The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Shifting The Blame

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While Bai Yijian spoke, he grabbed the two people standing behind him and pushed them to the front. They were his son, Bai Zhe, and Sheng Xuelian.

The fact that Sheng Xuelian had made it through the stone statue forest was indeed unexpected, as the lady only had the cultivation of one Vital Energy!

As such, her strength was not even close to that of Zheng Zhijing’s, who struggled to make it through. Hence, her ability to surpass the challenge was certainly a surprise.

As Bai Qi and Zhou Jin became aware of Sheng Xuelian’s presence, they frowned slightly. They were also surprised that she had been able to make it through safely.

“You two should get ready as well. Whoever is able to withstand the Divine Decree of the Beast of All Creations for a longer period of time will have the greater possibility of reaching the center of the spell formation. I am sure each of you know what the chances of being successful are. Alright, I shall not speak any further about this. Head out!” Bai Yijian waved his sleeves as Bai Zhe, who was standing behind him, proceeded to enter the Wisest Milky Way Formation.

Bai Zhe and Zhou Jin were both of the Half Fairy level. However, what set them apart was the way that Bai Zhe entered the Milky Way Formation.

Although Bai Zhe was also slowed down by the influence of the Divine Decree, he was able to easily dodge the first meteorite that had headed straight for him. This was something that Zhou Jin could not do, no matter how hard he tried.

Watching the scene unfold made Zhou Jin clench his fists. He suddenly felt embarrassed by his own inaptitude.

Immediately after this, a second star started moving towards him. Bai Zhe closed his eyes gently. Without intentionally deflecting the power of the star, he merely closed his eyes and released a harmonic rhythm.

The act itself might seemed strange to the others, but to Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, it was something with which they were already very familiar.

“A Divine Decree! It is of the divine-grade!” Su Yu uttered in surprise.

He had not expected that, apart from Xia Jingyu and himself, someone else had also cultivated the Divine Decree to such an extent. According to Yun Yazi, most people would not understand the effect that the Divine Decree had on their futures. In fact, it was the key determinant as to whether someone could progress towards a higher tier.

However, once he thought about it, it was not unthinkable for Bai Zhe to possess this knowledge, since Bai Yijian was a descendant of Tian Jizi’s disciple. Within the spell formation, Bai Zhe was on a winning streak, as he managed to dodge past two other stars on the tracks. This made Bai Yijian nod in approval.

Shangguan Qinger seemed calm and composed. She leaned against the stone wall, then said, “You descendants of the guards have all tried to gain insight into the Divine Decree of the Beast of All Creations, so that you can acquire the materials you need. I am sure that even a pig would be able to progress somewhat, so what is so great about getting through the first two tracks?”

Bai Yijian did not say anything in reply. However, he looked towards Bai Zhe with his eyes, showing signs of helplessness or anticipation.

Inside the spell formation, Bai Zhe could not help but overhear Shangguan Qinger’s jeer. He suddenly felt angered, so he instantly activated all of the Divine Decree around him.

As he entered the third track of stars, it was clear that he had to put in more effort than he had in his earlier attempts. His previously calm and mild facial expression had now been replaced with one of extreme caution and seriousness.

The mysterious Divine Decree he was emanating had grown stronger. However, his movements did not seem as natural and effortless as they had been before.


A star nearly rubbed against his thigh! The strike narrowly missed him! Apparently, luck was on his side.

However, before Bai Zhe could take another breath, a star on the fourth track was closely approaching him. Bai Zhe’s facial expression changed, as he frantically used his own Divine Decree to defend against the incoming Divine Decree. The speed of his movement was as fast as lightning.


This time, however, despite putting in all his effort, his leg was still struck by the star. His body seemed to enter a sudden frenzy, as he lost control of all of his movements.

Right then, a star on the fifth track collided against him. Bai Zhe was knocked backwards immediately. Directly after that, stars from the first, the second, and the third track knocked against him, one after another. In total, five continuous collisions sent Bai Zhe flying back to his original spot.

Although the Wisest Milky Way Formation was formidable, the setup was meant to simply prevent individuals from entering, not to hurt them. Therefore, although the multiple collisions seemed damaging, they pushed people back to their original position, which never hurt them too much.

However, for someone with significant pride, such a humiliating defeat was a difficult pill to swallow. Bai Zhe especially seemed very disturbed and full of spite. He stood up angrily, his faced filled with dust after falling off the formation.

Su Yu turned to look at Xia Jingyu and said, “Let us give it a try, too.”

Xia Jingyu seemed eager to try, as she was bouncing up and down in anticipation. However, her pretty pupils revealed a mild sense of concern. This was clearly because she had already experienced some failures within the spell formation.

The moment they walked down was the same moment Bai Zhe had stood up after his humiliating fall. Bai Zhe could feel that everyone present was laughing at him. He also somehow sensed that the voices around him were secretly poking fun at him.

That was especially the case regarding Shangguan Qinger, who did not even try to hide the disdainful look in her eyes. This made the already upset Bai Zhe feel even more humiliated.

In that moment, he bumped shoulders with Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, while they were moving past him. He acutely felt that Su Yu was laughing at him.

This made Bai Zhe angry beyond reason. If it were Shangguan Qinger, he might not have dared to speak up. However, Su Yu was a mere Human King, and as such, he had no right to laugh at Bai Zhe!

“Stand right there!” Bai Zhe’s shouted coolly, his face suddenly turning as cold as ice. He then stood in front of the two, blocking them from from progressing any further.

Su Yu was stunned. He frowned and asked, “What is the matter? Do you have something to teach us?”

“Hmph! How dare you laugh at me?” Bai Zhe’s face steeled up. “In my entire life, I have never thought any good of people like you. Specifically, of someone who would laugh at others’ misfortunes, much less their superiors! I truly look down on people like you!”

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were both stunned. They both were wondering when they had ever show any signs of laughing at Bai Zhe…

In actual fact, they certainly were not laughing at him. It was Bai Zhe who had embarrassed himself, so he was now trying to salvage some of his reputation by reprimanding Su Yu without cause!

If one wanted to talk about looks, Shangguan Qinger was clearly displaying one of mockery. Bai Zhe was simply too much of a coward to confront her, so he instead chose to pick on Su Yu, as Su Yu was an easier target!

If this scene had occurred under normal circumstances, Su Yu would not have been bothered. However, as they were about to enter the Milky Way Formation in search of the final place of the Legacy, he could not afford to show any signs of weakness. Hence, he had no other choice but to teach Bai Zhe a memorable lesson!

“Are you very strong? How strong are you? Are you stronger than a Fairy?” Su Yu asked in return. “You have grown up in this secluded haven of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, yet you still have not broken through as a Fairy. Do you not think that makes you quite worthless?”

If one wanted to compare the amount of spiritual energy in the universe, the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion certainly had countless times more energy than any other external realm. With that said, if Su Yu had grown up in this environment, he might have already broken through as a Fairy a long time ago.

“Hmph! What do you know? We, as descendants of the guard, require more effort to break through than normal people like you!” Bai Zhe replied coolly.