The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 544

Chapter 544 The Mysterious Puppet

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Turning himself into a ball of black light, Zhou Jin gave a soft cry and propelled himself towards the starry sky. At first glance, it looked a black silkworm in a cocoon.

All of a sudden, something extraordinary happened. Once he entered the starry sky, his motion seemed to be slow down incredibly. In fact, it looked as if he was taking a leisurely stroll.

As for the sun, the moon, the stars and the constellations, they continued cruising on their original pathways. Although their speeds were not particularly fast, when compared to Zhou Jin, they were moving at the speed of light!


At that moment, a lone star forcefully collided against Zhou Jin and sent him flying. Immediately after that, a second star hurled itself against Zhou Jin, sending him flying in the other direction! Then, just as the second star had stopped, a third star miraculously came flying at him!

In that manner, without changing their tracks, the stars continuously hit Zhou Jin nine times, all with perfect precision. The impact of these nine collisions deflected him all the way back to his original spot on the stairs!

“That is exactly what happens every time! Regardless of how we attempt to enter, we always get pushed back!” Xia Jingyu sounded hopeless. She too had endured the brutality of the spell formation.

The Ghost King sighed and looked at the spell formation’s center. He was filled with disappointment.

However, Shangguan Qinger was still unwilling to give up. “Ugh, I do not accept that I cannot get in!”


As she was a Fairy, Shangguan Qinger was obviously much faster than Zhou Jin upon entering the starry sky. However, strangely, while she was there, a single star directly collided against her.

Even though she was clearly trying very hard to dodge it, her efforts seemed futile. In the end, she too was knocked to the side. Then, a second star immediately followed suit and collided against her.

Keenly observing that the third star was about to knock against her, and knowing that would escalate into a series of further collisions, Shangguan Qinger was truly angered. She snorted coolly and retrieved a wooden puppet, which she then held in her palm.

It was a blurry-looking puppet, as one could only see its outline, not the features on its face. However, it could roughly be seen as having a female shape.

The appearance of the wooden puppet caused Su Yu’s heart to experience a strong vibrating sensation. The wooden puppet was emanating an extremely eerie vibration!

Unbelievably, Su Yu’s abilities, which had been sealed away previously when he lost his sight, had now been recovered! This included the power of time, space, and Pure Divine Decree!

Although he was not able to fully exert the might as he once could, it was enough to make him perplexed. As such, he began to wonder…

Who was the divine being who carved the wooden puppet?

The vibration that emanated from the puppet was capable of healing Su Yu’s eyes, which was something he had not expected! The Ghost King and Zhou Jin were especially wary, so they kept a close eye on the wooden puppet.

As soon as the vibration started, the star that was about to collide with Shangguan Qinger strangely avoided her. It seemed that the miraculous movements of the stars had been influenced by the power that was hidden within the wooden puppet.

Shangguan Qinger took this opportunity to speed towards the deeper end of the spell formation. Just as she was about to approach the center of the spell formation, the formation suddenly vibrated gently. The sun, the moon, the stars and the constellations started moving swiftly, as if there was a rapid change of the seasons.

Shangguan Qinger was clearly very close to the center of the spell formation, as she had now been nonchalantly deflected back to the stairs! Having failed yet again, Shangguan Qinger was mad beyond reason.

“Darn it, how could such a spell formation exist?” she shouted.

Regardless of who made the attempt, the person was bound to fail, thus facing the same consequence as she had just now, returning to square one!After multiple failures were faced by the group, they were close to giving up.

However, right then, three separate whisking sounds broke through the silence from up above. It was Bai Yijian and his son, Bai Zhe, who had both felt the commotion coming from below the staircase, as well as a girl, Sheng Xuelian!

“Do not bother wasting your energy. There is a charm that was left by a Beast of All Creations in the center of the Wisest Milky Way Formation. As such, anyone of a Fairy state or above would be sent back here if they attempted to enter. If it were possible to get through, I would have done so long ago,” Bai Yijian said.

Hearing this, Su Yu’s eyes narrowed. He now understood that this must be the reason why Bai Yijian was willing to open up the place of Legacy of Materials. It was because even he himself had no way of entering the final stage!

When Shangguan Qinger heard the same thing, she asked, “Do you mean that there is no way I can enter?”

Bai Yijian smiled gently. “If a Fairy could enter, I would not have allowed outsiders like you to share the Legacy of Materials with us, the Guardians.”

He did not even try to conceal his objective. However, Shangguan Qinger was not at all surprised by this. On the contrary, she seemed rather delighted. As such her previous display of dissatisfaction was replaced by a renewed sense of ease.

Her body moved quickly to the side, while her eyes closed. She seemed to be entering a state of rest.

Bai Yijian’s faced darkened slightly when he saw this. He then asked her, “What do you plan on doing?”

Shangguan Qinger laughed unabashedly. “Of course I am doing the same thing as you plan to do!”

Without a doubt, both of the Fairies had the same idea, which was to commit robbery! They would let the Half Fairies enter the formation to search for the Legacy Material, while the two of them stood guard outside, laying in wait for their victim. As long as they searched the person who exited, they would be able to rob that person of all their belongings!

Su Yu looked at the two coolly, while the Ghost King sneered in a sardonic manner. Zhou Jin’s face, on the other hand, darkened slightly.

“The formation was left by a Beast of All Creations, and it is named the Wisest Milky Way Formation. The center of the spell formation contains the elder’s comprehension of the Divine Decree. Entering the formation is equivalent to entering his Divine Decree. If you are unable to avoid the attacks of the Divine Decree, you will never be able to enter the center of the spell formation,” Bai Yijian said.

“At the heart of the center is the final secret location to access the Legacy of Materials. That is also where the two most important materials are held. Whoever among you is lucky enough to acquire them, it shall be your blessing.” Bai Yijian laughed softly. However, his laughter seemed menacing somehow. It was clear that he would not allow anyone to take away the materials that belonged to him. Regardless of that fact, everyone present intentionally chose not to reveal the fact that there was a Real Spirit in the center of the spell formation.

The Ghost King said coolly, “Having said so much, you have still not told us how to enter the center of the spell formation.”

Bai Yijian smiled. “It is very simple! Trial and error! Countless amounts of trial and error! After all, this spell formation has existed for decades. The charm in the center has also degraded, so would occasionally show fractures. Whether or not you are able to break through the center of the spell formation via those fractures would depend on your capabilities.”

Bai Yijian’s speech had a hidden motive, which was to get them to try unceasingly until an opportunity came up for him to rob them. Therefore, he goaded them in a ridiculing manner. “Of course, if you are able to withstand the Divine Decree, you may also enter the central region.”

Zhou Jin sneered coolly. “Withstand the Divine Decree of a Beast of All Creations? Not even the Divine Master could do that!”

Bai Yijian smiled gently, exactly as he had before. “I advise you to prepare yourselves quickly. These fractures only appear once every three hours, and it looks like the next one will appear within the next hour. If you miss it, you will have to wait three more hours!”

Upon hearing this, Su Yu’s eyes flickered brightly, and the depths of his pupils showed flashes of joy.