The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 539

Chapter 539 A Shocking Carriage

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Moreover, the petrifying worms behind him also rushed over while releasing a great amount of petrifying energy, and his route of retreat was sealed off. With a frown, Zhou Jin lifted up his black knife and swung it down in front of him.

The liquefied petrifying energy that was heading toward Zhou Jin head-on was a fist-sized droplet of a water. It was many times bigger than the liquefied petrifying energy Zheng Zhijing had encountered.

When the knife energy passed through the droplet of water, it was not affected in the slightest bit. However, the soul attack the knife energy contained caused the droplet of water to be cut open. Its speed became a lot slower, and cracks appeared on the light membrane that covered it.

Zhou Jin then used his knife to slash the droplet of water, and he flew atop the sacrificial altar. The second person to pass through the stone statue forest had appeared!

Moreover, apart from the final Worm King, he smashed all the resistance across his whole journey, which took everyone’s breath away. They burst into applause.

Bai Yijian could not help but clap too, and he laughed gratifyingly. “Great! Fifteen breaths’ time. This is only slightly slower than Shangguan Qinger last year.” It was not difficult to see that his words were filled with compliments.

Many geniuses exclaimed in astonishment, “The Yufeng Faction is going to be very much in the limelight in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion this time around, isn’t it? Two people have passed through the stone statue forest in succession!”

Having become aware of that, everyone’s heart felt cold. Indeed, the performance of the Yufeng Faction in the Divine Sparrow Stage this year was unusually flashy!

“Haha, let me try as well.” A voice filled with ghost energy abruptly came from an inconspicuous corner. It was the Ghost King, who was wearing a black robe.

The Ghost King took a step forward. However, that step strangely made it look like he had teleported, and he covered one third of the area!

Bai Yijian was shocked. “He could still exhibit such a frightening movement technique even with the restriction. What a strong body!”

The restriction only affected vital energy and spiritual energy to slow down one’s movement technique. It did not affect the body, so one would be just fine to rely on the strong movement technique of his body. However, a body that could achieve such a speed was definitely not a normal body. At the very least, the person must possess a body of the Fairy Realm in order to do so!

The audience only saw the Ghost King’s figure glowing continuously, and he covered one third of the area every time. The petrifying worms could not even react to him. Only the petrifying Worm King gave a loud roar. However, it did not have time to block the Ghost King, and he passed through easily.

From beginning to end, he had only used ten breaths’ effort! Such an existence that passed through the stone statue forest that easily, as if he were walking on flat ground, had completely silenced the Divine Sparrow Stage!

Bai Yijian’s eyes were glowing with surprise, and he was filled with doubts. He then smiled profoundly. “Congratulations, my friend.” From his mouth, he actually addressed the Ghost King as friend. He was clearly fearful of the Ghost King.

The Ghost King sat down calmly with his legs crossed atop the sacrificial altar, and he looked as if he refused to listen.

“All right, let’s go over as well,” Shangguan Qinger said expressionlessly. “Later on, do not make any additional movements. This restriction has a very sharp sensation. Your futile attacks will only anger even more petrifying worms, which are sleeping. So, if both of you cause any trouble, even I will be affected.”

To her, it was quite a lot of pressure to bring along two people in one shot and pass through the stone statue forest at the same time. Moreover, she also needed to get into the top five.

At that point, three people had passed through the stone statue forest, and the longest time taken was 20 breaths by Zheng Zhijing. In other words, if she were to help Su Yu and still allow the three of them to get into the top five, at the very least, she would need to do it within less than 20 breaths’ time. This was quite challenging.

To her surprise, Su Yu said casually, “I appreciate your kindness, but I cannot accept it. I have said before that I will think of something on my own.”

Shangguan Qinger was stunned, and she said immediately, “You are serious about that?” She did not believe Su Yu was still able to say such words even though he had seen how difficult it was to pass through the stone statue forest.

Before that, she had treated it as if Su Yu were piqued. However, now she could not help but ponder seriously. Could Su Yu’s Ancient Bloodline suppress the petrifying energy?

“All right. Since you are so insistent, I shall not stop you. I will go over there first and wait for you.” After thinking for some time, Shangguan Qinger stopped being insistent, and she entered the stone statue forest.

Everyone could not help but look at her, as they wanted to see how the female genius with the Ancient Bloodline, who had been regarded as important by an All Creations Old Monster, would pass through the stone statue forest.

However, Shangguan Qinger only flew casually. By relying on her strong body of the Fairy Realm, she passed through a great portion of the region easily. As for the final area of the Worm King, she also passed through it leisurely.

Throughout the whole journey, the petrifying worms did not even react much. This was very similar to the Ghost King’s experience. However, she was slightly faster than the Ghost King; she only used eight breaths’ effort.

Bai Yijian nodded his head indifferently. As for the geniuses on the Divine Sparrow Stage, they felt it was a pity that they did not manage to see the power of the Ancient Bloodline.

As for the fact that she had only taken eight breaths’ time to achieve first place, many people did not seem to mind. In their hearts, Shangguan Qinger achieving number one was very expected and unsurprising.

“Jingyu, let’s set off as well. Hold on to me tightly,” Su Yu shouted lightly.

Xia Jingyu’s soft, white hands grabbed Su Yu’s belt, and she felt nervous. However, she was not nervous about the stone forest. Instead, it was because of Su Yu. As her mind gradually became clear, she was no longer calm and natural like before; she had become a lot more reserved. Su Yu did not realize that, and he walked into the stone statue forest with a move of his body.

The moment he entered the stone statue forest, he felt that the spiritual energy within his body was as if it were immediately suppressed by something. It was extremely difficult to revolve his spiritual energy. His agile body then felt as if it were carrying a mountain.

That wasn’t all. Xia Jingyu, who followed behind him closely, was sensed by the restriction. Invisible, rippling waves swept past the stone statue forest.

Suddenly, Su Yu gave a groan, and his body was weighed down toward the ground! If he felt like he was carrying a mountain, at that very moment, he would be carrying ten mountains. While shocked, Su Yu revolved all the spiritual energy within his body, and it stabilized after that.

As for Xia Jingyu, she felt similar pressure. Moreover, she was not as strong as Su Yu, who possessed the body of a Half God. With such a great pressure, she gave a groan, and her body was weighed down uncontrollably.

Su Yu raised his hand and grabbed her white wrist on his palm. With that, he managed to pull her up. However, it was as if Su Yu were carrying 20 big mountains! With such a great pressure, it was really as per what Bai Yijian had said; it was very difficult to move even the slightest bit.

Bai Yijian stood with his hands crossed and said coldly, “Young man, you have turned a deaf ear to my warning. If you die here, don’t blame me for not reminding you!”

Many geniuses atop the Divine Sparrow Stage shook their heads as well. “Even someone of the Fairy Realm is not confident of bringing someone over safely. Even though this person is just a mere Human King, he is extremely bold.”

“Perhaps he is arrogant? After all, he was invited by an All Creations Old Monster. There is a high chance there is something extraordinary about him. However, looking at it now, the situation is not good!”

“If he dies, he only has himself to blame. It is also a pity that he has brought that woman with him, and it is very likely for her to die here while filled with hatred.”

After hearing voices of discussion around them, Xia Jingyu frowned, and her gentle voice was shot to the back in front of her. “Brother Yu, no need to care about me. Please go on ahead by yourself first.”

However, Su Yu’s body shook continuously, and he said to himself, “It is only at this level? This is good; it will probably be easier than expected.” His voice was not loud. However, he was not too far away from the Divine Sparrow Stage, and his voice landed in the ears of many geniuses.

Hence, the geniuses could not help but be petrified on the spot. Was this little kid too arrogant, or had he lost his reason?

Su Yu grabbed Xia Jingyu’s wrist and started to cross the stone statue forest from the sky.

His speed was extremely slow; it was almost as if he were walking step by step. Compared to the people who had easily moved thousands of feet previously, he was like a snail! But, that was Su Yu’s limit. If it were any other Half Gods, they would not be much better than Su Yu if they were to carry 20 big mountains as well.

“Oh, he can still walk. I have really underestimated him.” Bai Yijian’s indifferent face then became filled with surprise. “However, with such a speed, he will die faster than anyone else in all the previous sessions!” Bai Yijian shook his head and looked at the remaining people in order to seek out those who had potential to cross the stone statue forest.

At that point, Su Yu had covered a distance of 1,000 feet. With his slow speed, he had been discovered by the petrifying worms a long time ago, and they rushed over quickly.

Ten thumb-sized petrifying worms came from all quarters and completely surrounded this pair of slow human beings. They were also releasing a great amount of petrifying energy at the same time. Seeing this, a number of people shook their heads. They could not be bothered to look at what would happen next.

“Ridiculous.” Some people who did not understand Su Yu could not make heads or tails of Su Yu’s actions where he sought death for himself.

“Ah!! Look, quickly!”

However, just then, an unknown person screamed as if he had seen a ghost. Many geniuses could not help but frown. Could the two brats have gotten out of their difficult situation with good luck?

When they turned around to take a look, it was like they had been struck by lightning, and they stood stiffly on the spot. Their eyes had protruded out in shock, and their pupils were filled with astonishment.

Eh? After hearing the noises, Bai Yijian looked over. His pupils then shrank abruptly, and his cold face was replaced by a tiny bit of surprise. “This is”

Su Yu was enshrouded by an infinite amount of petrifying energy. However, with a casual swing of his hands, he did something that caused everyone to stare, tongue-tied!

The petrifying energy heading toward them actually disappeared into thin air! It was as if some sort of blazing hot flames had burned all the petrifying energy!

In the eyes of Half Gods, that was what had happened. However, in Bai Yijian’s eyes, there were inconspicuous, invisible flames that burst forth as Su Yu swung his palms. The flames burned up the approaching petrifying energy until nothing was left.

Those flames also followed the petrifying energy and burned the ten petrifying worms that were approaching them! The ten worms struggled and moved around painfully for some time. After that, they lost their lives!

Astonishingly, Su Yu had gotten rid of the petrifying energy and killed the petrifying worms with just a swing of his hands!

Su Yu had a dull expression. He held Xia Jingyu and walked toward the sacrificial altar on the opposite side of the stone statue forest as if he were taking a stroll in a peaceful courtyard.

After walking 1,000 feet, a great number of petrifying worms from the surrounding area attacked them. There were over 100 of them, and they were extremely close to one another as if a black current had covered the ground.

“This is due to the sensation of the restriction. Since the two of them are moving at the same time, they will definitely attract more than ten times the number of petrifying worms!”

In just a breath’s time, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were surrounded by a black tide in the center with a 30-foot radius between them. There were no openings at all. The ferocious petrifying worms then released a great amount of petrifying energy, which was as thick as dark clouds.

With such a thick petrifying energy, even the few people who had managed to pass through the stone statue forest could not help but feel fearful.

Zheng Zhijing revealed a frightened expression. With an attack by so many petrifying worms, if it were he, his soul defending necklace might not be able to completely block the attack.

As for Zhou Jin, his expression darkened, and he locked on to the figures within the fog persistently.

As for Shangguan Qinger, she was already prepared to rush over to rescue them at any moment.

As for the Ghost King, he revealed a pondering expression, and it was unknown what he was thinking about.

As for the Divine Sparrow Stage, it was completely silent.

And, as for Bai Yijian, his cold face had been replaced by one filled with anticipation.