripped the frightening knife energy, which could cut through everything! After that, she applied force on her two fingers, and the knife energy instantly turned into dust.

In the eyes of outsiders, the young lady did not move in the slightest bit, and they did not realize there had been an unknown confrontation between her and Zhou Jin.

Originally, Zhou Jin’s whole face was filled with murderous energy. However, his expression became astonished, and his voice suddenly became serious. “You are Shangguan Qinger of the Red Blood Palace!”

The plaited bamboo hat young lady lifted her soft, white hands slightly and took down her hat, revealing an extremely delicate face that looked beautiful no matter if she was delighted or furious.

Her facial features looked as if they had been carved, and they gave off a very real three-dimensional effect. Her skin was white but rosy underneath, and she also had clear, glittering eyes. Two locks of beautiful hair extended all the way down to her ears and moved along with the wind. She wore a pink dress that was simple yet luxurious, and it portrayed her long body vividly.

When people saw her for the first time, she looked like a pure, incorruptible, reddish-pink lotus that was extremely fresh. What a delicate, pretty and exquisite girl.

However, Su Yu was more surprised about her identityRed Blood Palace, one of the two super-forces that controlled all the forces within the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

L Chuyi was an elder outside the sanctum of the Purple Cloud Palace as well as the master of the Moon Glowing Clear Ship. Su Yu had seen how strong she was before. Under a mistake due to a strange combination of circumstances, there was an unforgettable relationship between the both of them.

At that moment, people from the Red Blood Palace also appeared in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!

“Demonic woman, Shangguan Qinger!” Voices of astonishment could be heard from the crowd. Moreover, most of the voices came from men and were filled with respect and admiration.

It’s her? Su Yu was shocked. He had seen her face before!

At the Mysterious Heavenly Stage in Zhenlong Continent, there were 100 statues that stood tall. Every statue was the strongest genius who appeared during their respective generations. The strongest person in the previous generation was a 14-year-old young lady! And,that young lady was exactly the same as Shangguan Qinger, who was right in front of him!

“As expected. This demonic woman is also in the eighth level of the Divine Pavilion!” Within the crowd, gasping voices could be heard faintly. As everyone looked at the young lady, all of them were filled with respect as if they were looking up to a queen.

Within the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, Shangguan Qinger could be said to be a girl favored by gods of a particular generation. She was once an outside sanctum disciple of the Soul Seizing Palace. After going through an examination, it was found that she had very normal talents, and there was an extremely small chance of her making a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm.

However, she unleashed a great killing spree in all quarters during the previous Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Hence, the 18 factions were assigned an important task, and 18 outside sanctum disciples who were seen as future inner sanctum disciples had to launch a joint attack against her.

However, the end result shocked the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. Everyone was defeated by her alone.

After that, with an unmatched carriage, she charged into the stone statue forest and became one of the few people who successfully entered it throughout countless years. As such, she completed a magnificent feat that shocked the outside world.

After leaving the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, the Soul Seizing Palace examined her talents again and discovered that she astonishingly possessed a tiny bit of weak Ancient Bloodline.

The Ancient Bloodline was a legendary bloodline within Jiuzhou, and it seemed to only exist within ancient records. As soon as the news spread, all the other factions were shocked.

It was to the extent that factions like the White Lotus Faction and the Soul Seizing Palace dropped by directly because they wanted her. The other factions were also ready to start something, and most of them wanted to fight for this Ancient Bloodline Spiritual Body.

In the end, the Red Blood Palace, which had control over the Soul Seizing Palace, appeared personally. An old monster that had trained for an unknown number of years brought her back to the faction and took her in as an unofficial disciple.

It was rumored that the old monster had already surpassed Divine Master and achieved All Creations, which was an ancient existence! With that, the brutal, open strife and veiled struggle came to an end.

In other words, Shangguan Qinger was currently an unofficial disciple of a strong martial artist of All Creations!

With such a special honors, even if she were stripped of her cultivation base, looking at the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, who would dare to provoke her at all? Moreover, Shangguan Qinger possessed the Ancient Bloodline, and her abilities were unmatched against people with the same cultivation base as her. Hence, who could match her?

In front of Shangguan Qinger, Zhou Jin, who had bragged that he rarely came across opponents who could match him, also felt like he was suffocating.

Atop the Mysterious Heavenly Stage, he had once fought her with great confidence. However, the end result was him being defeated within three moves of hers! Such a tragic experience had allowed Zhou Jin to truly understand the gap between them. It was not rude in the slightest bit to say it was a gap stretching all the way to Middle Stage of the Fairy Realm.

“I am saying you are weak. Do you have anything else to say?” Shangguan Qinger strolled over.

Zhou Jin had the jitters, and his whole face was filled with fear. “I was just rash, and I hope a fairy like you would forgive me.” Even a ferocious person like Zhou Jin also cupped his fists to apologize earnestly.

Zheng Zhijing also lowered his head hurriedly, and he did not dare to look Shangguan Qinger in the eyes. Although she was as beautiful as a goddess, he did not dare to have any dirty thoughts whatsoever.

When Shangguan Qinger looked around the area for anyone her gaze landed on, all of them felt it was dazzling; they lowered their heads in succession.

“We are all people of Jiuzhou. Before hardships, it is natural for us to be united. Before the legacy opens, do not fight amongst yourselves.” When Shangguan Qinger’s beautiful, pleasant voice landed in everyone’s ears, it was like a warning, and no one dared to resist.

Su Yu’s eyes narrowed. Why would this kind of person appear?

The Ghost King’s eyes narrowed as well, and a fearful light was glowing deep inside his pupils.

Just then, Shangguan Qinger’s eyes moved and landed on Su Yu. Her beautiful face then revealed a neighborhood-girl-like, gentle smile. “Brother Black Snow, long time no see.”

As she spoke, she threw her fresh, charming body into Su Yu’s arms as if she were a small bird returning to its nest.

Su Yu was stunned and avoided her subconsciously. However, she acted in accordance with the natural tendency and grabbed Su Yu’s arm. Her white face, which was rosy underneath, turned totally red.

The whole place was deathly silent, and they stared tongue-tied at the lovely Shangguan Qinger. A girl favored by gods, a girl who possessed the Ancient Bloodline Spiritual Body that countless geniuses looked up to, and a girl who had always been cold had actually become like that! Such an unexpected scene shocked everyone.

Su Yu tried to get his arm out. However, Shangguan Qinger grabbed his arm tightly, and there were no signs of her loosening her grip in the slightest bit.


With a soft sound, Xia Jingyu’s fingers turned stiff, and the Feather Needle of Darkness on her palm fell onto the ground. Her whole body felt chilly and was also stiff. Her eyes were filled with disbelief, shock and jealousy, which appeared very rarely.

“Brother Yu Who is she?” Xia Jingyu tried her best to restrain herself. However, she could not stop her voice from trembling. She then gradually interlocked her fair, clear fingers with one another. She hung her beautiful head low so as to hide the expression on her face.

However, Su Yu was able to feel the anger Xia Jingyu was suppressing.

“Who are you? Didn’t you see I am reuniting with Brother Black Snow? You are really not sensible.” Shangguan Qinger’s jade nose frowned slightly, and she hummed with dissatisfaction. “Brother Black Snow, who is this woman?”

Having realized Xia Jingyu was filled with jealousy, would Su Yu dare to continue to be ambiguous?

With a flash of a thunder light around his body, he freed himself from Shangguan Qinger’s arms forcefully and teleported beside Xia Jingyu. After that, he looked at Shangguan Qinger, and his expression gradually became cold. “I am Yin Yu, and I have never met you before. I hope you can watch how you conduct yourself!”

Hearing that, Xia Jingyu was stunned. Her eyes, which were gradually filled with even more flames of fury, could not help but fill with suspicion.

A tiny bit of surprise appeared in Shangguan Qinger’s eyes. It was really unexpected that Su Yu could free himself from her arms.

“Haha. Even though Brother Black Snow doesn’t know Qinger, Qinger has known Brother Black Snow a long time ago. By the orders of my master, I am here to invite you to meet her.” Shangguan Qinger took out a compass, and the needle in it pointed precisely toward Su Yu!

Without question, he was the Ancient Bloodline Spiritual Body that her master, Mo Tianxuan, was looking for. Unlike Shangguan Qinger, who possessed a small bit of blood of the Ancient Bloodline, he possessed the real Ancient Bloodline.

The only strange thing was that according to her master, there was a high possibility the other party was a girl. However, the compass pointed toward the Black Snow Devil King.

In the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were together. Mo Tianxuan, who existed in the unseen world, had learned of their names a long time ago. However, Mo Tianxuan was unable to confirm which of them possessed the Ancient Bloodline.

Hence, she bestowed Shangguan Qinger with a compass that could sense the Ancient Bloodline. At that moment, the compass pointed toward the Black Snow Devil King, so there was no doubt he possessed the Ancient Bloodline. Su Yu was the person she was looking for!

Master? A strong martial artist of All Creations? Su Yu was shocked. When did he catch the attention of an All Creations Old Monster? Could it be that due to him getting the legacy of Tian Jizi, an emperor-based saint artifact, he was remembered by an All Creations Old Monster? If that were the case, he could not follow Shangguan Qinger to Jiuzhou, no matter what.

“I’m sorry. I do not know your master. I appreciate her kindness, but I cannot accept it. Forgive me for being unable to comply with her wish.” Su Yu spoke without reservation.

Upon hearing that, the whole place seemed like it had been struck by lightning. There was actually someone who rejected the invitation of an All Creations Old Monster!

Shangguan Qinger’s smile froze, as she did not expect Su Yu to reject her offer.

“Master has instructed that no matter what, I must get you to come to the Red Blood Palace. Brother Black Snow, I suggest you not make things difficult for me.” Shangguan Qinger talked half jokingly and half threateningly.

Su Yu laughed. “As long as you have the ability to do so!”

It was really a joke. He had come from the Zhenlong Continent. Hence, no matter how the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion transported him, he would be transported back to the Zhenlong Continent. Even though Shangguan Qinger was extremely capable, it was still impossible to bring Su Yu back to Jiuzhou.

Shangguan Qinger’s eyes overflowed with danger. “Brother Black Snow, I’m afraid this is not something you can decide.”

Su Yu’s gaze turned serious. “Do whatever you want! If you wish to bring me away, let me see whether you have the ability to do so!” Moments ago, it was a delightful, harmonious and amiable scene. However, in an instant, it had become a scene where swords had been drawn!

“Brother Black Snow, you seem to be very confident of yourself.” Shangguan Qinger smiled charmingly.

Su Yu responded indifferently. “It is merely because I have no choice but to resist.”

“What a great choice. However, Brother Black Snow, before I take action, shouldn’t we invite certain thieves to come down?” Shangguan Qinger laughed mysteriously.

Su Yu was slightly stunned, and he used his Soul Eyes to take a look. When he looked toward the horizon, his pupils shrank slightly.

Suddenly, Shangguan Qinger raised her head and looked at the sky above them. With a swing of her sleeves, the cloud swirled around, and the space cracked inch by inch until it was torn into pieces. In an instant, the lump of clouds above them was turned into nothingness by the great force.

Moreover, within the lump of clouds, two figures were revealed!

One of them was a middle-aged man with a goatee, and the other person was a young man with an icy cold expression. Su Yu was unable to establish the cultivation base of one of them. As for the other person, he had three Vital Energy Crystals.

As expected, the person Su Yu was unable to see through was probably the strongest human within the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. He was the leader of the guards with the cultivation base of the Fairy Realm, and he was the only person whose cultivation base was not restricted!