The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 536

Chapter 536 Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond

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He was undoubtedly the most powerful existence in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine pavilion. After all, he was a Fairy Realm level fighter without any limitations on his cultivation level who was able to use any of his abilities at the Fairy Realm!

Even L Chuyi, who was a Divine Master, might not be able to win against him! The appearance of this person had indeed incited paranoia!

“It is Bai Yijian, the leader of the guards!” A youth had a look of fear and awe on his face. “He has already broken through to the Fairy Realm!”

The paranoia now spread like a plague. The legends of the leader of the guards had been present for the longest time. It was said that he was the most powerful existence among the guards!

According to the legends, he leads more than a hundred guards, ruling over the five peaks. His abilities have always been revered, for no one has ever been able to defeat him to arrive at the final legacy of materials!

Even the undefeated champion of the previous generation, Shangguan Qinger, had to retreat after only passing the stone statue forest phase. In fact, it was rumored that she had lost to Bai Yijian in just three moves!

Back then, rumors had already spread that Bai Yijian might have broken through to the level of Fairy Realm. Now that he had appeared, not masking his vital energy, his horrifying spirit energy confirmed everything as being true!

He had really broken through to the Fairy Realm! As such, he was the most powerful existence in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion!

“Hehe, it’s been a long time, Shangguan Qinger.” Bai Yijian’s white robes billowed. He had a faint smile, only having her in his eyes. He did not care for any other person there.

Such an attitude revealed his natural arrogance. The eyes of a Fairy Realm fighter had no place for mere Half Gods. As such, only Shangguan Qinger was worthy of his gaze.

“It’s been ten years. In that time, you have improved considerably.” Bai Yijian smiled, conversing with her as if no one else was present.

The passage of time in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was ten times faster than that of Jiuzhou. Thus, Bai Yijian had spent ten years here, but only a year had passed in Jiuzhou.

Shangguan Qinger had a cold gaze. “You also broke through to the Fairy Realm, and are now much more powerful than you were before.”

“Haven’t you also broken through to the Fairy Realm? It looks like there must be a powerful person teaching you, for you to be so unaffected by the Mysterious Heavenly Palace. Your teacher must be an All Creations old monster, who is no weaker than Tian Jizi…” Bai Yijian had exposed her cultivation level, as well as the shadow of the All Creations old monster behind her.

Su Yu was shocked. Shangguan Qinger had indeed broken through to the Fairy Realm. It was no wonder that he had felt so pressured by her.

But what shocked him even more was how unaffected she was by the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Her ability to unleash her true power was surreal!

This was indeed troublesome for him. Su Yu could defeat Sheng Ge, because her cultivation level had been suppressed. However, if there was no limits to her cultivation level, he might not have emerged victorious, much less have been able to capture her.

Shangguan Qinger did not care too much about his words, coldly saying, “I have another mission this time around. I will not meddle with the legacy that you are defending for the time being. If you do not have the intention of fighting me, retreat ten thousand miles back immediately. I do not like to be interrupted.”

She was determined to bring Su Yu into Jiuzhou, and was even willing to give up the legacy of materials. They were both at the Fairy Realm, so Bai Yijian would not be willing to find trouble with Shangguan Qinger. Furthermore, there was an All Creations old monster backing her. Hence, she might have a defensive treasure.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot agree to that! No one here can leave!” Bai Yijian spoke coldly, his aura pulsing. He had a determined look on his face.

Shangguan Qinger had a cold expression. “Do you wish to massacre everyone that has entered here, after your abilities have improved?”

The guards have always been merciless to those who have entered the five peaks. Now that Bai Yijian had improved drastically, and had came out of his meditation, there was no guarantee that he would not go on a killing spree.

“If I wished to go on a killing spree, I could have done so ten years ago! Why would I wait until now?” Bai Yiian coldly grunted.

His words were not false. In the previous generation, Shangguan Qinger had bested her competition. It was not impossible for Bai Yijian, who had triumphed over her, to kill everyone present.

“What do you want then?” Shangguan Qinger creased her brows, wondering.

Bai Yijian smiled, surveying the surroundings. He then let out a laugh. “I want to invite all of you to open the legacy of materials with me!”

Shangguan Qinger raised her brows, confused now. The crowd was silent for a moment, then broke into a commotion.

“What? How is that possible? The legacy of materials is a place that is reserved for the guards. Even though they were technically guards of the legacy, in reality, the items in the legacy all belonged to them. How could they be willing to share it with them?”

After the commotion, a person asked with passion in his eyes, “May I ask if what you just said is really true?”

Bai Yijian replied, “Do you think that I have any good reason to lie to all of you?”

A Fairy Realm level fighter would indeed have no good reason to lie to them. So, upon hearing this, the crowd was elated.

But they were among the elites of their factions, so they were not dumb. They knew that there still must be a reason for the guards to be doing this.

With this in mind, Bai Yijian continued. “But there is a condition for those who want to enter the grounds of the legacy…”

The crowd slowly turned silent. It appeared that things were truly not that simple, after all.

“That is, they need to be able to pass the stone statue forest! What I need are not useless bums, but fighters of a certain power level. Only then, can we open the last part of the legacy. Whether or not you can pass the stone statue forest is your test,” Bai Yijian peacefully said.

Hearing this, the expressions of many sunk. They could not help but think that, if they had the ability to cross the stone statue forest, they would have done so already by now.

This condition had eliminated the large bulk of them. These folks did not even have the heart to try.

Zheng Zhijing looked seriously at the stone statue forest, saying with a deep voice, “Are you joking with us? There are not many, who have been able to pass the stone statue forest throughout the course of history, so how many of us here could be confident of passing the forest ourselves?”

In other words, he thought that Bai Yijian was toying with them. The rest of the crowd also had looks of dissatisfaction. “If that is the request of Senior Bai, then please forgive us, but we do not see any reason to take the risk!”

Most of the people, who were gathered here, were not aiming for the legacy of materials anyway. Only the elite outer sanctum disciples, like Shangguan Qinger, were suitable to face the dangers of the stone statue forest. As such, these lesser folks had no intentions of risking their lives.

They were gathered here in anticipation of the great exchange that would occur in five days. They were entering the last moments of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, so who would risk their lives by entering the dangerous stone statue forest?!

Looking at the expressions of the crowd, Bai Yijian raised his brows. He thought for a moment, before saying, “Since that is the case, I’ll sacrifice something. The five people, who take the shortest time to cross the forest, will have the right to enter the Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond that I am guarding over. It can cleanse the spirit energy in your body, and also cause your cultivation level to increase exponentially! Of course, those with three vital energy crystals might even break through the final hurdle to reach the level of Fairy Realm!”

These words naturally sparked a commotion!

“The Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond? Are you being serious?” The crowd was in an uproar now, as they were even more excited than they had been when they heard about the sharing of the legacy of materials!

Excited looks were shared all around. Su Yu and Xia Jingyu also looked at each other, surrounded by the air of excitement. They had not heard about this, and did not know what the Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond was…