The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 537

Chapter 537 Passing Through The Stone Forest

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“Bai Yijian, what are you trying to do?” Shangguan Qinger’s face was filled with surprise, and her eyes were glowing with shock. She then said as if she absolutely did not understand, “The Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond is a sacred place Elder Tian Jizi has left behind to his descendants, who are guards like both of you. Not mentioning outsiders, even if it were guards like you, only very few people had the privilege to enter the Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond to train, right?”

A sacred place left behind by Tian Jizi? It seemed like before Tian Jizi died, he did not forget to take care of his own disciples and descendants. However, these descendants had forgotten the unfulfilled wish of their ancestor, and they had set their eyes on all the legacies.

“Haha. If I say so, then it is possible. It is up to all of you to believe me. From now onward, the five persons who use the shortest amount of time to pass through the stone statue forest will be able to enter the sacred place of my clan!” Bai Yijian said calmly.

At once, the audience, which was originally uninterested in the stone statue forest, was as if they were on drugs. They were extremely excited and looked like they were eager to have a go.

While Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were still suspicious, Shangguan Qinger strolled over and said smilingly, “Brother Black Snow, if you wish to go, Qinger can bring you there. I can also undertake a difficult job that is beyond my power and bring this woman along.”

When her words were heard by the people in the surrounding area, a huge uproar occurred again. If that were the case, among the five slots, there was no doubt three slots would be taken up in an instant.

Before Shangguan Qinger achieved the Fairy Realm, she had passed through the stone statue forest successfully. So, what about when she had already achieved the Fairy Realm? Perhaps bringing two others would be a bit difficult for her. However, it would not affect her from getting into the top five at all.

Su Yu frowned slightly. “No need; we do not need to take risks for no reason.”

They were still unclear about the real usage of the so-called sacred place. A simple sentence, which said it would purify their spiritual energy and allow their cultivation bases to progress, was not enough for Su Yu to determine how important the Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond was.

“Haha. Brother Black Snow, you had better make up your mind quickly. The Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond was created by the magical powers of All Creations Old Monsters. To a Human King like Brother Black Snow, it will be easy to make a breakthrough to Half God. If your luck is good, you might even be able to coagulate the first Vital Energy Crystal.” Shangguan Qinger blinked her eyes cleverly.

What? Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were shocked.

In Zhenlong Continent, at the minimum, they needed to accumulate energy for at least one year to make a breakthrough from Human King to Half God. This was only limited to Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, who were special. Moreover, coagulating Vital Energy Crystals while they were Half Gods to become Half Fairies would require about two years’ worth of inside information.

However, with the spiritual pond that was mentioned, they could achieve Half Fairies easily. It was to the extent that Su Yu and Xia Jingyu could jump past the realm of Half God and start to coagulate Vital Energy Crystals directly! Such an opportunity was really something they could only come across and not wish for.

“Brother Black Snow, how is it?” Shangguan Qinger said with a smile, acting like she had seen that Su Yu was interested.

When Xia Jingyu looked at Shangguan Qinger, she calmed down. Up until that point, she naturally understood that Su Yu had indeed never met Shangguan Qinger before. Everything was merely due to Shangguan Qinger being easy-going!

“Brother Yu, let me try first.” After thinking for some time, Xia Jingyu took out the Feather Needle of Darkness. With the needle, under a situation where her water-based cultivation techniques were strengthened, her abilities could be compared to a Half Fairy with two Vital Energy Crystals.

She really did not want Su Yu to owe Shangguan Qinger any favors for her sake.

Shangguan Qinger indifferently swept her eyes past Xia Jingyu, and she said calmly, “With your abilities, you are merely sending yourself to death. Do you think that with water techniques, you are able to negate the effects of the petrifying energy released by the worms? The petrifying energy is not gas like what you are seeing. It actually attacks on the mental level. Your water techniques are merely material attacks, and they are useless against the petrifying energy.”

Mental attacks? Su Yu was very surprised. It was no wonder that even Fairy Realms like Sheng Ge would be petrified for no reason. If one were to enter the stone statue forest without knowing anything, it would indeed be extremely difficult for him to defend himself.

“If you have magical treasures that can be used to defend your soul, treat it as though I have not said anything.” Shangguan Qinger had a true yet fake smile.

Xia Jingyu frowned slightly. Although she was proficient in many kinds of cultivation techniques, she lacked innate soul talents, and she had never involved herself in soul-related techniques.

At that moment, there were finally people who were unable to withstand the temptation of the Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond, and they acted. A One-Crystal Half Fairy could be seen moving toward the edge of the Divine Sparrow Stage carefully.

At his bottom was the stone statue forest with dense fog. Many geniuses were sealed within the stone statue forest, and they had become the indistinct statues within the dense fog.

The crowd calmed down gradually and observed the Half Fairy, who was the first to attempt to pass through the stone statue forest.

The One-Crystal Half Fairy was staring at the stone statues, which were like ghosts moving to and fro. It was as if he were facing a great enemy. All of his spiritual energy and vital energy were used to cover his body. They were the first level of defense.

After that, he took out a defensive charm with a great amount of power and pasted it on his forehead. The charm then emitted a layer of dark yellow light membrane that immediately enshrouded his body.

“A defensive charm of the level of the Fairy Realm?” The crowd was shocked. For this Half Fairy wandering martial artist with ugly looks, who was not considered to be at the peak, to be able to take out a defensive charm of the level of the Fairy Realm, it had really shocked the outsiders.

Just then, he took out a pair of wheels. When both his legs stepped on top of them, the wheels revolved rapidly. The air current they created then blew away a great portion of the dense fog.

“A magical treasure that allows one to speed up? Could it be the Wind Stepping Wheels, the semi-manufactured spiritual artifact that is said to be unmatched in the world? Why did this item appear in the hands of this wandering martial artist?”

“Wait! Could he be Qian Lixiang, a rapist within the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands? It is rumored that he would go for a girl every day. The girls of countless respectable families have suffered under him tragically, and even the female martial artists of the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands have suffered to the point that they almost died. Hence, he was labeled as an evil martial artist who had to be killed by the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands. Moreover, he had been pursued by a Fairy Realm before. However, he relied on the Wind Stepping Wheels and escaped easily!”

Everyone’s heart sank. With the well-known light movement technique of Qian Lixiang, he might really be able to use his extremely fast speed to pass through the stone statue forest and arrive at the place where the legacy was stored.

“Quick, stop him!” It was unknown who shouted, and figures grabbed toward Qian Lixiang like electricity.

Tens of figures acted without delay upon hearing what was said, and they did not give Qian Lixiang any opportunity; there was really a possibility of him snatching a slot for himself!

However, Qian Lixiang was already prepared. With a laugh, his body released red light, which covered him, and the Wind Stepping Wheels below his feet revolved as swiftly as the wind and as quickly as lightning. His figure then disappeared from his original position.

When he appeared again, he had already moved 1,000 feet away, and he had passed through a big portion of the stone statue forest.

Then, in the blink of an eye, he covered another distance of 1,000 feet. When the worms within the stone forest managed to react, Qian Lixiang had already moved 10,000 feet away, and he had passed through one third of the region.

Su Yu was shocked. Previously, within the stone forest, he had already felt that there was some kind of suppression nearby. Hence, the revolving of vital energy and spiritual energy was not smooth, and the speed of the movement technique would experience an obvious suppression.

In any case, Qian Lixiang’s Wind Stepping Wheels was a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, and its speed was most likely faster than what it was exhibiting at the time.

Shangguan Qinger nodded her head apathetically. “Yes, his speed is not bad, and it is a lot faster than me that year.”

“His speed is indeed not bad.” Bai Yijian’s eyes brightened up.

Although the movement technique was clearly slow, in the eyes of both of them, it was still considered not bad. So, clearly it was indeed very difficult to fly within the stone forest.

“However, if he is only at this level” Bai Yijian shook his head nonchalantly.

Suddenly, Qian Lixiang looked as if he were treading on thin ice, and he was moving quickly atop the stone forest. Whenever he had passed through an area already, the worms then reacted by spitting out fog, and it was not a great threat to him. He had already covered one third of the region. He would enter the center area of the stone forest soon.

However, a great amount of gray fog suddenly burst forth in front of him as if a volcano had erupted. The gray fog was like a light membrane that laid in front of him.

Qian Lixiang’s expression changed abruptly. When he took a look, he realized there was a giant worm underground that was more than two times the size of a normal worm. It was spitting out a great amount of fog.

Right as Qian Lixiang reacted, he readily took out another charm. He then tore the charm into pieces, and this generated a blue hurricane that tried in vain to sweep the fog away.

However, the fog did not move in the slightest bit. It allowed the hurricane to do whatever it wanted, but it was not affected. Qian Lixiang’s eyes glowed with dissatisfaction, and he could only choose to retreat.

But, while he was retreating, he discovered that his route of escape had been surrounded by worms! Shocked, Qian Lixiang rushed toward the sky. As soon as he moved 1,000 feet to the top, he crashed into an invisible light membrane and was bounced back down.

As for the bottom, it was already filled with an infinite amount of gray fog, which enshrouded him. The gray fog ignored the protective light membrane on his body, as well as his defensive vital energy and spiritual energy, and it came into contact with his body directly.

With a horrible shriek from the very frightened Qian Lixiang, his body abruptly turned into stone, and he fell down from the sky with a loud thump.

Since Qian Lixiang fell from high up in the sky, he crashed into pieces and died on the spot!

For normal statues, with the Spiritual Liquid of the Female Worm, they could still return to their original bodies and see the light of day again.

Just like that, the rapist Qian Lixiang crashed into pieces while alive and died until he could no longer die!

The whole place was silent and stunned. As they looked at what remained of Qian Lixiang, they became extremely terrified. Many geniuses who were very eager to have a go looked as if their enthusiasm had been dampened, and their whole bodies felt chilly. Qian Lixiang’s death had dispelled the greed of a great portion of the people. The stone statue forest was too frightening.

Bai Yijian said nonchalantly, “If you do not wish to die, don’t fly too high.”

Shangguan Qinger was also not surprised in the slightest bit, and she looked at Su Yu smilingly. “Brother Black Snow, how is it?”

Was there still a need for him to consider? After witnessing such a scene personally, unless one possessed extraordinary abilities, who would still dare to attempt to pass through the brutal stone statue forest?

A number of people then looked at Su Yu with envy. Was Shangguan Qinger the only person on site who was totally confident that she could pass through the stone statue forest?

“No need; I alone am enough,” Su Yu said indifferently, and he pulled Xia Jingyu over with him to the edge of the Divine Sparrow Stage.

Such a scene had caused everyone to be shocked again. “This person is really audacious! I do not know where he got his confidence from to attempt to pass through the stone statue forest. More importantly, he is also bringing another person with him!”

Bai Yijian was shocked, and he could not help but examine Su Yu. When he confirmed Su Yu only had a cultivation base of Human King, he frowned. “Young man, if you don’t understand the stone statue forest, you had better make your move after understanding it in detail.

“A restriction exists around the stone statue forest, and it suppresses the movement technique of people entering it. If you were to bring one person along with you, the suppressive energy is not as simple as one plus one. Instead, it will rise sharply by a few times. With your cultivation base, when you move inside while bringing another person with you, you will not be much faster than an ordinary person. Hence, I advise you to not send yourself to death for no reason.”

He was not worried about Su Yu’s safety. Instead, if someone failed and died again, many people would withdraw. It would greatly affect his plan to gather enough people.

Hearing that, Su Yu had a dull expression and said casually, “I know what I am doing. If there is nothing else, I shall set off now.”

As an audience of 10,000 looked at them, Su Yu pulled Xia Jingyu and set off.