The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Rematch Of The Half Fairy

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Bai Yijian thought silently for a moment. He appeared to be somewhat worried.

Then, after givingit some thought, he decided that Su Yu was not wrong to speak as he had. The descendants of the guards had always had access to such a plentiful land of resources, yet their rate of breakthroughs to the Fairy level had still been tremendously low.

This meant that the training abilities of the descendants had degraded from one generation to the next. Although there was the factor of being enclosed in the land of the five peaks to consider, which had resulted in their lack of training experience, they were still far less competent than outsiders in terms of their training abilities.

“Young disciple, it would be wise to evaluate yourself before talking about others.” Bai Yijian appeared calm and composed. Naturally, he would want to speak on behalf of his son.

Su Yu shook his head. “I never once believed that I would be weaker than someone who oppressed the weak to increase his own stature.”

Eh? Bai Zhe’s brows perked up. His eyes also flashed with surprise. He couldn’t believe that Su Yu had actually dared to challenge him! That was certainly unexpected!

“Do you mean that you are very strong?” Bai Zhe looked at him coolly.

Su Yu nodded, albeit only slightly. “Yes. In fact, I believe that I am stronger than you.”

“Is that so?” Bai Zhe emanated a dangerous energy, his eyes never once leaving Su Yu’s matched gaze.

All of a sudden, he shook his sleeves and retrieved a bony spike that was surrounded with Vital Energy. It was uncertain what the bony spike was made of, but it gave out an extremely chilly vibe that would make anyone shiver in fear.

Just as he bared the bony spike, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu could sense the chilling Yin energy upon their faces. Within the dark coldness, Su Yu also sensed bloody energy.

In fact, it was fresh bloody energy. This meant that Bai Zhe had recently killed someone!

Hmph! Su Yu grunted coolly. He refused to succumb to the chills of the boney spike, but instead, he faced the spike fearlessly! Then, in a swift winding motion, a small golden blade made its way into his palm.

With a bright flash, the small blade disappeared into thin air. When it appeared again, it had already reached a position that was very close to Bai Zhe’s neck! Itn fact, it was one swipe away from slitting his throat!

Luckily, Bai Zhe had quick reflexes and was a strong Half Fairy. As such, he knew that something was not right the instant that the small golden blade had disappeared. As he moved backwards in a hurry, he hurled a jade pendant in the opposite direction.

The jade pendant emanated a milky white energy, which was like a wave of water, flowing across the surface of Bai Zhe’s entire body. The small golden blade sliced against the milky white energy, diminishing its speed considerably.

Bai Zhe took this opportunity to move backwards to avoid the dangerous small blade that had the ability of Instant Space Motion.

“You possess a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, which also has the affinity of Instant Space Motion? Looks like I have underestimated you!” Bai Zhe felt even more embarrassed, as his plan seemed to have failed.

His face became twisted and he fumed with anger. It was as if his defeat in the Wisest Milky Way Formation had been caused entirely by Su Yu!

Su Yu’s face was emotionless, as he taunted Bai Zhe. “If this is all you’ve got, it does not look very significant. After all, by using such an insignificant move to pretend like you are great, are you not afraid of becoming the town joke?”

Bai Zhe yelled back coolly. “Let me show you what real moves are.”

Su Yu, looking extremely relaxed, heard this, yet did not rush to counter any incoming attack. Instead, he shook his head and said, “You have been mistaken. What I meant was, how could you be defeated so soon?”


Bai Zhe was stunned for a moment. Not long after, he could sense a cold, trickling feeling on the back of his neck. As he reached backwards to touch it, he felt something viscous in the center of his palm.

Moving his hand forwards to have a look, Bai Zhe’s pupils suddenly contracted. His hand was covered in blood! The back of his neck had apparently been slashed open, and a bloodline could be seen, from which a stream of blood was gushing out!

Bai Zhe’s heart seemed to skip a beat, as he wondered…

When did this happen? When did someone cut the back of my neck?

As only the top layer of skin had been pierced, it was clearly an act of mercy on Su Yu’s part! Otherwise, his sneaky sneaky blade could have easily cut off Bai Zhe’s entire head without much effort!

Onlookers felt an additional sense of dread as they looked at Su Yu. In their eyes, Su Yu had actually retrieved two identical golden blades.

One was used to attack Bai Zhe from the front to distract him, while the second blade sneakily appeared from behind him!

These people never would have thought that a mere human king could possess two matching weapons, both of which had such dreadful abilities! If they were as careless as Bai Zhe, they might really end up sinking their own boats and dying at the hands of Su Yu!


Su Yu lifted his hands in a grabbing motion, while two streams of light shifted in an instance and appeared in his palms. Seeing how Su Yu had nonchalantly retrieved his blades, his was clearly a look of victory! At such a sight, Bai Zhe felt even more embarrassed.

He had initially wanted to teach Su Yu a lesson. But now, he was the one receiving the lesson. Moreover, Su Yu had even let him off the hook! Bai Zhe felt that it couldn’t possibly get any more embarrassing than this!

After storing away his small golden blades, Su Yu did not say anything else. He just turned to Xia Jingyu and said, “Let us enter now.”

Thereafter, they both turned around and stepped into the Milky Way formation. As they did so, Bai Zhe’s murderous thoughts towards them were very apparent in his glaring eyes.


Just as Su Yu had stepped into the Milky Way formation, Bai Zhe suddenly shot him a very nefarious look. In fact, a stream of grey energy beamed from his eyes, headed straight for Su Yu and Xia Jingyu!

This grey flow of energy was not of a physical matter, but instead, it was an energy that only existed on the mental level. As such, it was similar to souls, but not quite. It was the Divine Decree!

The way that the Divine Decree appeared was based entirely on a person’s inner state. If the person had an evil personality, the Divine Decree would also be evil and give off a very uncomfortable feeling. Being close to it would then cause a person’s soul to be in pain.

The grey flow of energy was like a river, flowing swiftly across to Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, who were completely unaware of it and thus, unguarded. Shangguan Qinger was shocked by this. She had not expected Bai Zhe to do something as sinister as attacking an unguarded opponent, especially since Su Yu had clearly allowed him to live!

However, Bai Zhe’s action was too sudden. Apart from Bai Yijian, who was close by, no one else would be able to lend a hand to stop his attack. Despite this, Bai Yijian merely frowned, not moving an inch to stop the attack.

As if sensing that he was about to be attacked, Su Yu shouted, “Here, take this Divine Decree from me!” Immediately, two streams of purple and white beams of light shot out from his eyes. These were clearly Divine Decrees of the divine-grade.

The beams of light then immediately broke through the grey energy. Although both of the streams were Divine Decrees, Su Yu had already reached Pure Divine Decree level, so his was clearly more solid than Bai Zhe’s.

The grey energy was instantly broken up and dissipated thereafter. Meanwhile, the beams of Divine Decree, which were made up of a mix of lightning and flames, continued to move towards Bai Zhe. There was no way he could defend himself from the counterattack in time.


Just when it seemed as if the beams were about to pierce through Bai Zhe’s body, a big hand extended from the side, crushing the beams of light! Thereafter, Bai Zhe turned his head to the side to glare at Su Yu, his face white with hatred.

He sounded unfriendly as he asked, “Has Your Excellency not struck with too heavy a hand?”