The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 541

Chapter 541 The Jade Green Spiritual Pond

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Under the guidance of Bai Yijian, the five of them walked down the flight of stairs and went deep underground. About an hour later, they finally stopped after reaching a place of unknown depth.

Their location was not the end of the flight of stairs. Instead, it was a giant cave that was created by men halfway through the flight of stairs. As for the flight of stairs, it still extended deep into the underground.

The deepest part of the flight of stairs was the place that contained the Legacy of Materials, the last legacy. Looking at it from their location, it was more strictly guarded compared to the other legacies.

The cave they were in was fortified by the clansmen who guarded the five mountains. If any person were to follow the flight of stairs down, he would definitely be pursued by all the clansmen. Hence, entering the place that contained the Legacy of Materials unbeknown to anyone was as difficult as ascending to the sky.

When everyone entered the cave, they discovered other big and small man-made caves that were made for the descendants of the guards to live in. However, the slightly strange thing was that the cave was deathly silent. Not a single clansman of the guards was present. Filled with surprise, everyone went to the deepest area of the cave and stood in front of a giant light membrane.

The light membrane was glowing with four demonic beasts, each with an unusual color. Their faces were extremely ferocious, and it made others slightly frightened.

“Mountain Tumbling Formation of the Four Divisions?” Shocked, Shangguan Qinger’s eyes brightened up. “This kind of spell is an ancient spell that had been lost. Apart from requiring the blood of the user, only Almighty Divine Masters can break through it.”

Almighty Divine Masters are required? Su Yu was shocked. The spell was abnormally strong.

Bai Yijian nodded his head. “Naturally. This is a sacred place where my clan originated. Of course it would have heavy security.” Bai Yijian then extracted a drop of his blood and scattered it on the light membrane.

With a whoosh, the light membrane dissolved gradually. A passageway that allowed one person to pass through appeared.

“Go ahead and enter. Remember, all of you only have half a day’s time.”

Su Yu’s face was filled with anticipation as he entered with Xia Jingyu. The remaining group of people also entered in succession.

After entering, Bai Yijian left the place and returned to the sacrificial altar.


The young man who followed behind flew over.

“Father, why did you allow outsiders to use our clan’s sacred place? I don’t understand.” This Half Fairy with three Vital Energy Crystals was Bai Yijian’s son.

Bai Yijian questioned in reply. “Why not? Our clansmen have left the five mountains, and the spiritual pond is already barren. So, it is fine even if we allow those pieces of trash to use it.”

However, the young man was dissatisfied. “That is really too good for them. What if they are extremely lucky and make a huge breakthrough? Among them, the disciple of the Yufeng Faction possesses a cultivation base with three Vital Energy Crystals. If he were to make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm, wouldn’t it be the same as him freeloading from us?”

“Haha” Bai Yijian laughed loudly. “Zhe-er, don’t be rash! The Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond has been used by us for hundreds of years; its effects have been decreasing day by day. Only a very tiny amount of energy is left, and at best, they can only coagulate a Spiritual Energy Crystal. Without the effects to change the Spiritual Energy Crystals to the Vital Energy Crystals, how would that Zhou Jin make a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm?

“Moreover, within the spiritual pond, the thing that will take effect is not the water of the pond. Instead, it is the pond’s spiritual rocks. The spiritual pond only exists due to the energy of the spiritual rocks seeping into the water! As for those spiritual rocks, we have checked all of them before. The energy of more than 90 percent of them is lost, and impure objects have entered the remaining ten percent. Hence, the energy has become impure, and the spiritual rocks are useless.

“Only this amount of energy is left within the spiritual pond, and it will be completely used up in half a day’s time. They will not have very large gains,” Bai Yijian said unfathomably. That was why he let go of the Mysterious Heavenly Spiritual Pond.

Hearing that, Bai Zhe calmed down slightly. “Humph! We shall let them take some advantage of us. If they are able to raise their abilities slightly, it will be beneficial to breaking open the restriction Tian Jizi has set up personally! After the matter is taken care of, I shall kill all of them! That Shangguan Qinger shall not escape either!”

Bai Yijian sneered, “You can kill the remaining people. However, I have discovered that Shangguan Qinger is still a virgin and filled with the Yin element. If you were to obtain the Yin element, it will be extremely beneficial to you in making a breakthrough to the Fairy Realm!”

Her? When the beautiful face flashed past Bai Zhe’s mind, his index finger could not help but move vigorously. “Thank you, Father!”

“All right, continue to take charge, and see if there are anymore fitting people in the next batch! As long as the last place of legacy is opened, our clan can finally be freed of the fate of being sealed for hundreds of years.” Bai Yijian’s eyes were glowing with excitement.

When Su Yu passed through the spell, what entered his eyes was a small, narrow cave. In the middle, there was a pool of pond water with rippling azure waves along a curve. It was only ten square meters, which was extremely small; accommodating five people was its limit.

However, the jade pond released shocking, gentle energy that filled the air. It was like a good wine that had been fermented for a long time. Its fragrance also filled the air and was extremely inebriating.


With a sound that broke the silence, Zhou Jin took the lead in choosing a spot and entered the spiritual pond. At once, the jade green energy in the pond water, which could be seen by the naked eye, seeped into his pores and entered his body. After that, it moistened the three crystals within his Dantian, causing his crystals to become dainty and exquisite. It was a sign of his crystals being purified!

As for Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, they chose adjoining positions and entered the pond water together. It was a cool, refreshing feeling. After that, a gentle energy quickly seeped into Su Yu’s pores like fish. When the energy entered his Dantian, it took on the form of the third Spiritual Energy Crystal!

He was about to make a breakthrough to Half God! Such a nature-defying effect delighted Su Yu. In Zhenlong Continent, it was something unimaginable.

The jade green energy entered Su Yu’s body endlessly, and started to fill up the Spiritual Energy Crystal. Once it had completely taken its shape, he would achieve the real realm of Half God.

With two splashing sounds, Shangguan Qinger and the Ghost King also entered the pond.

It was still understandable for the Ghost King. Although his body was at the level of the Fairy Realm, his cultivation base was still at the realm of Half God. He had not made a breakthrough to Half Fairy yet.

However, Shangguan Qinger was someone of the Fairy Realm, and the energy the pond contained was insufficient for her.

“Haha. Brother Black Snow, let me help you massage your shoulders.” Shangguan Qinger gave a charming laughter and approached smilingly. Her two small hands then massaged Su Yu’s shoulders. “Brother Black Snow, you have been working hard.”

It was no doubt she was trying to earn Su Yu’s favor. However, Su Yu was in a critical stage of his training, and he had no time to care about her.

As for Xia Jingyu, she did not start to train immediately like Su Yu. Instead, she was observing Shangguan Qinger the whole time.

Seeing that Shangguan Qinger was not behaving herself as expected, Xia Jingyu told herself she was right and pulled Su Yu to her side to separate him from Shangguan Qinger. She then said apathetically, “Miss Shangguan, please watch how you conduct yourself, and please don’t disturb Brother Yu if you really wish for his good.”

Shangguan Qinger was trying to earn the favor of Su Yu. However, she was suddenly disturbed and was not happy about it.

“You cannot tell good from bad! If not for Brother Black Snow’s sake, do you think I will be polite to you?” Shangguan Qinger did not conceal her threatening expression. With her abilities, she could kill Xia Jingyu with a lift of her palm, and she would not even require a small effort to do so.

Xia Jingyu was still not frightened. “Do you think I am afraid of you?”

“Humph!” Shangguan Qinger really did not dare to do anything to Xia Jingyu, as she would only anger Su Yu even more.

After her speech, Shangguan Qinger only cared about herself and played around in the pond. She swam from one end to the other and vice versa with an extremely bored look. She did not train at all, let alone absorb the energy of the pond.

As Zhou Jin looked on, his heart started to burn with flames of fury as he thought of his Junior Brother Zheng Zhijing, who died tragically in the stone statue forest for a slot. In the end, Shangguan Qinger used the slot to play around! For a moment, Zhou Jin felt that his Junior Brother had died an unworthy death.

“Eh, the bottom of the pond has many spiritual rocks.” Shangguan Qinger discovered a rock while she was filled with boredom. It was a grayish-white spiritual rock the size of an eyeball. With the power of her sense of perception, she had already discovered the spiritual rocks the moment she entered the spiritual pond. She was merely pretending to be shocked.

When the words came out of her mouth, Zhou Jin and the Ghost King stopped training immediately and looked at the spiritual rock in her hand.

It was not difficult to feel the remaining tiny bit of energy within the grayish-white spiritual rock. It was the jade green energy within the pond water. Could the energy within the pond water have come from the rocks at the bottom?

The two of them reacted at once and grabbed a huge number of rocks from the bottom of the pond. However, all of them were grayish-white in color; the energy within them had already dissipated completely.

However, among the spiritual rocks the Ghost King had grabbed, one was jade green in color and contained extraordinary energy. The Ghost King’s eyes darkened at once. The jade green color of the spiritual rock was mixed with a black color, which caused the jade green to be slightly dark.

“It is a pity. Some impurities have entered the spiritual rock, and the energy within it cannot be used.” The Ghost King casually threw the spiritual rock away and sighed regretfully.

If he were to absorb the energy of the impurities recklessly, the energy of the impurities would destroy his internal energy channels if he got off lightly. However, if he did not get off lightly, his Dantian might be affected, and the crystals would break into pieces. The energy of the impurities was the same as a deadly poison.

Although the energy the spiritual rock contained was pure, it was a pity that it could not be used even though it could be seen. The two of them did not give up, and they continued to look for spiritual rocks.

Xia Jingyu was slightly interested as well and grabbed a few spiritual rocks, but it was a shame. What they had managed to find were either grayish-white spiritual rocks that were completely devoid of energy, or spiritual rocks that were mixed with various impurities.

A mischievous laughter flashed past Shangguan Qinger’s face; she had achieved her objective of making fun of them. “Up until now, all of you still do not understand? There is a high chance this spiritual pond has been abandoned, and this is why that bastard is willing to allow us to use it.”

Hearing that, the Ghost King became silent for some time. He then sighed lightly, stopped looking for spiritual rocks and absorbed the already very little energy of the spiritual pond earnestly.

As for Zhou Jin, he continued to try a few more times, as he was dissatisfied. Indeed, more than 90 percent of the spiritual rocks were grayish-white or had a great amount of impurities. Hence, they could not be used at all.

“As expected. This bastard does not have any good intentions!” Zhou Jin berated softly. All of a sudden, he realized the jade green energy within the pond water was undergoing a great change.

It was as if there was a vortex on the Ghost King’s abdomen, and it absorbed the energy of the pond water in huge amounts like a whale swallowing something. In no time, about one hundredth of the energy of the pond was absorbed!

“You!” Zhou Jin was furious. There was only this amount of energy in the pond. If the Ghost King were to absorb a small bit of the energy, the others would get to absorb a small bit less energy.

“All right! Let’s see who is faster!” Zhou Jin shouted with a low voice. The three Vital Energy Crystals within his body were then completely released, and they absorbed the energy crazily.

The Ghost King frowned and sped up his absorption.

With the both of them absorbing like mad, the energy underwent a huge change. Even Su Yu, who was training, woke up with a start.

He and Xia Jingyu did not have abilities like them to absorb the energy as such. With such a speed, not even half a day was needed. They would be able to absorb all the energy in six hours.