The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 540

Chapter 540 Unprecedented

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The crowd could only see the figure in the fog, raising his hand. In that moment, the sky, which was full of petrifying energy, instantly vanished, without a trace!

The hundreds of petrifying worms that swarmed him like the tide convulsed, then turned silent, as they had all dropped dead! He had massacred the petrifying worms in just one stroke!

How is he doing that? Gasps came from the Divine Sparrow Stage.

He was like the God of Killing! The skins of the crowd crawled, when they saw Su Yu massacring the petrifying worms.

There were still worms approaching Su Yu for the rest of the way. But, they all met the same fate, being turned into ash with just the flick of Su Yus fingers! He had already massacred more than a thousand worms, when he arrived at the central area.

The geniuses on the Divine Sparrow Stage were silent, looking at Su Yu in shock. Everyone else had to use defensive abilities to evade the petrifying worms, making the trip through the stone statue forest a harrowing one.

After all, who did not fear the stone statue forest?

But, Su Yu was killing everything in his way, creating a path with the corpses of the worms! The entire crowd was shocked into silence. Su Yu was undoubtedly the most powerful person who has crossed the stone statue forest! The four persons among the crowd of onlookers, who had successfully made it past before, also froze, amazed.

Zheng Zhijing had a look of shock on his face. How is that possible? That was merely a lad, who only knew how to hide behind a woman, so how does he have this kind of ability? Does he have a treasure on him?

Hearing this, a fierce light flashed past Zhou Jins eyes. Shangguan Qingers large eyes were opened wide, looking in shock at Su Yus exaggerated method of crossing the forest.

She still did not understand what abilities Su Yu had used, only being able to detect a faint, formless flame like Bai Yijian. Other than that, there was nothing special about Su Yu.

She had finally understood why Su Yu would dare to bring someone over himself! Stepping into the central region, Su Yu effortlessly killed the worms that were thrice the normal size of most. Su Yu surveyed the surroundings, his eyes burning with the formless flames.

This was the Void Raging Flames, which he gotten from the White Eyed Fire Glass Frog back at the grounds of the first legacy. They were flames that could burn souls!

Even though a large portion of the flames were being suppressed by the Nine Dragons Cauldron, the small portion that he could release was enough to kill these worms. But, to mask his movements, Su Yu faked actions, such as raising his hands, to mislead the crowd.

Su Yu stepped onto the ground, which was full of corpses, coldly saying, Scram, if you do not wish to die! Ill kill all that approach!

With a low grunt, he managed to stop the petrifying worms from attacking. He did this by using his spiritual qualities. The worms could sense a terrifying power that could counter them, being emitted from Su Yus body. They clearly could tell that they would die if they attacked him!

Buzz Buzz

A jaw-dropping scene then ensued. The large group of petrifying worms retreated, just like the oceans tides.

They made way, wherever Su Yu went. There were no longer any petrifying worms that dared go near him. It was as if Su Yu was their true king now.

This way, Su Yu held onto Xia Jingyu, as they strolled down the forest. They then arrived at the last section of the forest, the place where the worm king was.

The petrifying worm king stood tall, coldly looking at Su Yu. It was about a head taller than Su Yu.

Su Yu stared directly into its eyes, the Void Raging Flames in his eyes burning. He coldly said, Make way!

The petrifying worm king let out a fierce screech, raring to fight. But, after the stare, it slowly lowered its body, crawling to the side!

The crowd went numb. Even the petrifying worm king chose to back down in the face of Su Yu!

But, what really shocked them was Su Yus cold stare. Stop! Did I say you can go?

Hearing this, the petrifying worm king looked back in shame, letting out a fierce screech. As a king, it had already lost its reputation by choosing to back down.

What shame must it be feeling now, with Su Yu scolding it like that?

Hand over the spiritual serum of the female worm. Su Yu extended his arm, not allowing it to disobey him. You only have three seconds to consider your response!

The petrifying worm king was furious. The spiritual serum of the female worm was to be used to nurture the future generations of petrifying worms. Normal worms must be nurtured over a long period of time with the spiritual serum, in order to reach double or triple their size. Hence, how could it hand it over so easily?

One Su Yu was merciless, coldly spouting the first word of the countdown.

The petrifying worm king started spewing traces of liquified petrifying energy, slowly propping its body up, gearing up for battle.

Two The Void Raging Flames danced in Su Yus eyes, releasing streaks of killing intent.

The petrifying worm king was not willing to display any weakness, the merciless aura around it shimmering.

Three! Su Yu showed his killing intent!

But, at this moment, the tall frame of the petrifying worm king quickly bent down, spitting out a ball of colorful liquid, before it crawled away. Su Yu grabbed outward, letting out a cold grunt, before taking a thumb-sized portion and rubbing it on a stone statue at the side.

In that moment, the spot that had been petrified showed a fresh, flesh-like surface. But, because he did not continue rubbing it, the petrifying energy in the air turned it into stone again.

It was indeed the item he was looking for. Su Yu kept it with a thought.

Following this, he effortlessly arrived at the sacrificial altar with Xia Jingyu. At this moment, the gazes that everyone shot at Su Yu made it seem like they had just seen a monster!

He had not only massacred the petrifying worms, but he had even suppressed the worm king! Finally, he even managed to obtain the spiritual serum from the worm king! His overbearing figure shook the crowd, even more than the worm king did!

Bai Yijian collected himself, his figure flickering to appear in front of Su Yu. He cupped his hands, then laughed. My friend, you have mastered such powerful abilities, despite your age. I did not expect that! Forgive me!

The seal did not have an effect on Bai Yijian and the other clansmen. Thus, they could make their ways over directly.

Su Yu had a faint smile. It was merely luck. I might not be this lucky next time.

These words made the lips of everyone present twitch. They couldnt help but wonder if there would be a next time. After all, the petrifying worms had been nearly exterminated by him!

Bai Yijian had a friendly smile, as he was satisfied by Su Yus performance. But, after surveying the surroundings, Bai Yijian realized that there were six people present! These included Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, Zheng Zhijing and Zhou Jin, and Shangguan Qinger and the Ghost King.

The Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond can only accommodate five people, which means that you have one too many persons, Bai Yijian said without expression. Miss Qinger, the spiritual pond does not have any great effect on Fairy Realm fighters, so why not give the chance to the juniors?

Shangguan Qinger had a smile. It is indeed useless to me, but there is still no need for me to give my spot to someone else.

Bai Yijian was put on the spot. He surveyed the surroundings, before waving his sleeves, not caring anymore. Since that is the case, you must discuss it amongst yourselves.

In other words, there must be one person eliminated from the group

Hng! Isnt it obvious, that lady has to go away! She is the extra person! Zheng Zhijing let out a low grunt, pointing at Xia Jingyu.

We have come here, based on our own abilities, all taking on huge risks. Only she was brought here by someone else. What right does she have to claim a spot?

Even though he lusted over Xia Jingyus beauty, how could he let her claim a spot, now that there was such a golden opportunity in front of him?

Su Yu coldly nodded, There are indeed too many people! He had just said this, when his figure blurred and disappeared.

Zheng Zhijings expression changed, then he let out a cold grunt. You are still not worthy enough to fight me!

In his eyes, Su Yus being able to stroll past the stone statue forest that brazenly, was made possible only because he had a mysterious half-manufactured spiritual artifact. In terms of cultivation levels, he was far above Su Yu, and thus, had the absolute advantage.

Only daring to hide behind a woman, time and time again, yet you dare heckle me. Fine, Ill teach you a lesson! Zheng Zhijing took out a long ruler, which was releasing raging flames. It was a high grade divine artifact with decent powers.

He could rather easily track Su Yus movements with his eyes. With a low grunt, he determined Su Yus path, then struck with the spiritual ruler. It released horrifying flames, which surrounded Su Yu.

But, he had no time to be happy. A slit was sliced through the flames. A small golden sword had sliced through the flames, and was now heading straight towards him!

Zheng Zhijing subconsciously blocked it with his spiritual ruler. But, the spiritual ruler was sliced into two the very moment they collided! Thus, a high grade divine artifact was destroyed, just like that!

Following this, the golden sword pierced through Zheng Zhijings shoulder, without any obstruction. His body fell from the sacrificial altar, tumbling down into the stone statue forest.

Everything happened so fast. Zhou Jin could only let out a furious howl, extending his hand toward Zheng Zhijing.

Right then, the shadow of a massive worm quickly flew past, turning Zheng Zhijings falling figure into a stone sculpture. It was the petrification of the worm king. Even the spiritual serum of the female worm would not be able to reverse it!

Zheng Zhijing had been killed! He had spent much effort, making his way past the stone statue forest. But, in the end, he had been beaten off the sacrificial altar by Su Yu, ultimately dying in the stone statue forest.


Su Yu grabbed with his hand, keeping the small golden sword, before calmly saying, Now, the numbers are right.

Half manufactured spiritual artifact? Those present, who were more knowledgeable, squinted.

Hey lad! Did the Yufeng Faction offend you, for you to attack so mercilessly?! Behind Su Yu, came Zhou Jins icy, furious words.

Su Yu turned around, his expression calm. He thought that there were too many people, so I was merely acting on his wishes. If you think that there are still too many people, I can grant you your wish, too.

Hearing this, Zhou Jin became furious. Do you really think that you can disregard me with Shangguan Qinger around?

Su Yu adopted his battle stance. You think too much! A coward like you is not worthy of my attention. This has nothing to do with Shangguan Qinger.

Lad, this is the second time that you have humiliated me! Since that is the case, do not blame me for not holding back! Zhou Jin was livid, his ferocious aura spreading into the surroundings.

But, at this moment, Bai Yijian casually said, Why, do you not have me in your eyes? To strike without my permission, and in my territory, you sure have guts!

Zhou Jins expression turned rigid, as he slowly retracted his palm. He suppressed his fury, saying with a low voice, I was too insolent. Please forgive me.

He then gave Su Yu a cold stare, his gaze filled with killing intent. Su Yu shrugged, keeping his sword.

Bai Yijian coldly nodded. He had no pity for Zheng Zhijings death. Alright, since there is the right amount of people now, we should go immediately to the spiritual pond. You only have half a days time. The effects of the spiritual pond will automatically scatter in half a day. What kind of improvements youll get will depend upon your luck.

After saying this, Bai Yijian waved his hand. At that moment, an entrance appeared on the ground of the sacrificial altar, revealing steps that led to somewhere deep underground.