The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 542

Chapter 542 The Mysterious Beast

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Zhou Jin turned to look at Su Yu and snickered, “So what if you are part of the headcount? Opportunities were always meant for the strong.”

Su Yu’s face darkened slightly, his gaze falling on the spiritual rock in Xia Jingyu’s hands. The rock seemed to be filled with impurities. Although Su Yu was deeply focused on his training earlier, he was still fully aware of what was happening around him.

“Jingyu, please help me with something.” Su Yu suddenly made the request, as if a light bulb had been switched on in his head.

After Xia Jingyu nodded immediately, Su Yu commenced giving instructions.“Using the Water Passage Theurgy, help me collect all of the spiritual rocks that have been contaminated by impurities.”

Xia Jingyu was confused as to the reasoning behind this command, yet she did not hesitate to proceed as instructed by Su Yu. As she brought her hands together, the water in the spirit pool began to swirl and waves started to form.

The flow of the undercurrent at the bottom of the pool became much stronger and faster. The force of the flowing water whisked all of the spiritual rocks upwards and away from the floor. As long as the spiritual rock was green, Xia Jingyu would lift her hand slightly and manipulate the flowing water to carry the spiritual rock to her feet.

As she continued in this task, she was very efficient. Within a short time, she had managed to collect more than twenty contaminated spiritual rocks.

The Ghost King and Zhou Jin were wary at first. However, once they were certain that the spiritual rocks were all contaminated, they no longer paid any attention to the endeavor.

Shangguan Qinger, on the other hand, squinted her eyes and continued to observe Xia Jingyu. She then said, “This is interesting. If my eyes are not playing tricks on me, you have just used nine Water Passage cultivation techniques. Who would have known that your level of comprehension was this good? Most people are able to cultivate only three techniques simultaneously. As you have done nine, however, you have proven that you are indeed an unusual being.”

Xia Jingyu did not reply. Instead, she remained fully concentrated on collecting the green spiritual rocks.

Finally, after half an hour, she had collected all of the contaminated spiritual rocks in the spiritual pool. In the end, a total of more than eighty pieces were found, all of which were neatly tucked beneath her feet.

Wiping sweat from her forehead, Xia Jingyu reported her progress to Su Yu. “Brother Yu, it has been completed.”

Su Yu smiled gratefully and extended his right palm to retrieve one of the spiritual rocks. He then held it tightly.

When nobody was paying attention, what looked like a tattoo of the majestic Milky Way began to form at the center of his palm. It was an emperor-based saint artifact, known as the Milky Way Star Sand!

Based on Tian Jizi’s message, the artifact only had one function, which was to purify. Now, it was the time to test to see if the artifact worked, and to find out if it could purify the contaminated spiritual rocks.

When the tattoo came into contact with the spiritual rock, Su Yu could feel a warm sensation forming at the center of his palm. It was as if something warm was flowing out from the center of his palm and into the spiritual rock. The warm sensation then flowed back into his palm.

Opening up his palm, he could see that the dark green spiritual rock was translucent and shined with perfection. It looked like one of the purest emerald stones! In fact, one might as well forget about it containing any contaminated energy, as there was not a single fault to be found!

In fact, the green energy felt twice as pure as it had previously! Thus, it was not an exaggeration to say that this piece of spiritual rock was even more pure than a perfect spiritual rock!

Hence, the purification had worked! In fact, it was such a deep level of purification, even the energy itself had been purified!

Su Yu was beyond happy. Such was the might of an emperor-based saint artifact! It completely went against the laws of nature.

In the case of a contaminated spiritual rock, even the most powerful beast among all creations would not be able to purify it. Even if it could be done, it would take a significant amount of time and sacrifices. However, with the use of an emperor-based saint artifact, it was something that could be achieved in the blink of an eye.

The mysterious power of the artifact left Su Yu speechless and in awe. This was indeed an uncommon treasure!

It took some time for Su Yu to calm himself down. Once he did so, he reached his palm towards Xia Jingyu, then commanded, “Jingyu, give me your hand!”

Xia Jingyu seemed to intuitivelyknow that Su Yu had intentions for her to prepare for training. Therefore, she did not hesitate to extend her fair and delicate palm to Su Yu.

As she did so, she blushed slightly. Although she had held hands with Su Yu many times, her heart rate would still increase every single time it happened.

At that moment, she suddenly felt a warm sensation that originated from the center of Su Yu’s palm. It flowed right into her body!

The energy coming from Su Yu was even more pure than the energy from the pool of water. It felt even more majestic and boundless!

The outline of the third Spiritual Energy Crystal immediately formed. This meant that one-tenth of the condensation process had now been completed!

What is this? Xia Jingyu noticed that the spiritual rock in Su Yu’s right hand was rapidly turning into a greyish white color. She was secretly surprised, and she wondered if Su Yu could forcefully absorb contaminated energy.

Once he was done with the first piece, Su Yu carefully stored the used spiritual rock in his space ring to prevent others from discovering it. He then picked up the second spiritual rock, continuing to purify it in secret. Simultaneously, he continued to absorb the energy within the spiritual rock that was frighteningly pure.

Su Yu kept half of the energy that he absorbed from each spiritual rock for himself, while the other half was transferred to Xia Jingyu’s body. As a result, both of them started to experience the condensation of the third Spiritual Energy Crystal at the same time.

This was all done in secret. After an hour, they had used up twenty spiritual rocks out of the eighty that were available.

A vortex then formed above both of their heads simultaneously. Then, the surrounding spiritual energy started to enter their bodies at an insanely high rate.

Shangguan Qinger, who was still fooling around, changed her expression. She then turned towards Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, asking in a surprised tone, “Did you both break through to the Half God level at the same time?”

The Ghost King and Zhou Jin opened their eyes simultaneously, then looked at Su Yu and Xia Jingyu in surprise. One-third of the energy in the pool had been absorbed by Su Yu and Xia Jingyu.

How did they experience such a breakthrough in their energy levels?

Could it be that they were already close to the cultivation of the Half God level, and so were able to break through after absorbing a little more of the energy present?

Unable to come up with any other explanation, this seemed to be the only possibility in the two men’s minds and thoughts…

However, after an hour.

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Two vortexes suddenly formed above the spiritual pool, while a majestic formation of spiritual energy gathered around it. It was like a stream of highly concentrated liquid.

“Is this a sign of a breakthrough to the Half Fairy level?” Shangguan Qinger asked, as she and Zhou Jin turned to look at the Ghost King. His level of cultivation was at the peak of Half God, so he would soon experience the condensation of a Vital Energy Crystal.

However, the Ghost King, who was equally befuddled, had no answer. The looks on the three of their faces suddenly changed. Together, they turned towards Su Yu and Xia Jingyu.

The two of them were experiencing significant spiritual energy flowing throughout their bodies. In fact, their physical bodies were approaching their limits. If the spiritual energy continued to accumulate at such a high rate, it would without a doubt cause their physical bodies to break apart!

“It is them! How could this be?” The Ghost King gasped in shock.

After all, they were at the same level as Half Gods. In fact, the Ghost King himself was at the peak of the Half God level. By any measure, he would have been closer to achieve the Fairy level than those like Su Yu, who had only just become Half Gods! Moreover, the Ghost King had absorbed nearly half of the energy in the spiritual pool, while Su Yu and Xia Jingyu had barely absorbed any!

What felt most strange, was the fact that they had only just experienced a breakthrough to the Half God level. So, it was unfathomable as to how they could break through to the Half Fairy level so soon! As for the Ghost King, he had absorbed so much energy, but was still stuck in the Half God state!

Such a strange and obvious contrast left the rest wondering. Even if they did not fully understand how it was possible, they had a hunch that something was amiss.

Shangguan Qinger eyed Su Yu with suspicion, her gaze shifting up and down repeatedly. Finally, she noticed that the contaminated spiritual rocks beneath his feet were down to the last two or three!

“Could it be that you are able to absorb the contaminated energy?” Shangguan Qinger had the sudden thought and cried out in surprise.

Even she dared not absorb the severely contaminated energy. Su Yu, on the other hand, was able to use the energy in his training without being bothered by the poisonous contamination!

Zhou Jin and the Ghost King were equally surprised. They also wondered how he could absorb this kind of energy.

The Ghost King’s pupils shone with a bright light, while Zhou Jin could not conceal the greed showing in his own eyes. The pair believed that Su Yu must have some kind of great treasure!

Are they suspicious? Su Yu wondered, as he was clearly aware that the three of them had been eyeing him. He secretly prepared for what might happen next.

Shangguan Qinger continued to stare into Su Yu’s eyes with increasing intensity. It was as if she could see through Su Yu’s deception.

Su Yu suddenly felt a tinge of concern. After all, one of his gawkers was a Fairy, another had a physical body at the Fairy level, and the remaining one had three Vital Energy Crystals!

He would have been comfortable with defeating just one of them. However, if all three ganged up on him, he could not be confident of his fate.

“Big Brother Black Snow, you” Shangguan Qinger gradually approached him.

Su Yu gathered himself and prepared to retrieve the three small golden knives that were hidden in his sleeves. However, right at that moment, Shangguan Qinger’s face began to show an expression of surprise and happiness.

“Haha, I knew Big Brother Black Snow was of the Ancient Bloodline! I cannot believe you are able to absorb such contaminated energy. It is unfathomable! Now, I know why Master insisted that I bring you back to him!” she exclaimed.

Hearing this, Zhou Jin and the Ghost King froze in shock. Neither of them could believed that Su Yu really had the Ancient Bloodline!

If that were the case, there must be some kind of explanation for what was happening. After all, it was written in the ancient book that those who had the Ancient Bloodline could possess abilities that went against the laws of nature!

Since he could absorb contaminated energy, that must mean that he did indeed have the Ancient Bloodline! As such, Zhou Jin instantly decided against his initial idea of lashing out.

This was because, if Su Yu really did have the Ancient Bloodline, nothing good could come out of killing him. Zhou Jin would even have to face Shangguan Qinger’s confrontation on the spot! Thus, as long as she was still around, it would be extremely difficult to kill Su Yu.

The Ghost King took a moment to ponder all the information that he had just received. However, his face soon became emotionless, as he decided against taking any action.

Su Yu’s eyeballs moved around slightly. He neither denied nor admitted the truth behind what Shangguan Qinger was saying. Instead, he kept his silence and continued to complete the most crucial part of his breakthrough.

This was perceived by Shangguan Qinger as a confirmation. Hence, she was certain that the situation was exactly as she had thought! Specifically, that Su Yu was of the Ancient Bloodline and was capable of absorbing contaminated energy!

It was now the most crucial moment for Su Yu. The three Spiritual Energy Crystals in his body had already been completely filled. Thus he was no longer capable of containing any excess spiritual energy.

In fact, due to the excessive amount of spiritual energy, the surface of the Spiritual Energy Crystals had already begun to form cracks. This was a sign of warning that their limit for collecting spiritual energy had been reached!

At the same time, the spiritual energy from the external environment still continued to flow into his body. As such, his physical body was akin to a balloon that was about to explode from being filled excessively. If he did not redirect the spiritual energy soon, it was possible that he might die from his body exploding into pieces!

Right at that moment, one of the three Spirit Energy Crystals contained in his Dantian started to transform under the immense spiritual pressure. It was then compressed to an even smaller size. Inside the crystal, there was an odd appearance of a layer of glitter, which was different from the usual spiritual energy that was found there.

Within the layer of glitter, a kind of Vital Energy that only a Half Fairy or a strong Fairy would have existed. The Spiritual Energy Crystal was starting to transform into a Vital Energy Crystal!

As the amount of spiritual energy entering from above his head gradually increased, the spiritual pressure within his Dantian also became stronger. The crystal was continuously being compressed at an increasing pressure!

Inside the Crystal, the transformation took place immediately, while an increasing amount of Vital Energy Crystal was being formed. After only a few moments, Su Yu’s Vital Energy Crystal formation was nine-tenths complete!

The last of the spiritual energy, which was still lingering above his head, suddenly flowed into Su Yu’s body. The final part of the crystal that was still made up of the Spiritual Energy Crystal then all transformed into the Vital Energy Crystal!

At last, Su Yu had stepped into the realm Half Fairy! Also, he now had one Vital Energy Crystal! This meant that he could start using Vital Energy!

Meanwhile, Xia Jingyu had also completed the transformation of her Vital Energy Crystal. She now beamed with a bright red glow and her eyes were extraordinarily captivating.

She had always been beautiful beyond words. But now, she appeared to have an added element of nobility and grace.

“Thank you, Brother Yu.” Xia Jingyu’s eyes were filled with joy. She also felt grateful and shy at the same time.

Su Yu smiled steadily. “I owe you so much. Hence, this small favor in return is nothing.”

Zhou Jin and the Ghost King had complicated looks on their faces. They had both worked very hard to absorb the energy within the spiritual pool. Su Yu, on the other hand, had easily absorbed ten times the amount of energy, then effortlessly experienced a breakthrough to the Half Fairy level! They could not help but feel disheartened by the difference in comparison.

Bai Yijian was expecting them to be able to deplete the energy in the pool in half a day’s time. However, it had only been two hours. Seeing as there was still plenty of time, Su Yu closed his eyes and began to consolidate the breakthrough in his cultivation.

Secretly, his soul had entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. He brought the Spiritual Liquid of the Female Worm with him.

Wu Aoyue was sitting under the shade of a tree, her legs crossed and her waist bent. She seemed to be engrossed in weaving the Thunder Armor.

The process of weaving the armor was very complicated. One had to first break apart the Thunder Herb to remove its thin and long stems. After this, spiritual energy would be required to remove the impurities, as well as any water content. Going through this detailed process was the only way to obtain any useable threads.

As there were thousands of these stems in a single Thunder Herb, it obviously took a significant amount of time and energy to extract all of them. As of now, she had only completed the extraction of a single Thunder Herb.

Sensing motion around her, Wu Aoyue subconsciously raised her head. As she did so,beads of sweat could be seen, dripping from her forehead. As it glistened, it refracted rainbow hues in the air.

“Master.” Wu Aoyue hurriedly stopped working and stood up to greet Su Yu.

Su Yu pressed his palm downwards in a waving motion. “There is no need to rise. Please continue with your work.”

Having said that, he tossed her the remaining purified spiritual rocks. “You did rather well. Here, have these.”

Wu Aoyue reflexively received the rocks and fixed her gaze upon them. She could not help but feel surprised. “What is this? Their energy is extremely pure. It is even purer than the crystal!”

She tried to absorb some of the energy within the rocks. Suddenly, there was a feeling of expansion in Wu Aoyue’s Dantian. It was a sign of her approaching the breakthrough to the Half Fairy level!

Her facial expression clearly showed a look of shock. “Such magnificent energy!”

Recovering from her state of shock, Wu Aoyue quickly bowed, facing Su Yu. “Thank you very much, Master.”

Before this, there was the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate. Now, there is this type of spiritual rock. It will not be long before I am breaking through to the Half Fairy level! She thought excitedly.

Su Yu did not even bother turning his head around. He merely waved his hand and entered the house.

Watching his retreating silhouette from behind, Wu Aoyue felt the anger within her heart subside significantly. To be fair, if it were not for her enslavement, she would have considered Su Yu to be a very admirable person.

Wu Aoyue’s lips wavered slightly. She could not quite understand what she was feeling. She was caught between feeling excited about the streak of rewards and still having hatred in her heart towards Su Yu.

Completely oblivious to all of this, Su Yu directly entered the house. He opened a wardrobe, revealing the stone statue of Sheng Ge, which stood completely still and quiet.

“Hehe, your luck is rather good. I did not expect to retrieve the Spiritual Liquid this soon.” Su Yu took out the Spiritual Liquid of the Female Worm and started applying it on the statue’s face.

As he did so, cracks started to form on Sheng Ge’s face. Layer by layer, the rocky surface began to fall off, revealing fragile skin underneath.

“Ah, pfft pfft” Once she was freed, Sheng Ge started taking in big and rapid breaths. Once in a while, she would spit out the remaining rocky debris from her mouth.

Looking pale and stiff, she did not have the graceful bearing of someone who was once a Heavenly Ghost. Instead, she looked defeated and downtrodden.

Su Yu did not have a lot of time, so he could not stay too long. While he continued to smear the liquid on the rest of her body, he said, “Recover from your wounds as fast as you can. A fierce battle will begin very soon. Although it is only a premonition, I can sense that the descendants of the guards are devising a major plan.”

Sheng Ge bit her lips together, as if she wanted to take a bite out of Su Yu at any moment. She replied reluctantly, “Do I even have a choice?”

Su Yu took a quick glance at her, then said blandly, “It is good that you understand. You had better not let me down!”

As soon as Su Yu finished his speech, he departed from the thatched cottage, intentionally glancing over at the nursery as he went. There, the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo still showed no signs of sprouting. This made Su Yu suspect that the two seeds were truly dead.

After he shook his head, Su Yu summoned his soul and returned to his physical body. When he opened his eyes, he was surprised to find that the Mountain Tumbling Formation of the Four Divisions had already been unsealed.

However, it had not been unsealed by Bai Yijian. Instead, something with exceedingly frightening energy had undertaken the process. This was clearly evident, as a huge gap could be seen where the screen was slashed wide open! The spell had been completely destroyed!

The Mountain Tumbling Formation of the Four Divisions was such a strong spell, not even a Later Stage Fairy could overcome it. So, Su Yu was left to wonder what could have been so strong to be able to slash it open with brute force?

What sort of terrifying monster did this?

Could it be the Silver Puppet has befallen us?

Looking around, Su Yu’s heart sank. This was because he had realized that he was the only person left sitting in the spiritual pool. Everyone else had disappeared! Even Xia Jingyu had disappeared with the rest!

As the place was so quiet, it sent chills down his spine. Su Yu was the only person left!

What happened? Where have they gone?